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Duncan, Tarot, Rum, Jinx

Characters: Duncan and Seraphine
Date: 2019-12-17
Summary: Seraphine meets Duncan at Jinx over rum and tarot. Among other things they discuss killing her fetch.
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It's 3am in the Quarter and Seraphine's shop is still open. That's because lots of drunk tourists like to go looking for voodoo when the bars close and they are bored. So Seraphine will often keep the doors open with mixed results. Sometimes she meets cool people, and sometimes she meets cool cops removing the uncool people. In any even she's at the table flipping through tarot cards and drinking a beer herself. For those who can see her properly, she's a tiny girl of about 4'8", with a face of porcelain like a doll and huge, wide, oversized eyes that are ultra sensitive to the light. There are streaks of black smudge running down her face from where she's been crying and she is painfully thin. But that is only if one is able to see her mein. Otherwise she is a smokin' hot brunette, though she's still only 4'8" high.

Duncan walked in with a bit of a yawn. He had a bottle of rum in his hand though it was open he was not drinking it currently. "Whats up little one need some help?" He asked his accent showing that he was from New York. He was in a t-shirt, jeans and boots. To her eyes he was a monster of bones and shadow with glowing eyes and runes covering all of his body that she could see.

The man startles Seraphine. She looks up and her huge eyes look terrified. And then she calms down for a second, mostly because she thinks it's a halloween costume. She starts to dismiss him an eccentric, but then looks up at the giant man once more and realises, he's not really a man. Or, rather, he's one of them. One of her. "Ohhh-oh. Okay. Whoa." The beer is put down and she stands to meet him, even though she's absolutely horrified. But she tries not to be horrified because she doesn't want to offend him. "Hey... there. I'm Seraphine, what should I call you?"

Duncan looked at her a bit "The one." He said to her very serious with a nod before he let out a laugh and a chuckle "Nah my name is Duncan. Nice to meet you Seraphine. How do you do?" He took a sip of his rum. "Would you like some." He said offering it to her.

Seraphine is confused. "The one?" And then the thing is laughing and giving her a name. ‘Duncan’? It's very hard for her to align 'Duncan' with this skeletal giant with little lights for eyes. For the longest time she just stands and stares up at him, unsure what to do exactly. "Did you come here to take me back?" She whispers the words, scared senseless they might be true. She's only been back about a week, she has no other explanation for a monster walking into her shop named 'Duncan'.

"To my place sure if you want. If you mean the other place over my dead body will someone take you back while I am around." The first part seemed to be a joke latter was said dead serious with his eyes flashing a bit. "As for why I came in was bored and wanted to take a look at the shop. I am cathloic Irish and Scottish so not like I know to much about anything in here."

"Ohhh. Okay." He's got to be like her. "I'm sorry. I just... I only returned back here about a week or so ago, and all this is new to me. I don't even really remember, much, but it's crazy and your look is even crazier. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude. Uhhh... Catholic are you?" A small smile plays on her lips. "The Vodoun religion used Catholicism to hide behind when it was brought to the United States, so you might actually find a lot of similarities with your religion. That being said, all the crap in here is just that. Crap." She laughs. "I'll do you a reading though, and even though it's still crap, it's more fun then most of this crap." She nods with a smile. "What do you say?"

Duncan thought about it for a moment "Sure but if you give me your number. We will have a deal." He said the number part quick putting his hand out for a shake to seal the deal with her. "Oh did not know that about them just know what I was told well was not that long ago to my mind but is years ago now."

"You missed the point. I'm doing 'you' a favour by reading your cards for you. If I also give you my number then I'm giving you two things and you've given me nothing." Seraphine has only been here a week but has already done down this road. "I'll do your cards for you, just because it's a fun way to pass the time. Plus we apparently have a lot of alcohol, between the two of us, so it should really be a lot of fun. You'll love it. Come, sit." She points the hugely tall, very scary, alien looking thing over to the booth table so he can sit for the cards. "You ok with that rum? You want some coke to put it in, I don't want them taking you out of here on a stretcher."

Duncan chuckled "That is where you are wrong. I am doing you a favor by getting your number. I help people out like I asked if you needed it when I walked in. Cannot help you if I do not got your number to call and see how you are doing can I?" He said without much thought before he went to the booth she said to go to. Getting his cards read.

"But I didn't say I needed help. Oh Jesus, here." She grabs a pen and pad and jots down her phone number for him. "Are you... like me?" She thinks he is but wants confirmation. Not that anybody couldn't lie. After she heads back to the booth and sits with him. He didn't ask for coke so she didn't bother, but brings two more beers with her, just in case he decides to slow down for the night. "If you're like me, how long have you been back? And do you remember anything?" Because she really can't.

Duncan looked at the number before putting it in a pocket. "Hey relax I promise to only call to see whats up and see if you want rum I promise." He said making an x over his heart. "Yeah I am like you. I have been back since August. As for what I remember bits and pieces of it. Not all of it but enough to know that it was fucked up and I got a lot to atone for."

