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Finding A Place

Characters: Odette and Wesson
Date: 2020-07-12
Summary: Wesson approaches Odette and asks about joining the Militia.
Disclaimers: Ugly Chihuahuas and tough Commanders

The day is well along and the Commander is standing on the picnic table which has been dragged against the fence. She's looking over the fence. Her body is like a waterfall of fog and mist. Her black eyes very much like shark eyes. She's wearing leather pants and a black tank top. Her long hair is pulled back in braids and they are tied behind her hair. A small hiss from the woman and the squirrel that was running towards her turns and runs the other way.

Making her way from the Community Center kitchen to the backyard, Wesson steps out with a mug of coffee and a cigarette already pulled out. She just manages to place the cancer stick between her lips before catching sight of the woman in rainfall of mist, peering over the the fence. Her head cants to the side curiously before slowly lighting up. Wesson tucks the lighter and the pack in her back pocket before proceeding towards Odette. As soon as she is within speaking distance, the Elemental can't help but call out in her husky and deep voice, "You're definitely going to give that squirrel nightmares."

The woman slowly turns to stare at the woman before her. She looks her over slowly and grunts. "Doubt it. My mask is pretty." She turns to look over the fence again and points. "This dog is mocking me. I dislike it." She growls as she walks over the top of the table and jumps down. "Sorry for standing on the table." She moves the table back to it's place and she sits down. "I've not met you. I'm Odette."

"Your Mien is rather pretty too," Wesson replies in a deadpan voice; she is being honest, and a waterfall of fog that follows the small woman is rather fascinating to watch. "Mockery deserves retribution, in time," she nods solemnly as she glances over towards the fence to see if she can find the villain. At the mention of Odette's name, Wesson snaps her fiery eyes back towards her as she stands straighter. "Wesson," she introduces herself, "and you may stand wherever you damn well please." She takes a long draw from her cigarette but blows the smoke away from them both. "Odette, with the fog, you're the Commander, aren't you?"

Odette blinks a few times at the compliment. "It's a memory of horrors. I don't think it's pretty." She grumbles a little. On the other side of the fence is a dog. A very small dog. A chihuahua with crossed eyes and a tongue hanging out the side. Odette lifts her eyes up and nods her head. "For now I am, yes. Until I am dead or replaced." She stretches her arms out. "Wesson, how can I help you?"

At the sight of the little chihuahua, Wesson blinks slowly before she lets out a snort. Not exactly an animal lover, this one, or at least doesn't appear to be. "You don't have to think its pretty," she murmurs towards Odette as she takes another drag from her cigarette. "It is what it is," as simple as that. She then moves to sit on the bench as well, her eyes on Odette still. "I wish to join the Militia, until I am dead or replaced too. I need something to," she pauses as she tries to think of the next word. "To help with the Freehold since my current plans are on hold."

The woman lifts a brow and takes a deep breath. "As you wish it." She grumbles about her looks. Then the woman keeps going. "Do you truly wish to be part of the militia?" She speaks softly. "Of as you put it, your plans are on hold. What will happen when your plans are no longer on hold? Will you leave the militia short of your presence?"

"No," she returns after a beat in thought before Wesson looks about them briefly since they are by the fence. She then leans back to rest her back against the picnic table. "I would hope the militia would help, if the Commander wills it of course. My plan is to maim or kill a...Gentry," she murmurs the last word oh so softly but with the hard edge still there. "I was told that if I truly wish to do it, I need to be careful about showing my hand to Them if we were to discover a method. That, in fact, the most ideal way to do this is to perhaps wait for one to come to us..." She trails before taking another drag, obviously still not okay with that idea though she is still trying to work through it. "So really, my goals align with the Militia's."

Odette looks at the woman. "We are here to defend the Freehold. Not to go hunt down a great threat." She points out quietly. "Do I think a lot of skilled fighters could? Yes of course but why? Why start a fight where some will die just to do what?" She pushes herself up to stand. "They have alliances like we do. They do not work alone. So we maim or end one and their allies will come after us when we are weak. Is that protecting this freehold?"

As Odette speaks, Wesson is quiet, finishing her cigarette and stubbing it out against the heel of her boot. She puts the stub in her pocket before she nods finally in agreement with Odette. "Yes, I know. That's what I was told by another Autumn too. Which is why I am trying to reorient myself to a goal more fitting for the Freehold. I am as hot as my fire and court, I am not very good with forethought, but I listen when it makes sense. And yours and hers made sense," she offers before glancing back at the other Elemental. "I can tell you my reasoning, but it won't matter in the end. It is something I am looking into and asking others to as well. If we figure out a method, we can keep it in our arsenal until absolutely necessary."

Odette looks at Wesson. "We all have reasons to hurt Them. You want to understand forethought..." She stands up and grabs a few sticks from the tree. She walks back to the table snapping the sticks. She puts out the large stick on one end and a bunch of smaller twigs. "Let's say we find that weakness of this one." She points to the big stick. "Let's say minimal casualties." She crushes 1/4th of the twigs and brushes them away and then breaks the big stick. She puts down three more big sticks. "We don't know their weaknesses but lets say we get lucky and figure it out. Minimal casualties for each one. She crushes 3/4ths of what's left leaving only four twigs and one big one. "What are our chances here?" She shakes her head and looks at it. "Not only did vengeance kill your brothers and sisters but those that cannot fight..." She points to a pile of twigs. "They are dead now because those that protect them are dead." Her eyes lift up and look at Wesson. "What is more important to you? Their safety or your reasons?"

