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Fixers Fais Do-do

Characters: Fawn, MacKenzie, Axle, Jeanie, Ramsey, Dale, Bowen, Sabine, Billie, Way, Juniper
Date: 2020-05-27
Summary: The Fixers host a party, and Ramsey calls it a funny thing in French and everybody just makes poop jokes, but there's a rad slip n slide, food, booze, and music.


Diggy Diggy Lo - Doug Kershaw

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the event of the season. The official launch of the unofficial start of summer or something. The Fixers have gussied up their place for a good old fashioned fais do-do. The back yard of the warehouse sees their new slant roofed porch equipped with many important things. Beer fridge, swing, set up for musicians to play, a karaoke machine, and boxes of supplies. A large pergola is hung with strings of small light bulbs, along with flood lights at the corners to keep the place illuminated, a metal bowl fire pit in the center of it, surrounded by mismatched chairs and benches. The big tree has some tridirectional speakers hung up there securely with baling wire. The live-fire cooking rig has been going for hours, the grill hot, pizza oven on, and the pit smoker chugging away, all set into one brick housing. Near them is a stand burner that is working on what's basically a big galvanized steel trash can of water set up for a crawfish boil, given the mesh insert floating in it. A picnic table that has clearly been taken from outside of a Sonic is laid out with newspaper for said purpose.

Music plays over the speakers, lively for the most part, old-time cajun music, along with some creole and zydeco sounds, the occasional piece of jazz here or there, just to change it up thanks to DJ shuffle button. There's a big table of drinks, along with a specially made kegerator, and a fat pile of plastic cups, and what amounts to a potluck table of many and assorted foods. The main area up to the tree has been kept clear, for dancing, because that's what you do at this kind of thing, dagnabit."

Ramsey is dressed in a pair of swim trunks and a red hawaiian shirt, flip-flops on so that he has maximum range of either looking like someone's dad or hunky dude depending on if that is buttoned. It's really a weird line with him. He does carry around a pair of grilling tongs though, so that should give you an idea. He pauses to stand in the grass, looking around proudly at the decorations and the food and drink tables, the picnic table he straight jacked from outside of a Sonic to use for the crawfish boil.

As the time of partydom drew nigh, Jeanie finally abandons any last minute fiddle practice and heads out to see What's Up and first stop on this journey is the drink tables to claim a glass of spiked lemonade, before heading over to give the grill-wolf a hip bump of greeting. "It looks great. Any last minute additions still needing addening?" As befitting a summer party, she's managed to find a sundress with pineapples all over it.

Pre-game time? Way is there. Coming out from the warehouse, the Gremlin has one of his gadgets on him, stepping over to sit at the table so he can continue working on it. He goes about attaching the wires and glances up to the others, "So we almost ready? How big is this bash going to be?" Leave it up Way to use the term BASH for a party.

MacKenzie comes wandering out with a jacket that looks like a discoball, over a blue Police tourshirt. The jacket is covered with little square mirrors all over, glinting out reflections all over the warehouse. A pair of shorts and crocs make up the rest of the outfit. "Warehouse size, right? I mean, people are like gas, they expand to fill the space." Winking to Jeanie, "Learned that for the GED, eh?" She gives her a thumbs up before wandering over towards the table. "Whatcha makin' Way?"

Heading on around back comes Fawn, and for once (recently) she has left that damn shovel at home! Which means it's with the rest of the tools the Fixers share. Today she's dressed for the slip n slide, wearing a bikini that's pink up top and teal on the lower half (https://tinyurl.com/yaakyvss). Her hair is done in twin french braids, and a white lace sarong is tied around her hip. She's smiling as she heads to the back, and with a quick look around she calls, "It looks great!" It earns two thumbs up.

Lifting up the rather spherical device in hand, Way looks at it as he answers the question from Mack, "I don't think you were there when I used that shock grenade, were you? Well I'm revising it, making it better, stronger." With a grin he holds up a finger, "No, don't say it Rambo. Cause I have an idea to solve the little problem with the last iteration..."

Ramsey looks at everybody, and then at the device and asks "Is this some kind of terrifying iteration on the bug zapper? Cause I invited a bug person, so we need to be careful." He then grins at the little bump he gets and picks up a bottle of shandy, saying "I think it's all in relative readiness. And I warmed up for the big musical number, too." Waving to everyone as they come in, he grins.

"Why are you making a shock grenade right before the party?" Jeanie's distracted by the possibly future kabooming going on over there. "Grab a drink and relax. Or pizza..." The oven's on, so either pizza exists or it could exist shortly! She laughs a bit when Mac makes the science joke and raises her lemonade in cheers. "Got the science all down already! Next up, the math! And Fawn! Gonna test out the new and improved slide already?" And a nod for musical preparedness. "I figure if we wait until folks are drunk enough, lack of practice won't really matter..."

MacKenzie shrugs, "Grenades can always be a wonderful party favor. Right?" Looking around, she makes her way over to the drinks, grabbing a bottle and uses her elbow to take the cap off. "Oh I still have that swimsuit, its back on the bus again, Jeanie."

While looking around, some sort of flickering light shimmers at her eyes and distracts Fawn enough to where she's looking over in Mac's direction. That's why! Fawn eyes that amazing jacket, and as she turns to examine Mac she asks, "Where in the world did you find -that- beauty?" She looks impressed. The look doesn't adhere to the choice in footwear, unfortunately. Fawn heads over to grab a drink for herself, and as she does she looks at Jeanie and says, "I am! I can't help it.. It's fun! And the upgrades are pretty sweet."

"Yeah....the bug zapper." he states when Ramsey mentions it. "BUT! This time you guys will be wearing these on your shoes." he explains, pulling another little thing out of his pack. It really just lookes like wires and spikes. "They go on your shoes and they ground you...so the shock shouldn't affect you at all." the Gremlin declares with a wide smile, then nods in agreement, "Grenades are ALWAYS fun, party or not." A pause, "Wait did you said bug person?"

"Yeah, she's come around before," Ramsey explains. "I sell her weed." He then squints at the devices, then his flip flops. "I think we might need to .. workshop this some. Tickle it a little with some tweaks, not, like, blanket rework mind you." Ramsey does step away juuuust slightly, then gives Fawn the thumbs up and goes to turn the hoses on, to see the whole insane masterpiece come alive with the spinning pool noodles. "Give her a whirl," he says, and when Jeanie mentions waiting for people to get drunk he nods, "Safer that way. But we can always practice more. For next time. Or any occasion," though it is said with a playful grin and his eyebrows up.

