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An Axle Change

Characters: Axle, Cat, Fen, Jeanie, Maximo, and Ramsey
Date: 2020-07-19
Summary: The Fixers' Post-Hunt BBQ doesn't go exactly according to plan... can't really plan for Changes

Crescent moon.jpg

After such a successful hunt, the party can't just last a SINGLE NIGHT. There was cleaning and field dressing and transporting and eventually cooking and all that boring stuff along with plenty and plenty of drinking. And eating. The food is still aplenty at the Warehouse backyard although now that night has come, any open fires have been at least shielding in case the toughest little vampire decides to re-emerge. Jeanie re-emerges onto the porch, carrying a casserole dish wrapped in a kitchen towel instead of a proper oven mitt singing a song of "Ouch... hot hot hot!" All the way to the closest table surface before glancing about the yard. "Axle? Where's Axle?" There's cheese to be had!

Axle has not slept a wink since the end of the hunt; not that she hasn't *tried*. But she keeps getting disturbed whenever she tries to relax. Little noises. Tickles. Stuff moving in the corners of her eyes, just out of reach of an actual good look at the stuff. It must be that damn bottle of Mexican Coke. At the least she took a shower and put on new clothes when the pack arrived back at the warehouse; one of the seersucker sundresses she has been collecting from the vintage racks at the local thrift stores. This one is white and green gingham and covered in a pattern of little watermelon slices. Seated on a bucket, she is in the midst of frying what looks like hush puppies in her little propane powered fish fryer, poking at the bobbing brown balls of fried dough with one of those spider spoons. "Huh? I'm right here, dude. Look with your eyes!" she crankily says.

There are tongs, and they are clicked, in greeting, and Ramsey takes a peek under the big flat lid of the pit smoker and waggles his eyebrows. He's dressed in a white t and his dark blue mechanic's shirt over it, and has a fat blunt hanging out the corner of his mouth as he moseys between that and checking the heat of the pizza oven. There's gonna be cheesy bread and it is gonna be bubbly and delightful.

It was a deal, he said. Cheapest bike of its caliber in the area, they said. Careful on the gas, they said... Maximo was cursing them all as he pushed that primer black and toxic waste green Hayabusa for the sixth and final mile. He could have called a tow truck in but he'd been slacking lately so the extra exercise was both welcomed and loathed all the same. Anger fuels the body. Roast boar would be preferred. The taaaall, dark and Hollywood pretty Storm Lord was huffing and puffing his last breaths as he forced that street bike through the gate and toward Fixer Central and the warehouse proper. "Any... anybody... anybody is welcome... to kill me now." He offers by way of greeting as he kicks the stand out. "WHEW! That was a... that was fun. Bike died. I almost followed. Still might."

Little Fen had helped out with the hunt night before, mostly by acting as an unwilling meatshield so the others were not beaten to a pulp. So after helping get the big fat dead pork carcases back to civilization, she disappeared to go sleep it off. And today's piggy preperations? She missed them all. For Reasons. She is not really a, uh, day person. This evening? She's been seen hitting the shower to wash off last night, putting her urgently-needing clothing into the laundry and has otherwise been padding about barefoot in clean clothing and appearing chipper and in good spirits and no worse for wear, which is probably remarkably considering the mauled, deathlike state she'd finished last night with. But that's vampires for you. Takes a licking, keeps on ticking. The others are doing Food Things, she's plinking away at Fawn's guitar.

"There you are!" Jeanie's completely unphased by the crankiness as she picks up the still very hot casserole dish and heads towards the cooking station. "I told you I'd make some mac and cheese... you could fry it, probably... but it's hot and ready now. You can probably mix some of the boar into it... is the pizza almost done?" She sends a hopeful look over towards Ramsey's clicking tongs before the arrival of a very exhausted seeming Storm Lord. "Uhhhh... we can probably fix the bike? Or someone can. Please don't die." That'd be unfortunate.

The curly-haired wolf-blood perks right up at that. "Mac and cheese!" she burbles. She looks around and then picks up a large wooden spoon from her set of cookery tools, holding it aloft in the air like a weapon. "Gimme!" Axle teases, flashing a wolfish grin at Jeanie. A moment later and she twitches like something tickled the back of her neck, grunting and gripping the spoon tighter, her brow furrowing. God damned mosquitos! The arrival of Maximo draws her attention quickly enough. Aha! Perhaps the tickle was her sending the arrival of his mane. It *is* after all, a creature of pure spirit. "Hey! VO-5! Welcome to the mess," she calls in his direction. Looking back to Jeanie, she asks, "There'n no peas in there are there?"

(sensing the arrival, rather)

"Fire's about ready, first round's gonna hit the deck. Cheese on crust and a margherita. Then we'll move on to the boar chunk pie." Ramsey has some dough stretched and adorned and his little folding pizza peel because he's a fucking nerd. When Max hits the scene with the dead bike, his head swivels a little but Axle seems to know him so that quiets the quicker instincts and he lifts a hand in greeting and says "Heyo," before squinting at Axle. "What kind of... Peas in.. Ma..No.." Aghast.

A bit worn out, a little sweaty and a lot thirsty, Maximo leaves his road rocket behind. Not like it's going anywhere with that fiasco of a compression issue. Some blisters on his hands won't last long and he's already forgetting the burn in his calves when he throws himself into this packs home turf. "Hey, there she is!" The ridiculously statuesque Storm Lord even points to Axle as he joins the fray. "Was really hoping I didn't get the wrong address but the odds of two pig roasts on the same block felt a little slim." Black tank top and jeans was the name of the game. Old boots worn all the more after his bike hike. "I'm Maximo, Axle said I could bring the bike by and grab a bite. VO-5 is my stage name." Said as he gravitates naturally toward the one person he knows so far.

