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Go nuts for Donuts

Characters: Sheena and Wesson
Date: 2020-07-07
Summary: Where Wesson meets Sheena; donuts and information are shared.
Disclaimers: Some light gossip and heavy donuts consumption.

Not entirely unknown to the freeholds, but she has been absent till Recently, the leggy tarnished woman known as Sheena Crowe seems to be in the middle of checking out the community center. Though he curious looks over everything almost looks like she's casing the joint.

Dressed casually in very tight fitting skinny jeans and an old gray and black plaid flannel shirt with some flat chunky treads on some old surplus combat boots, with some stainless steel pierced through her lower lip, right nostril and eyebrow. It's almost like the Statue of Liberty went punk rock.

She's totally not casiing the place though. A little checking might find she's sworn her loyalty to the freehold back when things were starting up a few months back.

As Sheena cases the joint, she'll find that there is another relatively new Changeling inside the kitchen, watching the microwave very intently and impatiently. Wesson's foot is tapping, her own big boots letting out a solid thump with each touch to the ground; not exactly the most light-footed person. The other Elemental, of fire and blued-steel, has also sworn in since Spring but hasn't really made much of an appearance until very recently. She leans against the counter, the fire that makes up her eyes are burning with intensity as she waits for that goddamn ding. There is a box of about half a dozen donuts open next the microwave, a mix of types though one is missing. Wesson's focus is so absolute that she nearly misses Sheena's entrance. Only barely seeing her from the reflection off the microwave door, the woman finally turns to look over her shoulder, "You want a donut?" She asks, her voice deep and husky.

Skinny, it's pretty clear that while not quite rail thin, Sheena does look a little under weight in a few places for her height. But she is aware of a lot of the goings on. Not like she and Wesson would be the only ones bumming around the place.

It's mention of food that does get her interest though. "Sprinkles?" she asks and sounds somewhat perked and enthusastic. She heads for the box with a grin and looks down and with a moment's thought to what the missing donut might have been, the rest of that consideration goes into picking a colorful donut to claim and then eat, holding it in one hand while she cups underneath it to catch anything crumbly that might just dare escape devouring.

"Thanks! I'm Sheena!" she adds then takes a big wide mouthful of a bite.

"You can have all the sprinkles you want," Wesson returns rather gruffly as she looks at the box, pointing out the other sprinkled donut; chocolate glaze with more sprinkles. There is also the typical glazed donut, a boston cream pie and a powdered one with probably a jam filling as well. "Just leave the powdered one for me." She then pauses to actually look at Sheena curiously before she cants her head to the side. "Love the look," her voice is pretty deadpan and monotoned, yet honest enough. "I'm Wesson-." Before she can add anything, her microwaved finally dings. The woman yanks open the door before even waiting for the customary three beeps, pulling out the long awaited and prized sugar donut. It looks warm, puffy and oh so good as her fired up eyes widen in appreciation. Without waiting to test the temperature, Wesson takes a huge bite of the slightly steamy donut and lets out a low, guttural sound of satisfaction. "Heat it up," she manages around a full mouth towards Sheena. "Makes it ten times better.”

The first donuts is practically wolfed down. "Like a gun right?" Sheena asks curiously and finger shoots the box of donuts before taking a second. The powdered sugar is left for the Ifrit woman with more of that big smile. "Well donuts are usually better hot. The plain cinnamon I think it is, especially when out of a fryer." she says and takes her turn on the microwave. It's a few moments but soon Sheena realizes her mistake. Soon as the donut is out, the glaze is kinda melty and hot. And Sheena really lacks the same heat tollerances despite the coppering under her skin. But she tries to pfretend like its not bothering her. But it's mostly ooohs and ahhhs as she rushes through that one as well before it gets too messy. Paper towels are then grabbed. "Important lesson learned. Only cinnamon donuts!" she says with a giggle.

At the mention of a gun, Wesson nods her head in agreement as she also focuses on her donut to finish it in a few seconds flat. She rests her hip against the counter as she focuses back on her current mission, but she is still listening. "I'm not exactly the creative type. They asked me what my name was, couldn't remember at the time so I said the first thing that popped into my head." She speaks around her mouthful and once that donut is gone, the Elemental licks the sugar off her fingers in greedy rememberance of what it tasted like a second ago. "Plain cinnamon, huh, I'll remember that next time I grab some." Who is she to deny a fellow donut connoisseur their desires? "You've been here long?" she asks finally, mournfully as she realizes there is no more left. Her eyes shift to the other powdered and jelly donut still in the box, hmm.

The fingers are wiped clean, the paper towels binned. "Straight out of the fryer so they're fresh. Glazed kinda need to not be hot for manageability I've just found out. Lesson learned." the green tinged woman states. The effects of copper in everything. Two donuts seem to be the girl's limit since she seems to leave the rest alone.

"My name Sheena Crowe. Bout all I did remember of myself from before. Weird enough coming out and finding out that your in the future. Been free a few months now, and in town a couple of those." she states with a smile. "At least one good thing about the future. No god awful jumpsuits and food in pills."

