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A Monster In The Closet

Characters: Fen, Jeanie, Ramsey, and Way
Date: 2020-09-28
Summary: The Fixers find an unexpected runaway in one of the backyard fixer uppers and turns out the kid might have a serious monster problem.

School work done for the moment, Jeanie's escaped to the relative peacefulness of the porch swing, complete with a non-school related book in one hand and a mason jar of sweet tea in the other. She doesn't actually get to sit down as she gets distracted by something in the yard, going to the edge of the porch to kinda peer over in the direction of the cars that have been covered in tarps for as long as she's been hanging out with the Fixers. Curious enough, she yells out to whoever might be around inside. "Hey, is someone working on the cars outside? Do we need to cover them back up before it rains again?" She doesn't know much about auto-repair, but she does know they were once covered and now one clearly isn't.

Just coming up from the basement for some food, Wayfarer hears the yelling outside and goes to see what is happening. "Hey, what is wrong?" he asks, peering from Jeanie to the cars not covered by tarps. "Oh. I dunno. Do they need to be covered from rain? I think Axle was the one working on them." the Gremlin says, peering back at the warehouse as if he might see her. He doesn't. "I guess better safe than sorry, we should maybe cover it back up."

"Not unless Axle has a new project, or needed a part?" Ramsey's voice comes from somewhere. In this case, it is the roof. The sound of boots hitting the porch roof and his head, inverted, peers down from over the lip. "Which one?" He looks out toward the yard and the old cars, and manages to lose a screwdriver over the edge for his hubris.

"Not sure if anything's wrong, just... different." Jeanie gives a little shrug as Way comes out. "And I figured that's what the tarps were for? Or the sun if they're not gonna be moving at all?" Don't look at her. She knows how to check her oil and change a tire and that's about it. She smiles up at Ramsey as he pokes his head over, and winces as the screwdriver falls down, but she leans over to pick it up for him and then points with said screwdriver to an 1980s station wagon, complete with woody paneling. "It's that one. Looks like the back might be open still too?" It does indeed look like the back door is still popped up.

Peering up as Ramsey pops out, the Lost stares at him for a moment. He ducks when the screwdriver comes down, cause that thing could put out an eye! Way steps off the porch and heads for the car, "Yeah the back door is open. I wouldn't think Axle leave the back door open unless she is working on it now." He then calls out to make sure she isn't, "Hey, Axle. You over there?" Meanwhile he continues walking toward said car.

As the screwdriver is rescued, Ramsey pulls back to sit on the edge of the roof then just drops down feet first after he gets his legs over, and lands in a crouch safely forward, and wipes his hands on his jeans. "Didn't hear anything out that way while I was patching the roof. Then, probably wouldn't have."

Jeanie gasps a little as Ramsey jumps down like that, cause apparently werewolves are too cool for simple things like ladders, but after the gasp she takes the few steps over to hand him back his screwdriver. "Yeah, besides, who knows how long it's been like that?" She's not gonna let Way be the only one investigating although the Gremlin definitely has a good head start on the nosing about and she's a good few feet behind. "See anything?"

Definitely doesn't seem to be Axle as there's no call back, but as Way gets closer, there's a good chance he'll hear a little bit of movement from in the station wagon. Once close enough to open the hatch door fully, the source is clear enough. A kid, probably about 8 or 9, curled up on the floor of the wagon's trunk, stares back and clutches to a batman action figure. Once spotted, he squeezes his eyes shut like the 'if I can't see them, they can't see me' might actually work.

"No, what am I supposed to be seeing?" he asks, making his way around the car to check the back door. Reaching out to grab the hatch he opens it. "AHHHHHHHH!" he suddenly screams, "OH MY GOD!" It seems the kid scared the hell out of him. Panting he declars, "Somebody come get this thing...I think it is just as scared as I was."

Ramsey's own stroll is a little more leisurely, but he comes around to look as well, then blinks. "Oh. Huh." He then looks at Way. "Probably can't hurt you. Maybe. Well. Probably could. Kids are squirrely." He then tucks his hands into his back jeans pockets, and he asks "Uhhh. You okay in there?"

