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All That Remains - Eye of Anubis

Characters: Seth, Jacob as ST.
Date: 2020-06-25
Summary: Seth raids a Texas ranch house for an occult artifact. Things get out of control.
Disclaimers: Violence, language, murder.

Soundtrack to a break and entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJLpHSngcpk

Seth has discovered information about a dark relic. The Skull of Anubis, it's called, and while it may not be the /actual/ skull of a god, it's rumoured to be powerful. Of course, the rumours vary a bit, so /how/ powerful it is is up for debate, but it's clear that it's valuable, and of a supernatural nature. The problem, though, is that it seems to have been dismantled at some point. Two eyes, a jaw, and the main skull, all in different locations and needing to be tracked down.

He managed to track one of them down already. It happens to be owned by a rancher in Texas by the name of Murphy Wallace. It would only take a little digging to learn that he's a rich, and perhaps powerful, rancher, with expansive lands and loads of money. Finding his place isn't all that difficult at all. The ranch is about a five hour drive, meaning that if Seth plans it carefully, he might be able to make it there and back in one night. It wouldn't be too hard to find a place to hide out for the night somewhere in Texas, either.

And so, it's time to hit the road. The drive isn't all that exciting, except... at one point, Seth notices a black Ford pick-up, a newer model, behind him. Nothing odd about that, except for he sees an almost identical truck about an hour later. And another an hour after that. Of course, big black Ford pick-ups aren't that rare, especially as he nears Texas. What might be odd is that it has tinted windows. Or all of them do, if it's not simply the same truck.

1 success on a Perception check for Seth.

It's been a rough month for Seth, and he's desperate for an edge to assist in his duties as Hound of the New Orleans Praxis. Tonight, the Mekhet with subdued brown curls and dark green eyes is off to an early start at his haven, an expanse house in the swamps. The rest of his coterie is busy around the city this evening, so right after dusk, the Vampire heads to his charcoal gray BMW sedan that he's loaded up with equipment for a road trip. The Skull of Anubis sounds like something he could use... and if he's lucky, it ties back into his past. Even if he's not, a collection of occult objects could serve him well in the future.

With that in mind, dressed all up in black with a bright purple hoodie on over his urban camo infiltration gear, Seth hops into his vehicle with the A/C blasting and starts the long drive towards Texas.

Texas free way.jpg

It's well past the witching hour as Seth cruises down the freeway, still glancing over his shoulder at the truck that's following him. "Have they made me already? Is that even possible?" Disconcerted but not discouraged, he shakes his head and lets the feral instincts of his Beast take over in their sensitivity towards danger. He long ago turned down the casual cruising music - classical and orchestrated, primarily, with a lot of piano and strings, to pay more attention to the road. One of his pistols, a matte black Colt 1911 with a silencer screwed onto the muzzle, sits in his lap as evidence of his discomfort. His GPS chirps directions at him periodically on the lonely Texas freeways, and he's not veering off course to dodge his... pursuers? But it's definitely got his hackles up.

Seth checks the GPS again, more out of discomfort than impatience. "Not much further, now..."

If the truck /is/ following, that's all it is doing. It doesn't get too close. It's not even visible the entire time, just now and then. Indicating that if it /is/ purposeful, the person if fairly good, but not great, at keeping a subtle following distance. Otherwise, there are no other difficulties on the road. It's a smooth drive, especially at this hour, the road opening up once he's away from the larger cities. It might even be considered peaceful, to some. Or would be if not for the black truck.

The ranch is impossible to miss. It's not the largest ranch in Texas, but it's still a couple hundred thousand acres. Thankfully, there's an address for the main house, which leads Seth to a rural road, and then another, and another, and finally the road ends at a gate. There's a small gatehouse with a guard waiting. The high steel gates are closed, and it looks as if a tall fence surrounds the property. Or at least this part of it.

The gatehouse is easy enough to spot from a distance, allowing the opportunity for Seth to choose another path if he likes. The guard is outside the house, leaning against it, smoking a cigarette. He looks bored out of his mind. The house can /just/ be made out in the distance, only because of the lights surrounding it and the open landscape. It's quite a ways up the road from the gatehouse. The land here is rather open, with some scrub and stunted trees but not a lot in the way of cover beyond that.

4 successes on a Perception - 2 check, 3 successes on a Strength + Athletics jumping check.

