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Bear-Reaved 2: Electric Beargaloo

Characters: Odette, Hawthorne, Stasya, Ashton
Date: 2020-07-28
Summary: Hawthorne shows up with an injured Commander Odette at the CCC seeking someone to take care of her injuries.
Disclaimers: Description of injury, non-descriptive nudity for purposes of medical treatment.


Weee-ooooo Weeee-oooo. It's like a scene out of a very self-serious medical drama. Through the door, Hawthorne in his black long-sleeved shirt, looking a little bit grubby, carrying a smaller shape bundled up in a faded old Tulane sweatshirt that is more of a dress. He pauses to talk to one of the staff at reception and makes a turn down toward the dormitories, remembering there being an empty one down just over... There. That's his target.

The tiny Russian's leg is mangled and she has a makeshift brace around her neck holding her head upright. She's also limp in his arms. She watches the other lings look at her and she gulps a little while closing her eyes. "You are doing well, Ash." She whispers quietly to him. "Breathe. I will be okay." She would be doing more that whispering to him but she can't.

Well, that's certainly one way to make an entrance. Definitely a way to get the attention of the center's staff as they scurry around trying to figure out what to do, things like calling for any of the Lost physicians until one of them answered. Somehow out of that flurry, Stasya appears almost as if she were just around lurking in the kitchen backing something delicious at weird hours which is exactly what she was doing. It's easy enough to follow the pair to the empty room and she doesn't even knock, just stares at the tiny mangled Captain. "What happened?"

Hawthorne very carefully sets Odette down on the bed, most of the blood has been cleaned up as best he can, so she's not just like, a horror show, but it's not exactly pretty either. "I caught wind of something happening, found her tracks by those of what turned out to be some sort of mutant hedge bear, followed them, it had dragged something into its den. She was already somewhat hurt when I got there, and we attempted to fight it, but she got.. " He looks down at her, as if that were self-evident. His face is that stony grump that it usually is but tighter around the eyes with worry. "I am... Not a medic. I did manage to force the hedge to give up an Amaranthine, which took care of the worst of it, but she's only very slowly regaining feeling in her extremities, and it didn't seem safe to take her to a normal hospital with, you know, savage beast maulings without some kind of explanation in place."

Odette is easily laid down and she hears Stasya. She grumbles in Russian to her sister. "A bear? Can you believe that?" She growls a little and frowns as he tells the story. "Hawthorn... who said it wasn't safe to go to the Hospital but someone insisted twice before being over ridden?" She frowns at that and winces a little. "Am I lifting my arms up?" She tries to look down. Her arms aren't lifting up. "I wear I can feel them lifting up."

"A bear?" Stasya replies also in Russian and really sounds like she can't believe it. "You should be wearing his coat as a hat. And a blanket." That's a matter they can resolve later as she nods while Hawthorne tells his version of events. All color drains out of her already pastel face as Odette mentions not being able to feel the arms she thinks she is lifting up and the Summer reaches out to Hawthorne, a little bit of glamour noticeably flowing from her to him as the Wyrd does its thing. "You should at least try something. There's a first aid kit in the dresser. The staff is trying to phone through the Springs. Someone should be here before too long." Someone that knows what they're doing more than these three at least.

Hawthorne has clearly made attempts, with limited equipment out in the Hedge, from the way that some cloth strip bandages are applied here or there, and, you know, that she hasn't bled out yet, and the little makeshift neck brace. When Stasya prompts him, though, he says "Well.. I'll do what I can, but.." He goes to get the kit, rooting through what's available, and starts laying out things in as sanitary a way as possible, before he says "Here... Goes nothing..." Sutures. Dressings. An awful lot of spray antiseptic and gauze. Snipping of the funny angle scissors and stuff as the Elemental works, some of the magic that Stasya sprinkled on doing its work because this is definitely not his wheelhouse and yet some kind of actual useful stuff is being done here, including a much better bracing for her neck being made up.

As Hawthorn moves Odette, he will have to at least lift up if not remove her only piece of covering. Her back is healing well from just the day before being ribbons of flesh and bone. Her shoulder is pretty torn up and her upper thigh is as well but the worst injury is on the back of her neck. It's clear the bear used it's maw and broke bones in her neck. She's lucky to be alive. The bones are sticking out of bloodied flesh which is mostly the reason Ode is clearly limp as she's moved around. "I know... A bear." She growls in Russian. "Had it not surprised me, I'd be less injured."

