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Fondlin' the Wildlife

Characters: Nia, Happy, & Saint
Date: 2020-07-29
Summary: A wolf, wolf-blooded, and a mortal tattooer meet at the market over some herb.

== The Palace Market, French Quarter ==

The Palace Market, in the French Quarter, is one of those New Orleans pecularities in that it starts around 7pm and goes on until 2-3 in the morning. It is alive with the hustle and bustle of a typical market with a heavy slant towards artisan and handcrafted goods and foods, the aroma of cheese, chocolate, baking bread and fresh fruit mingling with the earthier notes of wood, metal, oil and leather, all the things you might associate with crafts.

Towards the edge of the market is Nia's stall. She appears to be selling an array of different goods; carved wood, tanned skins (and things decorated with said skins like books and pens), and a variety of dried herbs. She is sat behind the front table, idly whittling something small while she waits for customers - unlike her neighbours, she isn't calling out her business.

With the evening having fallen across the city and after a day of exploring those new roads and little pathways through the city finally it would seem that it was time to begin to enjoy the evening. The arrival of Saint and Happy coming on the back of a 1974 Shovelhead, that low thunderous sound of the motor echoing along city streets as he heads for the market following the directions of the woman behind him. The biker wearing those colors from an out of town MC and the nomad tab across the bottom soon is parking his bike and slipping from it after Saint is free of the steel horse.

Soon enough Happy is wandering along those city streets with Saint, One arm wrapped around the tattooed younger woman as they begin to wander into the market outskirts. His eyes flitting from one stall to the next as his nostrils just barely flare drawing in the scents of the place deep into his chest as he leans into murmur to the woman, "So this is the night market.. Reminds me of a more repsectable bike week."

By the time night falls on a long day of exploring the city, Saint's swapped out of her favored stiletto heels and into a much more practical pair of black and white chucks, which puts her at 5'11". A long rosary in silver and onyx is draped around her neck, and she worries the cross suspended under her ribs while looking at the various wares. Her arm is loosely across Happy's lower back, fingertips just tucked into his back pocket.

"Without the traditional game of see how long I can go without someone booting on my favorite shoes." The grey-eyed woman slows as they approach Nia's booth. Though she smiles and acknowledges those who call out, she doesn't veer until she spots the books and the herbs. They're still a table or so away, but only a few strides will bring them to Nia. "Something smells good." More than one something.

A keen and knowledgeable eye might pick out some of the herbs on display; glasswort, a few different types of reed grasses, bayberry root bark, buttonbush. All plants native to the neighbouring bayous. Closer up, they're even labelled, for the not-so-knowledgeable passer-by. Nia is working on her whittling when something draws her attention - that odd sensation she feels when there is a Uratha nearby. Her gaze falls on Happy and Saint, eyes narrowing slightly in thought. She can't tell which of them it is at this distance.

Still, she's not unfriendly, and when Saint begins to meander this way, she rises from her chair and sets her woodworking aside. "Mais, evenin'," she greets politely. "You be lookin' for herbs? Woodwork?"

Happy gives a little nod hearing the words from the grey eyed woman with him, His hand against her sight curling in tight for a moment as he tells her in that lower rough edged voice of his from years of vice and living life to the fullest. "Well anyone does that on those shoes that cost over 7 bills I might have to give their liver a tap or two." The man seeming to not be adverse to making someone piss blood for getting things on such expensive shoes as he had begun to learn the woman enjoyed..if he only knew..

When she begins to angle them towards that table ahead he tenses just barely, that sense and scent of the blooded upon the air bringing his eyes to search only to have them settling upon Nia moments before she offers that greeting. While it isn't so much a smile Happy does offer her a little dip of his head in greeting as his lips curl just barely at the corners. The man answering first as he motions to the woman with him with his free hand. "Ask her, I just got the wallet."

