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A Pack Astray

Characters: Mason, Lola, Dustin as ST
Date: 2020-05-16
Summary: The pack is visited by a small group of Ghost Wolves, bent on finding someone who apparently was last seen in and around Killer Instinct territory, and they're asking for the pack's help.

Soundtrack 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=866uCN0OY1o

Word reaches the pack that a group of Ghost Wolves has been trying to establish contact after they've settled on the outskirts of the pack's territory. Wolf-Blooded allied to the pack and sent to investigate further reported that it's a modest pack of three struggling Uratha, and their reasons for holing up on the edges of Killer Instinct territory is still unknown, but at least they're trying to make their presence known by contacting the pack. They're currently holed up in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in the Florida Area, which is the nucleus of the pack's territory. Dustin has requested for Mason and Lola to investigate into this again, while he's busy settling some deals and trying to nurture diplomatic relationships with other packs & communities of the Uratha in the city.

And so Mason would gear up, though not to full combat levels, still wearing his leathers and packing the usual 'low key' amount of gear and drag Lola out to his Harley for a ride over towards the newly arrived group of wolves location. The bike will be left in pack territory, parked outside a gas station garage and well looked after - there shouldn't be any question who's it is at this point but better to be safe than have to hunt an idiot down. As they walk towards the area that they're told they can find the ghost wolves in Mason hands Lola his pistol, taking just a moment to show her the basics along the way: "Safety, mag eject...yeah that's how its loaded, unloaded, cleared. Now..you don't point that fuckin' thing at any dumb motherfucker you don't want pushin' up mother lovin' daisies...got it?"

Lola willingly let herself get dragged along. She'd healed up a bit quicker than usual after this second round of injuries and thus far hadn't maintained any more. That was good, right? She listens closely as Mason gives an overview of the pistol, nodding along. "Yeah, yeah I got it." She assured him. "Don't point it unless I plan to shoot it and don't shoot it unless I want the person six feet under. Hopefully we don't have to resort to violence at all." She murmurs and stows the pistol away, safety switched back on, and pays a bit more attention to their surroundings. She's been a little off lately, at least not so bloodthirsty as she had been. La Sange hasn't been a fan of that in the slightest.

The warehouse is secluded, a decent location for a pack to settle temporarily, though not the best of places for something that's more long term. It's a small warehouse, one that appears to have been abandoned for decades now and used by the local squatters and hookers, until the newcomers drove them off and settled in. It's surrounded by tall overgrowth and a chain-link fence that looks like it's more for fending off wild dogs than it is for any human-sized intruders. Once they make their way in and close enough to the gated entrance of the warehouse, a gruffy seeming dude appears on the roofs of the building, holding what looks to be a military-grade rifle pointed at them. If someone were to describe this dude, they'd probably say an ex-US Army Ranger-turned-survivalist, judging from the bulk of this guy's figure. He sniffs at first, sights pointed at Lola, and then to Mason. They can sense that he's Uratha.

"Remind me who you guys are again?"

Mason pauses as they come under the sights of the sniper on the roof and he narrows his eyes a bit, "The guy that's gonna fuckin' get upset if you don't fuckin' take a damn'd chill pill and lower that fuckin' weapon." His voice is pitched to carry, but there's no anger in it, no hint of rage - but there /is/ a steely note to it. "I'm not yellin' our fuckin' bona-fides n'shit around the block, so you can get your ass down here an talk, or .. we can walk away and you can have a problem with those /you/ were so careful to fuckin' reach out to when you rolled up here."

Lola tilts her head up towards the would be sniper, arms loosely crossed over her chest. She lets Mason do the talking since he seems to be doing a fine job at it - plus the guy on the roof seems like he might be military or something too. Instead, she is keeps alert and her eyes are sweeping the area for any other activity.

The gated doors are open, and out comes a young woman in her twenties, skin sun-tanned and face beautifully shaped though worn by the harsh environment, looking as if she just came out of the woods after quite some time. She waves both hands to the rifled man above, signalling for him to stand back and not actually start an unnecessary fight here. They too can sense that she's Uratha. She's dressed in a grimy tank top, and a pair of jeans that's snug tightly to her legs. She then turns to the duo, an awkward smile forming on her face there. "Sorry about that, I forgot to tell him that we were having company. You two must be from the local pack in the territory. Please, come on in, I've been trying to reach out to you for some time now," she turns on her heels and saunters into the building. There's nothing shady or anything in those words of hers, and if she's ought to trick them into a trap or anything, then she must be doing a really great job at it. The dude on the rooftop withdraws his rifle and disappears from view.

