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Bodies in the Ninth

Characters: Kalina James Fred Yvette and Delphine
Date: 2019-10-30
Summary: At 2:10AM there was a meeting to take place in the lower Ninth Ward, however Kalina's contact is already dead when she arrives, and after the ambush the cop must get rid of the evidence, but other people heard the gun fire...
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It was early morning, 2:10 AM, Lower Ninth, a devastated area with occasional rebuilding. Some of the old not quite destroyed buildings even had electricity in them again, like this building here. Four stories, about ten apartments per floor, most of the ground level boarded up. It was a potential meet with one of her dealer contacts that had led Kalina to the area, but when she arrived her man was dead to a gunshot wound, and she was next up on the chopping block. She didn't know that however, because the stench of freshly spilt human blood was all that was required to awaken the Wolf deep within her Spirit. When the gang bangers that had offed the dealer came around the corner, a seven foot tall wall of death was not what they were expecting. Anyone within the four block radius would have heard the staccato of automatic weapons fired, followed by the horrible agonizing screams of men being torn limb from limb.

Twenty minutes later, the Kuruth satisfied by the blood in her mouth, Officer Hodgins finds herself in a situation she's only been in twice before. Focusing her mind she goes to the door and closes it as best as she can, and while slamming it shut she infuses her Will into the motion. Every light in the building suddenly goes dark, only the occasional flicker from random windows showing that indeed power is still coming to the building.

The sweet smell of blood, oh how it sings to James. He'd taken a different route, so he's late. But nonetheless the smell of fresh blood is captivating. The lights going out is quite curious, and so he approaches the nearest door; then raises his cane in an attempt to bash through said door. James is clearly still feeling the effects of torpor, for his bashing on the broken old door lacks the intended effect.

There are times that a sensible person ignores the sounds of a fight, times that a sensible person hides from them, and times that a sensible person runs away. Fred is apparently not a sensible person; sticking to the shadows and lurking with all his might, he closes in on the building from which the screaming and the gunfire was coming. The scent of blood doesn't take much following, and Fred makes his way quietly up towards where said scent is coming from. Very quietly. Because gunfire and screaming are not typically things that one wants to be seen to investigate.

Delphine knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows an informant for various organized crime syndicates. So it takes a little bit for the news about a shootout breaking out down-town. She's there quickly enough to investigate, business cards at the ready. Someone may very well need legal representation when the police arrive. Wait. Why didn't her contacts in the /police/ let her know about this?

Why the hell is Yvette here? Maybe she was wandering the 9th ward at night. Or maybe she has even more of a suicidal wish and is actively looking for strange things. But in the age of social media, it's not particularly hard to track down strange sounds. And here is the woman, no phone, no gun, walking towards a building where a lot of violence has happened. She's got a large canvas satchel hanging on her side, and she doesn't seem particularly fazed right now.

At the sound of something striking the door she had just slammed shut less than five minutes ago, Kalina is fast on the draw, her service weapon drawn and she's approaching the door. It's not exactly silent, but when she grabs ahold of the doorknob and pulls it open James gets a nice good look down the barrel of the Glock 22 and the wild-eyed... tiny blonde cop girl from earlier this evening? Blood smeared all over her face and along the hand that grips the weapon steadily. "Doctor... James? What... in the Hell..." Her voice is a whisper, but she glances to and from before she takes a step back, barrel never leaving its point at his chest. "Come on in Doctor, nice and slow now, lets have a talk."

James takes a look at the gun, then back to Kalina. "Officer Hodgins, I fear your fangs far more than I do your toy." He states calmly, "So please, put aside the toy and let's be polite about this." He does in fact not seem concerned by the weapon, but does follow her in, "Can you do something about the blood on your face? The smell is distracting."

The living room is composed of half molded water logged furniture, though recently smashed up looks to have been some cheap folding chairs and a card table. Blood covers the walls and is slung in wild arcs along the floor and ceiling. In one corner slumped down is a black male in his late twenties or early thirties. The other various pieces of individual look to be Caucasian or Mexican/Cuban based on the splotches of skin that can be identified from the various strewn bits of limb and gouged open torsos. The automatic weapons are either clutched in dead hands or scattered across the floor, the clips spent.

Fred lurks at a point where he could see in if he chose to, out of sight and out of mind. He's just quietly monitoring all that occurs. Ignore the shadow who's one with the shadows, nothing to see here. Move along.