"And I really don't want to die so... anybody got a bottle of water? Bud Light? Garden hose? In a bad way, tastes like the set of The Mummy 2 in my mouth." Adds Maximo quickly.

The token vampire here has her John Deere meshback cap on backwards (it survived last night), her pink hair in a ponytail, eyepatch on (vs the sunglasses she'd normally wear to hide it). Loose white tee over a black tank top. Bicycle shorts. Barefoot. She has nothing to do with food prep (for Reasons) but she does have a guitar (Fawn's accoustic) and is fairly proficiently playing pleasant party background sorts of tunes. Nothing to distract from conversations, just social accompaniment. She's paying attention, however, and as people new to her show up, she'll make note of them. In case they might want to eat her or something. Can't be too careful.

To most it'd just be a fluffy black cat, with her tail happily up in the air, that slipped under the fence to get into the yard but the occasional trails of violet flames slipping off of her fur and trailing off into the air around her makes it pretty clear that Cat isn't. She doesn't hide of course, that'd be silly, but instead wanders on over towards the happy people with tiny tail-flicks from side to side to stop and sit down a few yards away from everyone with her head tilted to one side as she watches.

Jeanie gives a snort to the pea question. "I'm no monster!" Just a veggie loving psychic, but the mac and cheese is strictly mac and cheese and breadcrumbs, no veggies snuck in at all. The announcement of what pizza-preparations are about to go in gets an mmm as she gives the Rahu a friendly nudge, although not enough to disrupt pizza-making processes. As for Max's request for beverages. "All of the above? I mean, a hose is a hose, but plenty of beer in the fridge on the porch. I'm Jeanie."

Twitch. Twitch twitch. Axle brushes at the back of her neck with her free hand, still eye-balling the casserole dish Jeanie is holding. "You better let it cool. I don't want to burn off all my taste buds on the first bite. Plus I gotta watch the pups," she adds. "I put creamed corn in them!" she burbles. "Ooh, that's nice, Fengoola. I like that one," she calls over toward the wee vampire chick. This is done as she fishes the first batch of hush puppies out of the bubbling batter, off-loading them onto a tray covered in layers of paper towels. Twitch twitch. Thus far she has not noticed the cat. Which might just add to her levels of anxiety and weirdness. Setting aside the spider, she starts to load more raw hush puppies into the oil, glancing at Maximo in between. Sneaking little glances. Aww. She has a crush.

Ramsey hums a little as he starts putting the pizzas into the pizza oven, singing quietly, "When the moon hits your eye and there's fur on your hide, you're a weeeerewoooolf.. Da da doo dee dee dee..." Trailing off and crouching to peek and make sure the bubbling doesnt only hit one side. He gives Jeanie a squeeze around the shoulder when she gets close, then plants his pizza peel like a staff and waits. "The hog shound be done soon. The skin's looking particularly crackly." He is about to say something else but.. Did that cat just have some fire stuff happen?

There's just a whole lot to unpack here and Maximo is, not admittedly mind you, struggling to take it all in. Cooking in every direction, new faces everywhere he looks... a cat with Back to the Future tracers. "Alright. Right into the deep end it is." He says to himself before a too damned perfect smile is offered beaming bright and thankful to Jeanie. "Jeanie, you're my hero. You have no idea." Off to go snatch a beer out of a fridge, Maximo saunters back. Catching a little glance from Axle and returning it with a teasing wink. A lift of his beer in distant cheers as he finds himself momentarily beside Ramsey. "The pizza oven is a beautiful touch. I heard pig roast, no way I could prepare for all of... this... " A side eyed glance before a long drink as the other Werewolf slips an arm around Jeanie. An upnod to Fen. A little eye narrowy in that look there before he's waving at Axle. "Need a hand with anything?"

Cat didn't seem to mind being ignored overly much, tail still twitching happily at times, but Ramsey staring at her gets a happy mew and a much wider wave of the limb in answer accompanied by a, slightly hesitant, return to being on all fours and slow approach towards the group. There's a few, casual, attempts to brush up against peoples legs as she wanders on over to behind sit on the opposite side of the party heading towards the building where she quietly slips in to hide behind the door to shift shape back to human form. It doesn't take long, just long enough for Cat to check her current age and appearance, before a woman in her mid-twenties dressed in an outfit of black pleather wearing a brass choker suspiciously similar to the collar the cat wore comes out. "Hey hey?" she calls a little uncertainly, as if not wanting to be a bother, but doesn't hesitate to walk back on over "Barbecue?"

Yeah Fen notices she's noticed by Max. Little nod returned. Is he a threat? No, not immediately. This isn't a judgement thing, just an ongoing dialog she has going in her head whenever she comes across people bigger than she is so yeah pretty much all the time. Absently blowing at a bang that drifts across her face, a couple times, then brushing it behind an ear. She'll just keep on playing. At least it provides a reasonable excuse about why she's not eating.

Jeanie waves off the thanks from Maximo as she wraps an arm around Ramsey with a grin. "Don't mention it. We'd be horrible hosts if we left anybody parched. Or hungry." And her legs might be out of easy brushing range, but she does notice the cat walking by and tilts her head. "We have cats now? Or a cat?" The robo-beagle she was aware of, but as far as she knew... the opossum under the porch usually kept most felines away. Or maybe cats just aren't fond of werewolves. Not like Jeanie has any animal ken to speak of so she shrugs and focuses back on the conversation and Fen's guitar playing at least until another stranger arrives from inside the house which definitely causes confusion. "Hey? And uhhh, yeah?"