"Alright." Mason says, taking his attention away from the guy on the roof only as soon as the barrel isn't pointed their way, trusting in his senses to notice if it ends up focused back on them. The woman's given a once over look, careful, but not overly long and the rest of the area's given a further once over with all his senses before he starts forward, his head cocking slightly as if to listen and be sure that Lola's moving with him but staying those few crucial steps back that'll hopefully let him take the brunt of any trap that they might spring...yes, he's paranoid, to some degree, but then that's his job.

When the woman came out, Lola offered her a light smile. "Yes, we are. Better late than never, yeah?" At the mention of trying to get in touch with them for a while. She follows her and Mason into the warehouse, looking for the third Uratha that is supposed to be with this group according to what the Wolf Bloodeds had said. "So how long have you been here?"

Piles of scraps and left-over furniture have been stacked near the entrance as soon as they step in, forming a rudimentary set of barricades that stretches all the way into the center of the building. It's pretty impressive actually, that they've managed to use these stacks of junk to their advantage, and doing so at such a short span of time. The pack's 'intel', which is really comprised of the many thugs, hookers, and drug pushers that populate their territory, some being Wolf-Blooded, suggests that they've only been around for about two or three days, and already the warehouse has been turned into a semi-fortress that actually looks effective enough to fend off an assault.

"Three days," she says in response to Lola's question. Ah, it does seem that their intel is reliable enough, then. "We didn't know initially that this small patch of land belonged in your turf. So I tried to reach out, after some thugs came rolling by and spying on us while we worked on getting the place habitable again," she suggests, taking a turn into a small room inside the warehouse where the third dude awaits, seemingly in the middle of crafting something. A booby trap. He's the third Uratha of the pack. The woman finally takes a stop and crosses her arms, smiling as she presents herself next to the man. "My name's Bella, this is my older brother Chase. Oh, and the dude on the roof? That was Pearce. Don't worry about him, he's taking up shift for look-out today."

"I'm Mason, this is Lola, and I'm not worried about them ... so long as their not fuckin' point'n weapons in my goddamn face." Mason says by way of introduction and explanation, adding a bit of smile there at the end. He shifts his stance slightly, moving a hand to encourage Lola up to join him now that he's feeling a bit more comfortably here now that introductions are on the way. "What brings you and yours up this way, Bella?"

Lola shifted, walking the couple steps to stand beside Mason, slipping her hands into her back pocket, listening. "Nice to meetcha all." She offered with a smile and a nod to the two that were here. Curious to see how Bella would answer Mason's question.

Bella is polite enough to bring out some bottled water for Mason and Lola, extracted from a rucksack lying around the corner. She takes out another pair after, one for her brother and one for herself, twisting the bottle open and chugging down a mouthful of mineral water. Her brother does the same, though he looks like he's more focused on messing with the booby trap at the moment, than interacting with the duo. He's leaving it up to his sister. "We've been working on tracking down a friend of ours. She's a Wolf-Blooded, a close friend of mine, and Chase's girlfriend," she nudges him with an elbow for a brief moment, before continuing. "We caught wind of someone that matched her description somewhere in this part of the city, which happened to be your turf. I was hoping, with your contacts and resources, that you could help us find her." She looks to Chase again for a second, before turning to Lola, and then Mason, appearing hesitant for the next words she's about to utter. "We'll owe you a huge favor, from Uratha to Uratha."

Taking one of the bottles, opening it up right away and taking a swig or two before the others, Mason wipes at his mouth with one hand before he replies, "If she's in our territory, don't see any reason why we couldn't find her and get you and she connected, if that's what -she- wants as well. " He flicks a glance at Lola, then back to the others before settling on Bella again, "Not that I'm doubtin' anyone, but we don't fuckin' know you all from proverbial fuckin' Adam, so ... the girl gets a say in if she wants to fuckin' be found, too, hmm?"

Lola looks a bit curious at this. "Any ideas why she ran off in the first place?" Agreeing with Mason's assessment of not knowing this people. The girl had to have had a reason for taking off. Maybe it was a good one.