Seth doesn't need his headlights: one of the perks of his Vampirism is crystal-clear vision in the dark. So he's certainly not using them on the rural roads, in an effort to shake his pursuer. Once he's spotted the gatehouse, Seth finds a patch off the road to park his car, taking the opportunity to change his outfit into something more suited for rural hunter's camouflage. A quick undressing and redressing from the few sets of clothes he brought with him, the conspicuous hoodie put away, and the assault rifle and a few magazines locked and loaded. This might get messy... and it's been decades since he's done a proper solo infiltration. Normally he'd just send his people to do this, back in Egypt. To say that he's rusty is an understatement... but nonetheless, he's doing the prepwork with an air of familiarity.

The Mekhet weighs his options. Talking his way past the guard? Unlikely, and then he'd have the whole security apparatus on top of him. Crossing the open fields, even with their relatively clear sight lines, is probably his best bet here. The clear view works both ways, after all.

His suppressed AR is slung over his shoulder on a strap, a silenced pistol holstered on his hip, and a backpack of equipment is slung over his shoulder, and then Seth is off. He's got a wilderness camo-styled balaclava mask covering his throat and lower face, and a similar beanie on his head The first obstacle he arrives at is a 10-foot tall, barbed wire fence. A strain of his supernaturally keen ears is enough to spot the familiar hum of electricity running through the metal, and Seth 'tsks' with mild annoyance. Then he's off at a run, tensing his legs and springing deftly into the air with the assistance of his vampiric Vigor. The leap carries him a clean six yards into the air, eighteen feet of jump easily clearing the top of the barbed wire as he lands on the other side with a soft thump.

And then Seth is off across the field and into the dark, keeping low.

Contested Stealth (3 suxx) vs guard Perception (2 suxx)

1 success on a Perception check for Seth.

The guard, smoking his cigarette, is scanning the road and the fields. Despite his boredom, he seems fairly alert. He's smoking a cigarette rather than reading a magazine or drinking. Still, Seth's lack of headlights and ability to see the guard more clearly than the guard can see him lead to him being able to park, dress, and then overcome that fence with a mighty jump... all without being seen. The guard tosses the cigarette on the ground and crushes it beneath a bootheel.

It's going to be dicey. There are some scattered trees, short and stunted, but the majority of the land is open. There is grass, though, which might provide some very limited cover. And darkness, although the moon and stars seem brighter here than in the city, illuminating the fields with a sort of ghostly glow. In the distance, probably about a mile from the fence, the lights of the man house can be glimpsed through the darkness.

The late hour means there's not a lot of traffic coming and going, but Seth does briefly catch a flicker of light in the darkness, between him and the house but off to the left a good distance. It moves along slowly for several minutes, then disappears again. Somewhere in the distance, dogs bark.


The amount of active security in this place definitely has Seth thinking as he keeps low to the ground. This is practically a crime syndicate operation in terms of security, not your typical Texas rancher... even if they do love their guns. It's looking less and less likely that he'll manage this without fighting his way out. Good thing he brought his weapons.

Making sure his face stays covered by the balaclava, Seth keeps up his slow approach across the long mile between him and the distant house. His rifle stays slung across his back, for the moment, but he's undone the snap on his holstered pistol if he needs it. Once he's approached a reasonable distance, he unslings the rifle from his back and begins to survey the place using the telescopic sight mounted atop the weapon. He's checking the house, but also the fields around him, trying to get a feel for the terrain and his avenues of approach.

4 successes on a Perception roll for Seth.

The light is seen again after a few moments, further along. The rifle's sight reveals a figure moving in the distance, although it's too far away to make out details even with the sight. It does does seem to a person, though, on foot. Patrol, perhaps. Meanwhile, the house itself seems fairly quiet. Lights are on, indicating that people are no doubt around. He can also make out the shape of a few vehicles parked near the house. None of them seem to be big black pick-ups.

The night is clear, which works against him, but there's a breeze in the air that rustles the grass, which might work to his favor. He makes his way close to the house until he reaches a fence, this one of the low and wooden corral-like variety. Beyond the fence is lawn. Mowed and kept. There's still a couple hundred yards to the house itself, but very little cover aside from the night.

The the shape of a barn to the side of the house, a good distance from him. Also what looks like a plot of grape vines in between the fence and the house. There's still a lot of open ground to cover in between where he is and either of the two, however. Probably a hundred yards to the vines, two hundred to the barn. The vines are closer to the front of the house, while the barn is off to the side.