"Fucking Christ on a Cracker," Stasya can't help but mutter as Hawthorne reveals the full extent of ODette's neck injury from a vicious, vicious bear mauling. The Elemental is currently trying to make due with what little help a first aid kit and Stasya's Blessing might help as they've claimed one of the unused dormitory rooms for a temporary emergency clinic. Out in the reception area, the overnight staff seemed to be in a flurry, trying to call up any of the springs or anybody else that might be listed on some of the rosters as having even a slight hand at healing magics.

Hawthorne has just gotten done dressing the worst of the wounds as best he can and doing suture work on the lacerations that don't need obviously more intensive care, having apparently done a very good job, but there's only so much a first aid kit in a dorm room is going to do. He has on his stony expression but his eyes move fast, trying to keep himself in check with the work rather than having time to worry about things.

Ashton probably wouldn't have been in residence if this had been half an hour later, as he'd been preparing to leave for an outing. Instead, he finds his plans changing the instant that the alert goes through the CCC. The Spring Darkling's suddenly rushing through the hallways with his own first aid kit clenched tightly by the handles in one hand and a smaller satchel in the other hand, with the latter's shoulder strap slapping against the back of his leg every few seconds. "Shit... shit... shit...!" he keeps muttering under his breath while he keeps an eye out for the dorm room that was turned into a temporary clinic. A thick stream of mist puffs out of his mouth along with a relieved sigh upon finding it.

"Hey! Heard what happened to the Commander! I know I'm not the best, but I'm here and... holy fuck!" Ashton skids to a stop within seconds of entering the room. His mouth falls open at the sight of Odette's severe injuries. "What the hell caused -that-?!" He finishes closing in the last of the distance to drop to his knees next to Odette and sets his bags down, after giving a quick nod at Hawthorne and Stasya. Their administrations with the first aid kit is noted, as well as the fact that Odette is somehow awake, all of which brings a hint of respect to the Darkling's features. "Sorry, I came as fast as I can," he says, still breathy from the sprinting.

Odette watches the room and she doesn't feel exactly with Hawthorn is doing. More that she's feeling pressure. "I'm okay every..." Then she hears Ashton and she waits quietly while he assesses. "A hedge bear." She grumbles. "They are about one and a half bears and sharp razor teeth and massive claws. It's dead thanks to Hawthorn." She grumbles a little and takes a deep breath. "Am I getting up? It feels like I'm sitting up..." She's not moving. Her left pinky twitches, which could be a nerve twitch. "Can someone ... I'm cold." She grumbles. "I'm not dying but I'm cold." She grumbles a little as she lays there naked. "So..." She switches to Russian. "Set me on fire..."

Stasya steps lightly out of the way as Ashton rushes in. She has at least seen a little of the Darkling's healing abilities in action way too recently. She frowns a bit as Odette tries to get up and doesn't get up. The Wizened takes a step forward, leaning a hand on Ashton's shoulder. "I remember what you did for Simin. I believe you can help her as well, dah?" Her hand also touches on that first aid kit he brought with him and she whispers a few words to the bandages which gleam just a little whiter for it. As Odette speaks in Russian, Stasya snorts. "We're not going to set you on fire." Instead, she'll start weaving a tale about how one dedicated girl was able to nurse a sick duckling back to help with just a little bit of love and attention and it became a golden swan. Really... it's a nursery tale that probably worked better before being translated for Hawthorne and Ashton's sake.

The parable of the murder swan, translated into English, comes across differently, certainly, but Hawthorne recognizes the purpose, and he moves out of the way to let the queen and Ashton do what needs to be done, his hands a bit bloody, sleeves rolled up, and he says "Just tell me what you need." In spite of the juicing of his abilities by Stasya's magic, he still doesn't quite grasp the thing with healing rather than stabbing things as acutely. He does look at Ode, though and squint when Stasya talks about not setting her on fire. He needs to up his game on that Duolingo course.

"Good going, Lieutenant. Won't want that damned bear wandering around and free to attack a group of less capable individuals," Ashton states with feeling. He then nods somberly to Stasya without any of the usual cheerfulness that normally part of his demeanor. "I'll take a quick look and do my best. Just first impressions already tell me that this is beyond conventional surgery. We'll probably have to heal the worst wounds first, possibly multiple rounds of it, then resume treating the less serious ones. I have some Amaranthine and Spinners if my magic fails." He dips his head towards the satchel that sits next to the first aid kit that Stasya just blessed.

Ashton carefully starts to inspect Odette's wounds, gently lifting that last bit of cover with gentle fingers when needed. He shudders at what he finds, especially the "Losing a bunch of blood and taking such shocking injuries to the body is guaranteed to make you feel that way, Commander. I'm very surprised that you're not dead, but that just proves you're a tough one." He gives her a tight smile, followed by a wince. "Ok, that neck injury has to go first."