The hush puppies are loaded into the fryer and Axle sits and stares at the bubbling oil, stealing those occasional glances at Maximo to amuse herself. When he speaks to her, she opens her mouth to answer -- and then squeaks out a noise instead, standing up abruptly and knocking over her bucket in the process. She reaches around up toward her back with her left hand, brushing at something. "Got dang mosquitos!" she laughingly says, shaking her head, but her brow is furrowed, nonetheless. After a pause to gather her wits, she tells Maximo, "If you want, you can bring the red cooler out of the house. I made a batch of spolie in it. There's like two hunnert dollars worth of fruit in there."

"Ope. Hey," Ramsey says to the greeting from the new totally legitimate and ordinary human that appears, and says "Yeah, got a whole lot of pork about to come out. But fiiirst..." He glances in to check the pizzas and then strikes like a cobra with his peel, bringing them out, doing the little dome lift thing even, and gets them on the counter. "Theeere we go." He sets the tool down, then says to Maximo, "Wanna help me get this bad boy out of the pit?" He goes over and lifts the massive metal lid like it's nothing but this is a -biiiiiig- fucking pig.

"Cool." Cat answers Jeanie with a nod, tone still a little uncertain but a cheerful smile on her lips now, as she stops a couple of feet away. "I'm a friend of Mac's? She told me to drop by anytime so, mmm, I did?" she answers the unasked query as to who she is which, to be fair, seems to ease some of the awkwardness out of her. "Mind if I join in? It smells deli-" and then she sees the pig, blinking in surprise, then she laughs "That is one big fucking pig. Did you find one an escaped genetic experiment or something?"

"Too late. Already mentioned it. Guess I'll just have to return the favor in the future. Next party I throw? You are all invited. VIP list. Even if there isn't a VIP room." Maximo says with that all too convincing tone. Easy going, low impossibly easy to fall into. He'd make a killing in the audio book industry. Axle's fumble and subsequent save gets a little chuckle out of him, a nod of acceptance even. "You got it. I'll grab that after I help out with this hog. Can't let it burn, be a crime!" Going with Ramsey to escort the pig from the pit, Maxi gives the newcoming Cat an upnod in greeting. "Pretty collar." He says in passing. Once that massive lid is lifted, Maxi whistles loooooow and long. "That is one big piggy."

That big fucking boar (or the other one) just about ruined Fen last night and she's still annoyed with it, even if she did punch it to death. Eventually. Actually the whole thing about not being warned that Tusked Wild Boars and Fat Pink Pigs were not the same thing... yeah little sore about that. How was she to know! Anyway. All her bones are back where they're supposed to be. And the thing that did it is being BBQ'd. Or the other one is. She wasn't paying attention. "Yep," she'll agree, over some strumming. It is one big piggy.

Jeanie ahhhs when Cat reveals that she's a friend of one of the changelings, but then she's tilting her head and peering a little bit. "Friend of Mac like... a lost friend?" She might not see the very cat-like features of the Changeling, but she can put together some context clues like a champ. As the werewolves move to unveil their fruits (or meat) of their labor, she's gonna stick right by the bready goodness, thanks very much. The squeak from Axle gets a grin. "You okay? Need another coke? Also... we got some bug spray up on the porch if you need it. Would say light some citronelle but.." There's a glance to Fen. Not even a candle around the vampire. She had a rough day yesterday.

"Thank you. Mac made it for me." Cat answers Maximo with a brightly beaming smile. "Has clockwork and everything in it, though you can't tell until you're expanding or shrinking it." she adds, absently running her fingers along the surface of the brass as if still getting used to the thing. "And yeah, I guess you could say I've been lost." she answers Jeanie without lowering her hand, giving the woman a quick once-over glance before she returns her attention to the enormous suinae in the pit "I take it you know her then?"

"Yeah, I'm all right. I think the skeeters must love my new fabric softener is all," is Axle's response called over to Jeanie. She busies herself with the hush puppies, spooning up the new batch. In all there's about three dozen of the dough balls on the paper towel covered tray by the time she is finished. She dusts them with some coarse salt while they're still hot and oily, before reaching to turn off the fryer's power switch. That finished, she turns her head and stares off into the distance for a while, holding the plate of hush puppies. What the heck is she looking at? Maybe the comet. The stars, perhaps. But her eyes are cast a little too low down. Eventually she snaps out of it and brings the pups over to where the rest of the bountiful food stuffs are being laid out. "Mac and cheese!" she delights.

Ramsey uses a coat hanger to flip up the handles of the pit rack and then hands Maxi a big ice hook, and uses one himself so that they can lift the whole thing out, there being space on the big stone counter to set the rack. "Right over there," he says and lifts. Good thing this thing is gutted and has deflated somewhat with the smoking, but that skin has been scored like the finest lechon and has become crispy-crunchy delicious. "I think it's about time to eat. We got any of that good hot sauce with the mustard left?"

There's no citronelle candles near Fen, but she doesn't worry about mosquitos. They seem to avoid her. For some reason. She watches the Lost Cat for a bit, because Changelings are just Weird and she hasn't figured out where they fit in her world view. Because, really. They don't make any sense at all. Thinks the vampire at the werewolf party. ANYWAY. Still playing the guitar, watching the peoples.