"Relax, Hap. I'm cool. It wipes off. It gets in my shoes, that's another issue. Then you can fuck up some kidneys." There's a smile from Saint and she murmurs, "//Bonjour//," returning the greeting. Her accent is spot on, though classically Paris French, but what follows is English with a hint of a mixed American accent, a little bit of the South, though not native to NOLA. She glances up at Happy when he says he's got the wallet. An eyebrow ticks up, but she takes that in stride, her gaze and attention returning to Nia. "Herbs caught my eye first. I'm always in the market for anodynes and anti-inflammatories, but I'd love to get some of your bayberry root bark, and..." She bends closer, once she's up on the table. "Is that buttonbush? How do you prepare it? I've never used that one." Her gaze is intent on the herbs, but she glances up after asking that question.

"Do you mind if I touch your books?" Sure, they're out for display, but always ask before you paw things. Her gaze passes over the woodwork too.

Glancing first to Happy, when he makes his comment about being the guy with the wallet, Nia offers a slight nod. Clearly he's some kind of sugar daddy. Her attention therefore shifts to Saint, and a faint smile surfaces when the other woman starts talking about herbs, something she enjoys. "Him got many use. Boil th' bark an' use th' liquid for settlin' belly. Or chew th' fruit for makin' easier to poop," she offers. "Tea made with him leaf is good for fevers." She touches the different parts of the plant she has available as she describes the uses. "But is mild poison if eat too much, so jus' a bit at a time, hey?"

Nia nods a moment later to the question about the books.

As they make their way closer to the booth and he hears that response from Saint he just grins, A subtle nod given as if he looked forward to that very chance if the moment should come when someone made such a mistake. The biker wandering along only to find himself guided to that booth and to the woman within. When he makes the comment about the wallet and Saint gives that look its as if he doesn't notice or much care. The man too taking things in stride as he tucks his free hand into his pocket and finally draws his hand away from around her to allow her to explore things a bit easier.

His eyes settling upon Nia for several moments near to the point of awkwardness and uncomfortable silence from him. That smallest flare of his nostrils showing before he is turning to move closer to the woodwork looking it over a bit more closely. The man knowing nothing of herbs so he stays silent for the moment only to mutter, "Best not be getting something to poison my ass with doll."

"Yeah, heard," she replies re: use it too much and pay the price. Saint glances along the display, selecting a few others. She doesn't touch them yet, instead picking up the largest book to run her hands along the cover, cracking it open gently to check the paper inside. Her inked fingers handle that book like it's a delicate thing, almond shaped nails skimming the edges of the binding. She smiles just a little without looking back and murmurs, "If I poison you, you won't see it coming." The tone is sure and soft.

Of Nia, as if she didn't just say that thing to Happy, she asks, "Do you have local herbs you'd recommend for teas? I haven't been able to find a plot to grow my own, as yet, and don't know the land well enough to forage safely."

The paper is more coarse than what you might get from a stationary shop, clearly made by hand and coloured with faint splashes of pastel colours. The covers vary; some are simple canvas, others are alligator or snake skins, either dyed, painted or au natural. "Is depend, you be wantin' tea for taste or for medicine?" Nia enquires of Saint, tilting her head slightly and studying the tattooed woman for a moment. Then she looks to Happy with a slight smile, though doesn't comment on the interplay between him and Saint. She knows he'll be fine if he is poisoned, for the most part, having narrowed down that odd feeling to him rather than the woman he's with.

The words from Saint on his tease of sorts over poisoning have the man giving a little amused grunt of acknowledgement. A glance given over to the tattooed woman as he tells her, "So be about like meeting you. Didn't see it coming. Gotcha." The man giving her a wicked grin before it vanishes once more beneath that facade of spite and biker gruffness.

The exchange between her and Nia is listened to though, the man giving the occasional glance towards Nia. A mixture of curiousity and recognition showing in those darker depths of his gaze when it does give those occasional looks to her. The man otherwise occupying himself with the woodworking bringing his right hand out to run calloused fingers over the work as he finally asks the woman who ran the stall, "You do all the work yourself?"