Looking fresh from the shower (hair still wet and skin smelling of Irish Spring soap) Axle emerges from inside the warehouse, clad in a dress of lime green and white vertical stripes, and a pair of cowboy boots. For no real reason than 'fais do-do' makes her feel like she might need to boot-scoot. She pauses near the entrance to the warehouse to yawn and stretch and look around with her hands on her hips, surveying the scene before she dives into anything in particular.

Jeanie eyes the wires suspiciously. "Like a lightning rod for your feet? Is that really better than just thick layer of rubber for insulation?" She distracted by the grenades at the mention of bug people and gulps as she looks up. "You mean Lost sort of bug person and not a..." Her non-drink holding hand mimics some sort of buggy mandible fangs. But the confirmation she's been around before and thus probably not the Eat-A-Person type bug has her relaxing again and smiling at Fawn. "Just wait until the water balloon sling-shot is broken out! It'll be great." Ramsey's suggestion for practice catches her mid-drink, which she nearly snorts out some of the lemonade. "We will have to keep up the practice, right." Then she's waving to Axle and her boot-scooting git up. "Axle! There's regular lemonade as well as the boozy kind, if you want to pick your poison!"

MacKenzie takes a few steps back and moves to the swing on the deck with her bottle in hand. Whistling with two fingers, she waits a moment until Baxter comes running from the warehouse, past Axle and hops up next to her. Petting the puppers head, she slowly rocks, relaxing some.

While working on getting her beer open, Fawn eyes what Way takes out of his pack. "Supposed to ground you?" she asks in a skeptical way, but what does she know? Way's the tinkering genius, right? A brow lifts at it and she lifts her beer to sip while keeping her eyes on the wire for a bit longer. They lift as she gets the green light to give the new and improved slide a turn, and with a wide grin she says, "Okay!" She sits her beer down so she can get her sarong off, and it's just tossed aside before she's running off over to the hose to turn it on. Whee!!

Ramsey is rolling around in swim trunks and a red hawaiian shirt, making sure that everything is prepped and that the smoker is going right, then he looks toward where everyone has kind of congregated after Fawn runs off to get the slip n slide adventure of a lifetime started. He grins innocently at Jeanie's almost snorting expression and then he produces one (1) doobie from a pocket baggie and begins to partake of it, and wanders over to where the dog has run out, giving the robopup a pet.

Axle tilts her head to watch Baxter run past, heavy brows knitting and her head shaking a bit, a grim expression on her face. But she does has the resting bitch face sometimes. The expression soon becomes a grin as she waves toward Jeanie and calls over, "I don't mind if I do. I think I'll try some of the leaded kind," she adds, approaching where the beverages are on offer, getting herself a cup and filling it about halfway with some of the spiked batch of lemonade, stepping off to the side to give it an experimental taste, before she adds a couple more splashes to fill the cup some more.

"Good choice," Jeanie will raise her own glass of spiked lemonade to Axle's decision. Fawn's enthusiastic charge to slip-n-sliding gets a whistle of encouragement, not that the other girl really needs it, but cheering's half the fun. "Mac, if you want to keep the suit, you're welcome to it. I have a couple others so not like I needed it. Plus... looks like slip n slide might be sticking around until like... September at least."

An old looking truck pulls up. It's seen better days but at least there is no rust showing through, and any major dents have been hammered back out. Parks well enough away to leave room for others and not cause too much of a ruckus. Dale steps out, putting the keys in his pocket. He's wearing simple clothes. Tight jeans, a button up flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and some well worn work boots. He reaches into the bed of the truck and grabs a a keg, hoisting it up onto his shoulder and walking over to where it looks like the alcohol goes. He's looking around as he walks, offering a nod and an almost smile to the folks he recognizes if they notice him.

Ramsey lifts his beer in salute to Dale as he arrives, bearing a keg, and he says "Hey man, glad you could make it." Recognizing him from their meeting at the old Bugle Boy outlet store in the swamp, Ramsey hunts around for a cup to offer to toss his way, and says "I'm about to get the crawfish in here soon, but we've got plenty of stuff out, knock yourself out. If you don't find what you want to drink, there's more in the fridge on the porch."

As Fawn gets the hose going she starts to move to the beat of the music playing. She may not have cool boots for the parts that deserve a stompin' to, but she makes it work barefooted as she is. The water's turned on and the pool noodles do their thing, making it look like MXC met ninja warrior and a car wash at the end. It's glorious, really, and sooo staying past September. They may have to put it away when Fawn is out visiting Liam some day else it might be a permanent fixture. The brunette hops back over towards the others so she can grab her beer, cause you know it's gotta go on the ride with her!

MacKenzie had not tried the slip and slide before, so no better time than the present. Sliding off the discoball jacket and hanging it on the swing, she pulls the tshirt off and has that borrowed on from Jeanie on. Crocs off and she is bounding along towards the slide. Looking for the best approach, she leap and lands on her butt. She slides to feet and stops. Sitting up, she rolls off and makes her way back to the top of the slide, thinking about it a moment.

Indeed, the glory of the new and improved Gauntlet Slip N Slide is bigger than Jeanie could have ever hoped when she brought the pool noodles out the day before. Almost enough to bring a tear to her eye, but not really. She does spot the new but familiar face coming in with the keg of beer and gives a wave. "Dale! Welcome to our party! And geeze that's a lot of beer!" The libations table was generously stocked, but there's certainly always room for more. When Mackenzie's first attempt at slip and slidage doesn't go exactly as planned, not to worry. "Fawn, did you add the baby shampoo? Make it extra slippery!"

Dale calls back over to Ramsey, "Hey man. Thanks for the invite. Looks like a hell of a party." He reaches up and snags the cup offered, kneeling down to set the keg near the other drinks. "Crawfish sounds damned good. Looking forward to it." There's a nod in thanks as he looks through the assorted beverages. He reaches up and scratches the back of his head. "Shit... I haven't even heard of half this stuff. I might not be fancy enough for this party." He hears his name and sees Jeanie, and he raises his hand out to the girl, "Hey there Fearless. Rescue any frogs lately?" This is when he really gets a good look at the slide and a new source of entertainment. He pours some sort of whiskey, or at least he thinks that's what it is, in his cup, and heads in that direction to watch the show, "I can confirm that making that more slippery will increase the level of fun." he declares, taking a long drink from the cup.