Delphine looks around and climbs through one of the many broken windows, into the abandoned building. Concealed from the outside thusly, and removing her doc martins, her body begins to shift. Specifically bulge. Muscle mass gets added here, her bones picking up density and length there... where once stood a 5'6 near-stick-figure of a woman, now stands a hulking mass a little over 6 feet... and honestly, still looking kind of stick-figure-ish. Comparitively.

Stupid low stats.

ABOVE! Bashing sounds, and then an authoritative voice that... sounds familiar. She grunts and moves through the first floor in search of a staircase. Trying to pick up scents and find out where to go. the scent of Uratha on the air keeping her on her toes, but. It's /familiar/ Uratha, so.

Yvette pushes open the door and walks in. Sees the viscera on the ground. That doesn't really bother her. There's a mechanical 'click' as a portion of her left arm /sinks/, somehow, and slides away to reveal a hidden compartment. She retrieves a small handheld weapon from the compartment. There's another 'click' as the arm returns to normal. Her grip on the weapon is steady. It's obvious that she's proficient with handguns.

Then she sees Delphine. There's a moment's hesitation.

It's a long hesitation.

"Get the fuck on the ground and put your hands above your head!" Yvette barks, levelling the stun gun at the werewolf. That's definitely going to work! You go, Yvette.

The gun is put away, the movements from Kalina precise and practiced, the strap clicking back into place on the holster to keep it from sliding free or perps yanking it out. At James's words she brings a hand up to her face and wipes at the crimson, looking at the newly stained fingers and cursing a little under her breath before she takes a few more steps back, "I don't have anything for that right now. How.. why... you must be a.. what did they say at the signing.. a vampire? I don't know shit about you." A sudden deep breath, a drop of her chin for a moment before it raises again. Then there's yelling from downstairs! What the... she turns to look at the door, back to James, her little nose crinkling as she sniffs the air, "Did you bring the girls from the restaurant with you too?"

"I did not. Is she here? The fool." James answers Kalina with a shake of his head. "And yes, I'm an immortal bloodsucking monster." He shrugs and shakes his head, "I smelled blood, and got curious." He doesn't seem bothered, "So what happened here?"

Delphine stops moving at the loud and authoritative command. She does not, however, get on the ground or put her hands up. Instead, she turns to regard the stun-gun wielding woman. She looks...not QUITE every bit the image of a hollywood wolfwoman. She could very well have walked off a set of a CW show.

Except for that tiny nagging voice that probably points out that it all looks TOO REAL to be makeup. Her lips draw back in a feral semi-snarl, and grunts out a guttural word that sounds like it might be some ancient sumerian or some bullshit.

Fred, wherever he's lurking, blinks at the sounds from below. The words 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' wander through his skull - but the scent of blood is up here, and he's hidden where he is, so he doesn't move. Yet.

Yvette smoothly pulls the trigger of the stun gun. A perfect shot. Which utterly fails to fire. The woman pulls it again. There isn't a third time. With a simple "Fuck," Yvette throws the gun to the side, charges the werewolf, and delivers a blow right to her solar plexus.

There's a strange, metal creaking sound in the place of bones snapping, right before the fist ricochets off Delphine's hide. Yvette looks up at the werewolf. "Fuck," she says--this time with feeling.

Kalina raises an eyebrow, tilting her head to the side, then shakes it as she turns back around to the bodies. She points to the man in the corner, "My contact, Devaren, was supposed to be handing me some info about some boys in the area. When I came in he was like that, and these guys..." She opens both hands palms facing each other fingers splayed and then spreads open her hands to indicate the whole mess before her, "Came from one of the bedrooms and I... got a little angry. Makes the clean up easier, don't have to explain any missing rounds." She turns back to James then, "But... it sounds like we might have to go figure something else out before I can figure this out, do you need.. any of these? I don't know how you work, I haven't had time to read up on blood suckers." She's already trying to walk past him and into the doorway at this point.

"They're dead, useless. And besides, I'm not hungry. But I appreciate the offer." He approaches the corpses and takes a deep sniff, trying to figure out if there's anything interesting to their smell. "Well, you'll have to figure something out. I'm just a concerned citizen who heard a strange noise and knocked on the door, only to be threatened by a police officer whose face was covered in blood." A pause, "But I'm willing to help."

The Dalu looks down at her chest, and then over to the metallic-sounding fist that just punched her. "The fuck was that?" she growls. "Yvette, you need to calm your ass down before you get hurt." Because yes, that's how you convince a ball of metallic rage how to calm down.

