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Angry In-Lawyer

Characters: Delphine, and Sabine
Date: 2019-10-20
Summary: Sister in Law have an angry catch up discussing family
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When you're out and in the middle of swampy old boonies, it pays to keep your hair behaved. So Sabine keeps her ginger locks bound up under protest in a pretty tight bun bound with a couple stainless steel metal needles. Easy enough to brush out later. Old muddy boots squelch under each step while tight, thick old black Levi's catch the odd mud stain on her thighs long with a comfy flanellete shirt in dark red and blue plaid tucked into the brown leather belt looped through her waistband while the cuffs of the jeans in turn tuck into her boots.

Luckily for the redheaded Rahu, the trailer has itself a bunch of solar panels on the roof to feed a battery and a large enough water tank to get by a while if you otherwise fill the fridge with beer to drink instead. The smell of a wild pig cooking on a handmade metal spit hides the smell of weed from the bong set down on a shitty old deck chair just far enough from the flames to not cook the redhead kicking back as relaxed as a Rahu can manage.

Maybe it's the lack of a breeze... maybe it's the deliciousness of the boar's scent. Hell, maybe it's the weed, who can say? Somehow, the Elodoth's scent doesn't preceed her. There is a faint crack of a snapped twig lost to the ambient noise of the bayou... and then the strung up lights all just. Wink out. The only light now coming from the fire under the spit.

And then the critters of the bayou are just as silent as the lights are out, the only noise the snap and pop of the wood in the spit, and the krackle of burning fat that drips from the meat into the flames.

"I left you with one job," a voice growls from somewhere OVER THERE. It's feminine, but has the deep resonance of someone in Dalu. It certainly sounds familiar. Aaaand from the flickering shadows steps a caramel-skinned... cave-woman? That's basically what Dalu are, after-all. Perhaps Dire-Human is a better term. Jeans and black t-shirt just... ready to burst from the size of the woman wearing them. Ditto the hiking boots. Pretty fuzzy, from a modern grooming perspective. Dangerous-looking nails bordering on claws. You know. Typical Dalu-in-clothes look.

Dalu who looks pretty pissed.

Sabine turns with a rather pissed off expression to her own features, Still Hishu, which means still looking more like a ginger supermodel despite the lack of makeup hiding freckles or adding color.

"That's fucking rich." she growls in a pissed off Louisiana drawl. "I left home couple years back. So it would keep her safe, I fucking cried more than she did. " picking herself up off her chair, doesn't even dust herself down, just aiminng as even a green eyed gaze as she can, almost squinting or trying to look mean. "Wasn't like I was the only one. Seriously, shouldn't you be back home with her?" she says and points a finger. "Fuck, you didn't bring her here with you did you?" she says and swivels her head around just in case the ex is around. "My side of our life is too fucking dangerous for blood and you fucking know it!"

"And how would you even know if she were safe?" Delphine counters, the words thick and harsh, because... Dire Human. "You left her a couple years back, but she didn't come right home. She chased your sorry ass for more than a year." She spreads her arms to just... indicate the luxury of the trailer, and everything. "Why she did, I'll never fucking know. We found her in the clearing where your old trailer was, just a burned out shell." The Dalu starts pacing back and forth, each time moving closer to the spit. Just. Inching a little closer. "/We/ knew what you did. /She/ never believed it, though. We thought she did, but naw." She stops, nearly arms length away. Definitely arms length for her bunlky form, Sabine would have to step into it. Not that she wouldn't. Just. Annoyingly distant. "All because you broke your fucking word."

"Of course y'all knew what I did. What I am doing here." Sabine doesn't even shift but she definitely sounds pissed. "Why the fuck the pack didn't tie her ass up. Seriously, my..." and this bit really feels like a sore spot. "Old fucking trailer, my first attempt at being settled down. I didn't want what I was doing to be nay where near her." The chair is picked up and thrown at the wall of her trailer. A hefty sounding clunk while Sabine doesn't even watch where she aims, the chair cheap enough to replace. She just keeps looking at Delphine like she's daring the daker woman in Dalu "It's when I started seeing her in the god damn fucking nightmares about them. You wanna throw down at me cause I and she couldn't handle it then give it a try. But what I'm doing is making sure none of you have to deal with what I went through."

