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Going Hog Wild

Characters: Axle, Fawn, Fen, Ramsey, and Jeanie
Date: 2020-07-17
Summary: The Fixers have a pig problem.... now they don't!

Angry boar.jpg

That little weed farm on the edge of the bayou is probably getting more foot traffic than it's seen in a while, but that's cause there's been preparations to make of the Hunting sort! Trails have been checked, equipment readied and now it's just a matter of gathering all the participating Fixers in one place to commence the festivities. Hunting gear might not usually involve a blazer, but Jeanie's not leaving home without the reinforced jacket, especially not when looking for a fight, although it probably looks pretty peculiar mixed with the camo-patterned tank top and blaze orange trucker's cap. She's sitting on the porch, tapping her feet a little impatiently as she watches the moon just begin to rise. "Is it almost time?"

Ramsey is clad in the red and black buffalo checked flannel that Mac made for him, because it's time to be in your power rangers uniforms and his is the Brawny Paper Towels Ranger. He does have much of the farm shorn up and some of the traps disabled since people may be tromping through during the hunt. He's also got a beer in hand and glances toward the rising crescent moon. "Yeah, I think.." His nose has been twitching, catching scents here and there and with their quarry being so close to his territory, he's antsy.

It has been hours since Axle took off from the warehouse and went out to the farm to start preparing. There's a small bonfire lit in a circle of stones, a good sized clearing swept around it to ensure sparks don't ignite the weed crops. She's dressed for the occasion in a black tank top and a her button-fly jeans, her feet bare. In lieu of a mask, she has drawn on face paint to represent their chosen prey; mock bristles and tusks, black circles painted around her eyes and over her eye brows. She's also wearing Jeanie's amulet.

In addition to the "mask" of paint on her face, she's also painted all kinds of little pictograms on her arms and neck and what is visible of her chest -- and perhaps underneath the tank top, too. Even the tops of her feet have some shapes drawn on. Unusually quiet, she lurks around near the fire, poking at it with a nice shaped stick. She's more than nervous; a wreck, in fact.

Fawn isn't too far off, and with a look up towards the rising moon she says, "Night's pretty near perfect.." She breathes that night air in deep and holds it, exhaling slowly after as she looks towards that glowing fire nearby. As she reaches it she grins wide and looks about to those gathered, lifting a hand for a short wave as the other is settled on her bow. She's wearing all black tonight, and looks pretty excited. "Nice face paint," she notes towards Axle, meaning it even if it might come across as a tease.

As folks start reappearing, Jeanie pops up from her seat, dusting off her hands on her jeans, smiling as she looks at Axle in the war paint. "Anything else you need us to do? Or do you need a coke? Think we got a couple in a cooler underneath the beer..." The psychic isn't really sure what to do either as she awkwardly crosses her arms and then uncrosses them while trying to offer some assurance of confidence towards Axle. She does give a nod towards Fawn's observation on the night. "If we're lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of that comet."

Ramsey watches Axle do her work at the fire and he shakes his arms out as he unfolds them, first one, then the other, and gives Jeanie a little head incline of warning that he's going to change, and as he walks toward the fire, he grows, more and more toward Dalu form, getting as giant as he acts like he is anyway, and shaggier. He circles to the other side and watches the sky for the comet and then looks toward the moon, gaze lingering there before he looks back at the assembled.

"Thanks!" Axle chirps in the wake of Fawn's compliment on the face paint, grinning some. There's a faux snout in there, but it's just black paint around her own nostrils to make them more pronounced. She hasn't gone so far as to put on any kind of appliances or fake fur. Just the smudges of black, brown and gray paint. "I'm thinking of keeping it on all the time," she jokes, probably in an attempt to feel less nervous.

At the mention of a soda, she perks up even more and claps her hands together. "Yes. Some sugar sounds good before we start. Make it non-diet if you have it." Ramsey approaches and she looks toward him with a nervous smile, eyes glinting from the spark of the bonfire. She definitely wouldn't be even attempting this without him there. Almost time. Whenever it feels right.