"Yeah? Go tell your fucking Protocol the same fucking thing," Yvette snarls. There's a strange, hissing sound, and the grinding squeal of machinery under load. The capillaries in her eyes surge red and begin to seep blood into the sclera. The woman's arms contort, then bulge, and she surges forward to punch Delphine... who steps aside. Yvette's fist connects with the wall, which shudders under her blow. The cinderblock receiving the majority of her blow cracks under the pressure--as, judging by the sound, do a few of Yvette's fingers.

Fred, with things up here quiet and things down there starting to sound more interesting, moves. The Irraka becomes one with the night, drifting noiselessly down to where he can get a good view of Delphine and the other woman - and moving out of the way of the entrance too, because bloody firearm-wielder and her undead friend might be on his heels.

"I don't need help removing their bodies Doctor, but if what I'm hearing is happening, we might need to get rid of some other bodies." Kalina says as she draws her sidearm again and nudges the door a bit further open with her foot, checking both ways down the corridor before leaving the door way and making measured but soft footfalls in her Police issued boots towards the staircase at the far end of the hall to make her way to the floor below where the shouting is originating, the occasional flicker of light overhead from the still defunct lights. James isn't too worried, and seeks to rush ahead of the policewoman. "Well let's see what's going on." He heads down the stairs and opens the door, making an act of blinking and taking a squinting look around as though he's having difficulty seeing things in the dark, he raises his voice. "Hey, I heard some noise, is everything alright in here?" Tapping the cane for effect.

"Protocol?" the hulk of a woman grunts out. Well. It's some variation of protocol. She IS basically a neolithic humanoid... a Dire-Human. Sophisticated speech is not the forte of the Dalu form! What is the forte is trigger reflexes, accounting for how she just. Spins out of the way of a faster-than-expected fist. "Calm. Your. Tits." Definitely not sophisticated. "You're hurting yourself." She throws a glance to the door where the... yes, that IS a Kindred Beast prickling at her senses. Because House Rules. Stop breaking the 4th wall. She totally takes her eyes off of Yvette for a moment. Getting distracted. "Not now."

"Or we could all stop and discuss things like rational adults." The empty darkness speaks, and it uses Fred's voice - and an English accent - in which to do so. "Then again, 'rational' might be a bit of a stretch."

Yvette whirls, but doesn't throw another punch. "What the /fuck/ are you?" she snarls. "Some lab freak from the Protocol? Some sort of hunting dog? Come on, then, you bitch, just /try/ it."

How many mother fuckers were involved in this scuffle? It doesn't matter, Kalina gently moves past James, shouldering the door open with her weapon pointed down the hallway, roughly at Yvette's back, or maybe Delphine's chest? A wrinkle of her delicate nose, sniffing, a few other people but they're behind doors and at least not witnessing. "Police! Please, back away from each other, hands on your heads, do as the man says and we can all just walk away from here." She's still got the safety flicked on, for now, but her thumb is hovering over it noticing the Dalu.

James sighs and takes another step forward. "Miss Louis. What's going on?" He asks, his gaze going past to Delphine and recognizing yet another predator. "Are you hurt?" He feigns concern for the woman, approaching closer. Slowly but surely.

Delphine holds her hands up in a sort of... 'truce?' manner. "I will let that pass... this time," she grunts out. "Stay calm." Over behind Yvette is Kalina... that familiar Uratha scent she picked up, maybe? Who is to say! But that gun is pointed her way. "It's fine," she says louder, letting Kalina know there's no need to shoot just yet.

Bulky muscles just sort of start to deflate? Bones and cartilage SNAP and POP as they shift. Her forehead shrinks back to a much more normal, human size, and her jaw POPS smaller. What looked like fairly cruel claws retract into rapidly shrinking hands, turning into... not PERFECTLY manicured nails, but they're kept in shape.

She is still barefoot. Her flats somewhere back by the window she climbed in through. She doesn't seem to mind the detritus on the floor as she steps on it, though.

Fred returns to silence; with the violence ended - at least for now - he's willing to wait and see how the rest of this plays out.

Yvette slowly backs away from Delphine as she hears familiar voices. She stares at the werewolf as she turns back into a woman, then points at her. "I will cave in your fucking skull if you are with them," Yvette says. Then she turns and sees Kalina and James. "Shit," she says. "I swear to Christ I'll take one of you assholes down with me." There's a faint whirring sound as she takes up a defensive kickboxing stance. The whites of her eyes are almost completely red with blood, now.