The curly-haired wolf-blood known as Axle just might not be the slip-and-slide type, since she avoided wearing a bathing suit for the occasion. But that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy watching. It's kind of like Nascar; she's in it for the crashes and dust-ups, so watches in anticipation of someone careening off into the dirt, a shrub, whatevs. Sipping from her lemonade, she draws her lungs full of the humid air and lets it back out. Spying Dale, she watches him from where she stands, heading over toward where he pauses to watch, too. "Hey. Name's Sofia; everybody calls me Axle, though. Who're you?" she adds, jovially enough, so as not to make him feel like she's interrogating him.

"Yessss!" Fawn calls to Jeanie as she takes a running start for the slide and slips on down it. Woot! She's fast and spins about on her way to the end, cackling happily as she gets sprayed along the way.

The alcohol selection isn't so much fancy as it is varied by just whatever could be found, so it's probably not too highfalutin'. Ramsey does his part now, and goes and picks up a super soaker, aiming it at the slip n slide so that he can shoot at anyone coming down the way and he opens up a big jar of seafood boil, dumping it into the water along with like a dozen lemons and some other stuff and gets things going for the boil. He does wait until Jeanie isn't looking though, to add the little guys.

"Not any frogs... did rescue myself from a ghost though. That was pretty cool. Fawn helped!" Jeanie points out the slip 'n sliding wolfblood. Whiskey can probably be had or at least plenty of bourbon. While she might not eat the crawfish herself, she's been to enough boils to know what's coming and so Jeanie will helpfully turn her back as Ramsey goes about the preparation. If she doesn't see them, she doesn't have to think of the little crustaceans boiling alive to deliciousness.

Dale raises a brow and gives an impressed look at the talk of a ghost being dealt with, "What did I tell ya? Fearless." he confirms, looking to the other lady that's pointed out, "You know, in all the years I've been doing this I can't think of once I ran into a ghost. You ever think about trying to take it easy?" He does look as Ramsey drops the meat creatures into the water, and almost immediately his mouth begins to water.

Juniper arrives to the party in an Uber, hopping out with a little backpack on her back in case she gets trashed and falls asleep in a tree. The little fairymoth has a bounce in her step as she heads into the party area, grabbing herself a beer on the way and taking a joint out of a case in her little backpack. She tucks that behind her ear carefully and fishes around for her lighter -- her dark eyes searching for folks curiously as she does.

Since she was a bit quiet on the first go-round, Axle sidles a couple of steps closer and gets louder the second time. "Hey! I'm Axle. Who the hell are you?" she asks of Dale, also increasing the shit-talking by a factor of ten in the process, but her demeanor remains jovial. All whilst holding her plastic cup of spiked lemonade in one monkey-fingered hand, tapping the side of the cup with the pad of one finger. She took time out of her schedule to scrube her hands, so newcomers won't even be able to tell she's normally got grease under her short-clipped nails. Overalls have been exchanged for a dress and cowboy boots, too.

Ramsey sets a little timer, and he waves to Juniper as she arrives, saying "Hey, welcome back," with a little grin, and making sure Way hasn't deployed the bug zapper. He does keep hold of his supersoaker, though and walks to get himself a new drink in one of the plastic cups. Seeing Axle approach the new wolf, he grins a little and wanders closer to where they are all gathered and steps up beside Jeanie and looks at the works they have wrought, with Fawn just repeatedly running in a circle doing the slip n slide. It's all a ruse though, as the merciless barrel of the squirt gun is leveled sideways and *zooop* shoots at her side.

Jeanie gives a little shrug. "I tried telling the ghosts and gator-men my calendar was booked, but they didn't seem willing to reschedule. But hang around New Orleans long enough and I'm pretty sure you'll come across all sorts of crazy you haven't seen before. That was actually our second ghost in like... a month?" There's a glance over to Ramsey for confirmation on timelines, quickly though as to not risk too much possible crawfish eye-contact. She snickers as Axle demands introduction. "Ax, Dale here helped me out with a crazier than usual Lost at the Critical Cafe recently. So invited him to the party." Now Jeanie was going to reach over for a bit of a side hug when Ramsey came over, but that just left her side all the more exposed for the merciless super soaker betrayal and she eeeeeps loudly as she gets hit. "Dang it! Where are the water balloons???" Vengeance shall be hers!

Dale turns as if hearing something for the first time, spotting the source."Hey!" he says, a little surprised and unable to shake the feeling he had missed something, "Name's Dale. Nice to meet you." He offers a calloused hand her way, a little damp on it from the iced bourbon he has in his cup. The sound of the super soaker loosing draws his attention briefly, a soft chuckle threatening a full smile before he looks back, "Unless you were expecting more?" he offers with a half-crooked smirk. "Not sure how formal all this is supposed to be. It's my first face doodoo." Jeanie offers further explanation and introduction, and the be-flanneled man nods, "Yeah, he was a character. Met Ramsey when Rude and I were out looking around too. He invited me too but I didn't realize it was the same party. Small world."

Axle seems a bit surprised by the offer of a handshake from Dale; not because it's formal, not because they're werewolves, but because usually when people spy her weird meat hooks they shy away. She accepts the handshake and returns it with vigor, pumping a few times before she lets him go. "Yeah, we're pretty formal around here. If you'll come inside I'll get the background check started. Gonna need two forms of photo ID..." she cheerfully snarks. There's a brief pause when she looks to one side and warns Ramsey, "If you shoot me with that I am going to hide your truck next time I steal it."

Ramsey holds the water gun upright and takes a step back when vengeance is sworn against him, getting clear of Axle and Dale so that they don't get caught in the crossfire. "Just a little?" Well, she didn't say anything about human shields against water balloons so he's going to keep his options open. Looking over to where Mister Baxter Cogsworth sits, he points after Jeanie, saying "She's going to go get bread to make toast. Git 'er!" For he is merciless and without remorse. Then he goes to pick up his blunt from over by the cooking station, takes a big puff, and gets away from anything that could be damaged by water.

MacKenzie has reappeared coming out of the warehouse, tshirt back on. Making her way over to the drinks collection, she has a small tin of cookies that she has obtained from the bus. The -good- cookies. Looking around the group, she opens and starts munching the first. Bouncing a little on the balls of her feet, the Cloockwork woman looks over the crowd, officially having given up on the slip and slide.