Rosary swinging when she bends again, Saint selects a smaller book, one with a natural snake skin cover. She rubs her thumb over the texture. "I like to keep both in my stores, but I wouldn't say no to a hangover assist no matter how much it tastes like licking the floor of a barn. I have plenty of herb-infused honey to take the sting out." She catches the beads and reaches up to drop the rosary down her top so it doesn't clatter against anything on the table. "Do you have a card?" She straightens, and taps the book with her fingertips. "I'd like this one, I think. I love a good handmade paper." She touches a few herbs. "These." Once she decides, she doesn't take long to select. "At least." Oh, still looking!

There's a nod from Nia to Happy as he asks the question about the work on the market stall. "All the carvin', yea, an' the herbs. Skins, mostly caught 'em myself but the big ones, them I be trade for." Big ones in this context presumably meaning the alligator. Plucking a paper bag from under the table, she offers it to Saint so she can put the things she'd like into it, naming the total price once the decision has been made. "No card. Ain't no internet out in him swamp, beb. No phone neither. But I be here most week."

With the business concluded, she considers Saint's earlier question. "Manglier, him good tea for headache; mamou for belly pain. Camellia can grow, jus' need be careful soil got enough acid."

Finally with his exploration and study of the woodwork done and that answer given from Nia to his question Happy nods and slowly turns moving back to stand beside Saint. One hand reaching out to rest along the small of her back as his free hand moves into his jacket to tug free a cigarette tucking it between his lips. The man looking to her little find in the form of the book giving a little nod of approval seeming to actually even like it himself.

Moments later his head tilts and he is turning it just enough to bring his gaze back to Nia studying her a few moments before telling her, "You deal in barter." The words spoken more as a statement than question before adding, "Good to know.. You know this one here, finest damn tattoo artist in town." A dip of his head is given towards Saint as he says that last bit almost as if trying to plant the seed for potential bartering between the two women.

Saint reaches over to take the paper bag as it's offered. "Thanks, sweetheart." The endearment slips right out of her mouth casually, distracted. She tucks the book into it first. She smiles a bit and selects a leaf of this, bark here or there. Mostly she chooses dry herbs, likely for infusing. She tucks quite a variety of things into that bag. "If you don't have a card, I'll settle for your name." She finally looks up, tucking just one more packet of dry flowers into the bag. Half the fun of being an herbalist is figuring out what's what when you're not familiar with all the native plants. "I'll start with this." She takes in the names, moon-colored eyes on Nia, listening to the lilt and flow of her own accent. After a beat, Saint says, "Saint." She tips her head to the biker with her. "Happy." Isn't he just?

A beat later she hmms. "I'm the only tattoo artist he knows in town." To be fair, if the quality of her own ink is any indication of her abilities, he may at least be correct that she's good with a needle. When she straightens, she leans a little into the hand against her back. It's subtle, but it's there.

"Nia," the market vendor offers her name, along with a heavily calloused hand over to Saint first, then to Happy. She nods to the wolf's assertion that she deals in barter as well as regular money, commenting, "Cho! Is way of life, hey? Prefer barter, but world prefer coin." Not that she needs to buy much, but most shop owners don't care to swap nutria meat or alligator bones for cigarettes and water filters. Her accent, if one could put a finger on it, is firmly Cajun. Not the smooth 'cajun' you hear on TV either (looking at you, Gambit), but full of slang, bad English and loanwords from French.

"Tattoo? Is your work?" Nia wonders then, motioning to.. well, all of Saint's visible skin with ink on it. "Is pretty." Not that the wolfblood has any visible tattoos of her own, but then again, keeping a new tattoo clean out in the bayou might prove problematic.

When Saint offers up his name for him his brow just barely lifts only to settle back into place, A little nod given to Nia as if to reaffirm the name offered to him by Saint on his behalf. When the tattooed woman a moment later mentions how he is the only tattoo artist he knows there is a mischief that shows along that curve of his lips that takes shape to form into a smile. The man looking briefly to Saint as he gives a little lick of his lips, the man's tongue drawing along the inner edge before vanishing as he gives the briefest of bites to his lower lip. Seconds later his head shakes as he offers up, "Just cause she's the only one doesn't make it not true."