Delphine takes that laaaast step forward, invading Sabine's space, but not actually touching her. Can't set her off! It's a fine line, but it's a line the Elodoth is pretty sure she can walk well. "That's the thing, though." Her voice is quiet, but no less accusatory. "She tried to move on. Did, might say. Settled down. And then the sorry sack of shit fucked up and got his ass killed."

Brown eyes glare out from under the bushy ridged eyebrows, her breath huffing out through the humid air onto the ginger-pale skin. "You wouldn't know anything about that. Would you?"

It's a ghoulish thing to think of but hearing about a would be boyfriend of your ex wife dying, that actually gets a snort and attempt at stiffling a laugh out of the redhead. "I figured she would have stuck with women. Or at least werewolf women. Cause I always had what she wanted in a pair of jeans whatever the mood struck. But seriously..." she's really struggling to not be horryinmgly amused. "Was he one of the People, blooded, god, she wasn't fucking some dipshit human? How'd he get killed?"

The getting inside Sabine's space doesn't even intimidate the Rahu. "Who he mouth of to? I wouldn't have driven home just to kill him. Unless he was hurting her. But it's your sister, there'd be a fucking line. I'd just hold his ass down."

"You left," Delphine replies. "So you gave up the right to know anything about her life." A pause. "Anything about the kids you knew she wanted... you knew she thought she could actually fix your bullshit. Anything about how she's fucking missing, because all you care about is how he was in the sack, and not that he stepped up when you stepped out."

The caramel-colored Dalu just shakes her head. "Don't know why I fucking bothered, you clearly don't care enough to be of use. Whatever." She turns to begin to stalk back into the darkness.

Being missing, that gets Sabine serious, like extra serious and pissed. And hand does reach for the sister in law's shoulder and despite human nails, they feel more like claws as she growls like she's fighting to stay in her current form "You fucking walk now and I break your fucking legs." she threatens. They'll heal but still. You could almost see her body straining under those clothes. "If she's missing why the fuck didn't you open with that. I might not give a shit about the well being of who she's fucking. But clearly he was a dipshit. I left cause and how many fucking times I have to explain this, I was bringing heat down on us from Anshega, despite them fucking starting the whole mess. If I stuck around it's a matter of time one of the fuckers might have trailed my ass home and gotten at my wife, or you, or everyone else, any one else. Your sister can't fucking fix that by being a good wife or a mother. I wasn't safe. Now you tell me she's gone after claim I don't care. I should just break those legs of yours now and drive your broken ass back home and start clearing house."

"You keeping her alive from Anshega attack doesn't mean shit if she ends up dead from killing herself, either," Delphine counters, swinging back around to stand her ground against what will likely become a pillar of murder-fur any moment. "Yeah, you didn't know THAT, either. How she slit her wrists when you left her. Because you didn't. Fucking. Care. To. Know." The Elodoth is... barely keeping her own pulse down, her breaths forced to be slow and centered. Pesky half-moon, surely going to rise any time now. "I came here to see if her dumb ass decided to throw out years of self-improvement and crawl back to your ass. She clearly didn't." Her lips draw back in an almost snarl. "Go on, then. Go home and clear house. Kill everyone there, and be no better than the fucking Anshega."

"Why no one tried to get her counseling I don't know. And what happens if I snapped and was the one to kill her. Not that I did but you think I'm not terrified of kuruth when she's around. All the more reason to not be around, at least with another werewolf they could stand up, or at least be less likely to die." Sabine growls, breathing slowly and deliberately while she keeps her rage in check.

"So here is what we're gonna do." she says flatly and gets almost nose to nose, though Sabine does have to get up on her toes to even try make up the height difference in the forms. "Whatever other leads you have, we are gonna put to use. You get to be all talky when we need it. I'm gonna play bad cop and snap things when we don't hear what we like. Then hopefully we find my wife. Unharmed. What kind of situation she's in will depend on if I escalate to tearing things off bodies. And never, fucking ever, say I don't care about her again."

Delphine clenches her jaw, but gives the Rahu a quick nod. "I'm staying at The Strand, I'll let security know to let you in," she says, agreeing to most of it. "It's gonna take more than you just throwing shit and making promises you can just back out of-" she doesn't SAY 'again', but it's definitely implied, "But you have the benefit of the doubt."

She also doesn't say 'for now', but it's also DEFINITELY implied. Fur shrouts through clothing as the Dalu shifts to Urhan, the she-wolf's fur the same rich caramel color as her skin in Hishu form. Her snout presses into the pale skin of the ginger's hand, before she turns and bolts off into the darkness.