"Something to atone for? I thought we were abducted and held captive, over there." She doesn't even like saying the word. "What could you possibly have to atone for after that?" She is extremely curious and even more doubtful now that she isn't getting played. She's heard all of them talking, and the general consensus is that it's a horrible, terrifying place. "Well here, let's get to know each other better. Can you think of a question in your life that you'd like to know the answer to? Like, 'Will I ever go back there?' or 'Will I ever find true love?' That sort of thing."

Duncan shook his head "We were abducted and held captive yes. But that does not mean we were locked up in a room or a cave. They put us to work. I was a fighter in an Arena I was made to kill others like us for sport for them everyday. Over and over and over again. I do not even know how long that went on for. I was gone 20 years this side could of be hundreds over there for all I know." He said with a shake of his head. "And sure lets go with True love since I doubt someone would love a monster like me."

"Wow. You remember a lot. You killed us?" That doesn't seem like such a smart thing to own up to, especially with someone he hardly knows. Or doesn't really know. "Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to remember, not if I came out of it looking like this." She points to her face then continues the gesture down to her feet, as if he didn't notice. "So, I will start shuffling, and you concentrate. When you feel the 'right' amount of time has passed, tell me to stop shuffling. I'll let you cut the deck and then I'll begin."

Duncan nodded to her question. "I know some that use what they remember to help others that have just escaped. Or to give knowledge. I know others to use it to drive them into a frenzy so they have something to hold onto to make sure that the Fae pay for what they did. And then there are those like me that wish they did not remember what things they did. I met someone that was forced to eat the scrapes of us after the Fae played doctor or General. To make sure things were clean." He looked passed her now as he spoke as if he was not in the room speaking with her. "Others were used as huntting dogs to prey on some of us that were made into prey animals. The horrors of that place can fill a library and still go on." He shook his head before he looked at the cards before he said "Stop."

Seraphine listens to his thoughts on all this as she is shuffling, then stops abruptly when he says 'stop'. She drops the deck, lets him cut it in half, then draws the top card off the pile and places it on the table in front of them. "You get three cards, each one tells of your past, present and future thoughts on whether or not you will find true love." If she had a dollar for ever 'true love' question she's had, she'd be a billionaire. Up comes the Nine of Cups and Seraphine begins to speak from rote as to what exactly the Nine of Cups means.

"Enjoying the fulfillment of desire is indicated by the Nine of Cups. You had reached a place in your life where you were comfortable and happy, and were able to enjoy the many rewards of your past actions. Contentment and luxury are suggested by the imagery of the man, sitting comfortably, enjoying the nine cups arranged on the banquet table. Life was your banquet, and you earned the right to enjoy it. In old tradition, the Nine of Cups is the "Wish Card" and was always thought to mean the fulfillment of one’s innermost desires."

"Does that sound anything like your past relationships or lovelife?"

Duncan shook his head "No I was single when I was taken. Had gotten out of a relationship a few months before. She did not like my long hours." He said with a shrug.

"No. Nobody said anything about when you were taken. It was about 'past relationships'... so your ex is a past relationship, and it might not have been the specific ex, could have been a different one. Anway." She Shrugs, feeling like it might have hit home more than he'd like to admit. "OK your present." She flips over... "The Four of Swords." And then begins to remember from heart about the card.

"The Four of Swords represents an inner retreat that you are currently taking. Your present situation is very difficult and you may be in the midst of much turmoil. A temporary truce seems to be in place, and you are now seeking recuperation within. The swords on the wall symbolize your previous battles, and the sword at your side represents your current conflict. You will soon take up the sword again. The battle isn’t over, but when you return to it, you’ll be invigorated and able to formulate a mature, effective response. When combined with the Eight of Wands or the Six of Swords, this card can also mean that some kind of an actual trip may take place, one intended to bring you peace of mind."

Seraphine pauses to let all that soak in before she adds, "Huh. That might be a winner."

Duncan nodded "That one is pretty much spot on yes. As for exs that was my only ex so no other ones to think back on." He explained to her after she explained it to him. "Why I went right to her."

Seraphine nods. "Oh yeah, that makes sense." And then brings down the third card. "Okay this is the Empress and she represents your future."

"The Empress is the fourth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number three to signify many forms of fertility, including the reproduction that comes from human partnership. She, like the planet Venus whose symbol adorns her, rules love. The gentleness and emotional sides of motherhood are her domain. Growth is embodied in the fields of grain beneath her feet. The grain sustains and supports human life. The Empress is, in this way, an expression of mother Earth. In some instances, she can indicate a pending marriage, or herald the arrival of motherhood.

The Empress in your future indicates that you will use loving, caring ways to accomplish your goals without losing your power. You will be required to put your heart and soul into your undertakings, and cultivate your talents, but retain your control over the situation. Do not let yourself become either too easily swayed or too inflexible. Above all, you will be the best barometer of what is right for you. Remember to use your judgement."