Jeanie raises an eyebrow at Cat's question. "I mean, yeah? I live with her? I'm Jeanie." The psychic might not look obviously supernatural, but she'll readily state that she belongs here if the fact she seemed perfectly at home wasn't clear enough. "We got like five hot sauces left. And somebody made up some barbeque sauce as well... vinegar based I think." She'll dig around the drawers near the outdoor kitchen area until she finds at least a few of the sauces, blinking over at Axle and her mosquito problems. "Really? Cause there were some studies that showed dryer sheets can be used as a sort of insect repellent. Not as good as actual bug spray, but shouldn't be attracting any unless you got a crappy offbrand that uses some weird chemicals..."

There's a moment of perplexed curiosity in Maximo's face as he pieces together what Cat just said. A chuckle, he takes out a hair tie and winds up all that long, long black hair before Ramsey hands him a hook. "Sounds like a lot of hard work to me. Glad it fits. In various ways, I guess." That book bites into hog and Maximo helps Ramsey haul it up and out to its final resting place. "You all brought this down? Gotta hand it to you, pretty sweet haul. Be back in a minute. Got some fruit to find." Clapping his hands clean, Maxi goes to finish his quest. Grabbing that red cooler and eventually bringing it back out to Axle. "Going to get bled dry at this rate. You piss off any weird swamp wizards or anything lately?"

"Oh, alright. I didn't know that. Nice to meet you Jeanie." Cat answers, turning her attention to the woman ever so briefly before her eyes return to the mountain of meat "And thank you for letting me join you for, mmm, dinner I guess would be the term?" "Oh it probably was, and fits like a glove though so long as I adjust it right. Only bit I don't like is how cold it gets if I take it off for long but that's to do with the brass, no the quality, yeah?" There's a little laugh at that, seemingly to herself, before she shrugs. "I, mmm, everyone here is all up on what is what I take it?"

"It was liquid softener. Does that make a difference?" Axle inquires. Twitch twitch. She brushes away at the back of her neck as she reaches the counter to put down the hush puppies. A grin is flashed toward Maximo, hands coming to rest on her hips, though her brow is still furrowed. "Nah. Not on purpose, at least. I haven't stolen anyone's man or messed up their salt circle." Rubbing her those hella long-fingered hands together, she announces, "Good food, good meat, good God, let's eat!" And looks over toward the enormous feral ham on the stone counter. Twitch twitch. She has developed an eye tic now.

"I often wear gloves around my neck but they never seem to fit in any particular way." Ramsey takes the hooks and hangs them up, then produces the giant cleaver / meat axe he bought at the big Asian mall for three dollars and starts carving into the whole hog and doing a thorough whack and chop until there's a pile for people to dig into unless they want to pick at the carcass, which is certainly a valid choice. He pulls a big section of pig skin and starts chomping and then gets an idea, taking a piece of the cheesy bread pizza and rolling it in it like the true innovator he is. To Cat he adds, "Most of us live in or around this place. Mac's part of our crew." He then espies the cooler and finds a red cup to fill with the hooch salad. "Nooow we're cooking."

Jeanie gives a nod to Cat. "Yeah. Most of us live here. With some other friends added in." Here's looking at Maximo. And his hair which might as well count as an entirely separate individual. "All Accorded and all that jazz. Or otherwise supernaturally inclined." She gives a shrug before Axle's twitching catches her attention. "Maybe you should lay off the caffeine?" Says the woman that supplied her with the original Mexican coke last night! As the pork is removed from the pit and beginning to be chopped up, she inches closer and closer, giving a cautious sniff. "Since we did all take it down, I probably should try a bite. For symbolism or something."

Because it amuses her, Fen is working through a chill accoustic version of 'War Pigs.' It isn't going to win any awards - she didn't plan ahead so it isn't a clever arrangement - but it's sort of thematic. In name anyway. The BBQ theme de jour. She doesn't seem particularly interested in having a sample, symbolism or otherwise. But technically she was the first person to gain sustainance from these creatures, so she's ahead of the game there!

"You wear gloves around your neck?" Cat asks Ramsey, seeming so perplexed by the concept that she doesn't even comment on the crew all living there "That is, mmm, didn't know you could do that." One, two, three pieces of pig get casually picked up from where they rest and she bites into the largest one immediately with her head tilted back; managing quite gracefully to avoid any juices dripping down her chin that way. "And this is delicious, if it wasn't for the size I'd probably hunt it myself at some point. Though, mmm, I don't have a cooker so maybe not either way?" "Oh, and for politeness sake then... I'm Cat, Accorded and part of the Freehold, you can recognize me by the choker but little else. Maybe the clothes I guess, since I have no spare ones right now, but once I do the choker only." that said, introductions sort of sorted she continues eating, something she seems to do at a rather impressive rate as she gulfs down the rest of the meat she picked in moments.

Having sat that cooler down wherever he's supposed to drop that thing full of hundreds of dollars of fruit and what-have-you, Maximo has already solo dipped up and gotten his share in short order. "Yet. You haven't stolen anyone's man or kicked their salt circle apart -yet-." The outspoken and seemingly quite helpful Cahalith states with a cheerful, if a tad sharp smile of his.

Axle's opening prayer and Ramsey's hack and carve job gets Maximo right back around from exhausted to -starving-. Red cup in one hand, the other at the Wolf Blooded's shoulder as he nods at the feast of feasts in progress. "Couldn't have said it better. Show me where to start, this is massive." Jeanie's affirmation gets Maximo's attention quick. "That's a weight off my back. We're all signed up. No pretense, no problems. So we're all a bit strange. That's a relief."