That lingering grin goes lopsided as Fawn looks at Axle, and she notes, "You totally should. Hell, we could probably even find you a snout with tusks attached.. One of those mask bits with the elastic? I'll look for one next time I'm at the dollar tree," she says with a waggling lift of her eyebrows. That grin is pretty stuck there, even as Fawn look about once more, whistling softly as she listens to the crackle and pop of the fire.

"Coming right up!" Jeanie grins towards Axle and gives a nod to Ramsey. She saw the nod and figured the shifting time was bound to happen. The whole dirnk fetching business at least gives her a reason to turn her back and she seems still remarkably composed when she does catch sight of Dalu-Ramsey by the fire, giving him a smile and a big thumbs up. The she's handing a fancy Mexican coke in a glass bottle, cap already removed, over to Axle. "There ya go. Even got the pure sugar type. And if you can't find a mask at the dollar store, we can probably paper mache something together... works well enough for pinatas." She gives a wink towards Fawn.

Fen is a bit late. That is sort of her way, either early or late. Never really on time. Sneakers, John Deere hat. Eyepatch. Jean shorts. Really, the only concession she has to this 'hunting' thing is she's pulled her hair into a pony tail do it doesn't get caught in anything and she's managed to find herself a baby tee... in 1980s-style Woodlands camo. Yep, pink hair, snug camo tea. Meshback cap and shorts. It's a look, init. So anyway, the undead city girl is here. And generally hanging out away from the fire, cuz the fire kinda stresses her out for Reasons.

Ramsey's harsher voice says "There ain't nothing you can't find at a Dollar Tree. I mean, that's demonstrably untrue, but in this case I expect somethough ought to present itself." He catches the scent of the other predator just before Fen appears and his eyes dart that way and he nods, before he straightens in his hulking proportions and starts eyeing the trees, maybe listening for something before they start.

Axle reaches over with both hands to cradle Fawn's head, giving the side of it a kiss. Thankfully the paint is dry enough on her face it doesn't transfer into the other wolf-blood's hair. By the time she's finished, Jeanie has produced the Coke bottle and she takes it in her left hand, raising it up into the air in a toast. "L'chaim!" she says, gesturing with the bottle to each person assembled, before she tilts the bottle back and tries to chug it in a series of swallows. Thankfully Mexican Coke isn't too many ounces per bottle, but by the time she finishes it, she has to hide her face in her shoulder so she can burp. Is that the signal to start? Maybe not.

Fawn gives a little squeaky 'hee' at the kiss to her head, though she looks like she'd care less if any face paint did transfer. It washes off! She watches the coke be passed over and.. downed in one go, and.. yep. There it is. The burp that chugging an entire coke -should- bring. It makes Fawn wince. It's gotta have a sting to it, right? The brunette snickers and that wide grin returns, eyes looking a bit wild now rom how excited she is. There's a little bounce in her feet as she stands there rearing to go, and as she looks about and catches sight of Fen, some of that energy is transferred to a happy wave that's sent her way. "Dollar tree provides," she then states in a mysterious voice.

Jeanie gets a feeling well before she sees Fen, a familiar chill along the back of her neck but once the friendly (to them) vampire is spotted, she gives a nod and relaxes just a bit. It might not be the correct response, but she'll call back anyways, "Mazel Tov!" to the L'chaim before stepping around the fire closer towards Ramsey. "If the Dollar Tree doesn't have it, we can make it out of parts they do have. So in a way, dollar tree does have everything!"

Actually the camo tee would go well with a kilt. Very cutepunk. Fen is pleased to have added it to her limited wardrobe. Also it'll come in handy for... whatever this is. This hunt thing. She notes people have painted their faces. M'be she should draw a couple lines. Y'know, like D.VA in Overwatch. Kinda cute. Anyway, tip of imagary cup. The pink-haired girl won't share in the toast. For Reasons. Though she will near the group. And the fire. Which is frustratingly uncomfortable for her, because she remembers being totally cool with fire. The enjoying and the starting. So yeah she's near as her Beast will let her. M'be this will start soon and we can leave the fire behind and start doing night stuff. Yeah, night stuff. I am the night! Rar. Even if it is forest and Fen's night usually has WIFI and a DJ.