The Spring Darkling inhales deeply and holds his hands over Odette's neck without touching it. The scent of growing grass and spring rain begins to thicken around Ashton with the stirring of his Mantle. The illusionary wisps of arm mist that constantly surrounds him swirls around his form in gentle patterns, gathering into heavier tendrils until his form grows blurry. Ashton's silver eyes narrow in concentration. The mist surges down his arms, slowly at first, then faster, until it's rushing pass his hands and into Odette. Bones pop back into alignment, fractures seal up and flesh begins to knit rapidly. Over the course of about a minute, the abominable neck injury goes from a gaping wound to obviously newly healed flesh. But there's still a lot left to go.

The Commander grins a little. "If I died to a bear... what kind of Russian would I be? Stasya would never forgive me." She points out to the spring. "Hawthorn... can you please hold my hand?" She asks quietly as her eyes close. Though as the healing starts the woman cries out in pain. Her neck wound was the only thing stopping her from feeling all the other wounds on her body. She bites her bottom lip hard as her neck is healed but now the pain from her leg, back, shoulder and neck are all alight and on fire. Her legs slowly slide up until she's almost in a ball but that hurts too so she freezes and closes her eyes, turning her face into the pillow to hide the agony on her face.

"It's true," Stasya gives a very serious nod at the suggestion that Odette dying would not be forgiven. "If I see another bear, I will make sure to kill it just for you. Even if Hawthorne had already killed the first one." Beary necessary murder there. Seeing as she doesn't have any healing powers herself and already blessed pretty much everything she can think to bless, the Wizened steps back to wait impatiently, tapping her fingers on her arm as she watches and winces as the Captain seems to be regaining feeling. It might be a good sign, but definitely not a pleasant sound.

Hawthorne moves to the side of the bed where Ashton isn't working, and he falls to a crouch, one arm laid on the edge of the mattress, the other reaching out to find Odette's hand and gives her something to squeeze against the pain. While certainly unpleasant, that agony has the oracle relaxing somewhat, because it means that her spinal injury is at least in some form repaired. "It's not a great fight to pick if you can help it. That thing apparently knew enough to spin the ground up around it as a shield." He pauses to look over to the Darkling with a grateful look as he does his work, then back to Odette and uses his other hand to cover the outside of hers.

"Sorry, sorry..." Ashton mutters apologetically to Odette in a soothing voice. "I know it's painful, but we can't leave that one to heal on its own." Left unmentioned is that neck wounds that severe usually either don't heal normally on their own or introduce a lot of complications when left as is. He sits back on his heels for a moment and lifts an arm to wipe his damp forehead with the back of his fist. It's not so much the stress of channeling Spring magic that's making the Darkling sweat as it is the pressure of failing. This short reprieve allows everyone to take a quick breather until Ashton's ready to resume.

"Spin the ground around it in a shield? That's terrifying when combined with the type of brute force capable of inflicting the injuries I see here. I hope I never run into one without sufficient back up. I'm not nearly as durable as the Commander here." Ashton gives Odette an encouraging smile. Then, the Darkling's making his second attempt to perform a healing. He holds his hands over the vicious leg wound this time and warm mist begins to build around him in thick tendrils once again. This is followed by the now familiar (and unpleasant) sight of flesh rapidly stitching together once again without any regard to natural order.

The elemental groans in pain. "Hawthorn could take you to it's corpse. Then I could wear its skin as coat." She growls a little and holds Hawthorns hand tightly. "Everything is spinning..." Tears fall down her face, over her nose and drop on the bed. Then Ashton starts to heal her leg and the Commander cries out in pain, arching her back which aggravates the tears in her back. She cusses rather loudly in very angry Russian something that probably should NEVER come out of someone's mouth before she goes limp on the bed. She is breathing but she is so very unconscious.

"There'll be time enough for that later," Stasya offers as comfort from her little watching post over near the dresser. It's not a large room so she's doing her best to keep out of the way as possible. "Perhaps could even turn it into leather for some armor for you. Would be only fitting, dah?" As Hawthorne explains more of the bear's power, she gives a nod. "Not to give Russians a bad reputation... but I also fell victim to a bear once. But not in the Hedge. It was possessed by a fire spirit. It makes a very nice rug for me now though. Their claws are not fun at all. Do you think this was just a one of creature or something we should be having the militia and guides making a concerted effort to look for more of?" And as Odette manages to fall into unconsciousness under Ashton's steady healing magic, she lets out a little breath of relief.

