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A Shell of What I Used to Be

Characters: Hudson, Jeanie, Saulot
Date: 2020-04-26
Summary: A wee mortal is putting word out to anyone that has signed the accords that he saw something weird out near the fields. He said something about a dozen or so bodies, and that's about. At least he gave some directions before going off the grid.

It's New Orleans and the middle of spring. Even if things haven't sparked up too much today that still will mean a chance of swamp ass, swarms of gnats, and a mosquito looking for you like it swiped right. As they enter the park they can hear cicadas for all around the place. Nothing too unusual for this time of year since it's about time for a few swarms to be alive, well, awake, and constantly noisy. Aside from the bugs much of the fauna remains unusually quiet, although they can see the occasional beast or bird around.

Growing up in rural Louisiana, Jeanie aint scared of a few mosquitos even if the swarm of gnats might be large enough to carry off a small child. Besides, she's came prepared with a backpack filled with (among other things) a water bottle and a can of backwoods DEET bug spray. Even still, she's busy swatting as she hikes though at least it prevents being eaten alive right away.

Hudson has been here a while doing some advance recon before heading on into the park. He flies several sweeps over the area with his drone, and just when he looks about ready to give up, he spots something that make his eyebrows lift a little uncomfortably as he flies in for a closer look. He doesn't linger overlong and before long he's landing his drone back in the grass nearby and wandering over to recover it, stashing it in his backpack which he slings over one shoulder. The young wolf has come kitted up with a pistol shoved into the waistband of his jeans and a rifle worn on a strap over the opposite shoulder to his backpack. A look is given about to ensure he isn't being observed, which is about when he spots Jeanie, whom he recognises. "Jeanie" he calls over to her, lifting a hand to wave her down.

Jeanie startles slightly as she wasn't expecting her name to be called on this little excursion, but when she'll give Hudson a friendly enough wave in return as she heads over in his direction, eyeing the rifle and the pistol. "Somehow not guessing you're out here for some unregistered duck hunting?" But then she turns in the direction of the noise. "You hear that?" Cause she sure does and she'll warily start heading in the direction of the cut-off shouting.

"There are two people a good way off, that direction..." Hudson points in the direction he had seen with his drone. "There is a dead woman and a man that will be dead really soon if he isn't already." he frowns, then explaining "Looked kind of like something exploded out of him. Like a fucking chestburster or something, right?" he kind of mimes something erupting from his chest with an explosion sound affect, though he doesn't look super thrilled about it. He hears the yelling too though, and breaks off in that direction along with her.

"More?" Jeanie winces at werewolf's news. "Damn... that's gonna bring the body count up to ten at least..." That she knows of and yet another more evidence pouring into the Creepy column instead of the Just Another Gang Violence Case column. As they head in the direction of potential disaster, this is not a ladies first kind of situation and Jeanie hangs back a step or three to let Hudson take up the lead. "I really wanted chestbusters to just be a thing out of movies..." Bit too late for that now though.

Hudson doesn't seem to mind when JEanie hangs back a little, and takes up the lead. He nods in agreement with her words, flexing at the knees slightly and trying to move through the area as quietly as possible so that...whatever it is that they're looking for, won't spot them. Looking back over his shoulder, the Irraka suggests "Get down low and try and move quietly" though at the same time he offers a hopefully encouraging smile. "It'll be okay!" he assures with an afirmative nod.

Jeanie nods at the instructions, although she's definitely not as good at the whole Sneaking business as Hudson, she'll at least try it. Feeling empty handed, she fishes into her bag and pulls out what probably looks like a Costco-sized bottle of bug spray and a regular bic lighter out of her pocket. There's a snort at the mention of everything being okay. "Hey, that's normally my line!" The objection is mostly a whisper though cause... bugs and face huggers.

The closer they approach the louder the noise becomes. The cicada drown out every bit of sound around them save their own words. As the seconds pass they may have to start yelling to hear one another. It's difficult to make out in the mud and through the grass, but something was moving. About the size of a rate, but nowhere near the same shape. Whatever it was darted off in the exact opposite direction of where those screams were coming from.

Hudson's nose wrinkles, and there's a very faint growl that echoes deep in his chest when he scents blood on the air. He still keeps low, trying to keep out of sight of whatever it was that the spotted running off in the other direction. A look is given over his shoulder to Jeanie, and his spirits seem to lift a little now he's on the hunt. "C'mon!" he grins, before starting off after that scampering creature as quickly as he can while trying to stay unseen.

Jeanie is apparently torn, looking in the direction of where those screams had been coming from but the screams have also STOPPED so... not much she can really do there. As Hudson takes off, she'll follow right after, the bug spray helf up higher as the cicadas get louder and louder. "Should we try and pincer it?" She'll veer slightly to the left as they chase after their target, trying to block off at least one possible escape route.

As Jeanie and Hudson take off she can see it. Some of it, anyway. The thing doesn't look too much different thany other bug, although that large size sets it very much apart from its more mundane kin. It moves faster than any insect rightfully should, and does so at an alarming speed as it starts to slowly lose both wolf and woman.

