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All Fed Up

Characters: Seven, Stasya, Cat
Date: 2020-07-24
Summary: It's Feeding time, but a Psychic Vampire and a Changeling seem to have the same taste in targets.

French night.jpg

Does anybody really need an excuse to party down in the French Quarter? It's Friday is probably good enough for some. Others appear to be celebrating National Tequila Day complete with margaritas and tacky sombreros. Whatever the reasons, the streets are abuzz with activity this evening with drunks getting drunker. Among the crowd, it could be pretty easy to overlook Stasya, unless you're someone able to see through the Lost's Mask to the cotton candy hair below. For any human eyes, the Wizened looks much like any other kitchen worker getting off a shift, dressed all in black with those industrial non-stick shoes as she comes to a cross-street and stares at an extremely boisterous bustle of bros passing by.

Of course seeing through the mask is not an issue for Cat, who herself is only recognizeable by the brass choker around her neck and the leather midriff jacket she normally wears. Her skin is a waxy pale one today, her teeth sharp and fingers unnaturally long which taken with those bright yellow slitted eyes make her look like a creature sprung out of a movie. She waves, quite happily, when she spots Stasya in the crowd and starts to make her way towards the woman with little sidesteps and occasional sharp elbows to get people out of the way. "Maje." she says brightly, choosing to leave the second half unsaid due to nearby ears, and shifts the purse-strap hanging from her shoulder.

If it were just the jacket and choker to go by, Stasya might not have been able to place Cat, but considering the unnaturally long fingers and the serious case of cat-eye going on, she gives a nod of greeting to her fellow Lost. "Evening, Cat. Business or pleasure?" The crowd may be elbow to elbow in other areas, but seems to be giving at least some berth to the two women. Any that come too close might feel the heat of Stasya's mantle flickering off, flaring a little as in one of the bars, a bouncer is denying entry to someone who is already WAAAAAAY too drunk.

The crowded streets of the French Quarter, especially on a Friday night with the people being more on the intoxicated side, tends not to draw Seven's interest. She's not a partier or one to even really drink, and the loud noises occasionally threaten to overwhelm her senses. But, there is one benefit to immersing herself into the scene. Hunting and feeding. Most people are too drunk and involved in their own world to feel her drawing energy from them, especially if she only does a bit at a time.

Seven is always up to something and some recent Constable business has drained her on her resources... and gotten herself roughed up slightly. Although her hoodie conceal some of her features, a black eye and a split lip is somewhat noticeable. The young woman slips through the crowd, searching for the perfect people to steal from. Even though she hasn't spotted the two Lost yet, fate has it's way of drawing her closer to them. The heat is naturally felt when she gets into an appropriate range, which causes Seven to look around with both curiosity and interest. However, her attention is stolen by the bouncer and the drunk reject. A perfect opportunity.

While Seven passes the two yelling men, she draws from the heightened energy of the drunk. She keeps herself just within arm's reach, a small pause as she appears to be a bystander simply watching the scene unfold.

"In truth a bit of both." Cat answers the Regent with a quick curtsey and a flicker of a smile, holding forth the red leather purse hanging from her shoulder to reveal the contents to the woman, several pull-cord pieces of fireworks each the size of a fist. "I thought I would feast during the festivities you know? That and relax a bit, maybe gain an offering or two." she shrugs her shoulders casually, letting the purse fall back to her side "Those'll, mmm, leave plenty for both of us though. If you have similar reasons for your own attendance I mean."

Stasya's eyes widen slightly at the sight of the fireworks. "Well, that's one way to bring a party..." There's still a hint of a smile on her face, certainly not disapproving even as the Summer Queen's attention is drawn towards the bar with the bouncer and a drunk who is getting increasingly more agitated, but not getting any luck with actually getting into the bar, even when he starts to gasp and lean over, hands on his knees. She sniffs at the air and the wrath that she can taste on it, but despite being able to almost taste it... she doesn't seem to be able to gather it up. "Something's... odd over there. Very odd."