As Saint leans into that touch upon her back his fingers splay along the small of her back as he listens to the exchange between the two women looking to Nia once more. When her questions are asked he is silent only to ask the woman moments later. "Sound like the right person to ask this.. You know where to find a good gumbo? Not the shit they pass off to the tourists, but the real good gumbo..that heat and just.. yeah. Know anywhere?"

"Nia," Saint repeats it, probably to help lock it into her mind. She reaches over once a hand is offered to take it, her own hands strong but very soft, nails just long enough to brush against the inside of the other woman's wrist when she clasps her hand briefly. "Tattoo is my work." She confirms that with a nod, holding out her arms briefly, full sleeves both. And of course her chest and throat are visibly inked, along with a little crescent moon at her temple, and other works on the sides of her face. Her black and grey is mainly fine line, a lot of flora and fauna and filagree. "Thank you," her smile increases when the artisan across from her compliments her inkwork.

She asides to Happy, "Babe. Me saying I'm amazing is arrogant, even if it's true." She nudges into his side with her whole body. "Pay the woman, wallet." He did say it. Now he has to back it up with his cash. Saint seems to be entirely human, at least to the senses here. If there's anything striking about her other than her looks and general demeanor, which is friendly, it's well-hidden. "Oh god. Crab legs." She pets her belly when it immediately grumbles. "Hush up down there." The scents of the market foods have been trying to distract her since they walked up here.

"Best gumbo? Is place by Joe Brown Park. Julie's Kitchen," Nia offers to Happy with a slightly crooked smile, her words whispered as if she's giving away super-secret information. Maybe she is. With the handshaking and greeting and all that done with, she settles back down into her seat behind the counter. "But in market? Good food, best food, over there." She points through the crowd towards an artisan bread stall, where they're baking the bread in portable ovens and serving it up filled with various meats or seafoods; super-fresh po'boys.

The man chuckles hearing the words from Saint as he is given that nudge, A low rolling sound that nears a growl given the way it rumbles from deep inside of his chest. A little shake of his head given as she calls him wallet, Though if he minds it doesn't show. The man instead drawing his hand from her back to pluck free his wallet, A few bills fished out before he actually hands the wallet off to Saint when he hears Nia's mention of the gumbo and then the best food being available nearby.

With his wallet held out for Saint he brings his other hand into a inner pocket plucking free a lighter to light his smoke. A silence falling as he takes that first drag, his eyes falling partway closed as he exhales that smoke with a sigh only to announce to the pair. "I'm..going to get food, you two can talk herbs and spots..back in a minute." The man looking briefly upon Nia and then Saint before he is turning and striding off towards that food booth.

Saint seems a little surprised to be handed the wallet. That is to say she takes it in an upturned hand, but hesitates just briefly before she opens it to fish around in it. She adapts quickly, Saint does. She shrugs when Happy turns to take leave and grab some food. "Sounds good." She plucks out a few crisp bills, folds them, and shoves them into her bra, then plucks out a few more and hands them over to Nia. "We just met." They don't look like they just met, but some people just get on quickly. And some people shove money down their clothes. Life is life.

"I haven't been to the bayou yet, but I'd love to check it out. You don't... happen to offer any kind of guide services and perhaps introduction to local flora, do you?" Saint's question is perhaps a little hesitant, but she asks nonetheless.

"He be lookin' at you like he be plannin' to meet more of you," Nia remarks with a lazy smile, taking the offered bills and giving change, tucking them into a box under the table. "Could maybe do. Two packs Lucky Strike, half a day be guide. Sound good?" she then suggests, seeming quite open to the notion. Then again, given most of the idiots who come 'round the bayou are dumb tourists, maybe she appreciates someone who knows a little bit more about the wildlife.

As Saint takes things in stride with being given his wallet Happy's own literal stride carries him away from the two women and that stall. His movements holding a new purpose as he works through the tourists and locals who had come out to enjoy the market. The man using his size and general appearance to make his way through that gathering near the food vendor, When that appearance of his doesn't work its a shoulder that is brought to be pressed into people as he plays chicken with them on his goal of food despite them not knowing that the game is being played.

