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Accord en Bleu - 02

Characters: E.B.
Date: 2020.04.25
Summary: The first episode of a password-protected podcast available to the Accorded of New Orleans.

OOC Information
  • Many of the items in this podcast can be followed up on IC by sending @mail to Slip.
    • The Lost History plot in particular could use some non-changeling locals who have been in New Orleans for a long, long time. Vampires, people with family roots here. If you'd like to be involved, I've got hooks for you!
    • The request for food delivery and the search for the silver coin both have a possibility of a small story hook and a slight reward for anyone who cares to follow up.
    • For anything which notes another PC, please assume that contact information is provided and reach out to them directly.
  • If you would like to contribute to future episodes by providing plot hooks, ads for your business, rumors, gossip, shout-outs, event info or random silly made-up nonsense, just @mail Slip.
  • The podcaster's voice is feminine and non-local, a comfortable contralto from somewhere nonspecific on the east coast that defies any definition of southern but doesn't reach into anything that could be conceivably be preceded by 'New' either. Yes, it's Slip. Unobscured, recognizable.
  • Here's a Spotify playlist of all the songs from this podcast, if you just wanna listen to the music.


X Ambassadors ft. K.Flay & grandson - Zen

Hello, patient people. Welcome to the second edition of Accord en Bleu. My name's E.B., and I'm here to guide you through some of the music you might have missed over the last month or so and some of the news circling around New Orleans right now relevant to signatories of the Shadow Accords. That's you, and I'm glad you're here with me. If you have any news, rumors, gossip, shout-outs or any information you'd like shared in future episodes, you can reach me via email, text or phone.

We opened today with X Ambassadors with K.Flay and grandson performing Zen. I imagine a lot of us can relate to that lately, with New Orleans beginning to reopen only as more troubles hit. I hope you're hanging in there, and I hope this might help you through, at least a little bit. Let's start with a trip through Dreamland by Glass Animals.

Glass Animals - Dreamland

Starting out on a positive note, a big thanks goes out to all those who answered Warden West Lake's request for delivery in the last podcast. It's a need that isn't gonna go away, especially as the summer heat ramps up, so if you've got a little cash and time to spare, head under the overpass at Loop 10 and Basinview with some sandwiches and lemonade. It will always help.

Caro - When All My Friends Move Away

That was Caro with When All My Friends Move Away. If you're looking to move, I've heard rumor that one of our own has taken over the formerly spirit-bothered apartment building mentioned in the first episode. Darcy Comtois is now overseeing the Rampart Apartments in the Seventh Ward. I'm given to understand there's still something there that could use a good, positive community surrounding it to help... shift its resonance? If you're looking for a place to stay where you just being there has a positive impact, give him a call.

Mishaal ft. Powfu - Friends

That was Friends by Mishaal and Powfu. And speaking of friends, a couple of local packs have reached out to the local community to just say hi and share their joy in the last few weeks. So, hey, thanks, Worn Moon and the Fixers. Glad to have you all around.

Quinn XCII ft. Logic - A Letter to My Younger Self

Really love that one. Lots to think about. Quinn XCII and Logic with A Letter to My Younger Self. Another member of the Accords doing well for herself this month is the recently arrived fashion designer Eva Luna whose shop, Deadly Threads, recently celebrated its grand opening. If you're looking for something unique--and potentially a little bit magical in more ways than one--head over and see what Eva can do for you. On that note, we've got Hero from Weezer.

Weezer - Hero

I don't know if I can agree that they 'hate you if you wear a crown,' but it's definitely a heavy burden to bear. Soon, the freehold's current king will be able to set his shiny hat down, and a new one will weigh on somebody else's brow. The Summer Court is growing strong, and I look forward to seeing where the crown appears and the direction the new monarch takes the Lost for their three months in office.

And I'm especially excited to share this next song with you. It's part of Spotify's little documentary with The Raconteurs, Live at the Electric Lady, and it's an astounding cover of a song I've always loved. One which was originally recorded at the same studio. One which those of us with some absent history can understand, I think. This is The Raconteurs covering Richard Hell and the Voidoids' Blank Generation.

The Raconteurs - Blank Generation (Spotify Link, not available as a separate track on YouTube.)

I figure most of you know at least something of the history of the Lost in New Orleans in that there isn't any. None at all. There just weren't any Changelings in the city until sometime last fall. A big ol' blank. But there are rumors going around of people looking into this, of a locked door leading into the Hedge, of a goblin market that's always been there on the other side, of an oath broken and an insidious nursery rhyme. If you've got any information on Tumbledown, the Butcher Queen or any other Lost-related oddities, report it to your favorite Changeling. If you don't know any, call me, and I'll get you in touch with the right people. Something must have changed. It's best we know what to make sure there's no threat to our community.

Taking a sharp turn away from that dire note, let's listen to something a bit more upbeat. Here's GRiZ with Spaceship Ride, which might be my song of the summer.

GRiZ - Spaceship Ride

In other out of this world news, I heard the weirdest rumor about somebody trying to steal a whole T-Rex from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. I wonder if the uptick in weird crime is related to the recent uptick in activity among the Unseen Eye. Dead dinos certainly make for good distractions. Let's check out RAC and Jamie Lidell with Change the Story.

