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Guns, Girls, and Guys

Characters: MacKenzie and Wesson
Date: 2020-07-14
Summary: MacKenzie finishes Wesson's project, Wesson gets verklempt.
Disclaimers: Hugging, talks about dating and sex.

The garage is quiet this early in the morning. A few motorcycles are in various states of being worked on. Mac is currently sitting at the bench, perched on a stool as she has an engine in pieces in front of her. Currently, she is cleaning some of the valves as 'Take on Me' plays on the speakers in the bay, echoing slightly. Garage's never really have great acoustics.

It doesn't take her long to find the motorcycle repair shop. Wesson steps in with her jacket drapped over her arm, though she hardly seems bothered by the heat. The sounds of A-Ha is enough to draw her attention even more though her eyes scan the interior of the garage until she spots MacKenzie. She watches silently for a moment before finally breaking her silence with her husky voice. "Great taste in music. What are you working on?"

MacKenzie swivels around on the stool, legs swinging out as magnifying lenses swing away from her eyes on a set of custom glasses. "Oh, hey Wesson! Just retrofitting the engine on one of the bikes we are rebuilding. " Laying the pieces down on a cloth she has layed out, the work area being impeccably clean. Hopping to her feet, she looks around then holds up a finger. "Ah, right, come with me." Reaching to one side of the bench, she lifts a small case, hunter green in color. Steam hisses from her shoulders a bit. "I finished your project, wanted to see what you think." She leads the way into the office.

"Goddamn, check that out," Wesson murmurs as she looks over MacKenzie's clean working station. The Elemental blinks in surprise at MacKenzie's magnifying lenses, trying her best to hide her amusement though failing just a bit. "Nice glasses," she teases lightly before stepping back to get out of MacKenzie's way. At the mention of the project being finished, Wesson perks right up and rushes after MacKenzie, as eager as a kid being told there is a special cake just for her. "Are you serious? Already? Holy shit," she trails off, trying her best to hide her excitement, but her veins are now throbbing with inner heat, the glow radiating off her with her eyes and hair.

MacKenzie looks over as she sets the case on the desk. "Close the door." Unlatching the case, she opens it up. Impact foam has been molded to hold the revolver and two cylinders. Pulling the weapon out, it is still a light revolver, the metal the same coloring as Wesson. It looks a bit different though. There is a slight copper sheen to it now, etching of thorns along the barrel. Sliding in the cylinder, she spins it and clicks it into place before turning it around and offering it. "I've improved all trigger action and tightened the riffling to give a more efficient spin so it should hit harder."

Wesson does as requested, sliding the door shut before turning to face MacKenzie. As she opens the case, Wesson's breath catches in her throat. She stares in surprise, her eyes widening before she slowly approaches. As if worried that her touch may shatter such a beautiful weapon, Wesson moves in aching slowness as she finally moves to pick it up. "You did?" She breathes out before looking up at MacKenzie. "You turned a Little Harry into a fucking-..." She trails off, unable to finish her sentence as her fingers run across the copper. "Its beautiful," she finally manages out as she looks up at MacKenzie. Suddenly and with very little thought, the Elemental is overtaken with emotions as she moves to wrap her arms around the Wizened in a grateful bearhug.

MacKenzie starts to explain before she is caught up in the hug. "Well, he was good form to...ooff...." She chuckles and leans into the hug. "...thank Wesson, I hoped you would like it." The Clockwork mechanic gives a bit of a snug into the larger woman. "It took a bit of time, but I needed to make sure it was right."

"Its perfect," she lets out in that husky voice, her gratitude easily slipping out in her tone. It takes her a moment to realize what she is doing before Wesson suddenly lets go and steps back, looking a tad awkward. She lets her head bow a bit as she rubs the back of her neck. "Sorry, I don't usually do that. But not many people usually do that," she points at the gun, "For me either. What were you saying?"

MacKenzie lays a hand on Wesson's arm. "Trust me, a hug from you is the last thing you ever need to apologize for." Giving a curl to her grin, she tilts her head. "Oh, was just mentioning, it should hit a bit harder in the right hands. Actually...your hands are the right hands. The lil guy won't work as well for others. I've customized it to you." Moving to the mini fridge, she pulls out two beers, offering one over.

"Customized to me?" she breathes out in awe before reaching down to finally pick it up and feel the weight of it. "Wow, MacKenzie, how did you..." It's a stupid question to ask, instead she blinks over to reach for a beer as well, lifting it up in gratitude. "I never knew a gun could be perfected, and you just blew my mind." The other hand holding the gun still, she peers at it this way and that, making sure her finger is far from the trigger well. "Look at that...Copper. Reminds me of my veins," she murmurs in awe. "Even your craftmanship is gorgeous."