Kalina cocks her head to the side at Yvette, then shifts her arms apart, tilting her gun up with fingers uncurling from the trigger guard, her other hand pointing at the bright bold 'POLICE' across her Kevlar vest, "Umm hello? Police? Are you really that daft you want assaulting an officer on your record when I haul your ass in or you gonna drop the badass act and get the fuck out of this abandoned building?"

"You're going to need to elaborate on who 'them' is," Delphine says, her voice much more human-sounding now. Softer, so that only Yvette (and honestly, probably everyone else with supernatural senses) can hear, "Maybe I can help you cave some of their skulls in?" Louder now, "No need for all this posturing around my Client, Officer," she says, now louder. Totally making a damn show out of it, and hey, maybe Yvette will hire her?

The shadows go still. Well, stiller. They didn't seem to be doing much to start with, before they spoke, and they're still not doing much now.

Yvette says, "Yeah, bullshit," says Yvette. "Whole fucking houseload of dead people, and you're upstairs, which means you've already seen it, which means you don't care. Because if you did care, you wouldn't be creeping around upstairs when some poor fucks have been torn the fuck apart by this bitch." An accusatory finger goes to Delphine. "So you drop the bullshit cop act and talk about what the fuck you two are doing here, because /he/--" she points at the man, giving him a second, then a third look. "/He/ is not-- he isn't paid by the state. That's all on an online database, and he isn't there. Or he's there under a different name than he told me two hours ago. So there's a whole lot of bullshit going around, and I swear to God if you aren't with the Protocol then you better start talking about whoever these assholes called the Accords are /right/ fucking now." She looks at James again."

Kalina peers at Delphine, "Then tell your -Client- that she has the right to remain silent and she should probably use it." Then James is Awe-some and her blue eyes go unfocused and a small smile creeps on her face as the Vampire draws her attention. Her gun goes into the holster, the soft click of the securing strap over the butt and entering a parade rest. At Yvette's words she doesn't look away from James but snickers cutely for a moment, "I am a cop, you can look it up on what ever database you want, Officer Hodgins, 2890." Her left hand goes to the badge clipped to her utility belt by the holster of her firearm, tapping it to show the silver star.

"Miss Louis. I don't know what these Protocols are about, unless you're talking about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in which case I am deeply disappointed in you." James answers calmly, "But I am confident the lawyer has not done anything to hurt those people upstairs." He sighs and approaches more closely. "As for the Accords. I cannot answer that question on pain of death, perhaps the ladies can, I don't know how their rules work." A pause, "But if you need to get it out of your system, feel free to hit me a few times. I warn, you though. I will hit back."

Delphine opens her mouth to explain something to Yvette, but, uh. Well. It's just that James over there is really goddamned STUNNING and all that. Just the bees knees. Her head kiiiind of turns towards Kalina when she talks, but. Her eyes just. Stay focused on James. She doesn't even acknowledge what was said by the police officer.

Fred continues to fail to appear. He is, indeed, the Invisible Irraka.

Yvette growls. "The Protocol. The assholes who did /this/ to me." She slams her hand down on her arm, which slides open to reveal a dark and gaping cavity. "The assholes who did /this/" to me. She swings her fist at James.

"She can't really hurt you right?" Kalina offers to James as she watches the failed attempt to harm him after the dare, shaking her head a little dismissively. "I have business to attend to back upstairs, you got this wrapped in a bun? If you kill her just bring her up too." Callous? Maybe, but the cop is clearly only interested in James for now, and then she's turning about and marching back up the stairs, the door swinging closed to the stairwell with a protesting squeal of rusted hinges.

James steps aside with alarming speed, before raising his cane and moving it downwards with a lot of force for such an apparently old man. "Again." He insists, calmly, not at all worried.

Delphine keeps on ogling the AWEsome James, and he says something to someone... who? Is that important? And then he kind of drops into a martial stance, and swings his cane, and well. That's probably important to TRY to pay attention to. The Lawyer squints. Like. REALLY hard, and oh yeah. Yvette exists. Definitely. And is smashes with that cane? Ooof. "You know," she says through gritted teeth, trying to keep herself from just... daydreaming again. "We could all just leave, maybe?" She shrugs.

Yvette misses. The cane slams into her--and makes a dull /tink/ sound, as though it's struck metal instead of flesh. She looks at the cane, then back at James.

She grins. "Guess you folks put a bit too much plating in, asshole." Then she swings at him again.