As the dancing is commenced and the ritual begun, Ramsey reaches out to the burnt end of a log sticking from the fire, not minding the heat and smudging ash on his index and middle fingers, dragging it across his eyes, down his nose, and across his tongue, which must not taste very good, yeuck. But symbolism! And he looks up to the moon while the rite is performed.

Axle settles into a position beside the fire, still holding the Coke bottle in her hand. She starts to draw a few crude shapes in the dirt with the neck of the Coke bottle -- indicating simply the nature of the prey to be hunted. Little round piggy shapes with squiggles for tails, a whole bunch of them. The bottle is set aside and she doesn't really dance so much for the first minute. She instead makes some little marks in the dirt with her fingertips. Some crude hoof prints from the looks of it; she did her homework on Google images.

After a while though she gets up and starts to move around the fire. Not a dance; more of a creep, a hunch-backed rambling movement while she whispers something to herself below the breath. Doesn't sound like English. Or First Tongue. Some kind of Native American language; her father's a Rosebud Sioux, so maybe something she learned in South Dakota watching their hunts; stitching together various things she has seen to make her own style of rite-casting. Only a few words repeated over and over. In time she moves faster and things start to happen. The fire moves kind of weirdly in the breeze. There's a stirring off in the trees and growth of weed plants. All that good hudu jazz.

Fawn takes a few steps back away from the fire and Axle, moving to a spot where she won't be in the way as she watches her friend start the process. There is a moment when she watches Ramsey adding the ash to his face, but then it's back to Axle. That little grin tucks into the corner of her mouth as she watches her and listens, looking more proud now than anything.

When things start to happen, Jeanie takes a few steps back, mostly watching as Ramsey adds the ash to his face and Axle brings out her piggy-interpretive dance before she leans into whisper to Fawn. "Are we supposed to like... do something too?" But even with the whipsering, her eyes are focused intently on the fire and their rite-master of the evening, so much so a few electric sparks end up joining with the weird moving fire breeze.

Fen waits patiently through the powwow shit, which is her headterm for it. Which isn't a put down or anything, she just doesn't know what else to call it. She'll keep out of the way. Doesn't want to conflict with life magick by being too dead. Or something. Anyway it's too close to the fire so she has a good excuse.

Ramsey lets Axle lead the interpretive scuttle, but does toss some dried weed and sage onto the fire just for some fun with smoke. His eyes are growing sharper and more alert as the Siskur-dah begins to thrum in him like a drumbeat as it is called, making his normally mellowed out suppressed-rage presence melt away into a much more raw kind of Ramsey, down to the way he stands and moves in his hulking near-man form. He sniffs the night air, his eyes falling on each of the attendees and then he throws his head back, adding his yowling howl to the sky as the hunt is called.

Well, that's that, then. She's all abubble with weird feelings, but not the Siskur-dah that affects Ramsey. Even so, excitement is palpable. Stars wink in the dark high above the fire and somewhere out there the comet is passing by. White teeth gleaming fiercely in the dark, Axle straightens up -- grabs the pilfered red and white fire axe she stashed by the fire -- and simply says, "Let's go kick some piggy ass."

With her eyes remaining upon Axle, Fawn leans over a little into Jeanie's side and she murmurs to her, "No clue.." She grins a little at that and leans back over to stand up straight, wide eyes focusing on the bit that Ramsey adds to it all. The howl brings chill bumps to her arms, and she lifts her free hand to rub at the opposite arm. When it seems they're ready, Fawn gives an excited squeal followed by an oink, of all things. It's a terrible oink, but anyway!

