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Heart of the Cards

Characters: Naiche, Ramsey, Merek, Saulot
Date: 2020-05-13
Summary: A rambling man, really a kid, has come to Jackson's Square to show off some card tricks. Any with their finger on the supernatural pulse of the city may have heard some stories about him. Some parlor tricks and fancy lights. Nothing really dangerous or worth a thought. However, there have been few fans or spectators to speak of after his show.

The night's a warm one. At least the sky was clear, and things weren't too hot. The humidity is still a bitch and a half. The crowd that's already gathering is a small one. No more than four people. Three of them wear masks while a lone male stands there smoking. The star of the show is already shouting, "Come one, come all!" as he shuffles a deck of card in front of a table. He looks like he /just/ might be able to buy himself a drink at the bar, but barely any older. He wears jeans, a blue t-shirt announcing his love of sushi, and a dirtied up Saints ballcap. He winks and says, "Don't worry, folks, you can tip after the show."

The California transplant just can't get over the humidity. Marek is dressed in a pair of shorts and a vintage T-shirt that tells of his love for No Doubt. A pair of leather sandals round out his humid weather attire. He can't really buy drinks at a bar, but he can watch magic shows! He's pretty keen on seeing this one as any magic is of interest to the Order of the Golden Moon. The Blood Talon fluffs up his hair and takes a position to watch.

Ramsey strolls along a sidewalk, not really threatteningly, and not really that big, but people do still tend to give him a little space. He's got on a pair of stone-washed jeans and a red and black buffalo checked shirt with just a few singes on it, his eyes moving back and forth just a little lazily in a mild squint. His gait slows as he nears the exhibition and the crowd, standing in back, peering over a head or shoulder to see what's up. He catches a mildly familiar smell and his eyes scan around until he spots Marek and gives a small nod before looking back to the maaaagic.

Naiche for his part is fairly lax when it comes to this sort of stuff, being a gawker just like many others, he'll be making his way down the odd sidewalk, it is hard not for him to look aside to the 'scene' being caused by a street performer. And like a month to a flame, so goes Naiche, to join the odd crowd, to watch with curiosity, and bated breath. At least for the tme being! Really, that is all there is to it.

Totally not planning on steeling any tricks or ideas at all for his own hustles. Nope.

Each of the Uratha can get a whiff of it. Even with all the funk off some of the people around them. The man at the center of it all is Blooded. He does shoot each of the three men a pointed look, with his brow quirked. Nothing comes of it, though. he continues shuffling the cards, and pushes that confusion away with a toothy smile. "So! Who's ready for some magic!?" he asks of the crowd, and gets nothing but crickets.

Marek breathes deeply, scenting the collection of people. Ramsey gets a returned upnod, but with a bright smile from the Blood Talon. Naiche gets a quick study and the performer a tilted curious look. He's more than willing to return the toothy smile and cheers the performer on, eager to see what the guy can do. He's also curious to take a look through the gauntlet to see if he might have anything flocking to him in the Shadow.

Ramsey crosses his arms and tilts his head, listening but also acknowledging Naiche's presence and a jovial finger gun is given to Marek while he listens to the card czar, but seems to be in wait-and-see mode.

Naiche for his part gives a slow clap in response, evn as he cranes his neck slightly over the shoulder of a person in front of him. Trying to get a bettr look. There is a slight twitch to his features as he looks about for a few seconds to see for any other familiar faces.. None, but there is always that odd sensation of being around another Uratha to worry about.. but hey! Magicks! Street Parlor tricks! "So you going to throw down some cards or something? Saw a lady in half? A monty?" Naiche calls out.

He quits his shuffling and sets the cards down on the table. He flashes a smile as Naiche approaches, and nods approvingly. "Oh it's a whole lot better than that." He taps the top of the deck, and then lifts it up. "Do me a favor then, yeah?" He splays the cards wide, and then points them in Naiche's direction. "Do me a favor then. Pick a card, don't show me, and then put it back in the deck." As he speaks each of them can feel it. Something that causes the hackles to rise as something etheral happens by.

