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Bringing Sexy Back

Characters: Axle, Lita, Saulot
Date: 2020-08-21
Summary: Axle and Happy are leading a hunt to the now retired Sexy Dan. He's been found out to be a rat host, and the hunt is on.


It didn't take too long to find a Locus in town. There were a few spots around town, most of them waning in power and likely to pass into obsolescence in a few days without a caretaker. Following the scent of the Beshilu née Sexy Dan was easy enough. The musky, bloody smell he left behind wasn't masked at all, although the constant foot traffic in the French Quarter did make things difficult. Doubly so since walking around on all fours as a wolf would've given any wolf away within seconds between the Herd, cctv, and phones almost constantly being held out by someone.

After a few days they found something leading eastward. There were tiny holes chewed through the Gauntlet. Nothing large enough for even the smallest of Wolf's Children to go through, but it was a trail. Something that wasn't wholly tainted by the constant movement of the Herd and everything else that floods their senses in the city.

Finding their way to those holes in the Shadow wasn't difficult with a Locus no more than thirty meters away from it. The nose knows the way, and eventually they find the spot where the shards of Plague King had filted through to this mirror of the skin world.

First she had to heal up from the acid puke, before she could devote time to hunt down ol' Dan Goodman and his Beshilu parasite. Add the time that has passed to the fact that Axle is just a dumb cub lacking much in the way of knowledge about... well, most things Uratha. But she has good instincts and a spirit-buddy to help out from time to time, to keep her focused.

She's armed with a few items that can make fire happen, including a little portable blow torch of the type one might use to make crème brûlée. A couple of extra cannisters of Zippo fluid for the torch are tucked into the pockets of the new overalls she picked up. There's also a zippo lighter and a small can of hair spray in her back pocket, the size one might pass TSA security checkpoints with. On her feet is a new pair of motorcycle boots to replace the ones Dan puked on.

"Well. I guess this is it," she says to her companions. Happy was there when Dan was "fired" of course. And Axle had Lita's phone number to bring her in. And Agatha... Is he there, too?

Somedays Sheridan feels like an exterimator. Frogs, roaches, now rats. It's quite amusing for the Rahu. So when word from Axle gets out about hunting Beshilu, the Iron Mistress has no problems tagging along.

Stepping up at the locus and leaving her motorcycle parked out of the way, the large woman turns up wearing clothes she seems to have less care about. Old beat up bluejeans, a dark blue workshort that might have been swiped from an old boyfriend since it struggles against her upper half. And some worn old wedgeheeled sneakers adding a few more inches to Sheridan's existing six feet.

With a hunt looming the werewolf is already channeling essence into amplifying her strength and instincts.

"You feeling ready for this Axle hon?" she asks the pub with a reassuring smile.

Happy had needed his own time to recover from the acid puke and sudden ratfestiation that took place in the backroom of Dead Johnnys, The Older biker even more wet behind the ears than even Axle was had done what he could with his spirit-buddy to assist in tracking down Dan, though it was prone to moments of blind leading the blind.

When that little trail was finally found though he seemed to fall into things fully heading for that spot on the back of his 1974 shovelhead. The bike parked not far from Leta's as he moves to join the little gathering. The man checking his pocket drawing out a brass knuckle placing it onto his right hand before looking down at it as he all but grumbles, "That fucker..cost me my god damn jacket. Not to mention.. do you know how much that shit is gonna be to replace." Yeah Happy was far from it even tonight as he headed with the others for the locus following their lead.

It takes nearly an hour, and the scent isn't just from the French Quarter. Oh no, not at all. It leads them away from there, and into the southeastern part of town. The nearer they get they can see the handiwork of Plague King's shards. Tiny little holes that show through from the spirit world into the world of meat and substance. Then they can see it further down the street.

It almost looks like a castle if it weren't for brick, mortar, and the big sign that reads Robert Hudson Grade Schools K-8. It was surrounded by a moat of broken down cars and torn fencing that circles every corner of it. The few spirits that can be seen closer to the school and inside the makeshift moat appear humanoid, and likely reflect the feelings on the other side. The largest that roams around is a small, whirling tornado of metal and ichor.