Angry wolf.gif

The curly-haired wolf-blood grows real quiet as Ramsey starts to carve up the feral hog. Which one is this one? The one that Fen pummeled to death or the one whose noggin Fawn put an arrow into? If Maximo's hand remains on Axle's shoulder, he'll feel a few of those twitches. And then a trembling starts. A vibration of noise in her chest that isn't heard at first. Jeanie teases her as the pack is wont to do. Lay off the caffeine. Lay off the caffeine. Lay off. It echoes in the back of her brain as a dark cloud comes over her features. The eyes transform first, before the rest of her follows, watermelon seersucker seeming to turn inside out to let out shaggy black fur. What she intended to yell at Jeanie was 'BITE ME' but what has come out is a guttural 'WAUGH!' as she makes to leap up onto the stone counter of pig parts and goes after the telepath. My manwich!

There's no real hesitation to it, Cat just disappears entirely the moment there's a wolf-creature flying through the air and onto the counter, and she certainly isn't seen after that as she quite quickly ducks away several yards to hover in the open still unseen. For any who could see her she looks like she's about to bolt... though apparently the meat is still tempting as she quickly gulps down the last remains she had left in her hand despite it all.

Jeanie had mostly been joking about the caffeine! All in good fun as she was nosing about the meat and possible considering taking a nibble. She got completely blindsided by the fact the wolfblood was wolfblooded no more and even more so by the swipe at her back which luckily is absorbed a bit by her fancy blazer but still leaves her gasping as she hits the counter and pushes herself back up. "What the fuck, Axle! If you wanted to have some, you could have just asked!" She winces as she turns around and that's when her eyes turn REAL BIG. Like really... did anybody know human eyes could open so far?

'Pummeled to death' implies a certain determine vigor that the Fen's input on boar's death lacked. Fen punched it a whole lot. Some of it was damaging. It eventually died. Perhaps from impatience. Nevertheless she'll claim that kill. And when Axle up and transforms the little vampire will stop playing guitar. Because this is unexpected. But she hasn't attended a lot of werewolf parties. Also Beast has just twanged something awful. Yep, gonna get up, back away. Keep Fawn's guitar safe from whatever is going on here. And herself. She doesn't have a lot of spare clothing.

Ramsey is getting his drink up to sippin' mode and settling in for the good times when he starts to pick up a particular smell mixing into familiar scents, and he realizes about two seconds after Axle has gone full morbo what is happening and says "Oh shi-" and has to make a call between his pig pizza taco and his drink, instead choosing to throw both in the air and let Luna sort it out. A slightly judgmental glance at the sky but.. Oh fuck she's going after Jeanie.. and Ramsey is growing into his Dalu form and taking a quiick jump around the corner of the counter to interpose himself, somewhat reassured that Jeanie is still talking, and not directly taking on Axle but he isn't taking chances and there's a posture in him that none of the pack has really seen directed at any of them before but that high he had going has been harshed something severe.

That hand squeezes Axle's shoulder reassuringly, the long limbed Maximo starting to lean in to offer a light joke or distraction for what he thinks is a nervous tremble shivering out of the Wolf Blooded wrench turner. "Hey, just a jo-" When the unexpected becomes the very real and very dangerous, Maximo's hand jerks back as Axle shifts -fast- into a violent new direction. Blood in the air, he bristles and tenses with his own newfound impulse. A call to action. "Do NOT run!" Is his shouted offering, not wanting to jump any chain of command in this newfound crisis! He does, however, whistle and snap his fingers at the now fur clad and FURIOUS new Uratha as his own mass increases in response to the ramped up emotions and, well... the claws. "Over here, Lookit the bigger target... "

Axle would sooner huck herself into a wood chipper than hurt one of her pack on any *normal* day. This is not a normal day, obviously. Perhaps it's the allure of the NEOWISE comet. Is some planet or moon cusping? Or maybe it's just that time of the month. It *can't* be the Mexican Coke. She would have burned through the sugar of that sumbitch by the time the two feral hogs and their spirit Boss were deceased. She doesn't make it up onto the stone counter; just swiped at the telepath over it, until Rambo has muscled into the way. Those eyes smolder mightily as he gets in her way. The allure of Maximo making little noises to distract her is impossible to resist. Especially since he is not pack. Lizard brain wants to crush something. Monkey brain wants to keep her pack safe. She swivels in VO-5's direction. Good lord monkey fingers with claws on the end of them are really fucking creepy!

Now, there's definitely a part of Jeanie's brain screaming RUN from this new found Gauru-Axle in front of her that's already taken a swing at her, but that is her friend, damn it and the psychic is nothing if not determined. Plus, there's a Ramsey jumping in front of her to hopefully stop any future swipes. The human keeps her eyes locked on Axle, a little flickering of the electric lights as she focuses, voice almost a hypnotic command. "Axle, everything's alright. There's plenty of meat here for you. We'll just clear out of your way since nobody wants anybody to get hurt." That little back wound she's already got? Probably just a flesh wound. Hopefully just a flesh wound. She's doing her best not to think about that and just focus every ounce of her being into de-escalation.

Fen thinks it best to just stay out of this one. Juuuust gonna be over here. With the guitar. Looking nonthreatening. As nonthreatening as a vampire reasonably can to a werewolf, anyway. She doesn't know what's happening but there's a lot of big and hairy going on and she'd rather not be in the splash zone.

