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Characters: Molly and Sheena
Date: 2019-12-03
Summary: Changeling rock chicks discuss job prospects
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There's an open, grassy area, in one of the less wild sections of the part. It borders one of the roads that cuts across the City Park. Nearby, the mini-golf, an amusement park and, ominously, a police station. Molly's ignoring the police, and has perched herself atop a fence, along one of the pedestrian paths. One hand holds up her phone, scrolling with her thumb. The other hand is up by her mouth, and she's lightly chewing on a fingernail. Talon. It's really a talon. It's dark already, but there's still movement, and the mini-golf is open until later, at least!

Somewhere in the amusement park, a trash bin just got a couple wallets dumped in it. And emrging from it comes a leggy blonde woman in way too tight bluejeans, an AC/DC tee cut to remove sleeves and show off taut little midriff underneath a beat up black denim jacket. Eyeballing the birdgirl on the fence, the coppery green Sheena makes her way over, moving with the sort of sway that looks just about to break into actual dance. "You know being on the fence is supposed to be a thing about indecision." she says playfully.

Molly looks up from her phone. She's in skinny, graying black jeans, and what appears to be a vintage Prince hoodie. It's a little scruffy, but it's purple. She blinks, staring a little too long in Sheena's direction, eyes narrowing, before she pops her chin up in a greeting. Looking down at the fence she's perched on, she nods. "Yeah. Not like I got any plans right now, so that sounds about right," she replies with a small crooked smile and a shrug. "What brings you here?"

"Girl's gotta eat, drink, smoke, pay rent to sketchy landlords. And a tourist trap like the park is nice and crowded enough to make things easier." Sheena explains. "Not all of us get to come back to our old lives or land our asses in money, however nice our asses are." she adds a bit more playfully as she leans herself against that fence, keeping herself facing up if side on to the other woman. One arm draped over it while the other draping down her side.

Molly puts her phone away and glances around the tourist trap, watching the evening traffic, then shrugs. "Yeah, I guess so. I mean, some of us came back to our old lives but our old lives were shit, though," she comments with another small smirk, shifting back on the fence until she's awkwardly perched on the backs of her knees, rear hanging out the other side, only keeping from falling over by hooking her talons into the fencetop. "I'm looking for a job. I got - uh, retail experience! I don't think I'm cut out for it anymore, but I'll figure something out."

"Ouch, retail? Braver than I am. I know I got the chops for like tech and stuff but customer service just makes me wanna cry." Shenna admits with a shrug of her shoulders. "Just easier to rip folks off, let them find out they were ripped off, and soak up the glamor from them being terrified. From a nice safe distance." she goes on. "If there's harvesting in it, fair enough though." she adds and nods with a bounce of eyebrows over those big green eyes and wide grin.

Molly swings her legs, shoulders pushed up in a shrug. "I'm looking at kitchen work too - like, I've washed dishes," she clicks her tongue softly behind her lips, then pulls herself forward again, turning her pale eyes to Sheena, thinking for a second. "But - but yeah, either job, people get real mad sometimes. Thing is, working retail, I get mad too. And then, you know, things happen, someone calls the manager and I'm out of a job, somehow? And then someone gets their tires slashed. And then someone calls the police..."

"Could try your hand at like security. Bouncer type stuff. Get paid to fuck shit up." Sheena suggests with an evil smile. "Get to be on the business end of it then be the one that calls the cops. Girl that can throw down can probably clean up like mad." the metal chick further ponders with a hmm sound and a scrunch of her features in thought.

Molly brings a hand to her neck, long claws scratching very lightly as she tilts her head away to the side, her whole body leaning that way. "Yeah, but they usually want to hire big guys. I feel like I'd start more fights than I'd end. I mean - they ain't hiring me at a high class place," she adds with a sharp laugh, a high shrill sound - reminiscent of a bird's caw for a second there - that she pulls back into a small snort. "I'll figure something out."

"It might take some time. But you'll land on your feet. Or at least maybe knee skid. But any landing you can walk away from... Just save the crawling for someone you really like." The greenish blonde haired woman encourages, sounding way more optimistic from someone in the Autumn court. "High class is overrated anyway. More fun down in the muck."

"I'm pretty good at landing on my feet! Climbing things, too," Molly says with a sudden, sharp grin, pointing a talon in Sheena's direction. Then she hops off down off the fence. It's a perfect landing! Of course, it's a pretty short fence, so that wasn't impressive at all. Then she drapes herself across it, arms on the other side. "Not a lot of money in that unless I join a circus or something, though. I don't think that's my scene." Her head tilts back and she stares at the sky.

"Know the feeling, picked up a trick like that. Handy for getting around out of sight. Gotta be a bit more careful with ceilings but verticality ain't no thing. But not everything we're capable of needs to pay the bills. Gotta have some things just for us. Won't dance for a living myself." Sheena nods her head as Molly hops down and gets ground level with the skinny blonde. "Even if I could make a killing."