"Well it certainly is. There's a bar down the street. I owe the owner a visit with them in a bit." Cat answers with a nod, her own amusement plain. The oddity indicated gets a glance, brow briefly furrowed and eyes narrowed, before her eyes wander the nearby area as if searching for something. Threats perhaps? "Something serious amiss or, mmm, just curious?" she asks, turning to face that way instead with one hand coming up to grab a hold of the side of the purse as if intending to protect it.

The young mortal keeps her attention of the drunk as he continues his argument with the bartender. There's a few others that stop and stare as well, but most just ignore the verbal bout initially. Seven's bright green eyes start to flare as she starts to inconspicuously feed from the drunk, not finding much resistance. Although the psychic has raw strength in her newfound vampiric abilities, she's yet to learn the finesse of drawing from the souls and bodies of others. The freshness of it all has it's own allure as well. Bright green eyes flare, alive with an inner fire of a hungry soul devouring another.

There's just a few moments where she enjoys the fulfillment of her ephemera, eyes half-lidded for a couple seconds. It's disrupted as the scene develops. The man is hurt more than she had really been intending, more people starting to stop and stare. Eyes widen once more, a flash of concern there. The bartender does his best to assess the situation, eventually calling out for someone to call 911. Seven is sloooooowly backing away, keeping an eye on things but staying away from the frontlines of the situation.

Stasya is distracted and focused on where there SHOULD have been glamour just ready for the taking, she's sure of it. Even as Cat is asking her own question, the Wizened is taking a few cautious steps towards the bouncer and the now slumping drunk, her eyes scanning the crowd for anything suspecious. She's certainly not seeing any of the other Summers out and about also tasting for Wrath, and while she might stare directly at Seven the connection between those intense green eyes and the man's sudden medical condition don't really ring any bells. "I'm not sure what it is... I've never ran into anything like this. It's like I've already tasted him, but I know I haven't..." This is in a rather loud whisper to her fellow Lost as she skirts around the gathering crowd.

"Oh, just that?" Cat answers in a conversational and almost disappointed tone, obviously relaxing at the words and dropping her hand from the purse "I've come across that before. Usually happens if someones been, mmm, over-" and that's when she cuts off sharply, realizing where they are. "Uh, sorry. But yeah, probably just means he's a fav of someone local or something. Yeah? I could, mmm, look into it closer if you'd like? If I can find something I mean."

Although Seven has her focus on her injured victim, she's keeping an eye on the growing crowd while she continues to slink back. A somewhat familiar face catches her attention, a moment of consideration and hesitation is had. Slowly, she starts to make her way toward the Lost. Her head tilts slightly to the side with mild curiosity at the heat she feels as she draws nearer. Something to possibly further inspect later. When she's noticed, a small nod of greeting and acknowledgement is given to Cat and Staysa respectively. She's just a bystander like them. Maybe. "He alright?" she asks with another nod in the man's direction, brows furrowing as her attention rests there once more.

As nonchalant as Cat might be, Stasya seems even more put off. She had a plan! She's done this countless times before. This was NOT how the evening was supposed to go. "No use in looking into it tonight. There's too many eyes now..." Her tone is hushed even as she glares over at the fallen man and whoever in the crowd has come over to help, her fingers tapping irritably while she grasps her own arm. Her growing frustration finds a new target when Seven approaches with her question. "He's alive, probably. But normally alright involves standing." A thing he most certainly isn't doing at the moment, although someone is supporting the man under each arm as they try to drag him off to a bench to wait for the ambulance that's been called.

At first it looks like Cat will say something the moment Seven walks up to them but she seems to catch herself, letting her mouth close without a word passing her lips as she seems to consider for a moment. "As you wish ma'am." she eventually answers, a brief flicker of frustration on her features "That is probably for the best. This is Seven by the way, an acquaintance I met the other day. She didn't eat nine, I am told, but she's signed up." That said she bows her head to the new woman, a respectful if a smidge reserved gesture "Anyways, don't worry about the lost opportunity. People always lose their temper if you pull the cord on these things anyways, there'll be plenty to feast on I assure you."

