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Capitalizing Capitalist Spirit

Characters: Agatha and Axle (with Jeanie as ST)
Date: 2020-09-01
Summary: A too busy corner store is a too good to be true... or natural. Two werewolves poke around to find unsurprisingly a spirit influencing things.


There's probably always been a little gas station on this corner near where I-10 cuts through the Seventh Ward, but it certainly hasn't always been this busy. No grand opening signs, not whack waving inflatable arm tube men or any other promotions one might be able to make out from the street, but something is clearly pulling people into the Speed-E Mart tonight, just like it has been for the past several nights. Cars at every pump and even a few backing up traffic into the street, with an occassional irritated horn blowing and yelling at folks to hurry up.

Agatha had heard some things about it, and grown curious. He arrives later in the evening by foot. He worse his usual on such a hot, humid evening. A black tank top, khaki cargo shorts, and dirtied up blue tennis shoes. "If this turns out to be nothing I'll buy you a beer," he offers to the Ithaeur he'd dragged along. He pulls a stray stick of bubble gum from his pocket, unwraps it, and tosses it in his mouth. As he starts chewing he walks up to the store and says, "And if this is just some regular joint I'll even get you another drink." He barks a laugh when he opens up the door, and turns back to steal a glance at all the cars at the pump.

"Naw. I still owe you a favor, so I'm up for anything until the debt is repaid. Not that /this/ is the favor. You know what I mean," Axle replies. She's dressed in her new pair of overalls; gonna take another three months or more to break them in as good as the other pair was. The pair that someone who shall remain nameless -- because he is burnt up -- threw up acid all over. Up top under the suspendered bib she wears a red cotton muscle shirt. On her feet, her new black, snazzy leather motorcycle boots. (Possibly shoplifted.) Tied to the hammer loop of the overalls is one of her touchstones; her billy bat flashlight. Upon her person are hidden a few other items. New leatherman. (Also possibly shoplifted.) Old Zippo lighter with the AC/DC logo on it. Tin of Wintergreen altoids that click clack in her pocket when she makes too-overt movements.

Her interest in the cars outside is two-fold. First she's scoping for classic cars such as the type that make her giddy with grease monkey glee. Second she's checking to see if there's anything amiss about the drivers.

Sadly for the grease monkey Ithaeur, all the cars do seem particularly mundane and most seem to be between five and ten years old... mostly your average run of the mill cars, although given the neighborhood it's not surprising to see that most of them are on the older side and a few might be nearing their last legs. There is one lonely Prius sandwiched in the middle of the mess that looks a little out of place, but could just be someone having exited from the interstate. None of the cars at least scream SPIRIT. The door of the convenience store jingles open and a couple kids run out, sadly empty handed, although they do have plans and their not shy about saying them. Even over the din of the parking lot traffic jam, something about they can be heard saying something about telling Liza and she'll definitely come and buy them... something. A very loud horn blare inconveniently blasts just as the last word was being said.

The horn draws Agatha's immediate ire, but he waves it off apathetically. The kids get a glance from the Elodoth, and he shoots a look to Axle for a beat. Inside the store he goes, nostrils flared as he takes in the scents of the place. All things considered it's probably not that great, and he lets out a long sigh. "Even past that I'll get me some beer on the way out anyway. So long as it ain't haunted, obviously." He goes inside fully, and doesn't start moving again until Axle's inside. He scans the place for a few moments, looking between whatever patrons remain inside.

Perhaps to throw off the scent of their arrival, perhaps to better blend in as patrons of the convenience store, or perhaps just to be a goof ball, Axle doesn't pause once inside. That would be inconspicuous. Instead, she remarks, "Honey, I'm going to go see if there's a bathroom while you go grab the test. Get First Response, not some generic brand," she directs him. If Agatha even knows that's a brand of pregnancy test, she's not sure. Having spoken, she gives her flat stomach a little distracted pass of her hand as she walks deeper into the place, headed down an aisle toward the back where lies fountain drinks.