Meanwhile, Kalina has given up on that whole situation for now and is going upstairs, drawing a penknife from her pocket as she goes into the apartment they had left behind. She slashes across her wrist to draw blood as she begins speaking in stumbling First Tongue, asking for Mother Luna to bless the blood that flows from her veins and to give it as nourishment to the fauna that grows here. She walks around the living room, sprinkling her blood over the bodies and then finally lets a sprinkle of it splash towards the body of her dead contact. Moss and thick black mold begins to grow along the wood where her blood has been spilt, then begins to overcome and grow along the bodies. Within but seconds the bodies are hidden underneath a thick blanket of multicolored mosses and molds as Kalina watches intently.

"Whoever did this to you? Not me. I wouldn't even know how to do that, impressive work, however. I would love to study you, if you'll let me." James answers, stepping aside once again, but not bothering with the cane this time. "And I suppose I can tell you the basics. The accords are an agreement between certain secret factions within the city, it holds no sway outside the city. There is no member that I know of that's called the Protocols, and if you wish to know more I can take you somewhere they'll let you sign it." A pause, "Be careful however, once you learn certain truths, you cannot unlearn them." A pause, "Hit me again."

Delphine just... slinks off back to the window to get her flats, around about the time that Kalina heads upstairs to deal with the bodies. Sure, here feet CAN heal from that rusty nail she stepped on. But is it worth the trouble and just being itchy while the tetanus is regenerated away?

No. Not it is not.

She DOES make a note of coming back, though. Yvette's less-than-human (more-than-human?) physicality IS a curiosity to her, after all.

Yvette looks at James. Then she rears back and punches him square in the nose.


"All right," she says. "I want to sign this agreement. I want to learn who these factions are." A trickle of blood runs down from her right eye, and she wipes it away carelessly.

There's the quiet cracking of bone as the soft tissues are finished dissolving under the assault of fungi and plant. Kalina waits a little longer before she releases her control of the plants and lets them begin to dwindle and fade away, the bodies once there now completely gone. She turns her attention to policing the weaponry, making sure that the clips are truly empty before slamming them back into the receivers, tucking two of them into the back of her belt and holding the other two in her hands she begins to make her way back down the hall of the floor above the rest to the stairwell.

James's nose breaks, but there's no blood. And already, the man's nose is starting to reassert itself into position without effort on his part, at the trickle of blood he sniffs through the damaged nose and takes in a good whiff of that blood. "I cannot promise they'll let you sign it. I can promise I will get you to the people who will make that call." He answers, taking another good sniff before the blood is gone. "That's some potent stuff, interesting, quite interesting."

Delphine turns the corner RIGHT AFTER hearing that wet THWACK of (metallic) bone on flesh. "Damnit, I missed it," she grumbles. But hey, at least the Vampire hasn't like. Hit her back, like he threatened to do. She's calmed down, from the looks of it. Which is good! She offers the Vampire an up-nod, TEETH GRITTED lest she get distracted by just how AWEsome he is again.

Yvette looks at James. Really, really looks at him. She can't look anywhere else, anyway--so she focuses intently on the vampire. "Guess the old man wasn't lying," she mutters. "Explains why we only met him at night, I guess."

Rusted hinges squealing once more as cop-girl Kalina returns to the floor at hand, holding up the automatic weapons. She had intended to say something but her jaw goes a little slack as her blue eyes come to rest on James, a little smile again, "I uhh.. I gotta go scrub these clean and toss them in the river. I'm walking away from here now. So.. what ever ya'll do from here is on you." And now she's turning down a crossway in the hall to head for the boarded (not very securely) door in the back of the building.

James's nose continues healing, it's pretty fast; until the point there's nothing visible from the initial hit. He stops being so much of a focus and sighs. "Well, this whole misadventure has been tiring. I will need to make arrangements before I can introduce you, miss Louis, but I will meet you at the same diner we met last in two days time, an hour after sundown. I promise."

Yvette takes the card and pops open her arm. She slides the card into the slot and closes the area as well. "Thank you," she murmurs. She's still staring at James. Yvette says, "And you're a shitty cop!"

As Kalina steps out of the building and looks up at the moon nearly descended upon the horizon she takes a deep breath, and then as she steps away out into the alley there's a sizzling crackle and then a whoosh of electrical energy as the building lights back up from the near darkness it has been in for the last hour. She begins her walk from the lower Ninth towards the mouth of the river, finding some old rags or discarded clothes along the way to wipe down the guns and bind them up in the fabric to toss into the river before the sun rises. Then walking back to the precinct to file her totally bogus report of nothing interesting happened.