Some tension releases from her shoulders, a look of relief flickering across Seven's soft features. Though, who wouldn't be glad to hear that the man being whisked away by the ambulance was going to (probably) survive? With things seeming to be settling down, some of the crowd start to lose their interest as well. Fleeting is the attention of the party goers and bar hoppers, all of their intoxicated energy being redirected back to their own lives. Some still linger, either from curiosity or concern.

Although her gaze rests for a few moments on the man, it doesn't take long before Seven shifts her attention back to the other woman. The Accords are subtly mentioned and Stasya is now being looked at with a more interested stare. One Cat might recognize from their own initial meeting. "Interesting to come across you again with the hunger of another," she notes, catching something about feasting. "What do you hunger for?" she wonders, quietly, a brief glance between them both.

"Why would she eat nine?" Stasya blinks, at least a little distracted from her glowering by the old joke that's unfamiliar at least to her Russian ears as she peers at the human when the accords are mentioned. "Huh." That's all she has to say before giving an irritated wave to the attempts to dissuade her own worries. "It's not so much the opportunity. Things go wrong all the time. It's more the not knowing that's the problem... not knowing WHY means it could happen again..." For Seven's question, she stares for a few seconds before attempting a vague enough answer. "Something that someone's already took apparently."

There's a brief glance to Stasya, one with a momentary flicker of guilt it seems, then Cat shrugs and laughs out loud as if she had just gotten a particularly funny joke. "Yes, interesting coming across you again Seven. Our last meeting was, mmm, a bit too fleeting. And I could not help the young man in question with the task you asked of me, for I didn't know how to do it myself." Her smile, in little twitches, turns into a grin as she eyes the crowd around them "I did leave him with a boon though, so he'll probably be alright. One way or another. As for what I hunger for, mmm, pretzels and getting even I think. At least right now that is, I normally don't like pretzels."

Seven seems appreciative that she's not the only one that doesn't understand Cat's reference, or really seem to get she's making a joke. The mostly stoic mortal is, unsurprisingly, not a very humorous woman. Brows furrow as she listens to the conversation, stealing a brief glance toward the man as he's being helped into the recently arrived ambulances. The mortal doesn't let her attention linger too long, returning her gaze to the two Lost.

Her attention focuses on Cat for the moment, raising a brow slightly. "I'm sure he'll find help sooner or later... hopefully it doesn't come to the latter," she replies, knowing a hungry vampire is dangerous and draws attention. Then a small shrug, she's done what she can in the matter for now.

"There are always more opportunities for a meal," she notes to Staysa. She's unsure of the two woman's natures, or what Staysa might actually feed on, but on French Street there's something for everyone. "Why eat something you don't enjoy?" she wonders of Cat, glancing back her way.

Stasya's eyes narrow as she peers at both the other women. "You both seem to be trying to make this seem normal. And while there may be plenty more to harvest, this was NOT normal." She gives a huff but gives up glaring at the man and his helpers. The ambulance is starting to make it's way behind the bar judging by the sounds of sirens. Her toe is tapping a bit restlessly as Cat mentions what she's hungering for. "Pretzels... do they actually do them right here? Or just another thing stuffed full of that awful corn syrup?"

"Because it would please me to spite someone that way, of course." Cat answers with an instantly cheerful smile "It's a long story but suffice it to say I was wronged and I decided this was a good day to get even. And not violently, I wish that to be clear, just a prank that'll ruin their day."

Her tone turns less flippant in a moment as she turns to Stasya however, a hint of formality to it "I do not know about the rest of the city but this particular man buys them from the store frozen so I would imagine they are of relatively low quality ma'am. If you want to check out something more, mmm, genuine... maybe one of the larger local bakeries makes them?"