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Baby's First Bite

Characters: Kinsey, Pan (ST)
Date: 2020-08-15
Summary: Pan teaches their childe the in's and out's of hunting.
Disclaimers: Use of Dominate, Mild Sexual Themes


While Kinsey is spoiled as fuck and basically never -needs- to hunt with willing donors around the house, it's important for a new vampire to -learn- to hunt. Supervised so they don't fuck up in a way that gets them in trouble. And thus, here Pan and Kinsey are, in the traditional hunting ground of the Daeva: a nightclub. The club is called Masquerade - it's actually inside the Harrah's casino, a gaudy affair of pink light (mostly glowing from a huge fuckoff pillar in the center of circular bar in the center of the main floor) and bad music, tourists and horny gambling addict locals alike.

Dominate gets them inside, and Pan leads their childe off to a booth at the outer edge of the room, slipping into a seat and waiting for Kinsey to do so, too.

As Kinsey slides into the booth with her Sire she's making a face. It's a scrunched up ew-fuck-off face because the blaring music here is fucking horrible. The scent of blood and thrumming beat of mortal hearts presses in on her senses from everywhere and she lifts her right hand to rake her fingers back through short hair. Brown eyes sweep indiscriminately over the clientele and she leans close to Pan, speaking into their ear loud enough for them to hear but low enough that it gets drowned out around them. She hopes anyway. "..are we doing the thing here because everything is so loud people are dumb and won't notice?" She keeps her head close to make sure she can hear Pan's reply over the shitty club music, the conversations and the rapid beating of hearts. She stares beyond Pan for a moment and her eyes follow the fuckoff pillar toward the ceiling. "It's like a giant glowing dildo."

"We're doing it here for a few reasons," Pan says, leaning over to speak almost directly into Kinsey's ear in turn. "One: this place isn't claimed territory by any faction or vampire. That means you're allowed to feed on mortals here. Two: this place is full of tourists. If you breach the Masquerade and it's with a tourist who fucks off back to their home city? That's someone else's problem. Three: nightclubs are the easiest feeding in the world for a Daeva. You almost can't fail to feed in a place like this. Look around. Who would you pick to eat?"

Vampire School was in session and Kinsey settled closer to make sure she could focus on everything her Sire was telling her. When the question was posed there was a moment the expression on her face suggested a quip of some sort was coming, but instead she seems to shove it down and take the question seriously. If she /had/ to feed because something happened to put her on her own, who would she choose? Brown eyes go back to sweeping the room and she tries to focus her hearing on the least offensive noise she can while concentrating. "..Someone.." Her teeth capture the left side of her lower lip and bite down thoughtfully, "Someone .. " Kinsey's eyes dart. They settle on a middle-aged tourist looking like he's trying way too hard to fit in and hang around the younger women. "I bet he's easy."

"It's a good choice. Easy is -usually- safe. Hell, if you'd set your gaze on someone you might have actually wanted to fuck, I'd have pointed out someone easy and safe as a counterpoint. Usually, someone who wants to fuck you - usually a guy - is a sure bet because they're certain they can overpower you, and they're not trained to be vigilant about their safety. They made a whole movie about Scarlet Johansson picking up dudes randomly, and most of those scenes were with non-actors who didn't know they were in a movie. Spoiler: she killed those dudes by sinking them into a perfectly black alien void. They just got in her car and drove off. -That said-, usually safe isn't -always- safe. Men are also -dangerous- because they think they can overpower you, and if you have to fight back, you risk breaking the masquerade. You also risk burning off more blood than you're able to get back safely. You ever see Only Lovers Left Alive? That end, where they're desperate for blood and they just can't manage to get any because of a series of fuckups they couldn't have avoided? Think about going on three hunts on three separate nights where you -started- hungry and couldn't manage to get more blood than you burned off to secure it. Maybe it doesn't wind up with you dead, but maybe it -does- wind up with you losing control, killing somebody, breaking the Masquerade, winding up indebted to someone who cleans it up for you, politically maneuvered into a bad place. You gotta know -all- the dangers. Back when humans lived off of hunting for the most part, tons of them died hunting. And it's one of the most dangerous things you'll do. So. Middle-aged guy is easy. Who's safer?"