Ramsey's eyes flick back, then toward Max, and fix back on Axle as Jeanie does her thing. He's seen her talk a Rahu out of full on kuruth, so he's not worried except insofar as she is already injured. So he keeps real still and real intense and coiled, but a big coiled that might punch you.

Cat starts licking her fingers after a while, watching the goings on quite peacerfully from a few yards away. Should she intervene? No, definitely not. Curse the wolf-thing with weakness and passivity? Probably not that either... Eventually she just hunkers down on the ground, elbows on her knees, and lets things play out as they're about to. Worst case she can always bring the victim to safety later, right?

What is it they say about being careful of what you wish for? Maximo, now a gargantuan wild man stretching out his good tank top, finds himself getting exactly what he asked for. Squaring off, he takes an undisciplined brawlers stance. Grits his teeth and prepares for the worst. That's when the only mortal in the mix pulls a trick that even Maximo is impressed by. That smooth jazz voice now a Swedish death metal front mans snarl. "Just like that, huh? Don't even have to suplex her through the pizza table? Going better than my first ripper by far!"

Step stepm, lurch. Axle advances toward Maximo with those stomach-turning long fingers. At the least moment, she pauses at the sound of Jeanie's voice. A good psychic is an asset on its own; in a pack it can be heaven-sent. The tremble starts once more. Black fur shrinks inward, pales to green and white striped seersucked, blossoming with a pattern of watermelon slices complete with little embroidered dots in place of seeds. Axle collapses onto the ground at Maximo's feet, reaching up with both hands to rake through -- no, yank at -- her own curly hair. "I didn't mean to!" she laments, choking into sobs.

"Nobody is suplexing anybody tonight!" Jeanie glares Maximo's way for the quip. Probably would be a lot more intimidating if she wasn't shaking like a leaf on the wind now that Axle's rage has seemed to subside, but she's only human so cut her a bit of slack! As Axle shrinks back down to normal size and begins to sob, she slips right on past Ramsey, going to kneel next to her packmate, reaching out a hand for her back. It's not steady, but sometimes a touch is what is really needed, along with some more soothing words. "Shhhhh... it's alright. You didn't mean to, but it's fine. Everything's fine." So says the one that's bleeding.

When the violence seems over, in fact the very moment, Cat sets off towards the table with the meat again without even bothering to turn visible. She does give the sobbing woman, Axle, a wide berth of course, but only once she has another three pieces of meat in her hands does she realize no one can see her. "Well, everyone has a temper?" she says, looking a little awkward, as she once more turns visible "I mean, everyones lost it once or twice, right? I've bit folks more than once since I came back." That does seem to be the end of her attempts to cheer the woman up however as she then begins to eat the pieces of dead pig she's claimed. You have requested a beat review from staff. Please allow for some time to process it. Do not page staff about it - you will hear back soon.

With a wary eye to the scene - claws are no longer on the menu tonight - Fen will return to her spot and go back to playing guitar. A little music never hurt anyone and she hasn't much to say because she really has no idea what the fuck just happened. As long as whatever it was doesn't involve anything happening to her, she'll cope. Anyway, some nice relaxing guitar music. Nice and chill. No more fighty. Fen got her quota for the month in last night.

Ramsey grunts and lets the tension fall out of him and he says "Shit. I probably should have read that better." He thinks back. Signs were kind of there. He does look at Jeanie with some concern, not sure as to the extent of her wound, and he moves forward though remains standing, "We need to get that cleaned up. How bad?" He does glance toward Max, then down toward Axle on the ground and breathes out, shifting back down to his normal size. "That's one way to get an Ithaeur, I guess." When Jeanie tells Axle that all is fine, he says softly, "There's a lot of adjustment. She -will- be okay, but she won't feel that way immediately."

Brows furrow and naw sets sternly out of reflex from Jeanie's rebuke. He's a prideful thing, can't be helped. Dark eyes flick between Jeanie and Axle. Jeanie and Axle. As that black furred and newly minted force of nature started how downshift, Maximo relented by lifting his hands, fingers relaxing from tight fists. "Alright, alright. Looks about like the curtain call. No suplexing your pack mates. Fair rule." With Jeanie moving in to try and placate Axle with a hand to her back, Max actually tries to take the new Crescent Moon's hands. "Hey, hey, hey. Nobody ever does. It's all evened out, see? Nobody dead. Well..." Max's dark eyes snap to Fen before he smirks wryly just a tad. "Flannel is right. This is a massive shift. Ain't just weight and fangs. Could have gone worse though, right? That was insane."

"Oh, so this is a new and temporary thing? The temper I mean?" Cat asks once she's finished the second piece of meat she grabbed, looking around at the people there "In that case I can, mmm, make it easier for her to keep her temper for a while I think? If you want?" she lifts her left hand into the air in front of her, displaying the two big pieces of meat she's still holding with her fingers "Fair trade for the food if nothing else. Just takes a tiny little bit to spin that fate, or another, for her if she's fine with it?" Her eyes go to Axle, then Ramsey and Maximo, before she shrugs and resumes eating.

Twitch. Twitch. She's back to *that* now? Dear lord once hopes this isn't a permanent tic. Eyes dart back and forth between Jeanie and Maximo as the two of them lurk near, offer reassuring touches. "I need J-Johnny," Axle says through trembling lips, teeth chattering from the physical shock of such an unexpected transformation. And then her eyes widen as she realizes what she said and she blurts out, "Oh, God. FUCK THAT GUY." And starts to cry harder. And maybe play with Maximo's hair, because it's like a temporary binky, a physical touchstone until she finds a more permanent one. "I'm sorry, guys. I ruined date night," she finds it in her caustic sense of humor to mutter. She might be too ashamed to look at the others, especially Ramsey, who she looks up to as her Hero Werewolf, dontcha know.