MacKenzie pumps a fist into her hip, arm akimbo as she swigs her beer. "Little workshop secrets is all. I'm so glad you like it, since he won't like firing for anyone else. If you ever need anything else, done, let me know and I'm glad to help. Its sorta what I live for I suppose. Plus...well, I like ya, so I tend to do more for people I like." Giving a slight shrug with a ratcheting sound. "How have you been lately?"

"I'm doing alright, actually," she murmurs, her eyes still on the gun. It takes her a long moment to finally break her attention away from it, deciding to place it back in the case. Need to keep it away or she'd never focus on MacKenzie. "I talked to Odette and Hawthorne, know them? Was asking if I could join the Militia. I realized what you said was true, and what better way to prepare and protect the Freehold than to do it with the militia." At the offer for more, Wesson's lips curve up ever so faintly before she shakes her head. "I think I'm okay for now. Though I did hear you met Roland recently yourself."

MacKenzie chuckles and nods. "The guy is a piece of work, and we were a bit sloppy around him. He knows more than he should, but its fine. I talked to Stasya about it and we are just keeping an eye. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though. And...you in the militia is a great idea. I havent met Odette and Hawthorne yet but I'll make a point of it here soon." Moving to the couch, she takes a seat.

Popping the cap off, Wesson takes a long sip from the beer, letting out a cool breath of satisfaction once done. She bobs her head in agreement at the mention of Roland. "He told me you came by, and that you threatened him? I had a feeling a lot of people threaten that guy. He isn't in the Accord, I think its due to his job though. He seems like he works in the...grey area of the law, or at least I think he does." She leans back against the desk as she cants her head to the side thoughtfully. "Odette is interesting, that woman is more determined to protect the Freehold than most I've met. Hawthorne is," she trails off as she presses her lips into a thin line. "I don't know. He is interesting. He told me he would teach me about the Hedge too." The Elemental then lifts her chin in MacKenzie's direction. "What about you? What have you been up to?"

MacKenzie laughs. "I certainly did not threaten him. I mean, look at me. I just told him to contact us if there were issues with other Lost and that we would be in touch. I am not one to try to indimidate people. Scare them, maybe, but the truth by itself is good at that. I think he just likes to be the victim." Pulling a knee up to her chest. "Mostly working, little projects here and there. Some of my friends are out of town so its been quiet. The chick I had dated, she has been gone so, just me."

"Yea, I was wondering about that," Wesson returns in amusement when MacKenzie mentions her lack of threats. "He seems to take a lot of things as a threat when its more of a suggestion for his own safety. He does tend to stoke my ire," she admits after a moment before taking another sip. Her eyebrows lift up when MacKenzie mentions the person she has been dating. "Really? Well fuck, that sucks. Is she one of us?" She places the bottle on the desk before canting her head thoughtfully. "I...I haven't thought about dating in a while. Since I came back I think," her brows knit faintly. "How do you even start?"

MacKenzie grins, "She is a werewolf, so she is a bit...odd. And um...I'm not the right person to ask about dating. I'm not good at it really. I mean....its nice but." She gives a shrug. "If you ever wanted to go out ..I'd be up for it, though I'm probably not your type, eh?"

At MacKenzie's words, Wesson tilts her head curiously before her lips curl up at the corners ever so faintly. "If you were I'd fucking marry you in a heart beat," she admits after a moment. "That wolf is crazy to let you go. Although dating a werewolf seems rather...curious. I guess it isn't that difficult since you're in a Motley with one as well. They strike me as...trigger happy kind of people. Maybe a bit too much like myself." MacKenzie chuckles, "Ramsey is alot different. He is mellow. Chastity is ...edgy. She is quick to annoyance, which usually confuses the hell out of me. We have gone on a few like, trips but nothing serious. Most we ever did was like...kiss and stuff." Leaning back, she hugs her knee. "Way is cute but he and I just good friends. I sorta gave up on anything too physical, just whatever happens, just happens."

"Wait, so you bat for both teams?" Wesson asks for clarification before she takes another sip from the beer. Placing it on the desk, she leans back against it as she considers MacKenzie once more. "Alright, that just opens you up for far more opportunities. Usually. I see you like them a bit on the short fuse side," she murmurs with that husky voice in amusement. "Kissing and a few dates sounds...Distracting," she admits, though there is a touch of wistfulness there. Quick to shake her head of that thought, she reaches up to rub the back of her neck. "My Fetch is engaged, last I checked, maybe even married by now. And here I am wondering if such things would distract me from my goal."