RAC ft. Jamie Lidell - Change the Story

For anyone wondering about the witch who was rumored missing from Wake House, I've heard that the Black Constables have officially been hired to look into her disappearance by her assistant. Details are scarce, but I've got to wonder why she didn't approach them in the first place. Hope they're able to find her alive and well. Let's move on to Jupiter's Rollerskates.

Jupiter - Rollerskates

Speaking of the Black Constables, this is your monthly reminder that they are, indeed, available to hire for all your weird supernatural needs. Mystery you can't solve? Baddie giving you trouble? Drop a card at the Duke of Gloucester, and a Constable will be in touch. Now, let's have a listen to MAX and Hayley Kiyoko, my favorite pairing of this podcast, with their single Missed Calls.

MAX ft. Hayley Kiyoko - Missed Calls

In some way, way grimmer news, I hope somebody's paying the Constables to look into the serial killings that have been going on for way too long. Is it true that the body count is over twenty now? Holy fuck. Decapitated and exsanguinated. I've heard speculation of everything from vampires to demons to the ghost of some big bad voodoo priestess from the nineteenth century. Whatever it is, I hope somebody's able to put an end to it fast. Please.

The Naked and Famous - Death

The Naked and Famous with Death. Which brings us to some actual vampire news. In the last edition of this podcast, we announced Crusader Selah as the Lancea et Sanctum Primogen, but that spot has since been declared vacant. However, several other positions on the Primogen Council have been filled. I hope I'm pronouncing all these names and positions correctly... Lady Madeleine Rapace-Roberts is the new Invictus Primogen. Aurelie Fontenot is the new Circle of the Crone Primogen. Conquista del Pan is the new Carthian Movement Primogen. Aaaand Ghandara Sinclair is the new Nosferatu Primogen. Additionally, Baak Mingzhu of the local Lost Freehold has been granted a seat on the Primogen Council as well as the Changeling Emissary.

But wait! There's more! They also have a new Sheriff in Lord Malcolm Roberts who has in turn appointed two Hounds in Nikola Senjan & Seth Lancaster. After what I've heard about all the trouble the local kindred have faced recently, it's good to see so many stepping up to rebuild.

Florrie - Hell or High Water

That was Florrie with Hell or High Water. One of the more interesting rumors I've heard circulating is talk of a possible underground fight club forming. Which might exclude vampires? Has anybody else heard this too? If you know anything, let me know. And I'll let you know what I find out.

Now, let's check out a song that's actually a couple years old, but it was just released on Lucky Daye's deluxe edition of last year's debut album Painted. Here he is with Victoria Monét performing Little More Time.

Lucky Daye ft. Victoria Monét - Little More Time

On the subject of things taking a little more time, the Crown Pleasure Club is, yes, still arbitrating the divorce settlement between Joseph and James Friedman. This week: who gets the dog? You might be wondering who's had the dog through all of this? Sources tell me the poor pup caught in the middle of this struggle has been dividing its time between both homes, which isn't hard since it's just opposite sides of the same house. Anyone taking bets on how much longer this will draw out?

Khalid ft. Summer Walker - Eleven

That was Khalid with Summer Walker with their song Eleven. We've had a couple new locations declared Accorded Neutral Ground recently, including a little dive in the French Quarter called Dead Johnny's and the Regas Casino over in New Aurora. Remember to support these businesses which provide us safe places to meet, and respect the rules their owners set out.

Lianne La Havas - Paper Thin

That was Paper Thin by Lianne La Havas. I've got a shout-out here to someone named Drew, no last name included. No song request, nothing. Just a note that Drew's the best. So, there ya go, Drew. You're the best. Tank and the Bangas, though? They've got a thing For André.

Tank and the Bangas - For André

Someone has reported a reward for anyone who can find the silver coin that has someone gotten lost at the bottom of a ball pit at the McDonald's in Dixon. If you happen to find it, lemme know, and I can put you in touch with the right people. From silver coins to silver spoons, I've got a new one from Raleigh Ritchie, who some of you might recognize as Grey Worm from Game of Thrones. This is Aristocrats.

Raleigh Ritchie - Aristocrats

The next one is for chef Lambert Petropoulos who, I'm told, will cook for anyone who can bring him back unique and interesting ingredients from the Hedge. I wonder if there are strange things outside of the Hedge he might be interested in working with, too. But, on that note, the Freehold would like to thank those who've gone out and brought back some goblin fruits recently. Your efforts are seen and appreciated!

But like I said, this one's for Lambert. It's Lamb's Wool by Foster the Children.

Foster the People - Lamb's Wool

We're gonna close tonight with one of my favorites from this week, Elohim's Vacuum.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Pride Month in New Orleans has to offer. As summer heats up, I wouldn't be surprised to find more riots, but I wouldn't mind a few parties too. Stay safe, keep fighting for what's right, and if you have anything worth reporting here in the next episode, just reach out.

Elohim - Vacuum