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Five Finger Discount

Characters: Pan, Alabama, Melpomene as roll witness/ST.
Date: 2020-06-14
Summary: Pan and Alabama go shopping at Neiman Marcus, after hours.


-Alabama- might be showing up on cameras, but Pan is trusting to the Lost Visage. When they walk up to the front of the Neiman Marcus, they dig into a pocket and pull out a little rolled-up leather set of lockpicks, which they hand to Alabama. "Open that and hold it for me so I can pick what I need, kitten? I'm gonna see what kind of lock they've got on the door." Idle message from Melpomene: I've been idle for more than 15 minutes. I might or might not be around. If you don't hear back in a minute, just open a +request and I'll get to it when I return!

Bam still can't get over this vampire calling her kitten. It makes her all melty inside. Quickly though, she opens the set and holds it so Pan can figure out what they need. "Do you do this... a lot? Because it's sexier than hell." She teases them. Well, half teases them.

"Break into -Neiman Marcus-? No. But take shit? Yeah, it's the main way I get money. Usually I just ask folks who look like they don't need the money to give me their wallets, and they do. Then they're too embarrassed they got so hot over a tranny they gave me their cash that they don't call the cops." The vampire selects a cylindrical custom-made lockpick from the set - it's a pick that is all one piece, so when Pan pushes the pick into the lock, the flat part of the outside cylinder lets them apply torsion. It takes about ten seconds for the lock to pop open, and Pan opens the door to gesture Alabama in. "We've got maybe two minutes before security shows up from the silent alarm, so you head for whatever you want and I'll keep an ear out for him."

Bam snickers at the idea of Pan just taking money from people that easily. "It's a gift." She teases them. They explain how this is going to go down /as/ they are walking in and she immediately starts to panic. "Oh my god, Pan! You are the one with the fashion sense. Just -look- at you!" She points to their rather fetching outfit. "You can't just throw me into the deep end and expect me to become gala material without your help!" But she said they were in charge tonight, and they are, so she does as she is told, and starts to sprint for the formal dress section, pawing through everything she can find in her size, grabbing everything like she were in an episode of Supermarket Sweeps.

"It's not really -about- fashion at these places. It's about whether or not you invested the money. So just look for something with the biggest price tag." Pan follows after her with a broad grin. "Don't worry about grabbing -everything-. Just grab what you want to wear, maybe something expensive that you -don't- want, then you return the one you don't want to a different store and walk out with like, ten grand in store credit. Then you sell the gift card they give you for five grand on ebay. Spend that on whatever the fuck you want." As Pan follows Alabama along, the shining of a flashlight alerts them to the presence of the guard, and Pan heads toward them, all calm. With Awe on, the guard won't even -notice- Alabama. "Hey! Hey, over here, can you help me?"

"Ooooh. Is 'that' how you do it? I get a fabulous night out with a fabulous vampire AND I make a financial killing off it." It's no secret. Razorblade Sunshine is having some trouble getting its band members to actually, physically, enter a studio and record an album. Which means Hailey and Peyton have spent the money they were fronted and there hasn't been much of anything else except a roof over their heads. 5K cash would be /amazing/. So she runs for the two highest dollar dresses -- one is a fairy tale of little glittery beads sewn into a tule skirt and a satin bodice that will make her look like a fairy princess ballerina. It's /so/ not Alabama, and that's exactly why she adores it so much! The other is a little less formal but swanky as hell. A little corseted number in ever-fashionable black. She grabs both in size 0 and runs back to where Pan is conversing with the security guard... uh oh.

"What are you doing in here?!"

"Hey, Phil, right?" Turns out, name tags are useful even in the dark, from twenty feet, when you're Conquista del Pan. "Hey, I'm the new AM, and the regional asked me to come in and re-check an inventory problem from two days ago 'cause we've got some kind of shrink problem, but I -forgot- the code for the alarm, and I'm freaking out and if we don't get it shut down, the SM will find out, and we're worried it's -her- that's taking stuff? So if you could cancel the alert I'd be -so- grateful." Pan keeps approaching the flashlight wielding security guard, face all innocent and scared. As they get closer, they turn on the Charm, capital C, and the security guard suddenly starts grinning like an idiot.

BamBam watches in awe herself as Conquista del Pan conquers Neiman Marcus security! Hooray! She give Pan a toothy grin, which of course they don't notice because they're busy conquering security. But the grin is both goofy and adoring -- she really can't stop herself. The store cop seems to be buying into absolutely /everything/ they're saying. It's really quite spectacular. And then she remembers, quite suddenly, that this is the power (she thinks ) that was used on her to get her to feel and do things. This is a /very/ powerful vampire and she should alway remember that.

While Alabama watches, Pan draws in closer to the security guard and leans in to talk quietly. Their voice drops low, and the guard's face starts to flush. After a minute or so, they separate and the security guard heads back the way he came, while Pan heads back to Alabama. "I told him our work would take two, three hours. That we'd meet him for lunch. You wanna nab some stuff and go?"

"Oh cool! We have more time?" She proudly holds up the two 10K+ price tag dresses which aren't that fashionably forward, but include the fairy tale dress Bam is especially into, even if it's tacky as hell. "Help me. Could I get away with one of these or should we keep looking?" She's open to whatever Conquista del Pan says because they know what's up. "I could try a few on for you then? Since we seem to have more time now?"

"Kitten, you can get away with whatever the fuck you want. Just grab everything you want to try and we'll head somewhere with fewer cameras for a fashion show, yeah? Phil says he'll kill the footage but you can't -really- trust anything these pricks say, they're incompetent. Look at what they're letting us get away with. I mean, I don't mind giving folks a free peep show if you want to, but. There are nicer places to watch you strip repeatedly, yeah? You want me to carry anything?"

"Okay okay! This is my first time! I'm /learning/!" She laughs and starts looking around. Right off she sees some shopping bags so she grabs those so they can carry all the things they want. She grabs a few gems and jewelry she wants and then piles in expensive fragrances and other things she knows she can ebay easily. Next a quick trip to the shoe section where she heads in back and gets a /fabulous/ silver pair of Guiseppe Zanotti stiletto heels as well as several other high dollar pairs. "Okay, I think I've got what we can carry without looking like we're looting." She snorts, and offers a bag for Pan to carry. She manages the dresses.

Pan takes a bag, and slips the other arm around Alabama's waist as they head for the door. "So we'll have Rodrigo drop us somewhere we can do a fashion show, and then soon we'll find somewhere to debut. Maybe get you a nice wig so you fit in with those of less-punk haircuts." As they exit, Pan gives her another swat on her jean-clad butt, and the two depart the Neiman Marcus.