Pan's voice is low, calm, not -judging- her choice, but rather accepting it and building off of it.

"..Safer than him.." Kinsey murmurs to herself. Her gaze begins to fall across the room again, searching from person to person in that nightclub. Pan has put to words a very real fear she had been thinking of ever since they first mentioned hunting. She has given very little thought lately to expending vitae because feeding again is just as simple as asking Alabama or charming Prosper into not playing mouse. Her lips purse and .. Kinsey actually seems a bit worried. "A drunk? But what if I don't want to be drunk.. or.. it sounds sexist, but I guess most people would think a girl.. but there are girls who can handle themselves just fine.."

"You're not dealing with what's woke here, Kinsey. You're preying on the vulnerable to extend your life. Think about what you can do without burning off what vitae you have. Have you learned Dominate? 'Follow me' is one you can say all day long. 'We never met'. 'Stay quiet'. 'Stand absolutely still'. You get someone who can't fight back. Someone weak, someone submissive, someone desperate to go with you, and you just use a little extra to make it safer. You're looking for someone who isn't conventionally attractive, who will be impressed that you are. You're looking for someone society won't care about, so they don't care about themselves. Nobody who stands out. You want someone who's going to go home alone tonight if you don't go with them. An added benefit of targeting women is that nobody thinks twice about two people who look like women ducking into a women's bathroom. You can feed real quick in a stall, tell her to forget, get out. If she -can- fight back? No one will disbelieve that you could beat her in a fight. It doesn't matter that plenty of women fighters could -destroy- the average man. Nobody -believes- a girl your size could kick a guy's ass, so they look closer. But the only people who will be looking twice at you fighting a girl will be the ones going 'cat fight, rowr!'. So it's safe, you can be -strong-, win. When it's important, when it's desperate, you need to be able to pick the weakest possible prey. In a best case scenario, when you're well fed and just maintaining? It doesn't matter. You can just fuck whoever you want to fuck and feed from them during sex."

It made perfect sense. She didn't like it but everything that Pan says makes complete sense. Kinsey is unable to hide how none of what's said sits well with her. "..I don't want to hurt anyone," she says very quietly. Kinsey didn't want someone to feel useless so that she could take advantage of them. At odds with this is the fact that Kinsey doesn't want to die either. The reality of things is perhaps setting in. She was having fun feeling like a predator when she was being fed more than willingly by Alabama. It seems less fun now. "Everyone should be cared about," Kinsey looks at her sire uncertainly. Fuck. She was a naive kid. Even the things she's done, having taken a life, she was still such a naive idealistic kid. Her eyes drop to the table for a moment and then lift up. They sweep across the club again and fall onto a slightly chubby girl with pink hair standing alone near the restrooms while doing her best to stay out of the way. It's a stereotype. Kinsey hated stereotyping people but.. her eyes briefly shift to Pan and then she nods slightly in the direction of the pink-haired girl. "..Her.." she says.

"I usually find that someone whose hair is dyed a non-natural color isn't the -safest- bet. It takes a certain amount of courage to do. But sometimes you gotta go with who you gotta go with. Keep in mind, you don't -have- to hurt anyone, ninety-nine percent of the time. You'll feed from Alabama. You'll have your own cult and feed on pure worship. You'll fuck people for blood and leave them tired but fine and having had the best sex in their lives. But eventually? You're going to have to deal with the fact that feeding on -anyone- more than once risks you becoming...attached. And you'll spend a good long part of your early Requiem, if you aren't with the coterie, feeding on someone different every few nights to keep yourself topped off. You'll have to make sacrifices. You'll have to accept that being a vampire -eventually- means hurting someone. It'll probably eventually mean killing. It's your job to make sure that the people you hurt are people you're hurting on purpose. Controlled. That the people who die are those you want to die, or at least that the ones who die, die to keep you and the ones you love alive. You'll have to make choices. It's just statistics. You live long enough? You'll have to do shit you don't want to do. So I want you to hunt that pink-haired girl. I want you to feed on her with as little risk as you can possibly manage. And I want you to make sure she suspects nothing, and won't be a problem to you in the future."