The question about where the water balloons are was rhetorical! Jeanie helped fill them up and so she knows exactly where she stashed some under the porch and fetches three, and sets up on the porch with the promised waterballon slingshot of doom. And ahhh, toaster dog appears, apparently very eager to carry through on the promised toastening. "I... I don't have anything for you! Water's not good for robots!" Confused robo-beagle is confused. And toastless. And giving some pretty serious puppy-dog eyes which Jeanie manages to ignore for the moment to carry through her mission of trying to hit that tricksy Ramsey once he looks clear of areas with possible collateral damage. "Bombs away! And yeah, we're oh so formal. I didn't know you'd met Rams or I would have said something..." All yelled from her slingshot perch on the porch.

Why was she here? Because someone told her that she better come, or something was going to happen. Who knows what that something was, she might very well have tuned it out. But, Billie heads towards the backyard of the warehouse, and to the party. Music and food are likely what has clued her in the quickest to where things are.

Dale doesn't seem shy no matter what her hands look like. He returns the hearty shake, "Hopefully the warrants don't matter much. Most of them were innocent enough, and the armed robbery charge was bullshit." There is the call of bombs away and Dale is looking over, making sure he isn't aboit to be hit, "Yeah. Easy to miss those kinds of things." Biklie is seen and waved over. One less retribution he has to worry about now.

Where has Fawn been this entire time?! At the slip n slide. Seriously. She's somehow managed to keep her beer in tact the whole time, and by now it's empty. Seems searching for another drink is what lures the drenched young woman to find her way back at the cooler. She's beaming wildly and gives a hearty laugh, saying, "It works great, Ramsey!"

As the big guns, or in this case water balloons, are broken out, and his feint with the toaster dog doesn't pan out, Ramsey squares himself and pumps up the pressure in his gun. He sidesteps the first, but the second catches him square in the chest and soaks his hawaiian shirt, most majestic of garments. He doesn't take this lying down, and when Fawn compliments the slip n slide, he grins and gets an idea. Running to the far end, he takes a dive, zooming along and shooting forward from prone. He probably doesn't hit anything. But it's got to be awesome-ish, trying to hit Jeanie on the porch.

"Mh. Bullshit, eh? That's too bad. I'm kind of a fan of armed robbery," is Axle's initial reply to Dale. She glances over toward who he is waving over, joking, "Jesus, how many people are with you? The paperwork on this is going to be a nightmare." Grinning, she drains another healthy swallow of her lemonade, taking her time with it since it is spiked and she hasn't eaten yet. Should Billie come on over she nods in greeting and offers, "Hey. I'm Axle. Who the hell are you?" A carbon copy of Dale's greeting.

MacKenzie calls Baxter over. Pulling a harness from a back. As he sits in front of her, she straps it on the beagle, giving him a scritch behind the ears. "Shhh..hold still." Positioning it just right, there is a water tank on each side with a water gun aimed from center of the back. Pulling out what looks like a camera flash trigger, she points over to Jeanie and winks. "Seek and destroy...." The dog gets up and runs around the deck, coming up behind Jeanie. Suddenly a spray of iced water jets out, nailing her in the middle of the back before running off to the next target.

Jeanie grins as at least one of her shots finds its target. She may have even be ready to call a truce but then Ramsey tries to go all action movie star (or comedy trying to parody action movies...). She does get hit a little with the arching spray which gets her wiping the water away from her face before aiming for that last shot, trying to get it timed for the end of the slip 'n slide run... which leaves her completely unprepared for MacKenzie and Baxter's complete betrayal and the icy, icy water has her screech and jump up. "Truce!!! Truce!!!" She's shivering a bit as she holds her hand up in possible surrender, slingshot left on the porch for now as she heads back in the yard and to find a new drink.

Spotting Dale, and his wave, Billie heads in that direction. "Hey." She greets before she is brought up short by Axle and her question. One brow flicks upwards, and there's a moment where she weighs the options on how to respond to the question. There's a sidelong glance shot towards Dale, then she glances back at Axle, "Billie. Who the fuck are you?"

Dale looks up and to the right, thinking a moment, "Tonight? Probably just the one. Other nights she's the one you probably won't see." There is a bit of bragging in his voice as he talks about his packmate and longtime friend. "The charge was bullshit because I broke his arm and he was too chicken shit to admit it was with my bare hands." he says with a genuine smile, well, more of a grin really. The dual interrogation gets Dale stepping in, "Billie, this is Axle. Axle, this is Billie." super offical intro out of the way he looks at the three way battle in progress, "Seems like a close fight. Who do you have your money on?"

Ramsey comes skidding to a halt and tries to hold onto his weapon. When you're wet from the slide, nobody can see where you are hit! When MacKenzie sets Baxter upon his rampage of destruction, he laughs, but then realizes oh shit he's probably next! and tries to get to his feet.

Billie's own greeting brings a diabolical grin to the curly-haired wolf-blood's face. Toying with the plastic cup she holds with those by-God long fingers of hers, she allows Dale to complete the introductions, saying, "Nice. Good to meet ya. Lately I seem to be the one who hides out, too. Guess no one can turn down a good doo-doo," she adds, grinning lopsided as the seeks out Ramsey with her eyes. "Have you guys met everyone else? I can do a Mickey Mouse roll call if need be."

MacKenzie wanders over to the gathering around Axle, still holding that remote trigger in one hand. Leaning her head back. "Baxter....Ramsey!" Flashing a smile back to Axle. "Are these some of your friends with the potato baby?" To the wolves, she looks like a clockwork woman, standing about 4'8" in a Police Tour tshirt. "Hi I'm Mac...glad you could make it." A wide grin is offered to both Dale and Billie.

Now thoroughly drenched and with Ramsey on the run from water-Baxter, Jeanie takes the opportunity to swoop in and give the itty-bitty Changeling a big hug and some transferal-soaking. "You couldn't have figured out a way to shoot not ice water?" She gives a little shiver again before grabbing for a strawberry lager from the cooler. As for the odds of who will be the victor in the fight she gives a shrug. "Well, I'm out already... but for them... probably pretty even? Maybe a draw? Sure, Ramsey can soak up a lot of water but the Lost tend to have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves..." Like the whole surprise water-gun dog!

Fawn finds herself a lawn chair to sit down on, and as she kicks her bottle back she sips from the beer while looking about and taking note of those who arrive. She stretches out in her chair and crosses one ankle over the other, and as she watches people mingling it brings a smile to her face. As she relaxes she puts on some shades and lights a joint, cause why not?