There's a high pitched AHHHHHH!!! from the kid who definitely is just as scared of Way as Way is of him. He does crack an eye open at Ramsey's question and give a head nod. "Yes, uhh... yes, sir? Just don't tell my sister."

Jeanie hurries to catch up once it's clear that there is in fact somebody in the car, a rather small somebody. She crouches down a little so as not to be towering over the kid and closer to eye level. "Why wouldn't you want your sister to know where you are? She's probably worried about you?"

The boy gives a small shake of his head. "Noooo... if she knows where I am, she'll make me go to bed. //And then it'll eat me!//" The last might be a whisper, but the most forceful whisper the kid can come up with, as his eyes go all wide and somewhat terrified at the thought of getting eaten.

Looking up at Ramsey and staring at him, Way asks, "Him? What about me? I may have pissed myself." He reaches down to check and hmms, "Hard to tell. It's so damn humid here. We'll leave it as a maybe." He turns attention on the kid and tilts his head. "I can see why. I was considering eating you too...you can Thank Rambo here for saving you." Wayfarer informs the child. Then he hmmms, "Maybe he is having nightmares. Could go in and fix it..." says the Changeling.

Ramsey kicks his foot out to the side to bump Way and he says "Because that's not news. Don't worry, unless it turns out your last name is Pizza or something he's not really going to be able to eat you. None of that sounds great. You want to tell us what it is?" He doesn't exactly have a manner for children but he also does have that thing he does where he's just analyzing the problem and not discounting the idea out of hand, so maybe that helps."

"Pizza?" The boy blinks, evidently confused as he looks between both the guys. "My last name's Chambers. Justin Chambers. And it's not nightmares. It's REAL. There's a monster in my closet and it's gonna EAT ME, but Laurie and my mom keep saying I'm too old for this and just need to grow up. But it's REAL!"

Jeanie nods along with his story. "This Laurie, she's your older sister?" That gets a nod of confirmation from the boy, before she gets up from her crouch and gives the kid a smile. "Give me just a moment..." Before she's tugging Ramsey and Way a few steps away so she can whisper without the kid overhearing. Probably. "He's a little old for believing monster in the closet stories... but he seems convinced of something. Could be nightmares or could it actually be a monster?"

"Ow, hey...I'm just saying..." he mutters. "Is your last name, pizza?" Way asks of the kid with arched brows. He isn't so lucky. Chambers don't sound nearly as delicious. Stepping aside, the Gremlin makes room for Jeanie to talk to the kid because HE is of almost zero assistance in this. He moves along with Jeanie when she pulls them both aside and considers that question. "Could be either...I mean nightmares can seem real. Then again, I know monsters are real." He isn't quite subtle enough to keep his voice low, which may not help the situation.

"I mean... It could be either, or some of both. Either way it's got him spooked enough to be hiding in an old beach wagon." Ramsey scratches his jaw as they sidebar then looks back to Justin. "You know what this thing looks like? Or what it does?" He doesn't sound skeptical, just that way of figuring out what's what. When you grow up monster, you find it easier to believe people about monsters.

All the talk of pizza has the kid's stomach growling a little. Who knows how long he was hiding in there. As the adults discuss, he seems to cling tighter to his superhero toy. Jeanie gives a nod to both of them. "He's gotta live somewhere near by. Would hate to think there's a monster in our backyard we didn't even notice..."

When Ramsey asks for a description of the monster, oh boy does Justin have one. "It's got red glowing eyes and curvy horns like a goat. Except sometimes it's got just a single eye and a mouth full of the sharpest teeth EVER. And a tail that's got even more teeth that sometimes it swipes out towards my bed, but it can't seem to get me when I'm under the covers, but I can feel like... giant spiders crawling over me all night as I hide there. Laurie won't let me sleep in her bed any more." The kid does seem like he's got bags under his eyes to rival the most sleep deprived 40 year old.

Monster in the closet.jpg

As Ramsey asks his questions, the Gremlin just stands there and listens. Then he glances around for his backpack, which has been left inside apparently. He mutters something under his breath and peers back at the kid. "That sounds like maybe something Lost...or even something sent by the Fae." Way says in a whisper, now suddenly more serious and invested in all of this. "I'll be right back. Gonna get the kid something to munc on." Which he does.