At the top of the school they can see the dead giveaway. A hole in reality just big enough for a human to fit through it if they hunched down a bit. All around the roof, and going up and down the buildings are wee little vermin that don't notice the intrusion of the Uratha just yet.

"Naw. I'm never ready for this. But that fat fuck has to go down. I can't have him existing in this dimension anymore in any way, shape, or form," Axle says to Lita with a faint smile on her lips. "Besides, he ruined my favorite boots and the overalls I spent months breaking in so they'd be all cosy."

It's after that that she seeks to perform the ritual of the Sacred Hunt, to add that rite's hallowed aspects to their search. She uses an eye liner pencil to draw some whiskers on her face, like a rat's, and adds a black spot to her nose to mimic the animals nose. And then she adds a few little squiggles and spirals, curlicues and other "mystical" shapes for good measure. Because she is a dork and hasn't mastered the Siskur-Dah. But the intention is there, and the appeal to the spirits is in her heart, so... She hunkers over and does her best impression of a scuttling piece of shit like Sexy Dan.

And when the spirit magic kicks in, gives Lita a breathless thumbs up to signal it's time for her to lead the track toward Hudson.

There's enough tracking signs that even Lita can follow and soon enough though steady tracking can be a pain and it definitely was for her, she's leading the others to the roof of the school and the breach in the gauntlet. "Well, shall we make the leap?" she Rahu suggests and peers into the hole before doublechecking the others are good to go behind her. "Figure I can jump through first. Breach that shit like a riot squad."

Happy makes his way along following the others, The older looking biker glancingover towards the Rahu hearing her suggestion. A small subtle nod given as he murmurs, "Yeah, sounds good.." The man watching her curiously a moment only to glance Axle's way as if trying to glean some subtle hint from her about what to expect or do.

The jump might've been difficult on its own, but the mangled up chainlink below is even worse. One across when the Ithaeur makes her jump. Not an easy landing, but she comes out fine. The Rahu and Irraka go after, but the Irraka isn't so lucky. He loses his footing, and there's little for him to grab onto short of a prayer to some unseen god that might answer his prayer.

The curly-haired Ithaeur takes a moment to rake her hands back through that curly hair, which has become rumpled from her running around in fat-fuck rat-mode. She still has the rather comical rat face makeup on when she glances over toward Happy and gives him an exaggerated shrug. "Don't look at me, A.E. Do I seem like I know what is going on?" A diabolical grin is flashed at him, those seriously thick eye brows of hers furrowed close above green eyes.

She's not bad when it comes to athletics; however, she's smol compared to other Uratha, and that's a big obstacle to be overcome. But she backs up and takes a running start at it, hurrying up so the trio don't attract attention from those little shared of rodent hosts that are all around the joint. She makes it across -- just barely, and hunkers down to a crouch upon landing.

Litatakes a huge leap with less run up than Axle but just enough to get some momentum. The very athletics Rahu grins and as soon as she lands turns on a quick pivot on her foot and rather gracefully catches a hold of Happy as he stumbles and almost falls to his doom. "We gotta get your butt running around more." she suggests quite cheerfully as she makes sure the man is stable on his feet before the group moves on.

Happy tries to follow the two younger and more athletic females up and over that fence, The man's foot just barely catching against it before that balance of his signals that near end of him when he is called A.E. The man's brow furrowing only to lift as surprise shows when he begins to fall back, The older bikers arms moving out only to have himself caught and helped by Lita, As he comes down he mutters under his breath. "If I wanted to run wouldn't own a fucking bike.." A pause before he adds, "Thanks.."

As soon as they find their footing they're allowed little breathing room. Gunshots echo with its every word, making it difficult to hear anything beyond the immediate area. ~Blood for blood!~ rumbles the many-voiced spirit heading their way. The cyclone of skin, guts, blood, and bullets maddeningly grinding up earth as it makes its way to them. The spirit is just a head taller than the lot of them, and as wide as two.

"Say that again when you want to chase something in wolf." Lita smirks and adds playfully. "Bikes can't go everywhere. Sadly." she says with a shrug and looks further along her path. It's when gunshots ring out and there's a Khorny sounding battle cry that Lita turns and steels herself for a fight, already focusing herself on finding a good place to put a hurt on the currently larger assailant. While she starts packing on muscle and mass even more than her normal as she steps up to her Dalu form and moves in to grapple it. Hugging things out, Lita sinks her claws into the agressive spirit and gets a good old hold on it as she brings her head back and then like a hammer, drives her skull hard into the spirit to rings it's bell like Big Ben at midnight.