"You too?" Wessons responds about being in the future. "I skipped ten years; got to see what I'll look like in the next decade. Gotta remember not to have too many donuts." Speaking of, she reaches for her second as she gives in to temptation. This time she forgoes the microwave as she places her plate underneath it and bites straight into it. The second she does, the back of the donut splurts out some red jam, probably strawberry, and it drips onto the plate. Chewing it quickly to swallow, the woman takes her time with the next bite. "Donut in pills would have had me raging, I might as well throw myself back in with the wolves," she agrees solemnly before canting her head. "How long was your jump into the future?"

Those squeaky clean fingers of Sheena's count each other as she runs through the math and remembering what year it is. "Think it felt like ten considering I know I was a kid when I was taken and came out like this" she looks down at herself. "Turned out to be like nearly forty. It was like just getting into the eighties I think. Come out, and it's like twenty twenty. Phones are computers, computers are like everywhere and tiny. I swear these jeans are computerized. But thankfully. I can totally deal with that. Computers were kind of my thing."

Blinking in surprise when Sheena mentions being taken young, Wesson cants her head curiously at her. "Seriously? Shit, that's fucking lucky. It took me a while to figure it out but at least I knew something about the internet before all this. So you're an 80s kid, huh? Got to skip all the growing pains of puberty too." She knows that's not quite true, puberty is far better than dealing with what they went through; but what else can one do except joke in a deadpan voice. She takes another two big bites from the donut to finish it off then uses her finger to swipe up a small mouthful of jam from the plate as well for the final taste. "Computers huh, I might need to use you for some of my mundane cases. You'll be paid of course, but being able to find someone or something online is going to be very useful in this digital age. Much better than staking out their houses for hours on end."

"Well the'Internet'." And sheena makes a goofy face and air quotes the word. "That was the first thing I learned. Then I may have kind of just spent the last couple months plugged in and seeing what I missed." That's a lot of binge watching and reading.

"Well I might take you up on the offer. Money's not a problem at all. All I need is a card and an ATM. And the card's the easy part." she might have just admitted to being maybe a thief but that's a thing the freehold probably knows about as well.

"God damn," Wesson murmurs at the mention of the ATM card. "You are set. I didn't even think of that. If you're bored, I do the usual cheap shit. Getting proof for scorned people when they think their partner is cheating on them. Getting proof for divorce cases. All that," she waves her hand dismissively, "human shit. But its a great emotional feeding ground when you present them with the truth. Not so much when they cry, but when they begin to feel their anger..." the warm air that surrounds her gets a tinsy bit warmer at the very thought of the Glamour that could present. "Which reminds me, I need to do that soon," Wesson breathes out. "Hey, Sheena, do you happen to know Peter or-," a beat to remember the name, "Lilium?"

"I kinda found myuelf an Autum girl. so fear and paranoia are what feeds me all that glamour. So I could probably see what you're doing being as good a source. Not so good with dealing with the people though. Rifling through their places and stuff. Totally. Why people want to just be with one person is weird. I'm probably missing something there." Sheena ponders with a shrug of her shoulders. the collar of that shirt showing a hint of a black tee.

"Lil and Pete? I thought they were moved on. Lil is like super damn adorable! Dragon girl!" she practically gushes like she might have a kind of crush. The big dopey grin on her features adding to the notion she thinks highly of them. "Peter still narrating?"

"You and me both," Wesson agrees about people. "I seem to have the tendency to tick them off," which works well enough for her court. "I get the appeal, I just don't get the dedication of being with one person. Its too hard as it is to deal with my own head, dealing with someone else's is just asking for trouble," but there is a tinge in her voice as she says this. The reaction that she gets from mentioning their names forces her eyebrows upwards. "Moved on? What do you mean? They're not in the Freehold anymore?" she asks as she pushes away from the counter to reach into her back pocket. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, she offers one to Sheena, as well as asking, "Mind if I light it?"

"I haven't seen them since I plugged in." The smoke is declined but she doesn't seem to care if Wesson lights up. There's probably no smoking placards everywhere but right now. At least as far as Sheena can tell. No body really cares. "I'm hoping they haven't but if they needed to move on to other places, best of luck." she states and smiles. She sounds hopeful they'll still be around. "I suppose I think they might have an idea about staying together but I'm not feeling that miyself. Might be part of that missing puberty thing."

"Huh, I guess sometimes you have to latch onto someone whether it makes sense or not," Wesson returns thoughtfully as she considers Sheena's words. She places the cigarette above her ear for a second before repocketing the pack. "That or you have a good sense for survival. Though I guess no one can really understand a Lost except another Lost." She pauses, as if chewing something over in her head before her eyes refocus on Sheena. "Someone asked me a favor to check in on them. Apparently they promised some weird human, well maybe more than human, something and he hasn't heard from them in a while. This man wasn't a shapeshifter nor a fanged leecher, but he knew what I was."