In the end he comes to stand there looking over the items on the menu only to glance back towards that table where Saint and Nia were. A little hesitation showing briefly before he is turning his focus on the vendor, "Two po'boys and some crab legs if you got 'em.. If not a lobster roll might work."

"Doesn't he?" The grey-eyed woman glances over her shoulder. Though Happy's disappeared into the crowd, she looks anyway. With her hair up, all the death's head moths, roses, and teardrop pearls inked at her throat are easily visible. "It's nice to be appreciated. He has some very interesting piercings." Focus, woman!

Saint's reply to the easy way in which Nia agrees is a grin. "Yeah, you have yourself a deal." She tucks the bills back into the biker's wallet, and snoops through the cards inside of it casually while she's standing there. He'll be a minute, may as well take advantage when it's given. Also, hello, checking that birthdate and whether or not the man's an organ donor. "Are you a morning or an afternoon or evening person? I am personally better after 11." When she says 11, she means 12:30, but. Ahem. "I'll buy a new pair of wading boots. I have this thing about snakes." So of course she buys the snakeskin book.

The food vendor is happy to supply po'boys and a portion of crab legs, the price reasonable if not super-cheap. It all smells good, though, and about as fresh as it comes.

Nia makes an open-hands gesture at Saint. "Noon be good," she suggests. "Meet at Pomme's Seafood, on the '90," she adds, taking out her own pack of smokes and lighting one up, then offering one to Saint. "Gonna be on a pirogue, so recommend you ain't be wearin' jeans."

With the plate of crab legs and two paper trays with po'boys clutched the man makes his way over, The food held between his two hands raised up to avoid any accidental spills, bumps or dumps. When he approaches the stall once more his eyes drift between the pair as they discuss the plans to meet having missed the discussion or the fact it meant that he would be waking up if he wanted to or not in the coming days to take a drive along the '90.

"Noon is perfect. I'll even be awake by then." Saint's reply is a short nod after, and a grin. "Pomme's on 90." So repeated, so filed away in the databanks. "High boots and shorts and as much suncreen as I can find." Possibly a ridiculously broad sun hat as well. It's going to be a sight. The woman doesn't look like a wilderness type, but the tour will tell. When the smokes are offered, she reaches over to pluck one out of the pack with nimble fingers. "//Merci//." When Happy returns with full hands, she glances over the selections he's brought. //Crab legs//, po'boys. She's just tucking a cigarette between her lips, and leaning over the table for a light.

"De rien," Nia replies easily enough to the inked girl's thanks and holds up her zippo for that lighting, looking up as Happy comes back over, laden with good food. "Him comin' also, or jus' you?" she then wonders of Saint, as if Miss Tattoo Artist is Happy's keeper. Or maybe she's just prodding the wolf, a faint thread of teasing in her tone, though it's easy to miss. She takes a fresh drag from her smoke, seeming content.

With that return and catching those last words when the question is asked if he is coming too has Happy blinking and that brow lifting, "Am I coming where?" The man's gaze drifting between the two women. Moments later though he does bring that plate with grab legs out to be offered to Saint. "Think this will do?" The man's eyes lingering upon her a few moments only to then turn his focus onto Nia.

Happy's hand holding the two paper trays with the overflowing po'boys extending out in clear offering to the woman. "Looked like you could do with a bite." The phrasing perhaps not the best coming from a wolf after her tease, but there it was.

Saint leans into that light and takes a couple of puffs to be sure it's caught. She tips back once the end of the cig glows, blowing a little stream of smoke toward the cloudy sky above. She salutes Nia in thanks for the cigarette, and tucks it into the corner of her mouth her mouth; it bobs when she speaks. "He's my ride, but we can send him off to do questionable bikery things unless..." She reaches over to take the plate, simultaneously tucking Happy's wallet back where it belongs. "You think there's much chance of coming across a gator. I have a thing about gators too." It's at this point that it may become fairly obvious that Saint is indeed an herbalist, but is not at all familiar with the Bayou. Maybe Nia should have asked for more than two packs. "This'll do." She has an eye for crab legs. It's almost indecent, really.