The werewolf howl brings goosebumps to Jeanie's arms under the protective blazer, but she's hanging in there, giving a little shiver as she takes a deep breath and nods. Axle's declaring kicking of piggy ass and so the psychic grabs both her shotgun and summons up a bit of electricity to wrap herself in protective spark coating. "Let's rock and roll then!" She'll leave the oinking to Fawn, although gives the other girl a big grin.

This is all very dramatic for going out and trying to find wild pigs. Though her mind's eye is pcituring more barnyard than boar, so perhaps there's an unpleasant surprise in her future. The howl is chilling and invigorating at the same time, a feral cry to her Beast, shocking and eletric. It's a feeling she could get to like.

Ramsey takes a long, steady breath through his nose and then his eyes jerk to the west and he gives a little nod. "This way. They've got some kind of spirit-thing with them. Big." The way he says big does not seem to be a warning. More anticipatory. His grin is -real- big, and then he starts off, at a brisk jog to lead and then falling into a run.

Ramsey indicates a direction and Axle wastes no time in grabbing up the trash can lid she had stashed with the axe. With its handle, it makes for a passable shield to keep a hog from biting her face off. Right? Let's hope so. Regardless, she starts to jog after Ram, being careful since her feet are still bare. Feels good to have her toes in the dirt. Her eyes dart to one side as she runs, widening a notch. What the hell was that sparkle? Must have been an afterglow from the fire. Not a random spirit chilling in the woods.

And.. we're jogging! Of course we are. Thank goodness Fawn's a good runner, else it may have been a good idea to bring Liam. As the group starts to break off and head towards the West, Fawn shifts her longbow against her back and begins to jog along behind Axle. She gives the girl some space, but the way she moves makes it clear she's acting as back up, keeping an eye on Axle and their surroundings. She's looking more excited now, and though she can't shift, she did learn a bit about growling, and so she gives her best howl!

"Bigger they are, the harder they'll fall? For them anyways," Jeanie's got the infectious excitement and so she'll channel it into a bit of her usual pep-talking ways from the back of the run. The tracks wasn't that hard to find because the boars they're seeking are massive creatures. Before too long, they'll come upon some clear rooting damage, not just the surface but nearly a foot deep in places. Hog rubs also on the edge of some trees about hip high (and that would be hip high on the taller folks at that). And at the edge, there's a smaller game trail that seems to have freshest scat on it. Can't be too far away now.

Converse knock-offs are not really suited to wilderness running. They get dirty for one. But cardio isn't a problem and Fen is easily keeping up. The night is like day to her, so no need for flashlights. Here piggy piggy.

Ramsey grins and remains on two legs but gives a howl as well as he leads the way and breaks through the trees on the western side of the farm, following the scent and looking for a spot to chase the trail. Jeanie's pep talking is working and then when they come to that clearing with the rooting damage he pauses, crouching and giving a low growl. "That's big. That way." He nods toward that trail and looks behind him. "If one of them charges you, put something between you and it. That can be me." Then he starts stalking more deliberately.

"HNNGH!" Annnd Axle goes down, landing with a grunt and a thud as she sprawls on the ground. She's down for a few moments, muttering under her breath, glancing back over her shoulder toward the tree root she caught her bare foot upon. Thankfully she didn't land =on= the axe or the trash can lid. "Hup!" she utters as she starts to push herself back up, a preemptory "I'm all right," muttered for the benefit of Fawn or whomever else reacts to the spill.

Oh, did Axle fall? Fawn didn't see anyythinnggg at all, nope! In fact, she's looking up at the sky as she just so happens to slow her jogging and even jog in place for a few seconds until Axle is up and going again. It's coincidence, purely, that she starts to run again once Axle is up. Though.. that root get a look. Fucker. Fawn runs along behind the one in the piggy paint, shifting her bow from over her shoulder once they find the markings on the tree. Gotta prepare!

Jeanie takes a moment while passing the hog-marked tree to hold up a hand as if judging just how big their prey might be and gulps. That's a real big pig. But then Axle's sprawling and her attention is back on the immediate surroundings. "You alright? And if they do start getting close to someone, just holler. I can try and put up a bit of an electric line... if electric fences can work for cattle, should probably work on hogs as well?" She's a bit tentative on that as it's not a theory she's put to the test, especially not with possibly spirit-addled boar as well.