Jeanie may love many natural things, but that damn bug now rushing towards them definitely isn't natural. She'll scramble a few feet backwards while also bringing up the only two things she has in her hand as that lighter and bug spray and desparately tries shooting that at the oncoming bug. Surprise, surprise, she does at least manage to get a spurt of flame aimed towards her target without burning herself in the process!

Jeanie's lit a fire under its ass. Literally. It chitters about after those flames come licking at its overlarge thorax, and it starts darting around. It keeps moving around, trying to lose the pair as it sets fire to everything around it.

Realising they're not going to catch the bug, and wary of shifting in front of...whatever Jeanie is, he isn't sure, Hudson comes to a halt and lifts his rifle. He takes careful aim, looking carefully down the barrel before taking his shot. The ring of gunfire rings out loudly, but the shot seems to be on target.

The thing is completely and utterly destroyed after such a violent display. It was already cooking inside and out, but the bulelt obliterated it. Bits of it fly everywhere, but soon enough dissipate into nothingness.

Jeanie doesn't quite see it, but the werewolf can get a feel for it. Something that sets the hackles on edge and caresses at that lizard part of his brain that says an enemy is nearby. Predator or prey is uncertain. The thing almost looks human, at least from the chest down. However, out its back are a pair of fleshy wings. Odd, scythe-like appendages begin at the elbow. The strangest of all is the face. It looks almost like the man until down to the nose. Where the mouth should be it sports an insect-like mandible wet with fresh blood. Currently, the thing is skulking towards Jeanie and laying low in the grass.

Jeanie doesn't fully believe that the thing is dead, but Hudson's bullet did seem to do a pretty great job at getting it to stop moving. "Great shot!" And seeing as she can't see the waiting death trap of Scyther, the girl sets about trying to stamp out a few of those possible forest fires in the making. "Thank god for all the rain lately..."

It launches without wasting another moment. It screeches, making its presence known as it lunges for an attack. The overlarge bug-man brings down those bladed arm, and only manages to tag Jeanie's backpack. Thankfully, she only loses a little bit of cloth on a bag as it starts chittering and those wings start beating mad. All the while and with every breath that constant noise keeps reverberating around inside his insides.

Hudson watches the creature leap out from the undergrowth and slash at Jeanie with it's scythelike arms. His eyes widen a littleand he mouth a silent "fuuuuuu" which is almost immediately followed by a very much not silent "Fuck! Jeanie! Run! Fucking run!" yelled much more loudly than you would expect given his somewhat slender frame. The Irraka lifts his rifle once again, another shot ringing out through the woods. The bullet passes directly through the insectoid creature, though somehow it doesn;t quite seem to be dead.

"What the..." Jeanie knows she wasn't near any tree to catch on her backpack as she's turning just in time to hear Hudson's warning as she catches sight of Bugsy Malone right behind her and understandably she shrieks and does exactly as the werewolf recommends and RUNS like her life depends on it.

The creature looks around for a beat. The fiery spot on the ground, and then it looks up and towards Hudson. While Jeanie was a nice, juicy meal something about Hudson evokes a different reaction. While that gunshot it took hurt like hell there's something else there. It then turns, leaping away as it beats its wings rapidly and putting as much distance between Hudson and itself as it can.

It might run! But it certainly cannot hide from the long paw of werewolf justice! Hudson seems a little encouraged when the creature turns tail, and Jeanie doesn;t seem to have been injured. The shot is a little more tricky with the creature flapping away through the woods, but Hudson takes aim once more, and this shot brngs it down with a thump. Hudson bursts out into a happy laugh at this, hopping in place and pumping his fist. "We got 'em! Bag 'em and tag 'em!" he hoots to himself, doing a full on victory dance right there in the middle of the woods with dead bodies and the beginnings of a forest fire springing up arund him.

Please forgive Jeanie for not being entirely convinced that anything is truly dead considering she almost got eaten when they thought they were safe just a few seconds ago. She does slow and then stop her running to turn towards the victorious Hudson and glance towards the fallen bug-man. "You really think that's the last of them? Crap... the folks that were screaming earlier!" Even as she's mentioning those poor unfortunate souls she's tossing some dirt on the bits of fire she may have started and trying to stomp the rest out.

"Noooo! Nonono! Burn fucking EVERYTHING!" Hudson corrects Jeanie when she tries stomping the fire out. "The last thing we want is human policemen coming around and finding some bug creature!" he points out, before gesturing at Jeanie's makeshift flamethrower. "Like, I know Smokey and all but a forest fire right now would be *greaaaaaat*" Hudson suggests, slinging his rifle back over his shoulder as he surveys the general carnage.

With that one now dead the noise all around them slowly begins to die down. As the creature twitches and slips off this mortal coil something is moving through his body. Eventually, whatever that is starts moving upwards and bulging out his throat. Finally its mandible-mouth splits open as two of the bugs they've seen before crawl out of that gaping hole.