Kinsey's sire drops their hand down under the table and squeezes her hand, then gives her thigh a pat. "Go on."

A part of Kinsey tries to resist seeing people as cattle even though people make it stupidly easy. Even with that resistance she understands Pan's meaning. Something about the girl must have wanted to be defiant to make her hair stand out like that. There must have been some desire somewhere instead of her to be noticed. The fledgling Sanam is about to look for another target and is squeezing her sire's hand when they encourage her to go for that one.

There is a slight hesitation and Kinsey turns to look at Pan as if asking if they're sure. Her eyes drop with the pat to her thigh and Kinsey takes in a breath out of nerves rather than necessity. The breathing was a lie just like the faint beat of her heart. "Okay," she says, puffing air out between her lips. The waif-ish skater slips out from the booth and begins to wind her way through the throng of people toward the chubby girl with the bubblegum pink hair. Her hands slip into her hoody's front pocket as she eases her way toward the other girl. As she gets closer Kinsey casually leans back against the wall near enough to her that she couldn't go unnoticed. Her head tips up with a slight nod and an impishly cute smile. "Line that long?" Kinsey asks, casually nodding toward the restrooms behind her.

'(Kinsey: Wits + Empathy Roll, Success)'

The vampire's target is looking at her phone when Kinsey arrives, and it takes a second for her to look up at Kinsey. She actually looks both ways to see if she's possibly talking to someone else. There's an awkward moment of hesitation before she commits to acknowledging that she thinks Kinsey might be talking to her: "Uh, me? No, uh. No, I was just waiting for my friends. They said they were going to the bathroom but I didn't see which one they went into. I've been waiting for awhile, haha, starting to think I should go in and check."

This is a girl who's been ditched.

'(Kinsey: Dominate Roll for Mesmerize, Success)'

There is a slight twinge in the back of her mind. It was her conscience nagging, reminding her that she should feel sorry for her. She does. Her Sire is also sitting on the other side of the club expecting their childe to learn to take care of herself in the event something were to ever happen to them. She resists the urge to look back Pan's way because she doesn't want to be a disappointment. Do it. Don't be a fucking pussy, she hears Prosper in the back of her head. The Beast rouses slightly from her hindbrain. Do it. "Oh, really? Shit," Kinsey says, doing her best to put on a concerned look. Her brows furrow and she leans over to look past the other girl at the door to the women's restroom. As she straightens back up Kinsey puts a smile on that young face with it's cute elfin features and her mesmerizing brown eyes seek to catch and enthrall the other girl as she steps past her and begins to back up invitingly toward the door. "Come on, follow me."

All it takes is a moment of eye contact and that bit of will from Kinsey, and the girl is mesmerized. 'Follow me' is the sort of command she wouldn't do -normally-...but not so out of the question as to make her seem hypnotized. "Oh, uhm! Okay, I guess," is her response, therefore - everything looks normal. Just two young women heading to the bathroom together.

Behind Kinsey, her sire has disappeared - or, rather, faded into unnoticeability as they've put on a cloak of Obfuscate, following the two as they go. Gotta -supervise-. Just in case.