Marek shivers and turns a little clammy as he feels something happen by. It focuses his attention and glances over to Ramsey. He raises an eyebrow and then flicks his attention back to what's happening between Naiche and the Blooded.

Ramsey lets his eyes remain fixed on the act, but his sense of smell shifts itself slowly toward the Shadow as he feels that, taking a strong sniff, enough to lightly startle the human standing in front of him, but he ignores her, just rubbing under his nose as if he had a sneeze buildin up, and takes another, longer whiff.

Naiche rolls his left shoulder in turn as he glances back to the rest of the crowd, even as he pushes forward slightly and offers a smile. "Oh? Going to make me disappear with a card trick eh?" Naiche teases even the nas he moves to pull the card in question, if they are fanned, glancing it over before calmly holding it up slightly so those who want to look at it can see it, while keeping it obscured from the street magician. With that, he'll offer it out, watching not so much the shuffling, as the man himself for the time being.

"You uh, get a lot of practice with this stuff?"

"Now why would I do that?" he asks with a wicked smile. When he takes the card he starts shuffling again. A light shines up behind him, and then wreathes him in it. The wolves are able enough to see that there isn't a thing behind him. He then says a few words, ones that leave the crowd confused. The werewolves can make it out as, ~Mother. Come to me.~ That old, ancient spirit tongue.

In the world of Twilight Ramsey can see what's around them. See a lot of it, really. Five spirits in total, all of them watching the Uratha. Behind the man there's another thing, although difficult to make out. It looks like static in the shape of something human, and moves in tune with him.

Marek frowns as he sees the light start to shine and then wreathe the Blooded in it. He shoves his hand in his pocket, making sure his wand is handy, just in case. He moves to position himself between the light and as much as the crowd as he can, putting the Oath first in this particular instance. He intoned words get a soft growl from the Crescent Moon, but he keeps looking to make sure the flanks are clear and ready to protect the mortals as well as he can for right now.

Ramsey sniffs at the air again, becoming a little adgitated with what he learns, and when one of the spirits stares at him, he mean-mugs it right back with a low chest-growl. Must be those allergies. It's whatever that's behind him that probably needs identifying though, and he racks his brain.

Naiche for his part just plays dumb, or.. is he actually that dumb. "That's cool, what language is that? Sumerian or somethin?" He inquirs as he looks to the cards then, and then back to the blooded. "Seems like your inviting all sorts of bad vibes, but man, I gotta say, this shit is impressive!" He'll offer with a smile, even as he moves to obscure his eyes then with a hand finally, shading himself slightly before he looks to the deck. "But uh, becuase it would be.. real.. frightening eh?" A glance then is offered behind, glancing to see if anyone else is noticing.. anything out of the ordinary, a curious, confused glance given.

Something opens up, and the mortals don't see it. Not properly anyway. A whole into that other side, that twisted mirror of the meat world. "Something," is what the man answers. Something was standing at that door, an overlarge cat with a lightless void for eyes. It was looking at the mortals, but then it stops. It sees the Uratha for what they are, and then just slowly nopes back to that door

The man looks annoyed, and looks over to that opening in reality, frowning. The crowd, for their part, is much more entrance. Supernaturally so, it seems. They keep all their eyes on the man, not even blinking for a second. ~Mother,~ the man growls, this time louder and not under his breath.

Marek sighs when he sees the glazed, dazed look on the mortals' faces. He gives the Blooded an annoyed look and starts to rough up the crowd, shouting for them to head for a local pub and that drinks are on him. One of his best powers is an endless wallet and he's eager to have no witnesses to this.

Ramsey cracks his neck side-to-side while Marek starts trying to get the humans out of the way, and he inspects the spirits and the vortex from which came the cat entity that is apparently being called back, and he drawls a little bit, "Fine line between a fun trick and a dick move. Why don't we back this up, huh?" He does the little pushing people along to follow Marek.