Jeanie wasn't even thinking of her own injury until Ramsey asks about it. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug, but it's wearing off now and she just blinks. "I'm... I'm not sure?" She tries to slide out of her blazer, but the movement required earns a bit of a hiss as it aggrevates the slash on her back. She gets up, taking a few steps away from Axle, but not really wanting to take her eyes away from her friend, but as Maximo moves in with his Cahalith words of smooth talking and even more amazing hair, she'll cede her comforting duties and step over towards Ramsey, whispering. "How bad is it?" She can't really see herself, darn back injury, although she does turn a little red at Axle's joke.

Fen heard that dead comment and looked back at Maximo. No glare or anything, just an eyeroll. Just going to play guitar. Friends are hurt, but she'd raaaaather not be too close to Axle in case she pops again. Unless m'be Jeanie gets in the way. Well. Dunno. Motivations are complicated. Music is simple. Jeanie's fine. She's not bleeding a lot. Fen would be able to tell that from here.

Ramsey is following Jeanie to look over her injury but his head cranes over his shoulder to Cat and he shakes it. "No. It's part of her, something she has to learn to live with. The First Change is a shock to the system but it's not anything that's not there any other time, just learning how to react to it. It's never easy, making it seem that way is just a recipe for pain." He then sniffs a little at the blood on the air and inspects the gouge, "Hmm. Not great but you're not bleeding too bad. I'll go get the first aid kit." Not that he knows how to use it. He does grin a little at Axle though and says "You could at least give us a good howl," his tone teasing but he's probably serious.

"This was datenight?" Cat asks once she's done eating, seeming a little perplexed by the concept but not overly concerned, stopping herself from licking her fingers clean by catching herself at the last moment. "For everyone or just her and someone particular? If everyone I hope I didn't intrude where I shouldn't have?" Fingers finally get wiped on the ground, the woman hunkering down briefly to do so, after a moment of hesitation and then clapped together to clear them of the new sort of dirt added to them. "Alright then." she answers Ramsey with a shrug, then looks to Axle "Offer for it stands though, for something else if she feels like treating herself to something."

"This -does- seem like the perfect time for a bong rip or two." Maximo says to Cat in agreement. He missed the mark but his heart was in the right place. Probably. Getting Axle to stop clawing at her hair, Max crouches down a bit. Not the most empathic sort but he does have that sort of reassuring presence. Probably the hair. Which the fresh werewolf is now toying with. "Ew. Gross. No, you definitely do not need that guy. What you need is a hot shower, six shots of tequila and a two day nap. That shit hits hard the first time." Brow arching upward, he looks to the brand spanking new Ithauer's packmates. "Date night, huh? How you guys going to top this one?"

Shame-faced, Axle looks around at the others. The newcomer friend of MacKenzie, their pig-punching friend Fen, and she watches Ramsey head inside to fetch the first aid kit. She starts to move, perhaps to offer to help tend to Jeanie's back... But it might not be a good idea. Hunching up her shoulders, she chews on the inside of her cheek, dropping long-fingered hands into her lap with a bone-weary sigh. Twitch twitch. She chills for a time, just drinking things in as adrenaline fades but newfound senses continue to bombard her. Lowering her voice, she whispers to Maximo, "Olive oil? Do you put olive oil in it?" A watery smile comes. At least she didn't lose her sense of humor.

"That was a joke, this is not date night," Jeanie clarifies for Cat althoguh rolls her eyes as Maximo piles on, she's sitll waiting for Ramsey and the first aid kit to come back. "Normally we try and make sure there are no attacks for date night. But there is still a serial killing angel out there I need to exorcise. Mostly just been warding it off for the time being." She gives a little shrug which was the wrong move, cause there's a wince again, but she tries to put on a smile for Axle especially as the new Ithauer is hunching up. "And after all the tequila and nap, sounds like somebody needs some help with his motorcycle, Axe." She tries to give an eyebrow waggle but the coordination just isn't there so it's more humorous than she had even intended.

Ramsey rummages around in the cabinet just inside and comes back with one of those white steel first aid kits with the latch on them and is rooting through it. He does not know first aid, but he knows neosporin and bandages at least! "Yeah, random shapechanges and bodily harm never happen on date night." That might be a lie. He sets the kit down and gets some gauze and starts dousing it in antiseptic and then starts at least trying to patch Jeanie up.

"There you go. Deep breath in the nose, out through your mouth. That's it. Up. Up with you." As Axle steadies herself after a barn burner of an adrenaline dump, Maximo shifts down easily. Bulky Dalu muscle mass compacting in upon itself, bones pop and grind back to form. A heavy sigh then as he looks down at Axle, faint smirk on his face. "I'm not fucking telling you. Nope. Going to have to try harder than that." Looking past the former Wolf Blood to Jeanie, Maximo chuckles under a breath. "Bike is pretty well trashed. I didn't do it any favors... but speaking of favors. Hey, Collar. What -are- you offering? Xanax? Northern Lights? Colombian Bam Bam?"

Hey, Axle doesn't need to feel awkward about this for Fen's sake. Fen has been living awkward since she died. She totally relates to the I Am Different Angst troupe. And is still living it, frankly, though she is slowly coming to terms with it. She'll just keep on playing guitar. Because drama needs a little background music.