"Hopefully this person is someone we want to make sure is okay. I kind of stopped being surprised when I found out that all the stuff like monsters and whatnot are real. Guess magic really is a thing. Took a bit to realise people looking at me weren't looking because I'm green, it's trackig there eyes. Again weird. Humans don't even see that. But also the werewolves and vampires and stuff that can, aren't all just rawr." she makes the air sratching gesture with that one and the mock snarl. "I'd still be careful though. You need help definitely let me know."

The mock snarl and scratch forces the woman to tilt her head in amusement, though her expression hardly changes. "Yea, I agree. He seems alright, plus he is pretty goddamn good with a gun," Wesson says the last part very reluctantly. Someone still has a bruised ego. "Good to keep an eye on him since he seems to be aware. I thought vampires and werewolves were all we had to deal with besides our own crap. Turns out they each have their own crap too. This guy didn't ping anything in my radar, but it might just be me. Something about him is definitely not mundane. His name is Roland, owns the stripper club called Bottom's Up." Wesson moves towards the fridge to open it up, looking to see if there is anything she can have and that won't be missed. "Want something to drink?"

"Yeah, there's all kinds of things beyond the movie monsters. We're proof of that. But humans knowing. That's kinda trouble I think. Leads to hunting. And humans, or anything sentient, kinda happy to kill stuff that isn't them." she says and seems a fair bit disappointed. "Strip club, that's wiith the people getting naked and stuff while they dance." when she says dance, there is a roll of her hips and maybe a little extra in hand movements but she does seem like she actually could bust a move. "Could do with water. Still taste molten sugar. Thanks!" she accepts graciously.

Pulling out a carton of milk, Wesson begins to hunt for a glass through the cabinets. Finding it, she pours herself half a cup before replacing the carton back inside. At Sheena's dancing, she points Sheena's hips with an index and thumb in a gun-like manner. "Exactly like that, but with one room was filled with all leather clad people. It was...uncomfortable," she admits finally. "If he knows Lilium and Peter and hasn't done anything, he might not be so bad. I'll be keeping an eye on him either way. Just be careful if you meet the guy. He may be all jokes and one-liners, but he isn't exactly helpless."

"I'm fairly certain the only things actually helpless are babies and puppies." Sheena declares. It does take a little effort to stop wiggling those hips. Metalflesh Dancers. "There's those accords they want us all to sign so we play nice with the other monsters. That usually gets pushed on anyone with mojo I hear. How harshly that gets enforced I dunno. But it's probably what kept us all out of this city till earlier this year. Whom pissed off whom?" she ponders and grins.

"I didn't ask him about the Accord," Wesson blinks at Sheena, as if the woman just blew her mind a little bit. This is why she is a Summer, not much in the forethought department. "That's a damn good question too. I'll ask him when I see him to deliver the info." At Sheena's question about the who pissed off who, Wesson quickly drinks her milk though her forrowed brow suggests that it might be her. Once she reaches the bottom of her glass, she quickly reaches up to wipe the mustache away with the back of her hand. "Look, I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside a strip club," well it does seem like an obvious rule now. "Then he got all cocky and in my face saying he knew how to shoot. I wanted to teach the asshole a lesson." A pause before she breaks eye contact awkwardly, "I didn't."

"Wait I know why they don't let people take pictures. It's a privacy safety thing. They're doing their thing and not trying to hurt nobody. And it makes the girls feel unafe if clientele get shitty and angry and start panicking about being caught doing something they really shouldn't have to feel bad about. I mean it's kinda the same reason we don't want anyone knowing about what we are and what we do. Same thing, just skeevier. They should be giving girls that dance like that more money though." Sheena says. "Saw it in this movie from the nineties called Striptease."

When Sheena points out the reasoning, Wesson grabs her glass to wash out the contents over the sink. "Yea," she mutters reluctantly once more. "I get it. It sucks but I had to get the proof so his wife has proof of his 'degeneracy' in the divorce. Or at least that's what she claims." Wesson glances back towards Sheena as she dries her hands off her jeans. "I am not exactly a person with high morals. I have got to get paid somehow, and when a client leaves happy, they refer me to other future clients. This job is a lot easier when you don't overthink the moral dilemma of what you're doing. Get the proof, get the money and some Glamour, send them off."

"Sometimes Moral Dilemma is part of thinking what will get my ass beat. I remember how harsh being caught was. You can probably get some distrance outside and get a picture with a really good lense. Just coming out the door should be enough. Or try your hand at like hidden cameras. Like in glasses or something all James Bond. Sneaky!" she suggests and downs her drink pretty quickly. At least the sugar taste gets washed down. "Tell you what. Here's my number." she says and finds a pen and a napkin from somewhere after a little scrounge. And a phone number with sheena's name is on it. It probably could just be easier to find the phone remotely and hack and drop the digits in but that's kinda rude. "When you need a hand on tech. I'm one of the girls to go to! Now I gotta scoot. So much more research to do about well everything." she says and with a smile slips on out.