Naiche lifts a finger to lazily point then at the black portal of sorts behind him then with a slight arch of his eyebrow. "So uh, that isn't suposed to be there right?" He'll inquire before coughing into a clenched fist. "Sorry, let me rephrase, what.. are you expecting to have happen here that doesn't release some sort of.. like.. thing here?" He'll offer in a sort of stage-whisper, loud enough to be heard by those paying attention no doubt. "Wait.." There is a pause then as his eyes narrow, "Wait wait wait.." A slow step back, "Your trying to actually bring something through, like, completley arn't you? Not a good look man! Bad look!"

The man backs up slowly as the crowd is roused from their stupor by Marek. They hear his words, and it doesn't take much deliberation. Free drinks on a Wednesday night? Especially after this show that somehow put them to sleep it sounded like heaven. That small handful of people begins to disperse as he starts cursing under his breath.

"Mother," he calls out in something much more human. Then he says it again, this time growling it out. ~Mother!~ The giant cat still stands at doorway to the shadow of the world, and doesn't move an iota. Something else does approach, the figure Ramsey saw. A thing of static in the shape of a human.

Ramsey watches the cat in the doorway, but it seems to at least know what's up, or that something is up. That static form though, that worries him, and as the performer backs up, he says "Slow your roll, hoss. You know what that other thing is? Cause that's not supposed to be here. Or be. Not the one you're calling. The other one." He nods toward the shape, and then says to Naiche out the side of his mouth, "Magath." It's at once assessing and hungry and pitying.

"Magg..oh!" Naiche glances then to the odd shapes in the portal then before he snaps his fingers. "UH, whatever you did to open it? I'd close it. It's.. that thing.. hrm.." Naiche trails off then as he looks to the Man of the hour, the heart of the cards, and the source of this issue, "This is why you don't make deals with the voices! They don't got your best interest at heart friend. At least, uh, not like I do! So uh.." A pause as he lgances to Ramsey, "This might get messy if it's taken on out here, no?"

"I ain't open a thing," he shouts. Probably the only bit of honesty he's offered tonight. He then looks over to the spirit that's approaching through the gateway. "She's my friend." She doesn't say a word as she steps into the world of flesh, meat, and bone. ~Why are you here?~ it asks of the Uratha, its voice as gentle as a breeze despite its appearanec.

Ramsey winces as the spirit steps bodily into the flesh, and he says "Was just taking a walk, but you know the debt to Urfarah we're bound to, and what it means to step through that." The rahu shakes his head a little, but then says "I'm more worried about that one, though," he nods toward the static shape. "Do you know it?"

WHen the 'static' shape is motioned to, Naiche just blinks then as he glances aside, "What? I uh.. what are you talking about?" He'll inquire as his eyes narrow, trying to get a good look then before he shakes his head, "O-one thing at a time alright? Uh.. listen, just was here for the show, see your friend, and uh, like my companion said, we'd rather not turn this into an antagonistic situation, yah? Wouldn't be right, especially considering, Mother, that uh, your uh friend, ain't sure what exactly is happening. Hate to lose a good asset like him to.. whatever is going on here, yah?" A glance is then cast aside to the 'figure' in question.

Doesn't move an inch as they all stand there. The most to tell of it is where its head points, although thats only seen at certain angles. It doesn't move forward for a few more mometns before it speaks again. ~Then can we make a deal? I am sure that there is something you want. You halflings always want something.~

Ramsey's eyes are stone. He regards the hybrid and then catches Naiche out of the corner of his eye, and says in a low tone, "Keep it together," not chiding, just something to focus on. He then eyes the magath and says "The order doesn't have a place for you, and definitely not in the flesh. You know this. Why do it?" He seems curious. He does not seem swayed by parley, but perhaps wants to understand what is at work.

"What? Together? I'm uh, together enough, promise." Naiche offers with a smile then as he glances between Ramsey and the Magath then. "I mean,yeah, order and all, but you know, if you just uh.. were not here? Like, past the precipice, I'd do all sorts of deals with you friend. One good deed, earns a friend, and you know, friends are a rare thing to find!" A smile then as he claps his hands together, "We can be swell friends, after all. A real attractive prospect, eh? Better than breaking out in a fight, and wasting resources, food and effort, on all our parts."