"Oh, alright. That sounds smart." Cat nods her head at that being settled, it isn't datenight then, and watches Ramsey start to prepare to offer first aid. "I dunno. You mention it, Fate can be spun into all sorts of things?" she answers Maximo absently before she begins to murmur under her breath, little trails of violet fire, witch-fire, starts to trail along her fingers and out from her mouth. That is all that happens though, nothing else big occurs. "Like, spellcraft can do all sorts of things?" she adds, once she's done with her trick, turning to face Maximo in truth. "Want a particular job? Could arrange that, unless you're completely shit for it maybe. Probably even then though, if you want it bad enough?" she shrugs.

"You're a worse tease than *I* am. Immina go look at the bike," Axle quietly says as she starts to push herself up to her feet. She's still barefoot, as she was before. No hogs to chase tonight, just their own well-manicured lawn. Probably mowed by drones Way created. She starts to wander off, then detours toward the cooler Maximo brought outside, opening up the lid of it and picking up a solo cup and ladeling up a drippy cup-full of grain alcohols and bobbing chunks of fruit, tilting back the cup to start emptying it in big swallows. Not making a mess or anything. Just apparently very, very thirsty.

Jeanie tries her best to sit still as Ramsey is busy doctoring her back, although the touch of cold cream to skin gets a sharp inhale and she turns to try and get a look at what he's doing and just how bad it might be even though seeing one's own back is challenging in the best of times. Maximo's bike concern gets a laugh at least. "Look, if it exists, folks around here can fix it. We're a resourceful bunch." That Fixer name ain't ironic.

"You have no idea." Laughs the statuesque Storm Lord without hesitation. Raking both hands back through his hair, Maximo ends up absent mindedness working it into a bun of sorts. Sloppy but utilitarian. Watching Axle pad off on bare feet, he sucks his teeth with a 'tsk'. "Had it damn easy." Mutters the Iminir to himself, perhaps a bit judgmentally but not letting himself linger on the thought.

After a moment, he starts to follow Axle but pauses to linger at one of the tables to score himself a plate. To Cat, his surprise is easy to read. Lost. Fairy. Wizard Cat. He gets it now. "I'm going to need your number. Twisting fate and all that? Could use a little bit of that voodoo when I put in a bid on some property. Nothing weird, I promise. Well, nothing too weird... " Starting back off after Axle, Maxi turns on heel to walk backward and smile bright and thankful to Jeanie. "That's the word on the street. Why go anywhere else? Clearly never dull around here."

"I don't have one. No phone yet." Cat answers Maximo cheerfully, glancing around "I'll, mmm, be sure to check back in sometimes I guess? And once I have one I'll ask Mac to give it to you, might be a while though." Then her attention wanders to Jeanie, then Fen and back "Mmm, both of you alright? I- well, you'll have to tell me if you need anything because I'm horrible at picking up on hints but do want to help, k?"

Ramsey makes a face when Jeanie reacts to the antiseptic but then manages to get the cut cleaned up and dressed in a halfway competent fashion actually, and says "I don't think it'll need stitches but what the fuck do I know. It's not real deep though." He then cleans his hands off and goes to score himself another drink, lifting it to all present and says "Good times," a little dryly and goes to fall into sitting on the porch swing.

Fen will give Cat a little shoulder bobble, noncommittal, she's fine. Don't need anything at the moment. The young-looking vampire is apparently just here to play guitar! And not get attacked by werewolves. And so far the evening has gone to plan, except for that little bit of excitement there.

Axle appears to be beyond the attacking stage. She refills the solo cup to take with her when she goes to look at Maximo's motorcycle. It's given a cursory glance before she pads around to the front of the warehouse to let herself inside, returning after a short time with a shiny copper toolchest, lugging it along like it is a bit too heavy, which it might be if it is full of tools. Once back at the bike she pauses to cop a sip from the solo cup, before she sets it down on the ground and goes back to inspecting the bike.

"I'll get Fawn to give it a second opinion," Jeanie gives a nod as she tests a little bit the bandage, but seems like it'll do and nothing is shifting around. There's been way too much shifting for one night. As for Cat's offer, she gives a smile. "I'm fine, really. Thank you." All bandaged up and everything. She never had gotten the bite of pork she had been considering. Clearly never meant to be! Instead, she heads back towards the safety of cheesy bread and mac and cheese.

The fact that everyone seems to be moving to half-separate corners does cause Cat to pause briefly but not long, party-moods do die off after violence breaks out. So with a shrug she patters on over to sit down across from Fen with a bright smile, watching quietly with her head tilted to the side as the Kindred plays her guitar.

"You're the fourth person I've met in two weeks that doesn't have a phone. Not that it's weird... no, it's weird." Maximo laughs but he waves it off with a half assed gesture of an apology to Cat. "I'll keep my eye out for you. No big deal, just thought it'd be interesting to see in action." With plate in hand, Maximo wanders on over to his bike. A rather sun beaten, primer coated and battered Hayabusa in shades of black and green. Pulling up a wheel to sit on, steel scrapes along until he poops down. Watching Axle drag that tool box along, Maximo points a fork at her as she nears. "I really have to hand it to you, Sofia. You really know how to show a guy an interesting time. Oh, hey... thought it was a gasket issue but... then I realized I failed auto shop. So yeah." That said, the upbeat Howler contents himself to watch Axle work, maybe learn a thing or two and enjoy a few more plates of free food. Not a bad night. Even if nobody died.