"Typically speaking, everyone needs a good shit." Billie doesn't even blink at the odd topic of conversation, and she certainly doesn't realize the reference is to the party. Then she glances down at MacKenzie when she arrives, "Billie." She offers in return before glancing towards the others, shaking her head at Dale, "Always bet on me." Even if she's not playing.

Dale shakes his head, "I have not. Just boss man and Fearless." he says, motioning to Ramsey and Jeannie, "And now you." He takes a drink and then holds up a hand, "And I know what you're thinking, but don't worry... you will get a nickname too." He looks at the clockwork woman and tilts his head slightly. There is a bit of wonder there. He apparently is still not used to seeing the Lost. "Mac. Nice to meet you. I'm Dale, this is Billie." he says, offering her a hand as well. He can't help but ask the question burning in his mind though, "Potato baby?" He grins at Billie, "I always forget." Under his breath he repeats a mantra "Billie is always in the fight. Billie is always in the fight. Billie is always in the fight."

It took him a while to hoof it out here through an unfamiliar city without knowing entirely where he's going, but Bowen eventually arrives at the social shindig. He's dressed - well, not for a party. Maybe for a bail hearing? With him playing the role of cheap-ass lawyer? Probably got his suit from a mall. But that's besides the point. Ambling along toward the sound of the gathering, Bowen slips in and joins the crowd. He's just sort of there and mingling all of a sudden, drink in hand that he must have picked up on his way over. "Hey." he greets to no one in particular, eventually meandering over to where Fawn is sitting down and lounging. Just sipping his beer.

Ramsey can't shoot for shit, but he can do a sweet 90s movie action roll over the shoulder, when he sees the robodog sic'ed on him. Hoist by his own petard! He doesn't try to shoot Baxter though. You have to cut the head off the robeast! He also hears his timer, so he has to take the crawfish out! Timing is everything. The assembled just see a full grown, stoned out of his mind rahu in swim trunks and a hawaiian shirt, soaked to the gills and doing a crawl through the grass with a super soaker, taking aim, and shooting carefully between Axle's feet toward Mac! One shot at this! He also lifts a hand in greeting to the new arrival, shouting jovially, "Hey!"

You hear about parties and sometimes you just gotta go make an appearance. So there's where a redheaded woman emerges from the swamp. Sabine having snateched a beer from somewhere and working on it in a big long chug of the contents.

The fact that the woman looks pretty normal at a glance, other than cleaning up very well in a black halter top, belted dark blue jeans and some knee high lace up boots with a solid wedge heel in a dark leather and a hiking boot style to them. And because it is summer and she is a ginger she's keepin g the shade of her nose with a comfy old straw cowboy hat. Looking around wiith green eyes the Rahu hmms and ponders food she didn't have to kill for a change.

"Uh. Axle *is* my nickname," the wolf-blood points out to Dale, flashing a grin with way too many white teeth. "The name on all my paperwork is Sofia," she adds. Glancing between Billie and Dale, she looks over toward Mac with a raise of brows, laughing. "Naw, that's Emmet and his sister. The baby actually stopped looking like a potato finally. No more conehead, either," she adds. Poor damn baby; hopefully no one says such mean things around his mother. Taking note of Bowen, she blinks, looks around and then points at him with one of the fingers of her plastic cup, that's supply of lemonade is dwindling. "Who's that now? Another new face. I'm never going to learn all these names."

(one of the fingers /around/ her plastic cup)

MacKenzie winces as Jeanie hugs her, soaked. "Ugh...thanks so kind of you." Smirking at her, oh yeah, Baxter's visiting her again. "Did you make marghartas? I need to get one." The clockwork woman looks back at Billie and Dale, "Great to meet both of you. Thanks for coming by to our home here. " A glance to Axle, "Never met him, but looks like Fawn may get the privil..Acghah" Nailed in the side of the head by Ramsey's supersoaker, eyes gaze over. The Roomba is seeking vengence. "Baxter...plan delta...Ramsey!" With that the dog stop snd turns, and runs up over the man on his hands and knees and the whole reserve of ice water dumps all at once over him. Shaking, the dog rushes off, as Mac smiles at the others , "Mingle...have fun..plenty of stuff." Passing Sabine. "Oh hi..I'm Mac...drinks over there..water slide there....um..pizza there. Welcome."

"If you want, there's more water balloons on the porch," Jeanie will offer oh so helpfully to Billie who is apparently always in the fight. "Although water ballooning is a very sacred duty and should only target those that deserve it. Like Rams and Mac." The dude arriving in the suit gets an eyebrow raise and she just gives a shrug to Axle's question. "No idea..." But when Bowen's saying hey to nobody in particular, she'll wave back. "And no margarita's this time. Made a lemonade punch though. It's tasty! And should go with crawfish, probably."

It was inevitable that he'd be noticed. Not that he's trying to hide or even capable of it. Bowen turns his attention to Axel, giving her an upnod, "Hey. Bowen Brantley. You got me. I'm new." he stands fairly upright without slouching, but he still as a sort of schlubby look about him. Like he's doing his best to be fairly unobtrusive. That's hard for a werewolf. In the meantime, he watches the strange water gun fight, squinting at the dog robot thing that he finds to be a bit strange.

"Sabine thanks, Hi." the Rahu greets cheerfully with a smile to go with the tone. "So I feel like I should have brought somebody a birthday gift." she adds and shrugs a mostly bare shoulder. They'll have to be content with her red haii to fover freckled skin. The drinks' location is noted with a nod but the pizza gets a very weighing look from the woman.

As she pulls the joint from between her lips Fawn tilts her chin down so she can lower her sunglasses a bit, and as she looks up to Bowen she blows smoke to the side before saying, "Hey there! Want some?" she holds the joint up his way before she's glancing out and watching.. Ramsey.. "Oh fun.." The sight has her bursting with laughter, and she watches his sneak attack. She shades are pushed up onto the top of her head so she can watch better!

"Billie is always in the fight." Billie agrees, then she tucks a hand beneath her t-shirt at the back of her jeans, waiting for something. Something important. But when Jeanie offers her a water balloon instead she shakes her head, "Thanks, but probably for the best I don't... Too much responsibility for me."