Seeing Lita bulk up and move into grapple the large spirit like creature there is little hesitation from Happy, The biker himself shiftig into that Dalu form and moving in seconds later to attack from behind working his claws across the things back as he gives a low near growl.

"Wish one of us was a cop; if we had a piece of one of their clothes we could fuck this thing up," Axle points out as Lita shows off her exceptional prowess as a fighter and brings the thing to a screeching halt. It's her turn to become Dalu, but she can't seem to get close enough with all the bodies around MDK; she swipes at the empty air just shy of making contact. Which pisses her off and brings her to snarl out, "We kill then fat fuck die!"

Lita holds the spirit in place while the thing tries to shake her off and the others have a swing at it with varying levels of success. When she positions herself against it again, she maintains the hold but a knee strike and then another very painful headbutt clunks loud against the spirit while the Rahu lifts her head with an almost manic grin as she moves like she's about to hit it again and keep head butting till it eventually discorporeates.

In the form of the wolfman she stands jsut shy of meeting the spirit's height. However, the thing finds little room to move despite its width more than matching Lita's. The swirling spirit shudders under the onslaught of the werewolves, and soon enough goes pop. It explodes in a display of blood and bullets that rain down on the three of them.

Their victory was short-lived, however. During that short burst of violence the rats that'd be scurrying along the walls of the school had disappeared. All the while, though, they can still hear their skittering and squeaking through the halls of the dilapidated near castle-like school.

Standing there in that larger dalu form Happy looks ready to strike out at it again from behind only to see it discorporeate to see the manic grin upon Lita's lips, The man blinking a few times before shaking a finger at her. "Gonna have to watch you..That smile.." His head shaking as he gives a low rolling chuckle only to have it fall away as he hears that skittering within the walls around them. The biker's features shifting into a more serious look as his hackles seem to raise.

There's all kinds of witty remarks that Axle would utter, were she still in her Hishu form. But since she has shifted into Dalu, and thus has become that wee bit more bestial-minded and lizard-witted. So she merely raises those slightly more muscular arms into the air, clenched into sharp-tipped fists. A bit of a Wookiee moment, but then she is turning to look around for all the shards of the Beshilu that have vanished in the wake of the hubbub of brief battle. She looks around for signs of the creatures, before she starts to lumber on toward the aperture that seems to be where Dan would have sneaked off to.

Lita keeps herself in her Dalu form. A fanged grin as she looks down at the blood soaking her and the others as she pops the spirit rather messily, she does at least wipe the blood from her face but her blonde hair is soaked enough now she could probably pass for a redhead. Turning her gaze on Happy, she chuckles. "Ain't done yet." she says and steps slowly over the mass of bullets and blood that might make something less heavy than a couple hundred pounds of muscle slip. Looking over at the castle slash school that her pointy ears had been hearing shit from she points a clawed finger. "Soo sounds like they went that a way!"

The spirits around are native to the area. Unlike the vermin and rodent-intruders that have holed up in the school. The Ithaeur finds a few of the spirits of the area, although they're now much more apt to give the werewolves their space. Wee things of minor rank and power, and hardly in comparison to the murderous spirit that blindly sought the lives of the werewolves. Decay and abandonment. Murder. The highest of highs. These mundanely foul things were the residents that called this saddening hellhole home.

The words from Lita have Happy giving a small subtle nod, The man following that motion of her claw and those begining movements of Axles off in the direction of the school. The biker in that Dalu form making his way along falling in step in the wake of Axle as he murmurs. "Had to be a fucking school. If there are any creepy fucking clowns or assholes in striped sweaters.." The words trailing off as his head gives a little shake. Yep seems even Bikers had their level of the fuck is this shit.

"Yes. I want to tear him apart," Axle proclaims, her hands clenching and flexing in turn. Those fingers on the Dalu version of Axle are kind of gut-wrenching. Still elongated from the Clever Fingers she once possessed, and now even more so with those claws on the tips. The lunacy that would be provoked if she ever reached around from behind some poor human and dragged across their face...

