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Falling to the Light

Characters: Delphine, Emma, and Phoebe
Date: 2019-11-08
Summary: Emma loads the Jump Program, but just like Neo, FAILS. Lucky for her, there was something there to break her fall. Also, Delphine and Phoebe are there!
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Phoebe is drifting aimlessly along the city streets, her pale blue eyes darting from building to building. Her Mask is that of a woman with albinism, which attracts enough stares. If only they could see her Mien. Her hair glows faintly as it flows in the air, utterly undisturbed by the effects of the breeze. She seems almost as if she is drifting underwater, lost and afraid. At present, she is drifting near an old skyscraper, looking up at it with a combination of undisguised awe and fear.

There is being good at parkour, there is being lucky; there is also being reckless. Emma is currently the latter, trying to leap from that skyscraper to a building across the road, she misjudges distance and finds herself plummeting to the ground. That would've been a massive problem if a truck carrying a trampoline hadn't just been parked right where she lands, she bounds off, roughly, and ends up landing right next to Phoebe. The lucky break means she's conscious; but... she's still pretty hurt, "Ow."

Delphine is on the semi-angst-filled prowl, which is similar to a hunt but not really. Hunts end with killing a thing. She is just trying to FIND someone.

See? Different.

What she does not expect to find, after prowling around the corner, is a beaten and bruised and scraped up Emma on the ground between a truck and... what the hell ever thing that is standing over her. Her lips draw back in a domineering snarl, and she tilts into the beginnings of a charge!

A charge that will take a whole round of poses for her to close the distance! Convenient!

Phoebe shrieks in fright as a woman slams into the ground next to her. "My God! What has happened to you, madame?" she asks, in a strange accent reminiscent of old recordings. Then she sees Delphine charging forward. She screams and skitters backward, unsteadily. Her gait is awkward, and she raises her hands up in an instinctively defensive gesture. Her hair pulses, then glows, then blazes. As does her skin. As do her eyes. Her eyes... blinding light blasts forth from them, a brilliant incandescence that pours out through the Mask. Even mortal passersby can see a brilliant glow blast out from the pale woman.

"Misjudged, fell." Emma answers Phoebe, clearly in pain. She takes a deep breath and blinks at the bright light. Squints her eyes to shut most of the light out, even as she becomes aware of it, she hasn't noticed Delphine yet.

Bones grow, joints pop, muscles bulge and increase their mass... Delphine shifts into what might jokingly be called Dire Human... jokingly if it weren't so damn terrifying, with the teeth, and the claws, and the look of almost-murder in her eyes. Almost in part because she is very tactical in her approach. Planning. Calculating, even. But also because the human-shaped flash-bang just went all glowy and thus, Delphine is now just... squinting through the BRIGHTNESS of it all.

She does not see the trampoline spring on the ground in her path. And she's not running in flats. The ball of her foot hits the spring. Rolls forwards on it. The heel hits the ground with a SNAP. And what should have been a semi-competent punch turns into a flailing out-of-balance cave-woman putting her fist through the delivery truck's passenger window. Ooof.

Phoebe screams, stumbling backwards wildly. She collapses. "I won't go back!" she shrieks!

Emma doesn't have the energy to scream but she notices Delphine alright. She takes a deep breath, looking at the monstrous Delphine. "Stop." She states weakly, "It's not her fault. I fell from a building." She hopes that she gets through.

First there was the minor sunburn-like darkening of Delphine's skin. Which faded back to her normal caramel complexion quickly enough. The cuts and bruises on her arms and fist, from the glass of the window, ALSO heal up pretty quickly. The sleeve of her blazer is ripped and probably a lost cause. The Dalu spins, off-balance, kicks off her shoe and-

Words? Her fanged under-bite clenches, and her bushy brows furrow. "Go back where?" she inquires of the cowering maybe-prey.covering maybe-prey.

Phoebe looks up with terror in her eyes. "Please," she whispers, golden eyes wide in terror. "Please, I won't--I don't--I can help you, if you work for Master, if you work for her, I can help you escape, like I did--don't--please, please don't take me back."

Emma looks between the two of them, but doesn't actually have anything to do beyond dig out her cellphone and call for an ambulance. She doesn't know the first thing about Phoebe's problem, and trusts Delphine to be able to manage it.

The shift back to human is less mercurial and sudden, buuuut it does end up with a barefoot Delphine standing in the middle of a bunch of broken glass. She looks like a ball of GRR energy, but is keeping herself in check at the moment. "Take. You. Back. Where?" she asks, a bit more forceful, annoyed that the spirits do not know this blindingly bright woman's name. She glances at Emma. "You sure you want to wait for the ambulance? Especially at the scene of a vandalism." She gestures at the truck.

Phoebe lowers her arms slightly. "To Mistress. Back through the Hedge. To Arcadia. To the land of the Gentry. To Faerie." She shudders as she looks at Delphine. "Are you like the doctor? A vampire? You are a predator. Please, I don't... I didn't do anything. I just want to go home--I can help you, I can find things for you, just, please, don't hurt me. Don't send me back."

"Not a vampire. Werewolf. You know, the forbidden enemies who love each other in the romances." Emma answers in an attempt to crack wise, before glancing to the truck. "That was an accident, not a vandalism. And my lawyer is right here." She winces as she speaks so much.

Delphine's nostrils flare as she forces herself to calm down. "I don't know what those are," she says. "But you're going to tell me at some point." A pause. "Get up, go around the corner to the bar. Wait there and I'll come sort out this shit when I finish with this mess," she tells Phoebe.

With an easy motion, the blazer is removed, and she starts rolling up the sleeves of her shirt. the torn fabric is concealed fairly well. "Fine. But I'm billing from the moment I walked around the corner until the moment we sort this out with whoever shows up for the accident report."

Phoebe creeps forward, cautiously. "She fell from above," the woman says. She looks down at Emma. "Can you heal her? Can you change her body like you changed yours?"

"Sure. Just forward it to my new employer." Emma answers, then closes her eyes. "I'm gonna try to rest until they get here."

"That's not really how it works," Delphine says. "Others might, but I sure as shit don't know how." She snaps her fingers at Emma. "Rest your eyes, but stay awake. I don't know much about medicine, but I know you don't go napping with what's definitely going to include a concussion."

Phoebe says, "Shall I run and get a doctor? I do not know... perhaps a surgeon-barber is nearby?"

"The doctor is on the way," Delphine explains through gritted teeth, with lips drawn back in her annoyed-looking semi-snarl. "Get to the bar. It's accorded neutral ground, so we can figure.... this," she gestures at Phoebe and her lighbulby nature, "out."

Phoebe backs up, looking frightened, then scampers away. Her hair lingers, like smoke made starlight, until it simply... fades.

Not a moment too soon, as the ambulance pulls up just as Phoebe ducks out of sight! "Ugh, this bitch again," murmurs one of the EMTs, soft enough a human wouldn't hear. Delphine is not human. "Yes, this bitch," she says with her amused-feral grin. "By all means, hold off on calling the police to file the report. I'm on billable hours here..."

ANNOYED, the EMTs get to work, whisking Emma off as soon as she is in the totally 100% legal clear.