Still, Fen is picturing some big fat pink thing. What's it gonna do? Oink at her crossly? Threat level is low, yo. Charging pig. Ha. Charging bacon more like. Charging ham and cheese. Charging porkchop. So yes she's sort of enjoying this midnight run. To eventually find and beat up some sausage. Whatever.

As everybody will shortly see, these definitely aren't your normal barnyard hogs. Take whatever Charlotte's Web taught you about pigs and toss it out the window. It doesn't take much light to see these monsters currently wallowing in a muddy hollow right off the trail, two creatures that look like they'd be ready to take on a sabertooth or something with how their tusks glint in the moonlight. While they had been interested in digging more in the roots, the boars pause at the sound of the approaching footsteps.

While the boars may have been minding their own borish business, the spirit that has been running with them is canny enough to have caught wind to the Uratha on his trail. Off the shadows of the path, well hidden eyes watch and wait until Ramsey steps just a bit closer and then the spirit-hog lets out it's own horrifying war-squeal as it slashes at the werewolf's back.

What the hell was that? There's a shimmer off to one side as Axle readies to attack one of the boars -- and she raises the axe one-handed to attack with it. "WAUGH!" And promptly fumbles and loses her grip on it because it's just too heavy for her weak-ass form. The face-painted wolf-blood is distracted, underwhelming, and now way too close to one of the boars; but at least she still has the garbage can lid.

Ramsey takes the tusking on the blind side and staggers forward with a cough and a sidelong glance at Axle doing some fancy axe throwing. Then he turns around with anger in his eyes and his heart and regards the thing that... Really should have done more than a relatively minor wound from the sheer force of that impact, but does not seem to have done, and he lifts one fist in a high arc and just punches down and to the side at the massive spirit boar's head and gives it a hell of a whooping, sending it sprawling to the ground with a frankly upsetting amount of force

Did.. the werewolf just pick up and toss a giant hog-spirit? That's something that's definitely riled up the boars and they're willing to fight dirty. Dirt might be one of their favorite things after all. The one that just watched as Axle's ax went sailing by ignores the human and rushes towards Ramsey's back, lowering it's head as it runs and giving a rather vicious tear at his leg.

For the other hog, it sniffs at the air, smelling something definitely not right. Another predator present. While it's companions are left dealing with the Rahu, Little Piggy Number 3 eyes the tiny vampire, pawing at the ground before it rushes Fen, using sheer mass as a weapon.

With the sudden piggy attacks, Fawn is quick to draw her bow and focus on the pigs, watching the one that was close to Axle as it runs off toward Ramsey. In doing so she catches sight of the other, and as it heads for Fen she draws her arrow back and lifts her bow, aiming at that boar.

Fen doesn't need light at all, so that gasped 'Jeeeeezus Chrrrist' is probaby the moment the big mean black things with tusks are not what she had in mind. Those are bigger than she is. Wasn't anyone going to /warn/ the little city girl? In fact she's about to point out that PERHAPS a little more information up front was in order when the hunting party is set upon by giant spirit version of the same piggie horrors that have so surprised her and while gaping at giant nasty ghostpig the waifish teen is absolutely /rocked/ by one of the other pigs. Lethal, audibly-bone-chunching slam from the feral armor and a fling from the swine's snout that throws ragdoll Fen bodily into a nearby tree. This kills the Fen. On no, she's getting up. She's fine. Mostly fine. Kinda fine. She looks... a little broken. And cross.

The Hog Wild Spirit may have been so casually tossed to the ground by an angry Rahu, but that doesn't mean he's defenseless. Instead of giving up or getting up, the boar draws on it's essence and casts out an aura that apparently only Ramsey can see. An overwhelming sense of how everything in this forest is the spirit's, a desire to root through the foilage looking for choicest morsels...