For now she flicks a look at Happy and mutters, "One, two, I coming for you," flashing those pronounced canines at him, raking hands through bloodied hair and picking up the pace to get to that hole in reality.

"Pimply nerds in black trenchcoats with no respect for women more likely." Lita guesses evilly and flexes her knuckles with a decent crack. No time like the present. We've got a dirty rat to bring down. And I can only hope the blood stains don't follow us home. No biting if you have to shift further. rat ass is probably gonna taste nasty." she points out.

The path to the school is free and clear. The spirits want no part of the Uratha, and give them more than enough space the peanut gallery of spirits watches them as they come a-knocking. Their entry has no resistance as the door hangs of its hinges, seemingly welcoming them in.

The walls are covered in webbing, the lights flicker to life only for a few seconds, and the floor is caked in dust. Footprints can be found below in the dust: small shoes going this way and that. The imprints and ghosts of the school's long lost purpose.

In the air and through the stink of obsolescence they can smell the Beshilu further inside. They can hear them scuttling along above them. Too many steps to actually count how many of the rats may be inside. They can see the handiwork of the hosts as they look around. Small pockmarks in reality that work as little windows that peek into the abandoned school in the skin world.

Happy moves along with the others, The man not responding to the tease from Lita on one two beyond a slight curling of his lips in a near wicked grin. When he hears that scurrying as the trio heads into the school Happy just mutters, "You were saying?" A glance given over to Lita before he looks to Axle, "This time we kill the cunt.." The man's words leaving him in a near growl as his eyes flit from her to look over their surroundings. The wet behind the ears Irraka moving along tense and showing it as he seems to be just waiting for another face full of acid and rat swarm.

Once inside the school itself, there's less need to fear the prying eyes of the Herd -- especially considering the place is abandoned and had the moat around it. Axle continues to pad on along in her boots. The moon is calling to her, and she starts to lean over in mid-step, transforming into a wolf as she falls toward the floor, such that her paws hit the floor rather than hands. She sniffs and snuffles along, pausing once in a while to touch her tongue to things, because she is still a dipshit who licks stuff like that.

She raises her head as she comes to a pause, letting instincts take over for a time. It's her moon in the skies and she reaches out with a Spirit Howl to drive other spirits in the vicinity away from the trio, and perhaps cow the rat hosts from coming out of hiding to annoy them while they're tracking down Dan.

"This is gonna be the cockroaches all over again." Lita growls with a shake of her head and a shrug of her shoulders as she hears all of the skittering. Happy's determination gets an eyeroll as he curses like an Australian.

"So was it just little rat sized swarms or we getting up in ROUS' grills?" she asks the more experienced pair in how to deal and what to expect from the prey. At least she's not shouting or anything but at this stage it's not like stealth is gonna be handy for her.

Their approach is quiet enough, or as quiet as a bunch of werewolves can be when hunting their prey. They find the stairs for the next floor in the far end of the hall - past empty class rooms littered with empty vials and syringes and dust-laden books cast on the floor.

The second floor is surprisingly empty despite all the noise they heard. Despite all the noise they still hear. The second floor is covered in desks that have been chucked around, although unlikely done by the hosts with the dust and rust that covers them. Another set of stairs are the opposite end of the hallway that lead to the third floor.

They can feel it. They can sense it. They're closer now. The chattering. The squeaking. Unsurprising to be sure, but there's something they can recognize. Something tickling the forward brain. Chanting. Humming. That noise has a rhythm. A tune they can easily follow that moves at the thrum of a steadily increasing heartbeat.

The Beshilu can be seen near the stairs that lead to the roof. Almost a dozen of them. The biggest of them is a bulbous, fat thing that looks like it should hardly be able to move. Despite losing whatever humanity it had in the bodies it took to make that form the scent is all too familiar. Werewolves, Sexy Dan. Sexy Dan, Werewolves. Then it hears them. It turns its double-headed visage right to the werewolves, snarling as it hisses. ~Wolves. Dogs,~ it grumbles. This alerts the many, many smaller ones around them. They look as children, almost, save their rat heads, and the pulsing bodies that glow a soft mixture of black and green.