"Ain't gonna say no," Nia replies to Happy, reaching up to take one of the po'boys, flashing a lazy grin his way before taking a bite into the sandwich. There follows a contented 'mmmmn' noise, as if she's been sat here all evening smelling that food but not able to leave her stall - which, you know, she has. She's quiet while she noms half of it down, eating quickly but tidily.

"We gon' be out on the water. Chance, yeah. But ain't a problem," she responds to Saint, seeming quite relaxed about the idea of meeting snakes and gators. Then again, she lives out there. "Gator, him ain't a problem. Snake, him neither. You see, you ignore. Let me be takin' care of it." A glance back to Happy. "Out him bayou." That's where, apparently, though he could probably have inferred that by now.

The mention from Saint of him going off to do bikery things unless there are gators brings him to give her a sidelong glance, A grin taking shape as he murmurs. "Bikery things.. Yeah I can do those for a bit while your off walking through the tulips.." The man moments later adding as she mentions that it'll do, "Good otherwise I was gonna say you're gonna have to wait a bit until I find some good beignets for us.."

Once the one tray is taken his own is crumbled soon as the po'boy is taken up. The man motioning between them with it, "So guessing you two got a date coming up then?" The man smirking as he asks that question finally bringing the po'boy up to take a swift and rather large bite from it not seeming to mind how it might look to some.

Saint may be terrible in the kitchen, but she's good at eating. She drops down to sit on the edge of a planter nearby, balancing the plate on her knees. The quickest way to tell someone grew up near the ocean is how cleanly and efficiently they dismember a cluster of crab legs without so much as cracking a nail. "Right, I won't be snuggling any gators. I don't like enormous pointy teeth." She says, sitting next to Happy.

"Don't talk about beignets. It's distracting..." She pops a piece of sweet crab meat into her mouth. Her eyes fall closed. Yessss. "Mmmhm." Saint needs just a moment with her food. She'll be fine.

"Uh-huh," Nia affirms to Happy's question about the upcoming date with Saint. "Gonna get 'er wet an' be fondlin' the wildlife," she adds, her grin remaining a moment longer. She eats a bit more of her po'boy, before her swamp-dark gaze skims back to Saint. "You be lookin' just for medicine or both?" she wonders, seeming mildly impressed with that crab demolition.

It's a low chuckle that answers the mention from Saint of not liking enormous pointy teeth, Something about the phrase amusing him though no more so than when the words follow from Nia. The man's low rolling laugh briefly sounding out only to have him silence it with a quick bite. The words from Saint when he mentions Beignets bringing his wicked grin to resurface as he watches her savor that first bite. The man watching her closely until those eyes open only for him to offer her that wicked grin. His lips parting a moment later as he gives his lower lip that little lick to moisten the flesh in what it would seem was his normal style with that bite that follows. His eyes briefly lowering over her before lifting away to look back to Nia.

Another bite is given of his po'boy, one swallowed the man speaks up. "There much medicine out there in the bayou?" The question asked as he focuses upon Nia watching her a bit more closely than likely needed or wanted for a few moments.

"Both. Anything new to me, I like to learn." Saint flicks a little spice from her fingertips, then stuffs another few bits of crab meat into her mouth. Her hands are good and glisteny from all the delicious crab disassembly. "Quit it." She admonishes Happy for the grins he's shooting her, but she doesn't really sound like she means it. She pauses in cracking only to briefly sample, then goes about destroying the rest of the shells until a little pile of crab meat is ready for the devouring. "Medicine is my priority. I put enough chemical shit in my body that I prefer to go the natural route when things are amiss." She doesn't mention that natural remedies have fewer unfortunate interactions, but that's exactly what she means.