A whisper in her ear comes, and Axle is once more distracted, twitching and jerking her head to one direction, even as she is attempting to bash the hog with trash can lid. She manages a glancing blow of the big plate of aluminum, in spite of her distraction. But there's definitely something wrong going on with the wolf-blood, just from the way she keeps jerking her head around to look at things that aren't there. But perhaps it is the awe of the boss spirit.

Ramsey comes to a halt, the wave of power coming off of the spirit giving him pause and his senses reeling. He rests his chin in his hand as the bruise that the smaller pig left on his leg vanishes, and he looks down at the Ensih laying on the ground while Axle wages her bloody battle charge.

With the boar spirit still on the ground, his faithful not-so-little-boar servant will at least try to tackle temporarily frozen Ramsey but somehow just like, meaninglessly headbutts the werewolf's leg? Huh... that works a lot better on trees. And for the other porker... having successfully tossed one foe away (for now at least), he turns from Fen and gives a snort to the wolfblood that dared to charge at him. Sure, it didn't do much damage relatively speaking, but it was an annoyance and so he'll try to slash his tusks at Axle's shield but the trash can lid is made of sturdy stuff and the boar just slides right on off it.

Fawn twitches when that boar knocks Fen down, and it leaves her gripping that arrow tighter as she follows after it, narrowing her gaze. Her lips press tightly together as the bow follows the boar, keeping that aim.. though when she sees how Axle is going for it (and likely more that it's going for Axle now) Fawn releases that arrow and sends it zipping into the side of the boar. It tears into its stomach, and Fawn reaches back into her quiver to draw another arrow and pull it back.

Dishevelled-looking Fen is holding her arm oddly and appears to have some broken ribs poking through her new camo tee. The dark mottled green is, one assumes, hiding any gore. The impact took her hat clean off and her pink hair and face is staining with blood and mud. If there were remaining doubt that she was in fact a vampire, this is the end of that, as instead of collapsing in her own personal pile of mortal medical emergency, she sets her own arm straightish and flexes her hand into a fist. She swears. Or, rather, tries. A little out of breath what with the chest wounds. Her one eye /blazing/. Fanged-teeth grit. The Gangrel's angry and paying attention now. Mother/fucker/. In spite of having just taken a hit that would've damn near killed most people, little Fen charges after the goddamn porker that just steamrolled her and, with the determination of the really fucking angry, starts /punching it to death/. Well, incrementally to death.

While the werewolf may still be caught up in the awe-ful powers of the spirit, Boss Hog decides now is probably the best time to get up. And in doing so, he tries to go for the werewolf's kneecaps with a slash that... isn't really that effective. Who decided to armor jeans?

Something buzzes past her head in the process of the battle; a wandering wisp that touches her face with its tendrils. Axle's head ducks and she swipes at the air where she felt the touch of it. Fully distracted by what she can see and hear around her, she swats at the boar one more time, and steps away from the creature, turning fully around as if to get her bearings, as if forgetting momentarily about the fact they're in the middle of a hunt.

Ramsey snaps out of the mental whammy that the spirit had put on him and... He is not happy. He's just SO not happy. His eyes blaze and he shakes with rage and just... Kind of does a cross-bodied leap at it, arm hooking around the thing's neck as he knees it in the head and keeps it in a hammerlock, bringing them both downward.

Hey, look! The boar might not have been able to make much progress with it's tusk against werewolf leg, but as Ramsey belly flops onto the Boss Hog, the littler piggy will just go to market on Ramsey's back, hooves crunching //something// as it trots over the grappled pair. The other boar glances between the trashcan lid wielding wolfblood and the defenseless Vampire and seems like Fen's the easier choice, trying to slash out and... it cuts something. At least, it thought it did.

Which piggie to choose? Fawn scans over the pig between Axle and Fen, but it looks like the ladies have it covered, Sorta. There's also a lot going on there, and we don't want any exceptional successes on the girls instead of the pig! Soooo Fawn swings her bow around, watches sight of the jackass still messing with Ramsey, and she lets the arrow fly, shooting the pig through the shoulders. That'll teach him to mess with Ramsey!