"There's no reason why she wouldn't want to come back, you can take up my word for it. But if you feel the need to ask her once you find her, then feel free to do so," Chase retorts back to Mason, taking a swig of the water and turning himself fully to face the pair now. With the same sun-tanned skin as his sister, he's dressed in a work overalls, looking more like a car mechanic than anything else. Only fitting that he's got his hands busy on the traps. Bella nods in agreement to her brother's statement, further adding. "We know you mean well by that, but even we've got no idea why she 'ran off' in the first place. We're not even sure if she really did run off. She just upped and left us one day, but Chase did see her talking with a random dude the day before. We're pretty fucking sure that's got to do something with her disappearance."

"Well, we'll see what she has t'say. " Mason says with a bit of a shrug, gruff perhaps, but not at all apparently concerned about the impression he might be doubting them. "What do you have to go on then? A pic? Anything with her scent or blood on it? Anything on this guy she supposedly saw?"

"Yeah was this guy anyone you recognized or that the people who spotted her talking to him recognized?" Lola quirked a brow. She knew she might be able to temporarily gain something to help them find her - but she wasn't so sure she wanted to. Lola pushed a hand through her hair, as if shaking off the thought and refocused. "I'm sure she had a good reason for taking off and she'll be happy to share it if she's still in the area and we find her."

Chase and Bella shake their heads simultaneously. "No good on the scent. She packed up all of her things with her, which to say, is also quite the mystery for us. Someone must've helped carry her stuff while we were gone from our previous HQ," Chase replies to Mason. He regards Lola briefly, then back to Mason. "No, none of us recognized him when I gave out the description. I was driving by the store where she worked as cashier, that's one thing I always did whenever I got the chance to. Passed by real quick, but I didn't saw her on the register. She was sitting at a table, talking to this one black dude. He was well-dressed, too, but I didn't give it a hard thought. I just assumed it was a customer. The next day? She was gone." Bella steps up to place a hand on his shoulder, sympathizing with his loss.

Mason nods quietly, hrm, "Ok, a picture then? Somethin' on your phone perhaps? If not, we'll just need a good description, any habits, an tattoos, etc." He glances at Lola, "Is there something else that might help that you can think of?"

Lola chewed thoughtfully on her lip. "Uhm, maybe." She said finally to Mason's question. "But I would need to do a little...asking around." Looking to the siblings, "A good description or a picture would be a helpful place to start. We can put word out to our people to be on the lookout for her. Also maybe if you can give any better description of this man? We can put out feelers for him too. If we find him, could lead us to her."

Chase nods in affirmation to Mason. They're a young pack, and it's safe to say that they've got their shit figured out in this digital era, so he withdraws his smartphone and browses through his gallery for a picture. He then holds the screen up for Mason to see. It's quite the young girl, can't be older than 18 or 19, taking a selfie for herself dressed in a hoodie. She's fair skinned, a brunette, with attractive and soft features on her face. Your typical pretty girl next door. "She's got a heart tatted up behind her ear," he says as he pulls the phone and tucks it away in his overalls. He turns to Lola now. "Not much I can help on the dude. He's black, well-dressed, and that's all I could make out. Tall? He sorta looked like a pimp." Bella looks them over as she chugs down her water, stepping into the convo again. "But yeah, if you guys can help us find her, and find out why the fuck she ran away on us if she /did/ run, we'll owe you folks a bunch. We've spent more than enough of our time and resources looking for her. Please report back to us as soon as you find her. Chase, give em your phone number," she nudges her brother again, and Chase spells out his digits to them.

"Text us that pic as well and we'll see what can be done, though no fuckin' promises." Mason says after a moment of lookin at the girl in the pic and then pulling his own phone out to take down Chase's digits, and text him, so that he can be texted back with the pic. He glances over then at Lola, "Anything else you can think of that I'm missin'?"

Lola nods at the picture and rubs the back of her neck lightly. "One...final question. I don't wanna be rude or nothin - but we do have to cover all our bases yeah? You say he looks like a pimp...how long have you known her? Is it possible he *was* her pimp or something before she met you guys or rolled in to town or something?" Then her hands fall back into her back pockets and then shakes her head a bit towards Mason. "That's the only other thing I can think of."

Bella gives her brother a quick pat on the chest, as if telling him to explain upon being given the question. "No, she's never been a whore if that's what you're trying to imply. She's been my sweetheart for years since, back when she was still in high school. If she had a pimp before that? Then I wouldn't know." Above, peeking out from the skylight, you can see Pearce peering down on you both and eavesdropping on the conversation. How long has he been there? Upon seeing that you're set to leave soon however, he dismisses himself and walks away from the skylight, disappearing from view again.