Seth spends 2 Vitae on Celerity movement.

After taking his survey of the land, Seth quickly settles on an avenue of approach. The vineyard is the most appealing for cover, and he easily hops over the low wooden corral fence before setting his blood into circulation. With the aid of his Celerity, he disappears, Vitae burning hot in his veins as he blinks across dozens of yards in a split second. He briefly reappears in the field, staying low and trying to use the brush to his advantage while his blood cools down in his veins... until it's ready, again, and he disappears a second time, reappearing a few short steps from the vines and quickly moving into their relative safety and cover from being out in the open. Then he's raising up the rifle and using the scope to survey the house and surrounding grounds again, checking for sentries, dogs, and other complications.

Guards get 1 success on a roll to notice Seth.

Seth's well past the guard and the gatehouse by this point, the guard blissfully unaware. The light sighting of the light was about ten seconds long, far to the left. He makes it halfway to the vines, then hunkers down, waiting for his blood to grow warm again. And then the other half. He's amid the vines, now.

It's all quiet, except for the rustle of the wind in the vines, a dog barking in the distance, and some night insects doing what they do. The dog stops barking, leaving only the rustles and insects. It's late, so there's no traffic coming in and out of the gate. Now that he's closer to the manor, however, he can make out distance music, drifting down from one of the windows. It sounds like jazz.

Some of the manor's windows are open, letting in the night breeze, which is just slightly cooler than the day breeze, but cooler it is. There's just one more stretch to the house itself. It's a ranch house inspired layout, although it's two stories. A porch wraps around it, and there's a balcony on the upper level. He can make out a garden on the other side of the house, more lawn, and eventually more fence before the grass begins. In the distance is the silhouette of other buildings, barns and stables, that are much larger than the barn near the house. The ranch.

There is some shrubbery around the house, and a couple cars - two trucks and a sedan, all very expensive - near the front, but otherwise there isn't a lot of shelter other than the house itself.

Seth spends a willpower on a Perception -3 roll to spot floodlights or other security complications around the house, and gets 2 successes.

Seth takes aim at a motion-activated flood lamp on the house and gets 8 successes on a Firearms roll to shoot it out.

Surveying the ranch house with a compress of his lips beneath the balaclava, Seth's telescopic survey finally settles on a darkened flood light near the side of the house. He braces his gun against one of the vineyard's trellises, aiming through the sights at the flood lamp before taking aim at the bulb. Once he's lined up a shot, well.. he's a Vampire, he doesn't need to hold his breath. He squeezes the trigger, a suppressed bullet flying from the assault rifle that strikes the flood lamp very precisely, with a sniper's finesse. A shower of sparks follows, as a wire was struck that shorts the integrity of the connected systems.

Seth lets loose a long and unnecessary exhale, beginning around towards the side of the house near where the flood lamp was shot out. He's making the approach steadily, the point of his gun sweeping around the area as he moves. No sense in exhausting all of his Vitae on Celerity just to approach the house: this is somewhat riskier, but conserves his lifesblood for later, when he might have need of it.

Seth makes a Perception roll with the benefit of a Spinning Wheel blessing that was put on him before the scene, and gets 10 successes. Yes, 10.

The lightbulb is obliterated. That poor light bulb. But not only that, the bullet manages to hit a white as well. And Lady Luck seems to be with Seth this evening, because that light happened to be the /first/ on the string of floodlights around the house. There's a shower of sparks and the light on the side goes out... as does every other floodlight on that half of the building. The lights on the other half of the building are obviously on another circuit, but there's darkness on his side. Now... now there is good chance of making it to the house without being detected.

And Seth does. There's a moon, and stars, but without the floodlights (some on sensors, some were already light and are now out), odds are much more in his favor. He hears it, though. The music is turned down. He hears voices speaking through the open window, but can't make out what they're saying. More disturbingly, he can hear the sound of something, or someone, moving through the vines nearby. Nothing more than a rustle of vines, but it's too consistent to be the breeze.

And now that he's noticed that, he can smell it. The smell of dog on the air. He's not alone. And judging from how quiet it is, the dog is not alone, either. Still, he can't /see/ anything or anybody through the rows of vines, which are growing wildly this time of year. Which means it's unlike he's been spotted, either.

Seth gets 6 successes on a Firearms roll, killing the dog’s handler.