What's Fen doing? Punching a pig to death. Via installment plan. Which is proving a lot harder than she had expected, but all those layers of fat just absorb most her blows. She might be trying to shout 'wee wee wee all the way home motherfucker' but her lungs might have a puncture maybe? Doesn't seem to be slowing her down in any event. Even with the giant boar seems to get annoyed with her and makes a visicous slash... well, that ugly gash across her leg doesn't seem to bother her in the least. Timex Teenager, takes a brutal licking, keeps on angryily ticking. And punching with as much determination as she can muster.

You know what advantages giant hog spirits have against even over-grown wolfmen? Size and the pig spirit goes whole hog with it when caught in the grapple, slipping back into the wallow and just sort of rolling over to try and crush Ramsey with his bulk. Whose got the upper hand (or hoof!) now?

Ignoring the lights and smears of color she keeps seeing around her now, Axle tries to focus on killing the boar that keeps attacking Fen. Discarding the trash can lid, she tries to grab the arrow sticking out of the wounded creature; but between its wriggling, the slippery blood around the wound... She misses grabbing hold of it this time around.

There's a pile of spirit and werewolf limbs in the wallow, but even still the persistent boar seems to find one of Ramsey's legs to try and slash at. While over in the pig pummelling Zone, Porky tries to get some revenge for all those punches, slashing out at Fen once more while Axle just slips around trying to grab the arrow on his side.

There's too much piggy carnage! Fawn's brow twitches as she pulls another arrow from her quiver, and after murmuring something under her breath she releases the arrow and watches as it goes through the ears, cause that's where she was aiming. She sees the shot goes through and quickly gets another arrow ready as she looks after Axle and Fen to check on them.

So much for zip-tying this thing and extorting it! Ramsey gets thrashed around in the mud wallow and battered a bit, and he holds on around the thing's neck for dear life. He's never wrestled a giant pig in exactly this way before but he has held onto a giant gator doing a death spiral so he knows better than to let go. Instead, he manages to get his legs up under its rib cage and brace his feet, both arms wrapping around the spirit boar's neck and keeps the pressure on until he is able to give a mighty, unsettling heave and the stretching and pulling gives a wet crack sound, snapping the beast's neck sharply to the side and leaving it with just a couple of more thrashes before Ramsey lets go and is thrown clear, tumbling away and skidding to a halt in the grass of the track.

Footnote, for later action: Perhaps someone should teach Fen how to be useful in a fight. Because she is, frankly, in the Outlasting sense. The tiny teen has taken simply murderous amounts of damage from that boar (which means that someone else in the party did not) and is still stubournly trying to hammer it to death with her bloody fists. It is probably not comfortable to see at how mauled Fen looks and how she keeps on fighting in spite of it. What she is not, unfortunately, is particularly efficient at the output part. She needs some practice. And bat. Or a sword. Or an axe. Y'know, something with a bit of weight to it. However whatever she lacks in efficiency, she makes up in determination and will, and she keeps on kicking it when it falls silent.

Jeanie is certainly unsettled by the sight of mangled Fen mauling the now deceased boar. And the psychic had been there the whole time, truely. Ready with some electric mental bombs if ever the hogs had veered away from her friends or emergency shields if anybody ran away needing one. She clears her throat as she steps closer. "Uh, Fen. I think it's dead. And if you need like... blood or something for all that..." She doesn't know precisely how this vampiring business works, but she can take an educated guess. "Everybody else alright?"

Fen looks like she's been hit and run over by an offroad truck. Her ponytail has come loose and her hair is wet, wild and dishevelled. Pink bangs are stuck to her face with mud and blood. Her eyepatch is crooked. Her camo tee is stuck to her. Her arm on the side where she was steamrolled by the boar isn't... quite the right shape it should be. Deep gauges where she was mauled by the boar in her legs and side. And her one bright green eye glaring fiercely, out from all that dirt and gore. Hungrily. Little fangs apparent. And she stares at everyone for a moment. Blinks. And then feeds on her conquest. Because she's never done this before, has never been in this state before and her level of hunger and demand for satisfaction has exeeded whatever discomfort she'd ever felt on... y'know, being a vampire... in front of her friends. Mmm, fresh pigjuice.