~Friends,~ the spirit echoes, as if trying to fit that word on for size. ~We can be friends, yes. Yes?~ It takes a step back, but doesn't completely leave the world of man. ~I can give you the fleshlings back. That is good, yes? What can you give me for them?~

Ramsey's growl is low and warning, and he casts a glance at the other werewolf, trying to gauge if he is earnest or if it is a ploy, eyebrows lowered.

"Well uh, As.. as I see it, if you keep doing this, the ones on the other side will keep ratting you out to us, to encourage us to hunt you.. and well, we hunt. Tis what we do yes? SO we'd do it anyway. Think of this as, a gesture.. of good will, nothing lost, everyone walks out with their dignity and uh, honor orsomething.." Naiche trails then as he glances about then to Ramsey, "So uh, it has.. how is that possible? SO many folks? Is there a way to tel right away?" He'll whisper, "But uh, yah, do that, you might get some help.. sactioned feedings, hunts. I'm sure there are all sorts of werewoles who need help with a hunt or two, and well, those who arek nown to be friends might get some pickings to eat. Maybe? Don't know."

The spirit remains silent. It doesn't move an inch, but does answer Naiche. ~I use the soon-to-be. He is puppet.~ It mimics human movement. Tries to. Lifting its faux hands up and down. ~Like puppet, yes? Puppet. He helps us. We help him. We work together. Like halflings. Is easy. We can give them back. You won't hurt us?~

There's a warning look in Ramsey's eye as the other wolf tries negotiating, but this isn't the way. It goes against every fiber of the Rahu, and he starts to step backward, to the side, while they discuss their terms. His posture shifts and his eyes turn to the wolf-blooded, attempting to discern the true level of compulsion at play there.

"Oh uh, probably... shouldn't be doing stuff like that at all, really attracts the eyes of my companions here, eh?" Naiche offers with a smile as he rubs at his forhead then, brushing his hair out of the way, smiling slightly still. "Just uh, let.. things go, and if we catch you doing things like this.. ngotations on't be viable.. and well.. you'll be more alone than ever, eh?"

~I tell you where they are. The fleshlings. We will go. Umia and me will go back to our place. No destroying. Yes?~ It waits a moment, but doesn't give that much longer before speaking again. ~They are in shadow. Under the castle of iron and paper. All of them. Forty-one. All of them.~

Ramsey slowly comes to accept that this is a necessary step and his posture eases up a little, but does not exactly relax, instead taking a step forward and getting the scent of the spirit.

"Forty one... Uh.. shit.." Naiche trails off then, "So uh, looks lik you are going to get your hunt after all>?" He'll muse then even as he looks back to the spirit, moving a hand to his chest, "But uh, yah, thank you for being reasonable and seeing where this path you were walking as heading. It was not too late, and now, by walkin the staight and narrow, at least in this regard, you can.. fin new opoortunties,, but uh.." Naiche considers then, "We'll be in touch I think.." He'll offer even as he lifts a hand before turning to meander, "Just.. divest yourself and I'll help check to make sure of this, yes in the future?"

The magath doesn't wait another second, and goes back into the Hisil. If either of the werewolves check the other side or twilight they'll see nothing else around that shouldn't be there. Either way, though, the only thing left in the park are the two werewolves and the Blooded. For himself he's standing there, flabbergasted and slowly backing away.

Ramsey turns his haze to the wolfblooded and says "So, ahh.. We need to maybe talk about your pastimes. And how you need to stop that shit. And make it right for those folks. This fine gentleman here is going to talk to you about that. I am going to go make sure your pal makes good. And it had better." He runs his tongue over his teeth, a calm voice but clear anger lit in his eyes.

"You can uh, run, friend.. but I'll find you.." Naiche offers aloud to the Blooded then as he lifts a hand, "So just be a good lad and go back home, I'll meet you there! It'll be real swell!" Naiche laughs then as he looks to the yawns softly, "I do love a good chase, and you can explain to me all this stuff about 4 folks and the like eh?" Naiche mutters, even as he moves to wander off for the time being, at least.. tempoarily, but for now at least, the current crisis was averted. "And uh, thank you for the intimidating back up friend." Naiche offers to Ramsey.