~Kill them!~ it screams. Without another word it grabs one of the small things, and before the werewolves know they've been found it hucks one of the smaller hosts right at Lita as it explodes in a plume of acidic blood that likely burns through clothing and skin.

That ratnade goes off right into her center mass and makes a nasty sizzling sound as it destroys clothes and burns flesh and muscle. There's a very, very angry sounding snarl and with blue eyes locked on Sexy Dan's ironic ass, the Rahu charges in and with a rather furious precision jams her clawed hands towards the Host to try and disembowel or knock his ass about. But it is a hot and there's a huge mess and almost a match for the stinging acidity that's left it's marks on Lita.

As the battle unfolds, Axle remains in wolf form the the first volley, leaping into the fray to snap her jaws at the closest rat mite; she's still a cub and not as comfortable in this skin as she has been her human form for nineteen years. She chomps her teeth together just shy of contact.

The overlarge shard of the Plague King recoils in pain under the Rahu's attack. Claws rend away skin and bone as glowing green ichor spills onto the ground and her calws. The blood of the Host burns away at clothing, skin, and everything else it comes in contact with. It rears up, screeching something unintelligible. It comes down with a swipe of its own, but ends up simply clawing at the air beside Lita.

The smaller Hosts were going to help the priest of their congregation, but the Ithaeur steps in. Several of them are still too terrified to attack, but enough find their mettle. An onslaught of claws and teeth is launched at Axle, although most of them miss the lithe wolf. One goes flying well over the wolf, and lands some two meters away.

Lita grunts and strains as Dan puts up a fight and gets extra messy, burning and corroding Lita's flesh as she fighst and hopefully she can kill the former human now rat host before she starts impersonating the toxic avenger. Healing and cleaning up is not going to be fun.

The Rahi takes a swing and tries to clock the rat king hard enough it rings any bell, keeping her fists closed like over sized meat hammers.

Upon hearing the pained noise from Dan, the Ithaeur takes note of the fact that the creature's blood -- like his vomit -- is acidic. No sense adding injury to the insult of fighting the little ones, since she's not bad-ass enough to take on Big Dan. Axle transforms back into her human guise in short order, whipping out her fire-making weaponry. T'would take too much time to bring the butane torch into play, so Axle settles for the zippo and travel-size can of hairspray. Long fingers flick the lighter open and crank the flint to make flame, the other hand depressing the nozzle of the aerosol can to spray flames at the mites.

The mighty priest of the Beshilu gives no quarter to Lita. However, due to its size and ill-fitting host it can barely land a hit on Lita. It instead tries taking a bite out of her side. Only the clack of a missing bite echoes around after it's pelted with a punch.

The smaller hosts stay on top of Axle without giving her much room to breath. As the one that flew off returns to the fray another goes flying in the wrong direction. The fiery spray unleashed by the Itaheur does destroy one of them as the flames are too thick, and cause the oily fur to catch fire before it explodes in a display of red-green blood and gore.

Lita takes the chance with the bell ringing punch that she takes with that last bite to bring her claws up and then down in a long downward slash. Acid blods gonna be a swine to heal and it's already going to take hours. One could almost wish it would take even more too kill but why waste a perfectly good Gauru rampage. the sound of other rats sizzling and popping gets a kinda burned and corrosive tinged grin and a future high five for Axle.

With a scowl on her mouth, Axle gets on in there and empties out the rest of the little can on her next move, holding down the nozzle of the can until nothing comes out but a little final bead of moisture; all the aerosol's used up. She finishes off by throwing the empty can into the mix; maybe it will asplode if it lands in the midst of the entities, or bean one of them in the head.

Lita eyes a good little opening for her attacks as Dan wobbles with a case of dicombobulation. Lita's roar in somewhat pained anger is punctuated by the Rhu finally putting her back into the fight, scooping up the once Sexy Dan and with a shoulder bump under his jaw bounces the Rat King up just enougy she can get some purchase and with a mighty flex of many an acid burned muscle turns with a pivot and swings Dan hard against a nearby wall like she was knocking it down with a sledge hammer. The thud alone good and hefty. The splat, might not want to be in the first four rows.