Mason doesn't glance up so much as just note the evesdropper and tuck the info away for later. He nods just a touch and then turns to go, waiting for and then encouraging Lola with a motion of one hand, for her to go ahead of him on their way out - while he makes sure to keep his body between those behind him ( on the roof and not ) and Lola. Lifting a hand in a casual wave, "Alright, then, you'll hear from us one fuckin' way or the other."

"No need to be rude about - turning tricks can be a pretty profitable profession." Lola mused. "But, no, it seems unlikely then. Doubtful they're related...but anything's possible. We'll do our best." She assured, head tilting up briefly as Pearce moved away from the window and made a thoughtful noise. Then she was turning to head back out as Mason's encouragement. Though still ever so slightly on alert - just in case.

"Good luck!" Bella declares as the siblings wave them a good bye, and returning to whatever activities they were set on doing. Stepping outside, the two are hit with a gentle whiff of fresh air, a stark contrast to the metallic smell from the warehouse. They go down the path to the chain- link fence that covers the building's perimeters, and from a few yards away they can already spot Pearce leaning against the fence, him still keeping a look-out though he's now without his gun. He turns to you two as you come near, the gruffy look on him looking a bit more prominent now, though with a touch of warmness.

"Hey," he greets the duo. "Look, I know that we kinda got off to a bad start there. But I heard what you were talking about, and I need to advise you on something. That girl Bella and Chase were talking about? Just forget about her. Don't waste your time trying to find her, yeah? We'll be up and going from this shitty place once those two figured that they can't, and won't, be able to find her anyway."

"Wrong foot's fuckin' right. " Mason says, though there's no particular rancor in his tone, but he shakes his head slightly and shrugs, "No harm in us havin' a look about for her, and every reason t'do so if there's someone' pickin' up folks for slave or fuckin' sex trade without us knowin' about it. " He looks a bit more directly at Pearce then, eyes hardening, not /quite/ a challenge - but just shy, "There somethin' you know you wanna share 'bout the girl, then, Pearce? Know where she fucked off to?"

Lola studied Pearce for a beat, looking suspicious. "Yeah. Something up that the other two don't wanna hear?" Brow raised. Mental note made that it was seeming more likely she would have to try and do her voodoo stuff to help maybe. "Or maybe you know who the guy was that she was seen with?"

He runs a hand through his ruffled up mane of a hair. The man is quite bulky, almost as big as Mason , and there's a US Army Ranger badge dangling on the breast of his padded woodland vest, denoting his past affiliation with the group. Pearce switches his look between Mason and Lola for a second, sizing them up now that they're up and close to him. He sniffs. "You speak like this 'sex trade' thingy ain't your fucking forte in this territory anyway. I've learned enough about you and your pack the last three days we've been here. Heck, I'm the piece of shit responsible for scouting out the next shithole we're gonna be calling home for the next couple of weeks, if not months, anyway. So please, don't give crap to me about no fucking sex trade when you know damn well what goes around in your neighborhood," he says, spitting to the side. He turns to Lola now, a hand shoving into his vest as he procures a small piece of paper, offering it to them. "Here's my number. If you wanna know more, then hit my line up. If you don't, you can go ahead and continue lookin, see if it'll get you anywhere."

Mason reaches out, takes the paper, tucks it into his jacket pocket, his eyes never leaving Pearce, "Our territory, our fuckin' rules. Never said I gave fuck-all about whores turnin' tricks and then monkey fuckin' pimps. I said I wanted t'know if some dickwad was doin' so without our fuckin' signof. You didn't answer the fuckin' question though - know where the girl is? Or who the asshat was that was seen with her?" A pause, a glance at the Ranger badge, "Who'd you serve with? Know a few Airborne motherfuckers."

Pearce glares over to the warehouse, his eyes dead set on it as he speaks, not even sparing them a stare. "You got the paper, you decide what to do with it," is all he says before he throws up two fingers at them and departs. "Deuces." That last bit that Mason said about the 'Airborne motherfuckers' earns a laugh from him, however, as he saunters his way back into the warehouse, throwing glances left and right, his alertness never seeming to wear off, slowly disappearing amongst the overgrowth and, finally, into the warehouse. Now they're left with options- investigate further into this by contacting Pearce, or deal with this problem themselves?