Ramsey gets to his feet and looks down at his mud-covered self, saying "Yeah. Gonna need a fucking hose." He shakes his hands off with sharp motions and sniffs the air to make sure there aren't more coming, then he slowly shrinks down to his more ordinary size and glances at the battered vampire, then the others, making sure nobody that can't heal it is too torn up. He doesn't answer whether he's fine, because, I mean, look at him. He does look at Fen going whole hog on the dead hog but you know what? She earned that.

"I, uh. I think I need more practice. We should do like... a chipmunk hunt next time around," Axle muses. Her shoulders are hunched up, a mix of humiliation and some other emotion that has yet to be revealed. Upon noticing how injured Fen is, she starts to move over to help her -- then decides better of it, drawing back, twitching and brushing at something that has tickled past her head.

Fawn finally lowers her bow and slips the last arrow back into her quiver, and as she heads off towards the pig not being feasted upon she brushes past Axle, lingering near her side for a moment to murmur, "You alright?" Yeah, she noticed that twitching. She looks away from Axle and into the woods, gazing through the darkness as if looking for something before she looks back to Axle and grins, saying, "I think you look more badass like a boar than a chipmunk." She grins at her, then moves off to the other pig to see if her arrow is salvageable.

Jeanie is polite enough to turn and give Fen whatever privacy the hungry, hungry vampire needs. She didn't need to see that anyways as she gives a small smile towards Ramsey. "I'm gonna pretend most of that is mud... can't really see much in the dark anyways. Clean these up... drag 'em back to the cabin.... then we can all clean up in the pond?" At least they don't have to worry about draining the blood. That part seems like it'll be taken care of quite thoroughly. The Fixers can use EVERY part of a kill.

Fen... finishes up what she was doing. And only looks slightly better for it, but she at least looks a lot less hungry and annoyed. Hungry vampires are probably not ideal to have around. Perhaps for the best Jeanie can't see well enough in the dark, cuz the teen's a mess! On multiple levels. But she seems in a reasonably good mood now that this is done. Like this was a growing experience. She's not talking much, though, perhaps because her insides are still all...perhaps that's just not a good place to go thinking. Dragging it back seems fine. She'll help. She's stronger than she looks. A bit, anyway. Perhaps she's a bit over some things now. Except the need for a shower.

"Yeah, pretty much," Ramsey says and walks over to the remnant of the spirit boar, kneeling down and brushing at the ash markings on his face before he says "I was gonna try to restrain it, get it to give up its secrets but it went and got all wallowy." He grimaces a little at that lack of control, but the thrill of battle and the hunt is singing way too loud for that to be sincere regret, and he reaches into the thing, pulling out the choicest part of its... spirit meat (Looks like a cylinder of meat with a bone sticking out either end like this is Gauntlet) and just devours it. Then he reaches down, picking up the great hulk over his shoulders without so much as a groan and he says "Good work everyone. Real good."

Another little twitch from Axle and she looks over toward Fawn and offers a genuine looking smile -- though she is still twitchy and looks worn out, on the whole. "I'm awesome. Just... I think I'm feeling hungover or something, from the ceremony. Or caffeine and sugar rush? I haven't had that much raw sugar in a while," she explains, brushing carefully at her arms with both long-fingered hands.

Fawn eyes the piggy for a bit before her attention shifts back to Axle, and a nod is given to her. "Probably, yeah.. Haven't seen you drink a coke like that before," she notes with a lopsided grin before she says, "We'll get back and cleaned up and rested.. and tomorrow we can have pulled pork sandwiches. What do you say?" she says, grin going wider. She'll toss a glance Fen's way, too, to make sure she's alright.. cause that looked brutal!