Wesson falls silent, watching Odette crush the stick before she leans forward to rest her elbows on her knees, her hands dropping between them. "I never expect anyone to fight my fight. I know it is foolish to go looking for a fight, I am saying we should be prepared either way, whether we like it or not. IF," she says the word with a bit more stress. "If we are attacked, we would have something against them. I said I am not going to hunt them down, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared either. Knowledge of weakness is a powerful tool."

Odette stares at Wesson. "You stated your plan is to kill or maim one." She points out. "My job is to protect this freehold from all types of attacks." She keeps her eyes on Wesson. "We are getting prepared in many ways. Some are building places for the non-fighters to hide. I am training to be a better fighter beside my brothers and sisters. We are getting prepared." She speaks simply. "I am not so useless not to prepare." She pushes herself up and stares at Wesson. "One of their weaknesses may not work for the others. We need to prepare for all possibilities." She shakes her head and brings her hand to her forehead.

"It was," she agrees as she cants her head, "But as I said I am trying to reorient my goals to fit the Freehold and its protection. It can still be done, when needed to protect the Freehold. In the mean time I would rather help in a more productive manner," she murmurs before dropping her shoulders. "And the Militia could help me, and I it, if you would have me. More than anywhere else, I think. I don't plan on endangering you nor the Freehold. I want to shift my goal to focus on protection."

Odette walks around the table and stands in front of Wesson. "Protecting this freehold is more about defending not going out to find a fight." She grabs the woman's chin. "If you want to be part of this Militia you will follow orders." She releases the woman's chin. "I will always have your best interests at heart even if you do not understand it at the time." Her voice is gentle. "Being prepared is more than knowing weaknesses and preparing for killing. All those lost who made it out and are not fighters need us to help them, to protect them, to keep them safe. They are why were are here. Their safety is paramount. Do you understand that?"

When Odette snags her chin, Wesson flinches but does her best to stay still until she is let go. "I have no problems following orders," she assures the other Elemental. Her eyes drop down to her arms to watch the flames within her veins slowly pulse upwards through her metallic skin. "I understand," she answers again, leaning into her knees once more as she hunches forward. "I am...I was a gun, I was made to be pointed in the right direction. You can point me as you see fit."

Odette stares at the woman and nods her head. "I understand. I was put to dance in front of enemies and I murdered them while I danced. I know what it's like to be a weapon." She speaks quietly. "They made you this way. You are not a gun. You are more than the sum of your parts. As a weapon we must be more. We must think a head and take what they gave us and use it in a way they did not intend. That is the biggest fuck you we can do to them at this time."

"Then you understand," she agrees with Odette. She watches the other Elemental carefully for a long moment before she sits up straighter. Reaching into her back, she pulls out the pack once more and flips it open. Wesson offers the pack to Odette in case she wants one. "Here's to more than being a weapon," her husky voice is tinged with a touch of amusement, though it remains rather deadpan. "You can help me think ahead. Sometimes when I think I am, I realize it isn't forethought but impulsiveness. Forethought is not my...forte."

Odette shakes her head as she looks over and stares at the Elemental. She nods her head and grins a little. "The militia works like a combat army. We seek each others help in all things." She grins a little. "I'm not always good at forethought either but perhaps someone who isn't in our shoes can see the pros and cons of our actions." She speaks softly. "Before I takes you in and have you join us... You need to meet with Hawthorne. He's my lieutenant." She speaks softly. "Also Ashton. He's the kindest of us.

As she shakes her head, Wesson reaches for one of them and places it between her lips. She repockets the pack and pulls out her lighter to light up. Taking a deep breath. Exhaling the smoke away from Odette, she bobs her head slightly in agreement. "Yea, no kidding. I am realizing I need a second or third party to make sure I don't fuck up." At the mention of names, she takes another drag before she nods solidly. "Hawthorne and Ashton, got it." She pauses then quirks her eyebrows at Odette. "Kindest, eh? Good to know." Smacking her hands against her knees, she pushes herself up to a standing position. "Hey, Odette, um, thanks, for considering me."

Odette watches Wesson stand and she speaks softly. "I hope you find guidance in us or in another. Be warned though... if anyone endangers this Freehold by being reckless, I do not hesitate to remove the threat permanently. My duty is to this freehold and it's safety. I would end myself if it meant keeping it safe." She speaks quietly. "Do not make me make a choice between the Freehold and a sister." Her voice saddened as if she's made that choice before. "Hopefully I will see you at our side soon."

At the threat, Wessons quirks her eyebrows slowly before her shoulders lift up then drop in a shrug. "It is not a choice I intend for you to make. Protecting the Freehold it is. As long as we keep going, keep being useful, keep having a purpose, we should be alright. Can't think of anything more purposeful than protecting those that need our protection." Her husky voice is solemn before she takes another long drag. She grabs her coffee mug, which has long since cooled, and takes a quick sip. "I hope so too. I have a feeling you're a pretty good Commander," Wesson returns solemnly.

Odette nods her head. "There is nothing greater. Remember too... Something that They hid from us a long time ago. While we were being weld into the weapons they wanted of us... Dying is easy living is harder." She reaches her hand out. "Help them live. Protect and live." She grins a little. "We can be prepared without being consumed by our need to make them pay. If we give them a part of our mind, we are paying the price. Not them." She takes a step back and offers a small bow of her head. "Go find them. I am sure they will like to hear from you."