Soundtrack 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dl429xL-Os

You've chosen to investigate deeper into this matter by contacting Pearce. He doesn't like talking over the phone, apparently, so he's given you a set place and time, depending on -when- they'll be contacting him. If it's as soon as they get home? Then later on tonight. If they decide to dial him up by nightfall, or the next morning? He'll set the time to the night after. But the set location will still be the same- a dive bar, skirting the edges of their territory but just enough so that it's outside. There's nothing else that's special about this place, only that as all dive bars go, it's a known place for shady deals to happen, barely any presence of the authorities around. He's sitting at the table by the furthest corner, a pint of beer in hand, waiting for the two to roll up.

Once more, prepped as they had been for the first meeting with the group, Mason and Lola arrive on the Harley which is left inside their territory at a good spot for its well being. Mason leads the way into the bar - a place he's likely been before, and more than one patron probably knows his giant bulk on sight. He doesn't go right towards the back corner, taking time to stop at the bar and grab a beer for himself and Lola, before heading onwards towards the table that Pearce's selected.

Lola is dressed just a touch more conservatively than she would typically be. A t-shirt that doesn't show off much and a simple pair of jeans. She hasn't even done her makeup or anything, trying stay as boring as possible depending on how tonight goes and what might need done. She accepts the beer Mason got her and took a sip before sliding into a seat and giving Pearce a silent upnod. Though a touch of a smile was on her features.

Pearce's smelled the two coming as soon as they stepped into the building, the keen senses of the Uratha able to pick out the subtle hint of their smell, and sense that presence of a familiar beast within Mason. He offers them a stare as they approach, but nothing more until they've taken their seats. He's dressed in almost the same clothing as he did before, sans the vest and the badge along with it, dressed in that typical red lumberjack flannel shirt instead that he wore under the vest. He chugs his beer down before slamming it on the table, eyeing the two for a second. "Good, you're here. I'm gonna spare you any of that bullshit formalities 'cause we already know what we came here for anyway, yeah?"

Mason just nods at the other man, takes a long swig from his beer, and settles into a seat at the table after spinning the chair around to it on it straddle fashion, putting his back towards the wall or the bar itself, as best he can. He seems more than ready to listen, his attention focused mainly on Pearce while letting his generally heightened senses keep him generally aware of what's going on around them.

"Yeah, let's get down to business." Lola agreed, leaning against the table. Now and then her gaze flickered towards other parts of the bar in her sights but ultimately she would keep her attention on Pearce. Hopefully this wasn't a wasted trip.

"I convinced her to leave," Pearce immediately blurts out. "Not because that I wanted to, but because that I /had/ to, you know? Our pack, we've... we've been through some rough times. Living out life as nomads ain't easy, but nor is being an established pack neither when you're a bunch of young Ghost Wolves. You tend to get picked on by the packs around you, and you'd be lucky if they were Forsaken. The Pure would just as soon to kill us if they found out about us, if that meant receiving some recognition from their elders. There used to be four Uratha in the pack, Lana, but she died about a year back. Our pack ain't been the same since, you know," he knocks back some of his beer, intent on continuing the story but having to clear out his gullet first.

"We started dealing with beings we have no business meddling in with. Magath, Maeljins, I'm sure you've heard of those names before? We kept inching closer to fucking depravity, but I realized what was happening, and backed the fuck away as fast as I could. I still pretended like I care about this... thing, they've got going on, Chase and Bella, but in reality I just want out of this shady bull," he hisses out a breath. "Those two, they're not quite Bale Hounds yet, but they're inching closer. You wanna know how they gain these spirits' attention? They sacrifice Wolf-blooded for them. And then we ran out of Wolf-blooded to fucking offer, which of course, gave rise to a fucking panic. All eyes turned to Sofia after that, Chase's blooded girlfriend. We had one huge fucking argument about it, but Chase finally relented and figured that power was much more important than a stupid fucking girlfriend."

He shakes his head at that, chugging the beer again as the story comes to a pause, giving Lola and Mason time to react. He looks like he still has more to say, however, since the story's not quite done yet.