MacKenzie tilts her head. "Mine was married. But she is also twenty years older than me. And....kissing can be fun, distracting, not sure. To me, it sorta was like, steam releasing. It kinda unwinds me, like a spool a wire." Laughing a little. "I just focus on the person. To me, I guess the societal norms never really got ingrained. I mean..I didnt even know what a lesbian was when I was dating a woman. " Smirking slightly. "You should get with someone, might relax you, get you to focus on your task better."

"Are you suggesting I need to get laid?" Wesson asks in her deadpan voice, but that hint of amusement is still there. "You're right. Maybe I should get laid. I'll need to find someone I can fool into fucking me though," she bobs her head in agreement before quirking her eyebrows. "Seriously? Damn, talk about innocent. You really go for the person." She takes another sip from the bottle and finishes it off before taking aim to toss it in the trash. "Need to unwind, huh. Sounds like you might need it too, MacKenzie. We're going to go on a quest. The 'get laid' quest."

MacKenzie laughs. "Well, I got with Way but that was like...a month ago. What sorta guy you looking for? I could maybe aim you at one." Laughing a little." She watches the trash toss. "Hopefully your shooting is better than you toss." Giving a wink, she hops up and grabs to toss in. "Anyhow, its good to have friends that have your back. Maybe that Hawthorne guy you mentioned?"

"Wait, you did?" Wesson blinks in surprise at MacKenzie. "Does...his fur, height..." She trails off as she tries to figure out how to frame it in a way that won't offend the Wizened's friend. "He's a non-raccoon," she finally settles. "How did it work out?" Her toss of the bottle was terrible however, and it drops a few inches away from the trash. With a groan, she pushes away from the table and makes her way towards the bottle to pick it up from the floor. "I'm not sure. I didn't think of it," Wesson admits before dropping the bottle in the trash. "Someone...intense maybe. Someone strong. Not overly emotional. If he starts blubbering or whining over something I'll just end up gagging him."

"I can see that controlling side in you. And...his fur is nice..and its all over." Biting her lip, Mac actually blushes a little. "It was great, he um...knew all the right buttons to press, if you get my drift." Settling back in on the couch. "Well I wish you the best. I'm not sure I know any guys like that. If I do, I'll give you a tap."

At MacKenzie's blush, Wesson peers at her curiously but there is that wolfish little grin that threatens to curl her lips. "Oh, really? Who knew the none-Raccoon knows how to work the magic? I heard his kind can be good with machines," she can't help but tease lightly. Clearing her throat, she bobs her head in agreement. "Yea, do that. Although I can imagine going up to him and being all 'you me, lets fuck' might not work. But hey, who knows. The world keeps changing.”

MacKenzie takes a long drink. "With you, it may. Guys like few complications and just wanna get some action. So, you may be in luck. Honestly, for me, its the interpersonal friendships that do better for me. People I trust and can hang with. I kinda keep my friends around me like a warm cloak. It gives me the space and time to make things, which in turn, helps them."

"Mm," Wesson agrees soundly as she bobs her head. "I can understand that. It is an admirable position to be," she admits before canting her head thoughtfully. "Relying on other people tends to keep me on edge, however." Wesson purses her lips before she reaches up to tighten her ponytail. "Sometimes, sometimes those people are not who you think they are. Or even if they were, well, it isn't going to be easy if they can't be there for you."

MacKenzie nods, "I trust in my friends, the ones who have proven themselves to me. I will help lots of people but these are the ones that really matter. Like my mackley. I'd step in the way of a bullet for any of them. Its a good group of folk." Pausing a moment. "Well, after you test out the gun, let me know if its all good or if I need to make any modifications."

She watches MacKenzie for a moment before finally nodding. "Yea, I can see that. Eventually everyone will need someone if they plan on living here," she murmurs thoughtfully before reaching over to grab the case. Two fingers lift up to flick away from her forehead in a lazy salute in MacKenzie's direction. "Thanks again, for this. I'll take it out on a test drive soon. Maybe even bring it to the Hedge." Her lips curve upwards appreciatively. "Take care, MacKenzie."

MacKenzie returns a wink. "Be safe out there. Keep your ears open for any developments and let me know, if you can. I'm easy to find." Relaxing more, she relines to finish her beer.