Ramsey gets ice bucket challenged and shorts a fuse a little with a "Gyyyyyyyyy----" and twitches a bit. Fortunately he is mellower than usual today, even with the party going on, so nobody has a rage-out situation on their hands. Though he does squint after the dog. Climbing to his feet, he sniffs the air and identifies the two newest arrivals as more wolves and he lifts a hand and greets them, "Hey y'all. Welcome, have some fun. Crawfish are coming out right about now.." he says as he soddenly walks over to the big trash can boiling away and uses the hooks to lift out the giant basket of mud bugs like it doesn't weigh a thing, and dumps the whole mess on the newspaper covered table after a few shakes, corn, potatoes, sausage and all.

Bowen shakes his head at Fawn, giving a little wave of his hand, "No thanks." a simple refusal, no elaboration given. "How's it going?" he asks her since he's closest to her. "This is a pack's territory, right? The Fixers? Who's in the pack? Only person I've met since getting into town as been the changeling ambassador." he squints down at Fawn and smiles faintly, "I always forget how they look." he pauses, finding a diplomatic word, "Different, you know? Haven't dealt with them much before. Kind of like this place, right? Until recently." there's a chance he might just go on talking forever but he gets thirsty enough to take a sip from his cup, which shuts him up for a little bit, his gaze shifting around as he watches all the water fighting.

"Smell's great. Might nibble on something later. I'm kinda past cooked food these days though. And I figure a few people here won't have the stomach for an older wolf's restrictive diet." Sabine admits and shrugs her shoulders again. "At least I can still get hammered." she says thankfully and finds herself another beer.

"Scuse me," Axle offers to the crowd in whose midst she has been standing, so she can go over to finish the introduction with Bowen. "Nice to meetcha. Name's Axle. This's Fawn," she adds, pointing to her. She reaches to make a gimme motion at the other wolf-blood, since Bowen has turned down the joint offered in his direction, apparently wanting to take a hit off of it, herself. "Yeah, this is Fixers territory, but you're welcome. Grab a bite, have as much as you want to drink. Strip nekkid and use the slip-and-slide and shit," she challenges.

"If you change your mind," Jeanie gives a shrug and a smile. Those water balloons will be waiting for Billie or whoever might decide to use them. "Ohh, the crawfish are out." More a statement of fact than anything else, but she does venture closer to the mudbug table with her beer to give nudge to Ramsey, but definitely not taking up any of the little crustaceans. "Think you would have gotten away with the water-war if it weren't for the meddling kitchen timer?"

Grinning up to Bowen, Fawn says, "Yeah. Fixer territory, and they're pretty cool. The best, really.. One big, awesome family," she says, still grinning as she sits up a bit more in her chair and looks around. After pulling from the joint again she says, "Alright, so.. You got.. Jeanie over there. Blonde with the cute dress.. and there'a Axle. Curly-top in the boots.." she pauses, though, letting Axle introduce herself once she's there. She grins at her and lift the joint, handing it over and keeping quiet for a moment. Soon enough she picks up, saying, "Ramsey's the one in the Hawaiian shirt going super-soaker crazy.. and Mac's the redhead shorty.. Ah.. Where the fuck is Way?" She looks around. "Nhh. Might be off somewhere rigging more explosives or something, but he's pretty cool." She taps her chin, thinking, "And yeah. I'm part of the pack, too. I'm the bard," she says. When they play DnD, but that's not important right now.

"I'm going for food." Billie informs Dale, then she moves away from her own packmate, pulling her hand out from the back of her shirt as she starts to head for the food. When she approaches she overhears the water-war question for someone else, and offers, "You need to set up a catapult."

"Probably a good idea I didn't wear a white top this time." Sabine adds with a joking tone. Her voice faintly hugged by a mix of redneck and cajun. You can take the girl out of the swamp but you can't take the swamp out of the girl. With people getting introduced the Rahu aims her smile. Maybe a little more friendlier for Axle before moving on. "Never discount the benefits of a good bard. Someone knows how to queue up the right track in a fight can turn the tide." she points out.

Ramsey shrugs a little and grins, saying "There are no true winners in that struggle. But I could have maybe figured it out." You know, the long game. Battle! He gives Jeanie a wrap of his arm around her shoulders and a squeeze, sodden as he is. The final strike of the war?! "Hey, you think we should go break out the -good- music now that the food's on?" He does hear Sabine, though and cranes his neck to look at her and point to the porch fridge. There's a ziploc with some still bloody venison in it. He plans.

A moment's consideration is given at Axle's offer of naked slip and side, his eyes shifting to one side as he thinks and then ultimately, "Nah. I'll pass. But I appreciate the offer. Thanks." his smile is genuine enough, if fleeting. As Fawn starts pointing people out and mentioning their names, Bowen pays close attention, spending as long as he can just outright staring at the person. Jeanie and then Axel, who is helpfully close by now. She still gets a stare. Then everyone else. Finally a nod, "All right, thanks. Very informative. I don't have a pack. Haven't in a little while. No one to introduce but myself. And..." he looks around for a minute or two and then shakes his head, "I have a cousin in town but she's not here. Probably working. You know, burning the midnight oil or whatever they say." Bowen would not be familiar. Someone says something about food being ready and Bowen shows some interest but ultimately remains where he is by the wolf blooded women.

Jeanie is pretty darn soaked herself so she doesn't squirm away from that arm, just grinning. "Sounds like good as time as any unless you were wanting some food too? Although if anybody tosses water at my fiddle I might end up electrifying them." She wiggles her fingers in a manner that's probably not at all threatening. The suggestion of a catapult earns a laugh. "Don't say that too loud or you'll have the Gremlin showing up with a gatlin gun or tank or something for a water gun fight."

MacKenzie pads over to get a better drink. Filling up on one of the slushy types, she diverts and takes a seat over by Fawn, pulling a chair over. As she sits, the beagle leaps up in front of her, almost asking for the harness to come off. Slowly she starts to undo it. "Hi..." She glances up to Bowen before glancing over the party, she tosses the harness under the chair then lays back, holding her margarita like a talisman, close to her chest.

"I might grab a baggie later on. Raw diets still kinda make people squiffy. But I do appreciate the thought." Sabine says and flashes Ramsey another smile. "If someone does show up with a tank or a gat. That might actually be fun. Never punched military hardwar before. Oooh, I wanna judo throw a tank now." because of course a Rahu is gonna get starry eyes when she ponders fighting an armry.