Mason starts to tense, at first, when Pearce tells him he's the cause of the girl running - could be any number of reasons for it, most of them not good ones. But as the man continues to tell his story, Mason continues to listen, nodding just slightly at the various details of the other Uratha's story along the way. He takes a swig from his beer, brushes away a bit of foam from his beard with his other hand, and just waits..holding any responses for the moment.

Lola's eyes widen as Pearce explains the situation. She'd only ever heard of Bale Hounds, never seen any. But you didn't have to, to know they were bad news. "Did you *tell* her that or make up a different story?" Was the only question she had for now. Because she felt that would make a difference too. If only a slight one.

Pearce bores his eyes deep into Lola when she asks that question, though the tense stare then softens. That was probably more instinct that it is intentional. "I got fucking lucky. She came up to me one night, sobbing, saying that he heard someone in Chase's bedroom. A woman, and they were fucking. She couldn't gather enough courage to confront him directly about it though. came up to me, and then we talked. I told her that if she wants to go, then she should, that nobody's gonna hold it against her. I helped her pack up before dawn," he finally downs what's left of his beer, flagging the nearest waitress over for another refill. "You know what's the worst part about it, though? The girl he was boning? Bella. His own sister. Another fucking bargain in their pursuit for power, apparently," he hisses at that.

"I've been masking her scent for some time now, trying to throw off progress when those two kept on working to track her ass down. I think they're starting to notice though. They could be on my ass soon enough. I think the only reason they're resisting, is because I'm still too valuable for them," he declares, and the waitress returns with a refill for his pint before hurrying away from the three, sensing that trouble within them- Pearce and Mason, especially. "I was hoping your pack would attack us for trespassing in your turf. Urgh. Looks like Bella did just enough to not earn you ire or anything, or maybe you're just too fucking soft to finish us off?"

Mason listens, drinking again from his newly refilled beer as he listens, the waitress barely even given a look as the Rahu listens intently to the other man and his story. It's clear that things start to come together for Mason, and that he appears to be ready to believe Pearce, as well, and while he frowns at the mention of who the other person it was that was being fucked its also clear that he's neither surprised nor as put off by it as the mention of the spirits and bargains involved. "You all kept just to the line, and you fuckin' know it. You also know that we..the Talon's won't hunt other wolves unless there's clear fuckin' reason. " He glances then at Lola, hmms, then back to Pearce, "You're still gonna need to put us in touch with Sofia - I'm not gonna go deep-fuckin'-six another pack, ghost wolves or whatever the fuck, without more'n a single stranger's godsdamned word on it."

Lola nursed her beer, listening closely. A small frown gracing her lips as she too started piecing everything together. "Yeah, we're not ruthless. We try to be reasonable where we can." She offered in agreement with Mason. "Let us talk to her and then we'll see what we can do to fix this whole mess." She pushed a hand lightly through her hair. She might look ever so slightly uncomfortable about something or other, but she tried to push it aside. Trying to focus on the present conversation and the task of findign Sofia.

"And stepping into your turf isn't a clear enough fucking reason? Fuck's sake, dude. You need to start getting your shit fucking straight, Talon or no." Pearce returns to sipping on his beer again, really trying his hand on the Rahu Blood Talon there. He sideglances Lola over the tip of his pint as he sips, eyes turning back to Mason after a beat. "Now that shit's fucking complicated. Sofia, she... hm, how the fuck am I gonna phrase this without sounding like an ass? I linked her up with a buddy of mine, to make sure she doesn't get stranded out there by herself, get fucking kidnapped or whatever. This buddy, he's... he's a bloody leech, if you catch my gist." A leech. A derogatory term for vampires. "She's working for him at a strip club, down in the Marigny. Yes, Sofia's not over here in your territory, that's just another one of my works. They /think/ that she's somewhere around here though, Bella and Chase."

"Walkin' the fuckin' line you mean. We gave you some fuckin' leeway, you fuckin' shit-for-brains, 'cause you're obviously down on your drag-assed fuckin' army puke luck." Mason replies in a near growl, eyes flashing, chest rumbling in low bass notes. He gets to his feet, chair knocked over by the speed and violence of the motion, "You and your mangy assed .. people have four fuckin' hours to clear the fuck out or I'll end you fuckin' all. Don't need this shit, nor the stupid ass games by a fuckin limp dick dog that can't do the right fuckin' thing himself."

Lola shrank back ever so slightly as Mason started in. Better to let the Uratha hash it out. La Sange was lingering behind her, watching intently. Maybe hoping for a fight. She was, however, poised to try and jump in if something *did* happen. Dark eyes on Pearce now to see how he reacted.