Jeanie blinks as Hudson starts trying to correct her forest-fire prevention techniques. "If you haven't noticed, we're also in the woods right now. We don't need to get stuck in a damn forest fire!" Not after the last few minutes she's just had! But even as she's talking there's that twitching of the creature's body and more of the bugs coming out and the danger of forest fires are completely abandoned for a good long spray of the make shift flame-thrower towards the bug-monster. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

"Jesus fuck..." Hudson declares as his mild scolding of Jeanie is overtaken by her shrief as those two little bugs come spewing out of the now dead, really big bug. Luckily, Jeanie is on hand with her eco warrior credentials now tossed firmly to the wind to douse the creatures in a lovely gout of cleansing flame. "Ha!" Hudson laughs happily, obviously approving. "Girl that was fucking SICK!" he claps her happily on the back, before gesturing around. "Right! Get to lighting shit on fire!" he suggests chirpily. He always feels so much better after a hunt.

Jeanie would at least say she hasn't completely abandoned her priniciples. This is just very controlled use of the flame. Controlled until the bug is an urecognizeable heap of ash hopefully or as much as her lighter will allow. At the back clap she'll finally take a deep breath. "That was fucking TERRIFYING. Do you have any idea what it was? And as for the dead bodies... the cops already have eight of them. They've already got some story about gang violence gone out of control. We should probably at least... check on where those screams were coming from. Just in case."

"Right...well...I guess you can't....really? Tell it was a giant bug monster any more?" Hudson doesn;t sound entirely convinced as he aims the toe of his boot at the osmewhat charred crispy critter that Jeanie has just finished flambéing. He glances over his shoulder when Jeanie mentions checking in on the wounded and he does eventually nod in agreement, though his concern seems to be more for covering up what has gone on. He pauses for a moment, studying the corpse, then looks to Jeanie. "So Jeanie? This dude was..." a thoughtful pause. "I saw him on the drone. He was human when we got here. If the ones that were screaming are gonna do the same it's way too late. Honestly. Just set the fire and let's get out. They're dead either way."

"Cops don't really want to write a report saying somebody was killed by a giant bug. That's the type of thing that gets them put in a padded room and their guns taken away. They'll look for the most likely non-crazy sounding excuse now that there's not a freaking carapace just left lying there." Jeanie gives a shrug but as Hudson reveals what he saw earlier, she gulps. "Or... if he was human and turned into this and there was more than one person screaming there could be another of those... things... running around."

Hudson does look ever so slightly exasperated when it becomes clear that Jeanie isn't going to go for the 'nuke it from orbit' approach to monster clearance, though at the same time he likes her enough that all he really manages is a roll of his eyes and a grin. "Okayyyyyy..." he sort of makes a comical performance of the whole thing, flopping forward from the waist in an exaggerated slump. When he stands back up, he flashes Jeanie a grin and points a nearby tree. "Lemme see if I can see anything" he states, before running straight at the broadest part of the trunk. He manages to run a good few feet vertically up the side before propelling himself upward on strong legs with a powerful jump and catching onto one of the lower branches, which he pulls himself up onto.

Much further down the path his drone searched Hudson can make out something. Some things. The easiest to spot with all of that blood pooled up around the husk of the woman he saw. Right beside her and still kneeling is the man. What was left of him. The Irraka could see what was left of the man's insides (a few stray pieces of viscera) while his back had been blown out and destroyed just as the woman.

Jeanie will roll her eyes right on back while still going about making sure the 'Controlled Burn' stays controlled. "You killed it, I'll clean up." Fair's fair or something? Even in the cleaning up process, she'll watch as Hudson charges his way up the tree. "See anything?" Tone of the voice might mean she's hoping that answer is No...

Hudson looks quite dashing and adventurous stood on that tree branch! He scans as far ahead as he can see from his now elevated vantage point, before calling down "There's a couple more bodies, but no man-bug-mantis....whatever the fuck that was..." Hudson calls down to Jeanie, looking over his shoulder as she works away at cleanup on aisle eldritch horror. He takes a few more seonds to *really* take a good long lood before carefully hopping back down.

Bug no longer distinguishable, fires put out, Jeanie tosses what little is left of the bug spray back in her bag before she shields her eyes from the sun to get a proper look at Hudson in his Action Hero Tree Standing pose. "With the whole exploded torso thing going on? If so... guess it's safe for us to get on out of here. Someone else can stumble on them and they'll fall in with the last of the 'Gang Violence' reports." She gives a shrug. SHE doesn't want to get anywhere near more of the bugs.

"Sounds great to me!" Hudson agrees with a nod of his head, wandering over to check out Jeanie's handiwork. The smell makes his nose wrinkle a bit, but he nods approvingly. "Looks pretty burned to me" Hudson agrees, before looking to JEanie and flashing her a broad grin. "You were a total badass" he laughs happily, stepping forward to offer her a high five.

Jeanie enthusiastically returns that high five. "Well, I'd be a dead badass if it weren't for you and your rifle. I owe you... like a dozen favors at least." She gives a full body shudder at the thought as she inspects just how close that claw ripped into her backpack. "Let's scram!"