Ramsey grins "Yeah, can't have that. This doesn't look like that kind of crowd, though," he admits, and now that Baxter has been demilitarized he sighs in relief. "Alright, I'ma go get the box, if you want to get set up." He gives the blonde a pat on the shoulder, then heads into the warehouse for a couple minutes to return with an honest to god accordion, like, red painted wood and brocade old time cajun bullshit.

"No one uses a gatling gun any more." Billie pipes up, grabbing a plate full of crawfish before she turns around towards Sabine, "I know a guy, though." She glances around, checking to see if Dale happens to be within hearing range before she continues, "He's got this old Russian tank, for the right price..."

"You never know," Jeanie grins at the mention of nobody using gatlin guns, before giving Sabine a smile. "If it helps... I'm pretty sure I'm the only squiffy one hear and I'm really good at just not looking. Venison is in the fridge if you want it. I'm gonna grab my fiddle!" And with that, the human is off to fetch her instrument coming back with fiddle, bow and apparently a wardrobe change too as she's got a not-soaked dress on and a blazer with the sleeves partially rolled up. She's fancy now!

Axle takes a couple of meagre hits off Fawn's borrowed joint before she offers it back in the other wolf-blood's direction, letting the smoke out after a while, coughing just the tiniest bit. She's not a constant smoker like some of her fellows. "Pack's aren't everything, man. I've found they can sometimes be a bunch of fucking weirdos," is her commentary, though she has not done enough research for that to be more than arm-chair theory. But the view from a Fixers' armchair *is* a bit weird from time to time.

Talk of tanks and maybe fighting or just driving one keeps Sabine's eyes sparkling green. The evil grin could only be more evil if she had fangs out. "Think a werewolf in a tank might kinda spook the herd but still. Hawwwt!" she states and lets the idea go. "A Rahu can dream though." she adds. Then nods in agreement of Axle's view on packs. "Not fucking wrong there. Sometimes you might be better off freelance. That's not even mentioning totems. Fuck they can want some goofy shit. Even after you threaten them with being food."

Fawn grins at Sabine and her bard comment, and she admits "I am quite good at picking out great songs.. and awful songs as well. Perfect bard!" she says, reaching up then to take the joint from Axle so she can work on finishing it off if no one else is going to help her. As she pulls at it she leans over slightly, grabbing the hem of Axle's dress so she can try and pull her over closer, all while giggling. She glances to Mac and smiles at her friend, then offers the last bit of the joint out to her.

At first, Bowen just glances over at MacKenzie, giving her a quick look. But then she gets a stare like everyone else. Maybe a little longer, "Where do those leaves come from?" he asks, curious, head tilting to one side. "Is that rude to ask? Sorry. Do you know Charity? The ambassador to...us? The Forsaken. That sounds racist, assuming you'd just know her. Racist? Something-ist. Bowen Brantley. Hello." an extended and perhaps slightly awkward greeting as MacKenzie pulls a chair over. When Axle speaks again, he nods, "True. I feel like I eventually end up needing one. To meet my true potential, right? Guess it's not necessary. But I prefer it if things line up right, you know?" his shoulders lift in a shrug and he tilts his head back to down the remainder of his beer, which he doesn't go to refill at the moment. "You actually play music or something? Or just have a premium Spotify account?" he cuts his eyes over in Fawn's direction, smiling mildly at his...joke? "Decent sized pack, though." he comments, leaning down to set his cup at the back of Fawn's chair where it's unlikely to be kicked over. Even if it's empty.

"Would you be wolfed out?" Billie wonders, her brows tugging inwards briefly as she glances back at Sabine, "Otherwise, they probably wouldn't know you were anything beyond a chick in a tank, and be scared of that." She then lifts her plate of food, then abruptly starts to head away from the table, potentially in search of her pack mate.

MacKenzie is already one Kiera cookie in for the evening. Taking the rest of the joint, she flashes a smile to Fawn. "Thanks." Petting Baxter. "Ok ok..I'll get you something in a bit, ok? I don't have any bread on me." As she looks back over to Bowen. "Its not racist..yeah I know Charity well. I'm good friends with her sister, Chastity, who is a wolf. I'm MacKenzie...the Ambassador to Mortal Affairs for the Court, so....yep." Flashing a smile to him. "The leaves are not really there the whole time, we just borrow them for the briefest of moments. They come from Autumn...which is where most leaves come from, that or dead trees." Seems like an easy explanation.

Ramsey smiles at Jeanie's reappearance and and goes over to where the little mic is set up for them. Briefly he speaks into it, saying in his low cajun accent, with that French english on it as it were. "I'd like to thank y'all for coming out today to join us. I'm Ramsey, one of the Fixers, and since nobody has gotten to dancing yet with just the spotify, we thought we'd give you a little something more exciting. And if anyone wants to play the spoons feel free, we have some. The rest of y'all I want to see some moving around. This isn't a mixer down at the church hall, this a Fay dough-DOUGH! Whoo!" High energy there, Rambler. Don't fuck it up. And he taps his foot, grins to Jeanie, and they no doubt get to embarrassing themselves. But then, there -is- a fiddle being played.

"It's also a matter of having a decent sound system. Or access to one. Out in the swamp, hunting pure. A subwoofer with a kick is as vital a weapon as swinging an axe." Billie gets a grin. "Depends on what I'm coming upo against. Though probably still gona stay human enough. As adorbale as it is. It's a pain trying to work multiple levers..." the Rahu's arms move in a rock'em sock'em motion. "When you don't have thumbs." Those appendages wiggle And a chick in a tank is plenty scary, yeah." she adds and as the music is played live she adds some motion to her hips and probably a lot of extra strain to the denim hugging them.

Jeanie will let Ramsey handle the talking and introductions. Even if there is risk of looking like fools having not played the fiddle in literal years before this, she can at least act the part and as his foot starts tapping, she gets to starting. And it's like she actually sorta halfway practiced! Good enough for an amature house band! And as the song turns out alright, the smile on her face grows and grows and she puts a little bit more flair into the playing.

Since her dress has been nabbed, Axle has no choice but to scoot closer to Fawn's chair. She looks down at it for a moment as if considering something, before the moment passes and she glances toward where Ramsey and Jeanie have taken to the stage to perform for everyone. Since she has absolutely no dancing skills, she starts to dance with her usual 'only move she knows'. Which is, of course, the Cabbage Patch. Thankfully her plastic cup is empty by now, since she doesn't bother to set it down before she starts winging her arms around. For someone 'dancing' her feet are absolutely still.