Pearce is unphased at all by the outburst. Guy is old and seasoned enough to have experienced situations like this more than once. He continues chugging down his pint, until there's about a quarter of liquor left inside, him managing to belch and exhale in satisfaction after, even as Mason rants. Finally he looks up, eyes glancing between him and Lola. "Now that's the Talon I know. If you wanna clear that place out, then feel free. You're only doing me a favor anyway. I'll make sure that I won't be there when the rampage starts, yeah?" He tosses him a quick wink there. "Unless you can convince me otherwise, and we can actually work together."

"Why in the fuck would I want to do that? Or should I let /you/ walk the fuck outta here, given you've already crossed the fuckin' line?" Mason growls out, "Much less I've got no reason to help you and your shit-for-brains friends out at /all/, and you're not givin' me good reason to care."

Lola exhaled slowly, finishing off her beer and finally speaking, keeping her voice lower so only the Uratha could hear her. "Why haven't you already taken them out? Or even one of them? They can't be that much stronger than you. Our problem is this. Pearce. You're one person, and I don't take you for a liar, but you could be a snake in the grass. It's impossible to tell. Do you have *any* proof of this shit? Sounds like even if we talked to Sofia she wouldn't be able to tell us anything. Then, " She glanced up to Mason and back to Pearce, "Maybe we'll help take out your packmates. Or it would be in your best interest to leave town and not come back."

A packet of Camels is withdrawn out of his jeans, Pearce flicking out a single piece of cigarette, plucking it in his mouth and lighting it up with a brass lighter. He drags, letting Mason break out steam in front dozens of people, who now have all of their eyes set on the group of trio in the back, all of them expecting for a brawl to break out. "You're dumber than I thought if you think you can catch up to me, and even dumber if you're assuming that I won't go down without a fight. But hey, good luck on dealing with those two anyway. You'll need it," he plucks the cigarette out of his mouth as he exhales. He turns to look at Lola now. "You seriously think I can take em on all by myself? What makes you think that I wouldnt've done that if I could?" He spits to the side now. "Believe what you /want/ to believe. You came here looking for answers, I /gave/ you those answers, and I'll leave it up to you to interpret them."

Mason shakes his head, drops some cash on the bar for his and Lola's beers, "I'm done. Fuck this noise. You want fuckin' help, you show some fuckin' decency and gods damned respect - since you obviously can't fuckin handle your own shit. Four hours. I catch wind or tell of you and yours again and you're done." He pauses, glances at Lola, then back to Pearce, "Unless in the next 2 fuckin' minutes you can straighten your shit out and convince her why the fuck we should bother to help you out." His voice has lowered, but there's still more than enough menace and anger coming off the man to warn sane people away.

Lola studies Pearce for a long few moments but whatever she might be looking for isn't there. "Well you seem real certain that he can handle them. And he's only one person too." She got to her feet. "If you want help, then stop being such a fucking pendejo and get off your high horse and say it. You're a long way from home, so show some fucking respect." Her eyes narrowed lightly. "Or take my advice and get the hell out of town."

"I don't have to convince any of you shit. If you wanna go ahead and wreck hell in that warehouse, then be my fucking guest. Four hours is plenty time for me to get the fuck outta here anyway. Good luck fucking them up, my dude," Pearce flicks two fingers to his temple in salutations to him, laughing, even as the cigarette is bitten inbetween his lips. "I don't care if he can handle them or not. I don't give a shit if he dies trying, because I don't give a fuck about any of you, get me? I give a fuck about my own life, however, and that's why I'm not taking the fucking risk myself. Again, good luck!" He waves them a goodbye from his seat.

"Done then. I'll call Bella and tell her that you've outted them, that they have four hours to get the fuck out too, and you're all persona-fuckin-non-grata and I can't trust any fuckin' one of you." Mason growls out with a nod, "See how that helps you an your fuckin' tidy-fuckin'whitey ass." He makes a motion to Lola, and once more waits for her to lead the way out before following her, if never quite turning his back on Pearce.

Lola doesn't seem to have any issues with what's been proposed by Mason. She just gives Pearce a little two-finger salute and then turns around and starts walking out. La Sange lingers for an extra

moment or two though, just to see if anything exciting might transpire before he follows Lola out.