Her agreement gets a warmer smile from Kinsey. She tries not to think about how she's leading the girl to the slaughterhouse. Figuratively. Kinsey obviously has no intention of killing her but.. she has no intention of really finding her friends either. The bigger shock would be to see them in there. "Just wanna make sure they're okay, right?" Kinsey says, trying to cover for her weirdness. Evidently she realized that she didn't actually speak one of the important parts out loud. Her hip bumps open the restroom door as she lets concern slip into her voice. "You shouldn't check by yourself.." She adds, looking around the restroom and wandering toward the stalls to see if anyone is, in fact, in there.

"If you say so? I don't see them though." The mesmerized girl -has- to follow, and that's a good explanation, so she accepts it. It's a night club bathroom so it's not -empty-, there's a single closed stall and a woman at the mirror, washing her hands and checking her makeup, lips pursed off to one side while she tries to decide whether the smudge of eyeliner she's acquired looks on purpose enough that she doesn't have to fix it.

Nobody notices that the bathroom door takes a couple of seconds longer to swing closed than normal, because Obfuscate makes it impossible.

Why she expected it to be empty with all of those people outside she had no idea. Nerves, maybe. "Are you sure?" she asks the mesmerized girl while a frown forms on her face. It was actually a genuine expression because Kinsey has no idea what to do next. She and her Sire discussed luring someone into the bathroom but how exactly did you handle it once getting them in there? Trying to think on her feet Kinsey wanders down to the handicapped stall and pushes the door open to peer inside. "Hey," she calls back to Bubblegum. "Is this your friend's purse in here?" Kinsey steps further into the stall and lets the door drift shut behind her. Please follow. Please follow. Good little cow.

'(Kinsey: Manipulation Roll, Success)'

The good little cow -could- have been ordered into the stall, but Kinsey doesn't have to. Kinsey convinces her it's -logical- to follow a stranger into a bathroom stall, to slide in beside her and look for a purse she doesn't see. There's no purse, just Kinsey, and the girl with the pink hair stares at her, pressed into the tight space, and asks, "Uhm. Where's the purse?"

From outside, some unnoticeable, unseeable force nudges the door to swing closed again. A few moments later, Pan's voice sounds: "Hey. You don't need to fix your makeup. Leave."

Moments later, the door to the bathroom is locked from the inside.

All things considered it was going pretty well from Kinsey's perspective. Okay, it was really sloppy but it was her true first time. Prosper didn't count. Kinsey turns to face Bubblegum and then she drops her voice enough that it, hopefully, can't be heard far outside the stall. "Be quiet and still," she tells her. The fledgling's head jerks to look in the direction of Pan's voice. Did that mean she'd failed? As the door swings shut she catches it and flips the little latch, then Kinsey turns and takes a few steps toward her prey.

Outside, their sire is now perched on the bathroom counter, patiently waiting, looking at their phone. They have wiped the counter down with copious paper towels first.

Inside, Bubblegum is about to reply but finds that she...can't talk. Or move. So she stands -very- still, with her eyes going glazed, hypnotized, unfocused. This is not normal Bubblegum Behavior. Mesmerism has overridden the girl with the pink hair.

If only Kinsey knew that weeks ago she was in a very similar state of Alabama's making she would have found it familiar. Prosper slapped her out of it. No one would slap Bubblegum out of it, she didn't think anyway. Kinsey stares at Bubblegum, how she's completely unable to move, and a feeling of guilt creeps steadily up her spine to match the sad regret in her eyes. She didn't like this. Nevertheless Kinsey steps up against her with a slight press of her body on the girl's chubbier frame. Her left hand comes up and she cups the back of the girl's head to help support it while her head dips in toward her neck. Fangs extend on instinct and then sink into Bubblegum's neck. Warm. Red. Delicious. For a moment Kinsey forgets how guilty she "should" be feeling warm blood is drank down her gullet.

It's the moment of truth. Kinsey's first kind of solo hunt in the wild. Success. Blood. Bubblegum stands stiff as a board. She's been ordered to stand still. She makes no sound. She's been ordered to be quiet. From two stalls down? The toilet flushes, and the other person moves to vacate. Pan hops down to open the door for her. Locks it behind her.