With her joint baton handed to Mac, Fawn leans over a bit more against Axle, and she gives a little hug with arms curled about the other's legs, giving a tight squeeze and release. It's naturally accompanied by giggling. As she looks to Bowen again she says, "I do! I play the guitar, actually. Not too bad if I say so myself.. and the jug.. and maybe one day the spoons.. and the warshboard.." she keeps going, but eventually gives in to more laughter as she pulls her shades back down over her eyes.

Turning toward Ramsey as the man heads for the mic and starts talking. He shoves his hands into his pockets, shoving back the bottom of his gray suit jacket and focusing his attention on Ramsey. "Haven't met Chastity yet." he replies to MacKenzie once the mic'd up intro is complete. Her explanation of leaves and autumn is met with a blank stare that turns into a smile that clearly suggests he has no idea what she's talking about. But that's fine. Bowen isn't one of those types that needs to know everything. "You people have been driven crazy by the swamps. Spoons and jugs..." it's not a culture he's entirely unfamiliar with but it's not his own and so he pokes a little fun in Fawn's direction. "But yeah, very creative of you. Maybe you can give me a spoon lesson some time."

There's more smirking from the redheaded werewolf. And with all that hip swaying and foot wiggling to keep her balance it allows the spacee between her halter top and her belt to show off a washboard of her own. Though abs on a generally skinny woman aren't exactly difficult when you keep extremely active. Bowen gets a smirk. "Never disparage a Ho Down unless you wanna throw down!"

MacKenzie stands with a stretch. "Spoons and jugs are well rooted in Americana folk music. You should listen before you criticize. " Mac blinks a few times, steam hissing from vents in her shoulders as she crushes the spent joint. A hip check to Axle with a smile and wink to Fawn before she goes off to refill her drink. Muttering to herself, "...come to a cultural event and mock the culture...." The Clockworks a bit grumpy now as she pauses and looks at the frozen drinks, realizing the cups have moved. "...gum in my gears, where are the damn cups?"

You're doing it, Peter! You're doing it! As Ramsey and Jeanie don't fall absolutely flat on their faces and manage a good old infectious brand of that ol' Louisiana music, and gives the occasional yip or hollar because that is absoltuely necessary for this sorta thing. "Boots in the AIR, people! Specially you there!" He stomps on the porch with his heel.

Jeanie isn't ready to challenge the devil for a golden fiddle, but she'll saw up plenty as they continue to play. She should have worn more appropriate stomping shoes than flip flops, but hindsight! Instead, she'll just bop along with the rhythym she's playing and hopefully folks are dancing to!

"They don't like my music, either," Axle asides to Bowen with a grin, though whether that is her coming to his defense or not remains to be seen. Time has come for her to fidget, though, since her cup is empty. So she reaches over and starts to fiddle with one of Fawn's braids since she's standing so close to her chair. In time to the music, since she truly lacks the talent for dancing. But she does start to move her feet again. Which basically entails lifting one and putting it down. Lifting the other and putting it down. Repeat ad infinitum.

Fawn watches Mac head off looking all annoyed or something.. and that, too, makes Fawn giggle. She's got a lopsided grin going, and it just won't stop. "You want a spoon lesson?" Giggle. "I'm sometimes the little spoon, but most often the big spoon. I like those spoons.." Moe laughter. Oh, weed. Got her again. As she feels the hand playing with her hair she gives a little 'mmmrrrr' sound, and those wide sunglasses aim up at Axle with a wide grin flashed beneath. "Hey, look. You got a new dance move." There's a glance between Axle and Bowen then and as Fawn struggles to get up from her chair she asks Axle, "Come dance with me? Teach me how to stomp." She laughs as she begins to move backwards across the lawn to here she is in a more appropriate dancing area.

Ramsey stomps a little more and gets up, finishing the song he had been singing along to ".....Polar bear died of raaaaaaabiiieeeeeees..!" then consults with Jeanie before playing a tune for Axle and Fawn to dance to. Thhey'll carry that on for a while, before ending another song and it looks like it's breaktime, because them fingers tired! Then he'll get up and move down from the porch.

"Hey, I'm just teasing. Like people do at a party when other people are drinking. And ho downing. Hoing down? Whatever." he holds up a hand as if to ward off MacKenzie's annoyance. Bowen opens his mouth but thinks better and says nothing, "I don't even know what culture is. I'm from Florida. We got swamps without the charm. And old people from New York." he shakes his head with a grin and then shrugs as MacKenzie grumps off elsewhere. It takes him a moment to get what Fawn is saying but when he does, he points at her, "Heeeeey, I got that." he gives a shrug to Axle, "What can you do?" he asks vaguely and then moves to take over Fawn's seat once she stands up and moves to dance someplace else.

And just like that, the set comes to an end with a flourish. Whether they'll be taking up the stage again later or not, Jeanie makes sure to safely tuck her fiddle away in its case. And then tucking the case itself away too. Her fiddling fingers had not been prepared for this as she tries to shake them out. Before Ramsey can leave the porch, she'll give him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna go try and find where you stashed the veggies." The non-boiled-in-crawfish kind.

MacKenzie is unsure and turns, listening to the end of the set. Oh, there is her jacket. Going over to the swing, she grabs her discoball jacket and heads back inside, "Getting more cups cause apparently there is a cup bandit." Yes, the conspiracy. She stalks into the warehouse, beagle at her heels.

The dancing is brief, awkward, and unskilled. But Axle still has a good time of it once she has set aside her cup near Bowen's empty one, and headed after Fawn to the open space. When the music stops she looks around and deflates a little, stops moving, grinning a bit, then clapping, calling over to Jeanie and Ramsey, "That was some good stuff. Y'all need to do some hootenanny versions of AC/DC, though."

Does Fawn take that dancing seriously? Heck naw! She's out there to make a fool of herself, surely. She stomps around and twirls a bit, then does her best to dance however Axle's dancing, which ends up with her standing there most of the time just clapping to the rhythm and laughing as she cheers the other on. When the music is over she gives an audible, "Awwwww!!" before she laughs a bit more and says to Axle, "I'll.. learn to.. play it.. on the washboard.. and jugs.." she says, pausing to crack up between every other word. She can't finish it for giggling too much. "Can you.. imagine.. Dirty Deeds.. on the.. jug?" Giggle.