The handler and dog fill up Seth's nose, and all of his feral instincts hone in on them. He can hear speaking voices from the ranch house, but just as he's about to leave the vineyard for it, his Beast suddenly hones in on the two interlopers who are coming to challenge him. His lips curve in a snarl beneath the balaclava and he creeps slowly through the vines until his keen senses allow him to line up a shot on the duo. He depresses the trigger, filling the handler full of bullet holes as about a dozen suppressed gunshots ring out in the vineyard.

The startled dog yelps and flees through the vines, and Seth approaches the corpse of the man, staring down at him with a hint of... regret? But the smell of blood leaking from him is too strong, and his Beast demands that he feed. Seth's fangs extend, and he pulls down the cloth mask from his face to begin drinking from the dead guard.

The guard and dog were quiet. No other interloper would have caught them - they're good. But not good enough. Not prepared enough. The spray of bullets tears apart lines and leaves, as well as the guard. The dog, somehow, manages to escape the brunt of it. Height, likely. It's hit, though. Just one bullet to the but, but enough to have it backpedaling. It's younger, trained but not quite willing to give its life amid the rain of bullets. Rather than attack, it flees.

The guard, on the other hand, doesn't fare so well. As Seth approaches, he's still alive, struggling on the ground, trying to speak. Blood trickles from his mouth. He looks up as Seth approaches and his mouth moves, bubbles forming. He's bleeding out. It's already soaking into the ground, wasted. Good thing Seth's there to take care of that.

The man makes a gurgling sound, protesting, as Seth comes closer. And then Seth is the last thing he sees. And then the only one left living in the amid the grapevines is Seth. Now flush with new, hot blood.

The speakers have moved on, from the sound of it. And then the guard's radio crackles. "Hey Will *crackle* you ever figure out what that sound *static* was? You need *more static* back up? *crackle* "Fuck, I don't *shhhhhfts* care, sending *fffssssh* Adam over. Out."

Once he's satiated, Seth wipes the blood from his mouth with the back of a gloved hand and pulls the balaclava back over his face. Then the Mekhet is patting down the corpse of the guard very rapidly, slipping the radio off of the man. He turns it off, so that the crackles of radio static don't give him away. Then he continues searching, finding a ring of about ten keys on the guard's person. This is also slipped into a front pouch of the military-style vest that Seth is wearing.

Then he's back up to his feet and on the move again, passing through the patches of darkness towards the house. He's crouched low but still moving rapidly, head on a swivel and mindful of any incoming guards. The hunt is on, and his Beast is not yet satisfied in its thirst for violence.

Seth takes a voluntary dramatic failure on a failed Athletics roll, leading to his cover being blown.

Seth is topped off. One guard is down. One dog has run off. But there's still the fact that Seth needs to get into the manor. He chooses the balcony and readies himself to take it like he took the fence, to leak up onto it. Only it doesn't go like it does with the fence. He makes it, no doubt, but he wasn't expecting all that low laying furniture to be there. He lands on it, causing a lounge chair to do a flip, a table to fall over, the glass from said table to shatter as it comes in contact with another lounge chair's metal frame, and all in all it's /really loud/. So loud.

Voices immediately start up inside, but the walls muffle them. Thankfully there's no one in the immediate room off the balcony. And then he hears the front door open, someone coming out. He hears the rather distinctive sound of a rifle or shotgun being chambered. And suddenly there's a gruff Texan voice calling out, "I know you're there, you motherfucker! Come down here and talk to me like a man, you coward!" Meanwhile, his senses can pick up on the thump of doors slamming and people running up stairs within the manor. And there he is with his foot in a pool chair. He's busted.

But. BUT. They don't yet know where he is, or who he is, or why he's there. He still has a sliver of advantage.

Seth gets 5 successes on a Spinning Wheel-boosted Empathy roll, and 2 successes on a similarly boosted Perception roll.

"Excuse me, um...." The voice is female, and a girl steps out of the shadows, peering through the open slider. "I... uh...." She's obviously timid. Obviously hesitant. Yet there's a certain eagerness at his unexpected, and rather noisy, arrival. "... follow me." She doesn't explain anything, and there's zero reason for him to follow her, but she seems sincere. Harmless. And not just harmless, she seems like she's wanting to help.