Axle's faux flamethrower sets many of the hosts aflame. They pop in similar gory displays, and the resulting flames burn away any chances of escape for the shards. The wee rats and mice are consumed in the flames before they have a chance to go anywhere else.

The leader of the shartha that have called this place home is gone, and in sudden fashion. As Lita throws the massive host into the wall it explodes - like a balloon when too much pressure is applied. Its back bursts open, and showers the wall in green blood, meat, and a few bits of bone. In the ensuing mess of acidic blood that starts to cover and melt away the floor they can smell thme before they can see them. Sevaral shards that start darting this way and that to escape further offense from the Uratha.

The Rahu steps back from where she painted the walls with acid blood and looks around at the shards that get loose. A bloodshot pair of blue eyes roll upwards and then the large woman starts moving as quickly as she can to get as many under the treads of her boots as she can. And hopefully avoid much more acid or even fire from Axle's torch. Those boots are gonna be as much of a write off as the rst of her clothes.

The torch is lit in short order and Axle puts it to use on not only the moving shards, but also the remains that Lita has been stomping onto the floor, being as thorough as possible about the task. "Burn you fat fuck!" she yells at the floor, as if Sexy Dan were still around to hear her. He's still around in her bad memories of the creature, at least, and that's what she is punishing with the flames, to ensure she doesn't have to endure a repeat of his presence.

Their work bears fruit a few minutes. Tiring work that it is. Stomping and burning each of the little shards trying to get away. By the time they're done the floor is a mess of fur, meat, blood, guts, and acid. Even worse is that it's all on fire. All of it. The floor, the walls, and soon enough the ceiling.

If they were anything short of Uratha the billowing smoke might start to be a problem, but it doesn't do anything beyond bring a strong cough at the worst. The resulting stench, however, is strong enough to burn the hair out of their nostrils.

Looks around the mess and waves some acrid nasty smoke away in a futile flap of her hand. "Think that's it for the cook out. You good there Axle hon?" she asks the Itheur and smiles while looking every bit a little hot mess in acide ruined rags and melty soled boots. "We are going to need every bottle of shampoo in Louisiana when we get out of here. But I'm sure any other Beshilu or spirit that wants to fuck with the town should have seen what happened. So worth it to cleanse the worlds of that stain."

"God that smells almost as bad as Dan did," Axle complains, ejecting the butane can from the bottom of the torch, letting it drop and kicking it across the room. No fingerprints on it, that way. She takes time to load the second cartridge into the torch, from her pocket; that leaves her with one refill in another pocket of her overalls. "I'll be all right when we get out of this stench. But I should try to check the Shadow side of this place for any other vermin to cleanup. Can you find your way back without me?"

Lita hmms and looks around. "I probably could but considering how many things like to swarm and pile on us. I'd be a shitty ass bitch if I let you do clean up alone. So lets get it done then we can head out together. You did pretty fucking awesomne so not gonna bail and jinx it." she says with a big bright smile that totally doesn't look good for the state Lita's in. "Besides I probably should wait for all this to heal before walking around in public."

There's currently no way to get to the third floor short of scaling the school from the outside. Further down along the second and first floor there's nothing of the Beshilu to be found footprints left in the the dust in the halls. The smaller holes the Shartha created are still present, although there's nothing around to make use it for now.

The smoke is still getting thicker as the fire continues to burn. Axle laments, "I should have brought a damn fire extinguisher, too. We better get out of here before we melt," she tells Lita, coughing once or twice as the acrid stink and toxins in the air do some damage to her throat and lungs; likely only to be healed up as soon as they're clear of the place. But first they need to make tracks back out. Better sooner than later, and Axle has been wanting to try out her cinematic werewolf powers since her first change. So she makes for one of the room's windows and hucks herself out of it toward the ground below.


The Rahu agrees with Axle on deciding it's time to leave. And when the Inteur finds a decent enough window, and with her own running leap the Rahu defensestrates herself in a similar manner and lands with a decent thud and maybe a groan as the melty gunk she's been gtreading in might have started to do a number on her feet. But they're out and done and ready to roll on home.

We then received a report of MULTIPLE instances of this kind of behavior proving beyond all shadow of a doubt that he had perpetuated this