Inside, the layout of the store is certainly normal enough although the crowd waiting for the registers certainly is odd. This isn't the only gas station in the neighborhood and not even the only one on the corner! Quick scan of some of the prices will reveal that nothing is particularly cheap here, the prices might even be a bit higher than some of their competitors and yet... there's more customers than the two cashiers can easily keep up with. They can barely seem to take their eyes off of whatever their ringing up as the Uratha enter. To even a wolf's senses, they seem human enough, just very, very harried at the moment with all the work. Back towards the drink Fountain, there's also the small hallway leading to the bathroom and another door saying DO NOT ENTER that might be a stockroom. A Wet Floor Sign has been set out in between them. It doesn't even take particularly hard looking to get a whiff of the Essence flowing from behind that door and the feel of the probable locus.

Agatha cast his gaze to the shadow, happily ignoring the world around him for a second. Then Axle's voice breaks hi mfrom his surveilling to snap him back to the skin world. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and glares at her for a second before he starts moving. "Yeah. Sure, babe," he finally replies. As he starts walking near the fridged goods he stops at the beer, because of course he would.

He makes his way down the aisle, and shouts to her, "Make sure to get that cream so you'll stop itching!" He crouches down as if he's got an eye for something, but shakes his head. Agatha stands back up, and starts making his way to the hallway without a glance behind him. When he gets to that door he stops, and curses under his breath. He whispers low enough that only the other wolf might here him next. "You any good at picking locks?" he asks as he gives the handle of a the door a quick check.

"Thanks for reminding me!" Axle calls back. She draws the line at pretending to scratch a feminine region of her anatomy. She heads on back toward the rear area where the bathroom and other doors await. She's surreptitious about her looks toward the other door with barely a pause as she goes into the crapper. She doesn't bother to enter one of the stalls. Just washes her hands in the sink and then, if nothing untoward happens to her in the john, heads back outside.

As entertaining as the wolves' little show might be, none of their fellow shoppers seem to care much at all. A few snicker, but nobody really bats an eye. More at focused on perusing items on the shelves or in their hands than whatever anybody else might be up to. The bathroom is all clear, but not neccessarily all clean. Someone clearly didn't get the message of 'If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat', but there's nothing particularly spirity there. It's all coming from the DO NOT ENTER door which when Agatha tests it, definitely is locked. Having a moment to get another sniff at the locus just out of reach, the resonance doesn't seem particularly malicious... maybe a little bit Greedy? But it is a shop, so could just as likely be Capitalism at it's finest.

"I've picked a few in my time," she softly answers back. "Brought the multi-tool for a reason," she points out. It's taken out of her pocket and opens out the flat-head screwdriver attachment. "Don't need to, though. The hinges are on this side. Pop that under the pins," she instructs, offering Agatha the tool. He'll have the greater strength than she does, most likely, even in the hands.

Agatha shakes his head, and puts his hand over hers. "Nah, you do it. I'll play lookout. Just try to take it off the hinges without noise, and I think we're good. I think." He reiterates that one more time under his breath, mostly for himself as he turns around. He pulls out his phone, dials something up, and lifts his phone to his ear.

Pure essence must have absorbed into the fuckin' lock on this sumbitch and strengthened it. Because it takes Axle a while to open the motherfucker. And it's a sloppy job even then. It's not until she switches to a different head on the multi-tool that it works out for the two Uratha. There's an audible click as the door's latch clicks out of its locked position and she gives the knob the tiniest of turns to open the tongue without opening the door yet. "Ready?" she whispers to Agatha, tongue-tip sliding out to rest at her lips as a little pink triangle of determination. It enhances her skillset or something.