The fledgling continues to drink until she nears the point that it might become dangerous and she begins to feel full. Her head pulls back and her fangs withdraw. Kinsey is quick to drag her tongue across the wound and seal it then she takes care to lap at any droplets that might have gotten away and clean her prey up so she'll be none the wiser. The young Sanam takes a moment to brush her mouth on the back of her hand as she steps back, eyes lifting to settle on Bubblegum's deadpan face. "You never saw me," she says. "Forget what happened here."

"Okay." The girl is firmly in the Dominate Zone, zonked out and wobbly, eyes unfocused and distant as she slips out of the bathroom stall and heads for the exit.

Pan lets her out, then locks the door behind her before moving to peer into the stall at their childe. "That wasn't bad," they say. "I feel like it could have had some polish. You could have cleared the bathroom first, just in case. You let her -decide- to follow you into the stall instead of ordering her to come in, which would have guaranteed things. You didn't lock the door to prevent people coming in while you were feeding. But all in all, a pretty damn good job, kiddo."

When Pan peeks in Kinsey is leaning against the metal wall separating the handicapped stall from the one beside it. Her arms are loose around her middle and she's staring down at the floor standing very still. After Pan gives their critique and gently points out where she could improve Kinsey lifts her head to look up at her sire and there are a few tears trickling down her warm cheeks. Kinsey throws her arms around Pan's neck and she tucks her head under their chin, burying her face near their throat and just holding on for a moment. Her arms tighten a little more. She isn't full on crying but her sadness at the mental state she put that poor girl in is palpable. Kinsey vividly remembers what it was like to be her. Human. Vulnerable. "I don't .. I don't wanna have to do that again," she murmurs.

Kinsey's sire wraps one arm around her waist, and gently reaches up to pet Kinsey's hair. They press cheek against cheek, and lets her burrow for a few moments before saying, finally: "You're going to. You're going to do that a thousand times. More. You're going to do worse. -Much- worse. You're going to do things you can't -imagine- doing right now. But your job, if you want to be a -good- vampire? Is to ensure you have to do it as little as possible. You go out and build a cult. Give people your blessing so that you can feed on them without having to bite them, without having to even go -see- them. Get a dozen of them. A hundred. So many you couldn't possibly kill run out of blood. Find yourself an Alabama - there are mortals out there with special blood, who sate you faster, who heal faster, like they were -designed- to be vampire food. Hell, they may have been some Ordo eugenics or something. I don't know. But that's how you get off of the hunting treadmill. You start -farming-."

The addition of an arm around her waist brings her closer to them and that's exactly what she needs. A moment of being held. Feeling Pan's hand gently petting her hair while their cheek rests against hers. She loses herself in this for as long as she's able. Until Pan began gently reinforcing the reality of things to her. There's a sniff from her. She doesn't need to breath but like so many things when the Blush is active she does so on instinct. Keep the illusion alive. Her hand touches the back of Pan's neck and she holds herself tight to them, fingertips gently playing with the hair at the nape of her sire's neck. "..You make it sound so easy," she murmurs. "..I don't know where to find an Alabama.. or how to start a cult.. I just got my Twitch channel going. But I'll try, because I love you.. and I love me.. and I don't want to die or hurt anyone I don't have to hurt.."

"Don't do it for me, do it for you. Go out and -talk- to people. You're a Daeva. Bite them. Lots of them. Do it nice if you want, you don't have to wipe their memories. Fuck around. Be promiscuous. Taste everyone. But be -careful-. You're more than capable of dealing with cops and -most- mortals, but werewolves, cyborgs, other vampires? You need to not piss them off until you can kill anyone who fucks with you." They slip back a bit, tugging back just enough to make eye contact. "You're a -vampire-. You need to learn to be selfish. You need to prioritize yourself over some random mortal the way you prioritized yourself over the cow that was your burger before you ate it, okay? The way you prioritized yourself over the wheat in the bun. The rabbits and rats and snakes and bugs who died when the wheat was harvested. You stay -conscious- of them. But prioritize."