Seth can hear the tromping of feet up the stairs. He can hear shoulders. Crackles of the radio (not his turned off one, either). They're close, nearly to the door of the master bedroom. The slip of a girl turns, reaching to pull a book out from the bookshelf next to the bed. The closet slides to the side, of course, and she looks back at him with a shy, wry little smile. "I know, right?" That's all she says, though. She motions for him to follow her.

"Hurry. I know what you're after. There's only one thing you /could/ be after. I'll take you to it if... if... if you take me with you when you leave." The 'girl' is probably around thirty, mousey, 'nothing special'. Obviously timid, shy. But when she says those words, her chin lifts a bit, steeling herself. And she seems sincere. Meanwhile, Seth can hear people banging on the master bedroom's door, arguing, thumping. Oh, yeah, they're onto him.

"Ah, fuck." Seth kicks the pool chair with a booted foot hard enough to bend the metal as he yanks his foot out of it, racing to assess the situation in the house now that he's had his cover blown. The shouting voice gets a flick of his green eyes towards it and an inner growl of his Beast as he assesses his options, beginning to walk along the topside of the porch towards the sound of that voice. "Fuck this," he mutters, about to do something pretty stupid... but then he's interrupted. The sudden appearance of the girl is almost enough to get him to level the gun at her... but then he blinks, only his exposed eyes conveying his general confusion.

He's quick on the uptake, though, and his Beast quickly weighs the situation that's rapidly escalating and becoming more dangerous. A straight fight here's not worthwhile, better to take the gamble. A shrug follows from Seth... it's hardly the weirdest thing he has experienced and there are more pressing concerns. He hops into the master bedroom and follows her down the staircase. When the girl makes her offer of a trade, the Mekhet agrees with an "Alright, deal. Let's go, before I have to shoot anyone else."

Once through the hidden door, the girl reaches over and presses a lever, which closes it again. It's completely darkness. Not a big deal for Seth, though. And the girl lowers her voice, whispering, "It's the eye you want, I know it. That's what he's afraid of. Murphy. Mr. Wallace. He's always going on about how someone's going to take it. He hides it down here, where no one can find it. He says it's because it's valuable but I've been a maid all my life and people with valuables? They flaunt them. This isn't that."

She speaks as she leads Seth down the tunnel. Her hand trails across the stone wall, which indicates that unlike Seth, she can't see in the dark. She's using memory and touch to navigate. They turn a few corners as she talks, and she seems to know where she's going, "You have to promise. That no matter /what/, you take me with you. Somewhere I can be a new person. And not with you, either. You don't understand what it does. But I know you want it. So I'll give it to you, and then you take me far away, give me a new life, and never see me again." Odd words from such a timid girl. She just wants out.

She leads him through those tunnels, then hits a lever and a door slides open and they step into a library of sorts. But obviously a /private/ library. Not only are there shelves of books, most of them rare, there are shelves that showcase relics from across the world. Those are rare, too. This man has quite a collection of things that are not cattle.

"It's within my power to do that, yeah," Seth agrees with a nod. He's not lying. He's got smugglers who can get her new paperwork, he can charter her a cruise out of the country on ships through his corporate, international influence, and then she can go anywhere in the world with traceless cash. It's a fair trade, and he's willing to make it.

But that's not even really holding Seth's attention. He's almost drooling over the collection of occult paraphernalia that are down here. If he weren't in such a hurry, he'd be throwing half of it into his backpack. Mentally kicking himself for getting discovered, the Mekhet hurries along and past all of the delicious secrets and valuables that he could otherwise be taking.

Instead, he's clearing each of the rooms with his assault rifle as if more enemies could turn up down here, taking point of the two but also following directions and moving rapidly with the maid's guidance. The talk about the Eye definitely has his attention, but he's not taking time to parse its implications right now. Now, he has only one primal objective: get the thing, and get the fuck out.

The woman looks at him, rather intently for such a timid woman, and simply nods. It's the best chance she has. So she leads him down that tunnel, into that secret library. She holds her finger to her lips and murmurs, "His bedroom's on the other side. It's not the main one because he feels it'd be too obvious. He's paranoid. And... and he doesn't know anybody knows about /this/." Something in her tone indicates it's something they all know about - all being the staff - but keep secret. Only it's clear she's done keeping secrets.

She stands back as he enters the room, looks around. She waits by the door, "Hurry. It won't be long before these tunnels are swarming, too." And she wants out.