The excruciating nature of the injuries, even with, or perhaps because of the magical healing - he doesn't know - have Hawthorne wincing but as Odette is forced into unconsciousness, he too lets out a long sigh, and still holds on but his crouch becomes more of a 'tumps down onto his ass on the floor'. A shake of his head, "I didn't see tracks of any others, and I spun the hedge hard enough to force it to give me an Amaranthine for her, so if there had been more I expect it would have come looking. I'll take someone.. Sometime. It's been a long day."

Ashton cringes sympathetically when Odette starts cussing and crying out, but he doesn't break his pose until his Mantle stops flaring and the Glamour infused mist streaming from him dies down to the thinnest trickle. Seeing that the Commander has fallen unconscious, he sits back on his heals again to dab at his forehead. His solid silver eyes, now lined with stress, glances between Hawthorne and Stasya. "Maybe it's for the best that she passed out. I'll try to heal her shoulder next and give her a boost of energy to help fight off any potential infections."

While Hawthorne and Stasya strategizing around the potential new Hedge dangers, Ashton continues to work on his patient. He performs the same healing on Odette's injured shoulder, which accounts for the last of the most grievous wounds. As soon as the mist finishes infusing into the Commander's body this time, it proves enough to close up almost every single remaining open cut, leaving only terribly looking bruises and scrapes behind.

Ashton shares a relieved grin with everyone and proceeds to unzips the satchel next to his first aid kit and rummages silent around in it until he finds an Altoids tin. The tin proves to no contain store bought candy, but little grainy disks of slightly burnt maple sugar that -someone- had attempted to make into a quick dissolving candy. It's just as well that Odette isn't fully conscious yet to taste how bitter the "candy" is when Ashton carefully places one of the button-sized disks in her mouth. His Mantle swells again, yet it's softer and gentler this time. The same sweet scent of growing grass waxes stronger around the Darkling, but without the heavy building of mist. Instead, Ashton bends a bit closer to Odette and blows gently on her. A soft wave of glowing Glamour streams from his lips to surround her, and then even the bruises and scrapes completely disappear. "That worked better than I thought it would."

Odette twitches.

Stasya sniffs as Ashton brings out the near burnt candy. And while it seems to get the job done and she has a bit of a smile for the job well done, she is still shaking her head a little. "If you want... I can probably teach you how to make something a little more... palatable. As hopefully not everybody you treat will find themselves unconscious." Although considering the shape Odette was in when she arrived, the woman has probably earned that sleep. Hawthorne's flop gets a nod. "We'll still look for more just in case. Can't hurt to be over cautious. And I'll ask Simin or someone to go out and fetch the bear. Tomorrow. And thank you, Ashton. Hopefully we didn't delay your evening too much."

Hawthorne watches the process from his vantage point on the floor and when the cuts and bruises are washed away with mist and breath and leaving Odette more or less whole and unwounded, the charcoal edges of his mien kind of crack away, revealing more brightly glowing embers underneath while his expression breaks into a tired, relieved smile. "Ohhh thank goodness. Thank you for doing.. Made a promise," he explains in most of a mumble for half a moment before he takes a deep breath and his eyes start to move, then a little faster, then too fast, his mind slipping into the pathways of prophecy. He is... Distinctly unconscious at this point, slumping against the side of the bed, arms crossed, but his voice comes quietly, formally, "Ask. Anything of the future. Who, what or where. A yes or a know and I will answer you true." It's rote, something he's uttered a thousand thousand times with no tongue, now given human voice.

Ashton shakes his head slight at Stasya. "Not at all, Your Majesty. I'm just glad that I hadn't left yet." He glances down at Odette's healed body with a relief, quickly averting his gaze when he finally realizes that it's also -completely- nude. It wasn't as much of a concern when it looked like ground up meat that he was trying to slap back into a humanoid semblance. "Uhh... that was pretty harrowing. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to take care of all those wounds with just Spring magic. We probably want to have a real healer on board..." His voice trails away when Hawthorne suddenly goes into what seems like a trance. Unexpected, but weirder things have happened. All normal in the day of a Lost's life.

Stasya seems unphased by spontaneous oracle-ry, but what can you really expect from an exhausted Autumn after all? In more practical matters, she steps forward to pull the blanket over Odette since the woman HAD complained of being cold earlier. And finds a pillow for Hawthorne though she doesn't really move him. "We do have a real healer, however... even healers do have other business to attend to sometimes. I'm sure Nicolas will be stopping in as soon as he is able." She'll see to it probably. But for now, Stasya's out. Probably to go find some Wrath to harvest!