Duncan looked at Seraphine for a bit "Well motherhood huh? Sure that one was for you and not me?" He said giving her a wink. "Well the second half of that was standard advice normal enough. First half was interesting to hear. Thank you for the reading." He said with a nod. "How much do I owe you?"

This has Seraphine laughing. "Not you silly. Your love interest. It means, vaguely, that you'll have a kid some day. Or may, anyway." The little Lost girl continues to snicker and then nods her head in agreement. "You're right, it's all very vague and could fit just about anything you try hard enough to fit it into. This is why this is bogus. All this stuff is bogus. But the tourists believe and that's all that matters to me. By the way, I only charge tourists. Drunk tourists get charged double. For you though, it's free. Any anytime you have a question and want some answers? Stop by and I'll read you. I just can't ever guarantee it will be accurate." At least she discloses that.

Duncan gave a wide smile "I figured you know Catholic but hey it is your job you offered and no reason to be rude to someone in their shop. Best to roll with it besides it was fun to listen to at least. So you got that going for you." He said giving her a thumbs up before taking another sip from his rum.

"Yeah, it's a fun thing to do but it's in no way accurate. Just sort of passes the time, and makes a lot of revenue for not much work." As she picks up the cards, she seems deep in thought. "So, maybe there is something you can tell me. When I got home my family started telling me I was acting weird. Turns out they had me al the time I was gone. She doesn't live with my family but shows up now and again it sounds like. I don't dare go over there anymore because I'm afraid she'll show up while I'm there. I'm not really prepared for who she is and what she's done, and am pretty sure I'd have to put her under if she came up to me. She is identical to me in everyway. At least that I could tell from the brief times I have seen her."

"And you want to know what she is? That is called your fetch. Sometimes when the Fae take us they live a fake us behind that has our memories but is wrong in some way. Might get into trouble where you did not. Might of been a great person where you were a bit to deal with. So they get use to the changes so when you come back as you use to be who is the weird one now?" Duncan asked.

"Is she here to take me back? Because I'm not going to go back." She reaffirms, especially to herself. "Is she dangerous? Is she the same strength as I am? Do I need to kill her to keep safe? I dn't want 'them' knowing where I'm at. Though I've been staying in the same town with it for a week, I'm realy paranoid that she and I will be spotted in the same area by my family, and then she'll want to kill me? What are these fetches like?"

Duncan shook his head "She has been there since you left. More likely than not she does not know she is fake and thinks she is you. I know some fetches know more but that is rare. You can kill her if you want can help you if you want me too as well. As for what happens when she sees you I do not know. I have heard stories but well they are stories. Some go into shock, some attack you, some get weird and call the fae. It depends on how the fae made them and well the fae are the fae."

"Well, what would you do if it were you? Would you kill it? I mean, I can avoid it but I don't know for how long. And I'd like to be able to see my family again, no matter how much she traumatised them." Seraphine is taking a bit of a leap of faith there, but she seems assured that it is doing damage to her relationships. "I'd like you to help, if you don't mind. You're super big and really scary. Maybe she'll be caught off guard thinking you're one of them." It could happen.

Duncan thought about what he would do "Well I have been gone for 20 years and from what I can tell from women on the straight I still look around 30 and I have tattoos covering my body. I was not like that when I was taken. So for me killing the fetch and trying to take my life back is well not realstic. But it seems for you that you have not been gone that long and look about the same. So I would say do it but first ask others about what would happen if you do. To make sure that the risk is worth the award. As I said I enjoy helping so will help you."

"We might have to track her as she is not living with my dad and sister, but I don't know where she livs actually. Maybe she went to University. /Maybe/ my dad paid the money saved up for me and spent it on her. If so I'll be livid. "I" was suppose to go to University. "I" was suppose to be a doctor. Now she is doing all that on my dime. Well, no way. She's got to go. Maybe we could just put her back on a one-way fight to Arcadia, (there, she finally said it) that way I don't have to commit murder but I may have to if we can't get her to leave and go back on her own..."

"Like I said she might not even know she is not you. That is the tricky part. Can say go will just think you are crazy." Duncan said to her "But best to get ready for the worst case which is having to get rid of her. As for being a Doctor well if he did and she did take a year off to get use to things and study. While at the same time saving up money you know to pay for things. Since you will taking back your life which is partly her life now will have to get use to some of the things she did and figure out ways to get out of them or go along."

"Okay, that's good advice I suppose. I'l have to do some research and figure out where she is. Then I'll ask for your help if you're still willing at that point." She looks at the clock on her phone and sighs. "It's 7:15a and I've been here for way too long. I'm going to go ahead and shut down this place, Maybe I can talk to you again this weekend or coming week. But for now I'll say goodbye and thank you for all this great advice."

Duncan nods "Alright good day little one and need anything call." HE said he had a phone out and was calling her so she had his number as he walked out taking a sip of the rum as he started to whistle a tune.