"Other than that, I'm just good at..." Molly just holds up her hands. Long fingers. Long claws. Then she curls them into fists. "But I don't know if that's real work," she adds, pulling herself up straighter before cocking her head to look at Sheena with a grin. "You know, I stripped? For like, two whole days. That didn't go well, either. Not that I can dance worth a damn, anyway," the young black-haired bird-like woman tucks her hands away into the pockets of her hoodie.

The metal chick nods and widens that grin. " Could always just try your hand at backroom MMM fights. You stripped? Well it's not like it's ballet. Just as athletic sometimes and probably more dangerous given the usual audiences. So I can see why you might have given it up. The tips aren't worth the attention. But I'd bet you'd have had a hell of a lapdance if the patron behaved themselves." Sheena rambles, features again scrunched up. "I'm sure we won't be the last girls in our community to consider and reject the pole though."

Molly nods slowly, swinging a leg and scuffing her toe against the pavement. "Yeah. I mean, this was before," she stresses that last word and gives Sheena a meaningful look, then grins. "These days, I'm not even going to - that's just a mess waiting to happen. No, thank you! Yeah. I mean, if someone has the right attitude, I'm sure it's fine. You can pull in decent money depending on where you work. I mean, that's what I hear," she says with another shrug. Clearly, she was not set to pull in decent money wherever it is she worked. Turning slightly, she sets her eyes on the mini-golf across the road.

"Don't sell yourself short. Normies don't see what we see when we look at each other." Sheena points out. She might look like the Statue of Liberty discovered punk rock fashions but the mask is just a skinny blonde chick with piercings. "Had ta learn to see the good in the mein. Sometimes something really weird just comes off way sexier than it should. I'm still figuring a lot of that. I was a kid when I was taken so conventional upbringings got left to my fetch."

Molly lets out another sharp laugh, eyes bright as she looks at Sheena. "No, I mean, dudes would just see the usual - I don't care about that. No, I mean. I got a temper. Summer, you know?" And then she drops her voice, just barely above a whisper. "And I got claws." She grins. Then, after a brief pause, tipping her head, she looks Sheena over, shoulders pushing back. "Jesus. You look amazing, what are you even talking about?" She asks, her grin wider and playful for a second, fading again a moment later. "That's got to be rough. I was gone, like - a year? Felt a lot longer, but everything's pretty much the same. Can't really imagine."

"No body issues here. No major ones. Says the green chick that looks like corrosion. Saying I'm finding the stuff that humans normally don't have hot when sometimes I probably shouldn't. The talons, folks that might have more teeth than lips. Fur in weird places. Pointy ears. And so on..." Sheena trails off and eyeballs the minigold course. And the signs leading to the normal fairways. Plenty of rich folks to steal from there. "It was the seventies. Then time gets screwy, I end up with a dead or missing keeper and a lot of freedom and bam. I'm here in the fuuutuuuure!" she says and sweeps an arm gesturing to the park in general. "No jetpacks though. Disappointing. At least bell bottoms stopped being a thing."

Molly just cackles. "Right? But, you know, there's whole communities of people basically horny on main for that sort of thing. It's like sprinkles on vanilla. But I get what you mean, like it could get weird if someone's /too much/ into it, right?" She goes quiet and shrugs again, giving Sheena a look. "Bell bottoms were kind of a thing when I was a kid. Skinny jeans were in by the time I was in like, middle school? But you still saw them around. And there's the internet, which is a mess."

"Oh god, when I found the internet. I can make computers dance, Half of what I swipe is ATM cards. But never had I imagined something so necessary and repulsive as the internet. Pretty certain jeans design should have gone static around two thousand four. Or at least while they just barely reached the top or my hips. Waistbands under my armpits are just as bad as low enough to have plumber butt." she states and looks over the back of her jeans. "Lots a stuff I'm glad I missed. Says my inner fifty year old."

Molly thinks about it for a second, then nods. "Yeah, that's fair." Exactly which bit is fair, she doesn't say. Straightening up again, she sniffs the air. "Yeah, that's - that's a really cool trick, with the computers. Especially if you're from - before there were computers, I guess? These days they put computers everywhere, right? So you can pretty much mess with anything." She frees a hand from a pocket and gives Sheena a clawed thumbs up.

"Turns out that being able to control machines extended to computers and electrtonics. Computers were a thing even then, think I just got raised in the Arcadian equivalent oif the tech boom. Was kinda into tech as far as a seventies kid could be. Found my fetch, apparently she's an engineer for some big end tech firm. What could have been I guess." she says with a shrug of shoulders and a bounce up front. "Lucky us. Anyway, I think I might go get in a round. Maybe a hot dog. You want in. I'm buying." the copper green woman says with an inviting gesture as she starts off towards the minigolf course. "Sucking at minigolf should be a good source of glamor for both of us if we pick our targets." she adds as hips sway and long legs carry her towards the hunt.