"You can come if you want, but then I think we might owe Nia a few more packs." She falls silent briefly then rises, now that she needs only one hand to eat while she balances her plate on the other. She eyes the biker's mouth with slightly narrowed eyes, and then turns back to Nia. "Tea for taste. Anti-inflammatory plants, fever reducers, and if there's a particularly potent emmenagogue, that would also be aces."

Shaking her head slightly in amusement, Nia finishes off her po'boy and dumps the plate in the bag she has set aside for trash, lifting the hem of her vest shirt to wipe her mouth. Classy. Commenting aside to Saint, she offers something brief in French, sounding highly amused. "Pirogue, him ain't big enough for three," she then continues, brushing crumbs from her top and then standing up, checking her watch and beginning to pack her stall away. It's getting on for closing time, for her at least. "Emmenagogue?" Not a word she knows.

When Saint tells him to stop whatever it was he was doing his hands lift as if he were an innocent man. But given the grin worn on his lips and the amusement clear in his darker gaze it would seem he was anything but. That lifting of his arms causing his jacket to just barely fall open bringing that brief glimpse of the holstered weapon beneath. Moments later as his hands lower that momentary glimpse is ended and he is taking one last bite of his po'boy. The man licking his fingers as he listens to the mention of medicine and herbs. When there is mention of him coming along from Saint he chuckles low giving a nod, "Few packs isn't so hard to come by.."

That shared amusement of Nia's has the man giving her a look almost as if to say if Saint only knew.. The man when there is mention of the boat size giving a shrug, "I will find biker shit to do while you two go get all wet with one another in the bayou. Just give a scream if the gators get to ya.."

Saint's reply to Nia's comment is a much longer, musical reply in Parisian French, and it comes with a few hand gestures, flicking her fingers up and down Happy's height, and it comes with a little swirl somewhere in the middle.

Saint pauses to nod. "Happy, looks like you gotta take a long ride." And then she resumes a little more French, this time gesturing with a bite of crab before she returns to English, "We already decided gators aren't getting us." She shoots him a look at that. but it's fair, considering all the things she just said he //can't// understand. "I'll see you then?"

There's a proper, genuine belly-laugh from Nia at whatever it is Saint said, the swamp-dweller thoroughly amused. "Ain't gon' be screamin' 'cause of gators," she promises, her expression alive with mirth. "But gotta get packin' up now, or th' fifolet'll be gettin' me." With the goods packed into a large rucksack, she begins to take down the table and canopy, with the ease of someone who has done it many times before. "Is be good meetin' you," she adds, to both.

When the talk shifts to that musical language of French there isn't a shred of understanding from Happy, His eyes just cutting from one woman to the other in that way that almost said in and of itself: Okay what's being said about me now!? But the words themselves? never fall from his lips as he brings his right arm out to once more curl around Saint. The last words from her on taking a long ride gain a bit of a nod, "Just so long as its not back to Arizona.." His head shaking briefly with that said.

When Nola begins to tear down her stall Happy steps back to allow her plenty of room to work, The man telling her as she works. "Before the what gets you?" The man asking not familiar with the term only to have her mention of it being good to meet them both bring a small smile that is offered to her. "Was good meeting you too Nia right?" The man trying to confirm her name one last time.

It's funny, because //that// reference, Saint knows. Her expression sobers slightly and she nods, but has a smile ready for Nia when the woman says good meeting, and she replies, "Be safe, sweetheart." Well there's that then. Saint's favorite casual pet name for new friends. She leans against Happy when his arms goes around her, and offers him a bite of crab from her fingertips. He can take it if he likes. If he doesn't, she'll eat it in a moment.

"Arizona." She mehs. She has thoughts on AZ, but keeps those to herself. Everybody knows what's wrong with Arizona. "Evil spirits that lead you off the path to your death. Basically." That might seem random unless he realizes she's answering Hap's question for Nia.

"Nia," the wolfblood confirms to Happy, stacking the folded canopy and table for the next vendor, gesturing to Saint as she supplies the answer to what a fifolet is. Then, shouldering her bag, she murmurs, "Be seein' you tomorrow, noon, Pomme's," as a reminder to Saint, before lifting a hand as a silent goodbye to both and heading off.