In the meantime, this is a virtual treasure trove. Ancient books mingling with new bestsellers. Artifacts alongside glass baubles purchased at tourist stands. And then, there it is. A display of a solid black sphere resting on an open book. The plaque reads 'Eye of Anubis'. The sphere is dark. Darker than coal, darker than obsidian. It doesn't shine. Instead, it seems to suck the light out of the air around it, creating a shadow of darkness. It doesn't /look/ like a typical eye, but if the saying 'eyes are the windows to the soul' stems from anything, it's this. The dark ball radiates importance. Intimacy. Power. And it's his for the taking.

Standing in front of the plaque of the Eye of Anubis, Seth inhales deeply, before reaching out and picking up the sphere. His eyes instinctively also turn black, inky darkness spreading through the green in his irises as he stares down at the object. But then he's tucking it away against his chest, right over his heart, on the vest that he's wearing. Now isn't the time to oogle his prize. He needs to get out, and his military training is kicking in. He can bask in his victory later.

He's quickly striding back to the timid woman, and Seth nods. "Alright. Are there tunnels out of here, or do I need to hijack one of the cars outside? I've got a vehicle stashed on the perimeter of the ranch, just need to get to it and then we're gone."

Seth gets 5 successes on an Occult roll.

No lightning strikes when Seth takes the dark orb. Nor does any ghost pop out screaming a curse. He's not struck dead on the spot. In fact, he just picks it up and it's rather boring. Except... for just a brief moment, his stomach churns. His vision grows blurry. He feels hot, feverish. And, for a brief moment, he can see it. The skull, completed.

And while there's something bestial about it, it's... not quite right. And then it hits. It's not Anubis. It has never been Anubis. The pitch black of that eye sealed it. No manner of death leaves behind something filled with so much /life/. It isn't about death at all.

Eye 2.jpg

Meanwhile, there are people after them. The timid girl is growing antsy. She approaches him, even reaches out to touch his arm, get his attention. "We need to go. I know my father. You don't want him to catch you. Come on." And so becomes the conflict of 'wait, how are you related?' mingled with the 'I need to get out quick'.

Seth doesn't need to be told twice. "I'm going to carry you," he informs the daughter-maid-lady matter of factly, before picking her up and basically slinging her over one shoulder. He's moving at a rapid clip, after that: to mortal eyes, he's basically teleporting. He pops in and out of existence, moving extreme distances in the blink of an eye. First he's back up to the ground level of the house, then he's grabbed car keys off a side table and moved out into the yard, climbing into one of the cars out front.

It's a green Ford pick-up, heavy-duty. The engine's turning over a moment later as he unceremoniously tosses his newfound companion into the passenger seat with a gruff "Buckle up" as he slams the driver-side door. And then he's gunning it towards the gatehouse where he'd first seen the guard on his initial way in... and anything that's stopping him is getting run right over.

The tunnel does eventually lead to the outside, to a cover that might be water or sewer or anything else but people likes none of these options and so prefer to inspect it as little as possible, leaving it fairly open. The green cover is popped off and they're soon in a darker green truck.

The girl gives a grunt at being tossed aside and squirms around quickly, grabbing the door, ready to jump out if he turns on her. Only, that truck is turning and that's the bigger concern. It turns around to the gate, then bursts through it. The woman gives out a shriek, but they have momentum. People are scrambling for the remaining truck and car. The guard is on his radiate, frantic. All hell has broken out.

Seth has the eye, though. The Eye of Anubis which, somewhere deep in his heart, he knows doesn't belong to Anubis at all. He also has a Ford pick-up, a screaming woman, and people rallying to chase after him.

On board the truck, they howl past the guard house and slam through the gate, crashing right through it with the heavy weight of the Ford and a lead foot on the accelerator. Then the green pick-up swerves down the rural road to where Seth stashed the BMW. "Alright, time to switch vehicles," he says aside to the daughter-maid-lady he's taking with him, unbuckling her seat belt and carrying her in his arms: he's too impatient for her to actually climb out of the vehicle.

With a burst of speed from Celerity, he vanishes again, reappearing a few dozen yards away next to where he stashed his BMW. Seth pulls the tarp off his own car, opening up the passenger side door and placing his newfound mortal charge inside the vehicle before jogging around to the driver side. The BMW sedan purrs to life a moment later and then, with a squeal of tires, Seth sets about getting the hell out of Dodge.