At first Kinsey doesn't make eye contact when Pan pulls back enough to get a look at her. It has never been in her to be selfish. She would have done anything to help anyone. Her eyes do finally lift to Pan's though and then turn to the side as she lets the idea settle in her head. "..I'll try," she says, pretty brown eyes turning back to them. She did want to live. It was difficult to truly see people as cows though, at least for her. "..cows never talked and looked like me and had dreams like me," Kinsey says. There's this begrudging acceptance to her tone though. She isn't dumb or at least she doesn't mean to be. "..I don't think I've met a werewolf yet. Every vampire I meet seems to wind up disappearing."

"Ask -Aurelie- if cows talk and dream. It's not that cows don't talk, or think, or dream. It's that you couldn't talk to them to ask them what they're thinking and dreaming about. The only difference between us and animals and humans are appearances. Levels of ability. Vampires can reach levels of intelligence, mental processing speed, strength? That humans can't -comprehend-, with enough age. It doesn't mean we're better than them. It means they're no better than animals, and -neither are we-. Your privilege is that now you can feed on humans like they're fruit trees. Think about it like being a lacto-ovo-vegetarian." There's another firm squeeze, and Pan adds: "Vampires disappear. It happens a -lot-. You'll get used to it. Keep trying to make friends, to get to know them. People with connections are less likely to get murdered. Or fuck off. There are good people. I didn't know you, or Alabama, or Aurelie, or Prosper a year ago."

The squeezes helped. She tightens her arms around Pan in return as they put things into an even clearer perspective. One arm loosens and Kinsey quickly starts to wipe at her cheeks before her tears can dry and leave any sort of trail behind. When humans are compared to fruit trees and her milk-drinking vegetarian she isn't able to prevent the smile that tugs at the corners of her mouth or the girlish bark of laughter that rises in her throat. Kinsey shakes her head a little and starts to nod her head. "Okay," she says. "I'll try to meet more people. Aurelie mentioned taking me to something called Elysium sometime. I guess the Regas used to be one?"

"Elysium, yeah. It's any place that a vampire has promised to keep safe and nonviolent. Nikola maintained the Regas as one. The Lee Circle Library has an official one maintained by the Seneschals to the Triumvirate underneath it, that's the only active one at the moment." The elder of the two vampires slides their fingers into Kinsey's back pocket, and leans down to press a kiss against her forehead. "You gotta behave there, no violence at -all-. Each one has different rules about Disciplines, but the Lee Circle Library says -no- powers of any sort unless you're a member of the Primogen Council."

There's a soft butt under that back pocket and its warm as their fingers slide in. Kinsey's forehead presses into the kiss that Pan places there and her eyes shut for a moment in enjoyment. Her head tilts up moments after and she presses one gently against their jaw then follows it up with a light nuzzle of the bridge of her nose along it. "..Sounds.. not fun," she says. "The Trium-people being so close. We should have our own. Someplace .. fun." Vague. Great idea, Kinsey. Her slim form presses closer to their's in a gentle cuddle and she rests her chin on their shoulder, peering out the stall and at the locked door.

"The Triumvirate hasn't actually appeared in Elysium since late last year. When Aelius executed Vivienne." There's a thoughtful look from Pan to Kinsey, appraising. "I mean, we could. Pick a place, we'll get ownership, we declare it Elysium, it's done."

"Just like that huh?" Kinsey lifts one hand and snaps her fingers near Pan's head. A smile appears and she tilts her head forward again to put her chin back on their shoulder and nuzzle. "Someplace I don't have to lie my way into.. that I can wear jeans and play all the video games I want.. or we could get a group together and play that new Werewolf the Awakening game from Modiphus."