Stockroom maze.jpg

Well known fact that tongue bleps totally help with concentration tasks. The door does eventually give way and they go mostly unnoticed by the humans, except for a pre-schooler following his mother to the drinks machine, tugging at her hand and asking what are they up to, but the woman doesn't seem to even notice. The door unlocked, it's easy enough to get inside but not that easy to get far inside. The store room is a MESS, practically a hoarder's paradise. Are there even any walkways in here?

Agatha continues talking on the phone while she does her work. He asks a few questions about birth control, and then starts the usual uh-huhs. When he gets word that she's done he turns around. The phone is stowed away then. He stops at the sight of Axle for a second.

He whispers, "You're gonna bite your tongue off if you keep doing that." After one quick glance down the hallway before stealing away inside. "Jesus titty fucking Christ." He grumbles something after that, and starts making his way to the locus. "You feel that?" he asks of the shaman.

The door is closed and locked -- if she didn't gank up the lock when she was so-ferociously picking at it like a by-God amateur. Fuck. Once inside the room she looks around with a small frown. "Holy fuck. Did a Walmart throw up in here?" She looks around some and then suggests, "Give me a boost up. I'll see if I can see deeper in?" she offers, gesturing at the Elodoth for emphasis.

Agatha might feel something tugging at his senses, the edges of what little walkways there are trying to move about like an M.C Escher painting, but he can at least keep a clear enough head. The door is clearly behind him and the feeling of a decent sized locus ahead and to the right. The same can probably not be said for Axle. How many steps did she actually take anyways? It can't really be that big in this room and yet wherever the door once was, might as well be gone as far as the Ithaeur can sense. And while there is definitely the feeling of the locus somewhere nearby, but there's walls and walls of crap obscurring her from it.

Agatha doesn't lose his pretense of subtlety as the world seems to shift around them. He looks up to those walkways, eyes narrowing for a moment. "You all right back there?" he asks while movign forward and closer to the locus. He garbles it mostly, but he growls an utterence to anything that might be nearby to hear. ~Show yourself,~ he growls.

"Fuck. I just got a wicked case of vertigo," Axle mutters. She goes so far as to sit down where she had come to a stop, a befuddled look on her face as she looks around -- as if she can't see the door that's just a few feet from her current position. That spirit has her all turned around, just like the one at the junk yard did. She is definitely not good with labyrinths. Fuckin' Goblin King.

"Fuck," she repeats under her breath, raking back her hair with both hands.

There's a sense of a large huff of disappointment as it appears at least one of the Uratha's doesn't fall to it's tricks. Discount signs and boxes of merchandise swirl off the shelves and materialize into a very, very large vaguely humanoid-ish shape up ahead, growling back at Agatha. ~Theives... you do not belong here.~ Clearly the spirit is thinking it has more a claim on the locus than either of them. <shift> Agatha changes to his near-man (dalu) form.

Agatha takes a few steps back, careful not to knock anything over. He reaches out a hand to Axle's shoulder as he looks up to the materializing spirit. A slight squeeze is given in reassurance while his attention remains on the spirit. He shifts up and out, and bares his teeth up at it. "You don't belong on this side of the world either," he counters in his now gutteral tone. "We haven't taken a thing from you, or this place yet. So let's all be calm. Okay?"

The stirring and the growling draw Axle's attention; her chin remains lowered to fight off the bulk of the nausea she feels from the disorientation of the dread power to which she has succumbed. Agatha's hand on her shoulder helps, but it'll take a bit more for her to shake off the full effects of the maze's pull. She listens to Agatha's words, and then adds her own two cents. "We brought you something!" she calls out to the spirit, and her hand steals toward the bib pocket where she tucked that tin of Altoids. She doesn't reach inside yet. Gives it a little shake shake. Trying to draw the spirit's curiosity.

Click-rattle-click go the curiosly strong mints inside the tin.

