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Cryptid Wars: Connect The Dots

Characters: Jeanie with Ramsey as ST
Date: 2020-05-20
Summary: They've seen the board set, now Jeanie sets out to connect the dots about the Gatoroid threat.


If Jeanie were actually printing off all the stuff she had spent the afternoon trying to look up, she'd probably need a bunch of red string and a tin foil hat to complete the crazy look. As it is, she's taking the better for the enviornment approach and just bookmarked like... fifty gazillion blogs and other websites which who even KNOWS how she found that particular corner of the web, but it's taken a while. Long enough enough that when she finally stretches out her leg from where she had been sitting cross legged with her laptop on the couch, she has to shake it a bit to help with the whole pins and needles while trying to rub at her eyes. "Ooooooofh."

The recesses of the web yield wisdom and madness in not exactly equal measure. But they do have both. Conspiracies of reptilian creatures wearing the skins of humans and taking over as government officials. Sewer gator stories. Some bullshit from Florida probably. So many things. But a few things stand out. It's all largely from the later half of the twentieth century and onward. Before then, not as much. A mysterious photograph of something hairy... A gorilla? Fighting a too-large alligator. Something about its proportions is different, but familiar to something Jeanie has seen recently. The name Robert Cade attached to some unrelated strange pictures of odd cell morphology.

Jeanie is checking EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING. She's even got some episodes of the Crocodile Hunter running on the projector that she's not really watching as she digs deeper into the history of a Dr. Cade and begins muttering. "Of course it's Florida. Gators all the way down!" Right to University of Florida and the whole history of Gatorade. But back to fantastic (horrible) beasts and where to find them. Aside from Florida, cause she's much more worried about the New Orleans variety. Or ones that might have migrated to Louisiana. Or been engineered, genetically, chemically...

Sightings of these stranger sort of gator stories do have a definite geographic shift across the American Southeast. The spread doesn't quite make it into the Carolinas, but its westward trend seems to favor the Gulf. Lake Pontchartrain, the Mississippi and certain bays and brackish inlets seem particularly the environs, and the wetlands adjacent.

Jeanie adds a few more bookmarks of those news stories... compiles some social media posts... a vlog here... a tumblr there. It's a process, but she's slowly but surely working her way closer to home. Every so often she'll take a break to stretch before her back starts protesting too much, but research is a process! A long, painstaking, sometimes eyeblurring process. At least she thought to bring some snacks! Like the can of pringles that is almost gone as she crunches her way on up to the Mississippi.

Taking another run at coallating some data into some sort of occult sense, there is a point where this starts looking like a migration map. But something from another thing comes up. Bigfoot. Normal sasquatch sightings in Louisiana started DECREASING in the mid to late sixties, and by the 80s had been largely relegated to those of the Honey Island swamp monster, rather than regionally. It's not definite causation, but it looks very much like what happens when an invasive species drives out native wildlife.

In fact, Jeanie even takes the time to make a little map, making use of her still existing student account for some GIS software. THAT is something important enough that it actually will be printed out, eventually. When she can take the time to find a printer. But for now, she's on a roll even if Big Foot was not something she had ever seen herself seriously reading about, but here she is and taking it very seriously indeed.

One article. It stands out. Why? Because it is insane. And yet, it fits perfectly. It's an attempt at classifying bigfeets as a species or series of subspecies, discussing traits that vary by region. It seems Louisiana was once home to two types. The standard arboreal... And the Duck Toed Big Foot... Matching alarmingly to the webbed simian feet reportedly from the Honey Island swamp monster. Could it be that a specific subset of bigfeet have been able to survive due to their aquatic adaptation?

Jeanie blinks and has to read that article again. After stretching and running to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee, sweet nectar of the research gods. "Duck Toed Big Foot... no wonder nobody's seen them ever wearing shoes." Cause that would be a nightmare! "Honey Island isn't that far away... maybe a field trip..." Or maybe after staring at a computer for who knows how long Jeanie's just itching to do anything else. Even go chasing for a big foot. Maybe.

There's one more piece to it all, the connection to a whole other can of worms. The Grunch. Reported in the area since the founding of the Vieux Carre, but traced to an area very, very closeby, at the east end of Little Woods, almost exactly where Jeanie, Fawn, Seraphine and Axle encountered them. And they've been on the rise in reported sightings... Since the mid-late 1960s. The hole left by the dwindling sasquatch has either opened up a niche for them, or it could be a case of prey no longer being checked, like an explosion of a deer population after wolves have been removed from an ecosystem, or simply the removal of a rival prompting population growth.

Whoaaaa, there's a little bit of a flashback as Jeanie stumbles on her old friend the Grunch. Friend is a strong word, but definintely a recognizeable and unmistakeable description. "So THAAAAAT'S what that was..." Putting a name to a monster doesn't really help, but Jeanie is doing her best impression of a cryptozoologist now. "Seen the gators. Seen the Grunches. Where are all the sasquatches? Sasquatchi?" It's a head scratcher for sure, but looking back at her maps, Honey Island is looking pretty promising. At least for more trouble?

The TV yields one final strange, strange piece of all this. As the late great Steve Irwin is showing how to deal with a small alligator, the popup below shows what was originally coming on next after it. The search for D.B. Cooper's fortune. The little icon shows what's almsot a treasure map, undecipherable. But she knows the shape of that. It's printed backward, and upside down. Honey Island.

"D.B... The plane guy?" Jeanie sees the map and definitely sees the Honey Island in it, but how they relate, she's still not quite sure, but she wants to find out! While she'll keep the TV on, she also starts down another internet rabbit hole seeing if she can race the TV to finding out what the inverted map means... or where it came from. And as for how to deal with small alligators, she may have made some mental notes about applying downward pressure on the jaws, but she's probably going to keep leaving the gator wrassling to the professionals... or the Ramseys.