The Amazing Cardboard Construction's signs that mimic eyebrows despite not having any actual eyes narrow towards the shifting Elodoth. "Someone needs to tend this locus. Would you rather it turn to despair? Pollution? Wrath?" The spirit of commerce has certainly left its mark on the area and the resonance of the locus here and its more than a mite possesive of it. Axle's call however does have the spirits head tilting curiously, apparently rethinking its initial assessment just a little and while it may be focused on the mints, it doesn't reach for them just yet. "Something for what?" Because nothing comes without a price, not in its world.

Agatha looks back to Axle as the jingle-jangle of a bribe draws the spirit's attention. "I-" He stops, clears his throat, and quickly corrects, "We can tend this locus, and she offers you a gift. In return I would like you to watch for stranger happenings in and around this place along with things outside of this building. Your home. To also aid us when we do call. What else would you need for such?"

It's not the mints that Axle reaches for inside the bib pocket. She's also careful when she slips her fingers down into it. It's also where she tends to keep her wallet. Or whatever wallet she has on her at the time. This one's a red velcro Wonder Woman model, and she holds it between those lengthy fingers of hers, index and middle finger to be precise. Could be credit cards in there. Could be cash. Could even be an ATM card or a folded emergency check. Just what a spirit made of cardboard consumables might be attracted to. She holds it up where the entity can be sure to see what she has to offer it.

The spirit scoffs a little bit when Agatha suggests they tend it, hitting a spot on the vain creature. "You? She wouldn't even have found this if it weren't for your luck." The Ithaeur's earlier disorientation certainly didn't go unnoticed, but she is the one with potential gifts. The mints aren't compelling enough but the wallet does seem to have it itching just a little closer. "I tend this place, my home, for the Essence it offers, and keeps generating. Gifts are nice, but that appears a one time thing... you're asking for commitment..."

"You may tend to this place, but I see no signs of a court. Either you're a hell of a lot stronger than I presume, or you're out here on your own. You may not know all what happens on this side of things, but money may start to stop coming through here. Slowly and surely." Agatha takes his hand from the Ithaeur's shoulder, and spreads his hands to show his earnestness. "What I speak is the truth. We offer you protection from any would-be attackers, be they wolf or spirit. We also will tithe to you offerings of money and ensure that people still come here despite the rip-offs on the shelves." He shoots a look to Axle that's plainly asking for backup. "Favors for favors, yeah?"

There's no sign in Axle that she intends to do the spirit harm, neither in her body language nor facial expression; she's hurt them before of course, even chomped them for the Essence, but that's not her every interaction with the critters! Quite the opposite, as evidenced by the initial gift she offers. The Ithaeur remains seated criss-cross applesauce on the floor with the wallet held between her fingers. "I have friends in weird places. Would you like to have a website that generates traffic to this place? We can make that happen."

When the spirit acquiesces Agatha dips his head low in thanks, and shifts back down to something a lot more mundane. He brings his hands up to the straps of his tanktop, and rests his hands there while tugging at them. "So about that beer I mentioned..." His voice trails off as he starts to make his exit of the storage closet. "This place is seriously a goddamned ripoff so somewhere else if you don't mind."

"I'm strong enough," the spirit claims, and the thriving conveneince store certainly seems to back up its claim. "But I'm willing to... try this arrangement. Especially if you can bring in more traffic. Whatever a website is." He's a commerce spirit, but not an E-Commerce spirit. But seeing as the spirit has at least made a deal with them, the effects of the maze do wear off and the door is visible to BOTH wolves once more. Although the spirit is definitely keeping the wonder woman wallet.

The wallet is set down on the floor before Axle pushes herself back up. Any lingering affects of the dread power she'll have to shed on the way out. In the meantime, she inquires of Agatha, "I forget, who was buying who drinks? Am I buying because it didn't suck?" she clarifies, flashing a grin toward the Elodoth who is fast becoming one of her favorite people to hang out with. She turns back to the spirit, clasping those long fingers together in front of her and giving the creature a short bow. "You'll be hearing from us soon. Just ask for Axle if you need something in the interim."