Ramsey's mouth twists back and forth a little as he considers that description, and the apparent limits of whatever it is. When Way opines a possible origin, he nods a little and says "Doesn't sound like anything I've heard of, but.. I'll tell you what, he's gone to get you something to eat. But we'll check it out for you, okay? I'm Ramsey. This is Jeanie, the short fella is Wayfarer. We fix problems."

Way is gone for a few minutes, giving them time to talk to the kid. In the warehouse, he pops some pizza in the nuke and puts it on for a minute. Then he looks for his backpack, cause he might need whatever he hides inside. Never know. By that time the microwave beeps so he grabs the pizza and heads back out for the situation. He sets the paper plate with a slice of greasy pepperoni in the back of the car for the kid.

"Good idea," Jeanie smiles towards Way as the Lost heads off to fetch the snack, a snack that little Justin will be very grateful to have once it's in his hand. "Fix problems indeed. This could be a tough one. Could be Fae. Probably not a ghost, but could be a nightmare spirit or something that has a ban of not being able to attack anything under a blanket?" She tries to keep her voice a little low and gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Either way, I'd like to see it. Maybe we can convince his sister and we do maintenance for... wherever it is they live?"

At that point, in between munches of pizza, Justin pipes up helpfully. "It's just Laurie right now. Mom's working all night."

Ramsey thinks for a minute, then looks down at the mechanic's shirt he is wearing and pulls a ball cap from his back pocket, tugging it on. "Gotta fix those... Things that need fixing. Yeah, it could be a few things but we'll need to be on site." When he sees that Way has his pack, he looks to Jeanie, "You good to go or you need gear?" He is fishing out the keys to his truck.

"If it really is Fae ... it is bigger than us. Way bigger." he says softly, and that is his only idea since he knows NOTHING of spirits. When the kid mentions his mom working all night and it just being him and his sister, the Gremlin casts a glance at the two of them as if wondering about this being normal. Leaving two kids home alone all night. "I'll know as soon as I see it... if it is." Wayfarer tells them, making sure his backpack is secure. "How should we get inside? Maybe try the truth? Naaaaaaw police? Federal Agents?"

"I'll grab my blazer... just in case," Jeanie was caught without it for the zombies and wouldn't want to be caught without it again if there really is a monster. As Way starts coming up with possible cover stories she laughs a little and shakes her head. "Simpler is sometimes best. Could say we're checking on something for the landlord. Carry a toolbox in with us and probably won't even be questioned too much. Could mention possible gas leak and ask if anybody's been seeing something like hallucinations lately?" Both lie and information gather all at once!

Fen wanders into the scene. Somewhat literally, as it's not long after nightfall and she appears like she does if she spends the day where ever it she sleeps. Vampire magic trick of disappearing during the day. Anyway, there she is, dressed just as she was when she was seen last: Shorts, tee, eyepatch. Absently fiddling with the strap on the back of her John Deere meshback when she looks over because wtf are you people doing. "S'up," greets Fen. Because wtf ARE you people doing. There's a kid here. Eating. This may in fact make her think of breakfast, but that isn't something she's going to say out loud. "Whose is this?" she asks, indicating the kid like it were just some thing. Not ready to commit it to personship yet.

"This is Justin. Having some problems with a closetmonster so we're gonna check it out, confirm the threat, that kind of thing. Justin, this is Fen. She probably knows a closetmonster or two, but she's alright. You want to ride along?" Ramsey has his working ball cap on and has gotten his keys out, so once Jeanie is back from getting her coat, it looks like it's go time. "The ol' swamp gas explanation."

"Oh ... you are no fun, Jeanie Beanie. I wanted to be Special Agent Smith. Like MIB. Have you seen that movie?" Way wonders as he begins to walk away, but stops when he realizes he has no idea which house it is, exactly. "Okay...so Rambo is the plumber? I'm the ... repairman? And you are the electrician?" he wonders with a smirk at his little joke. Then Fen shows up and he waves, "Hey Miss Dracula?" Stepping back over he asks the kind, "Have you ever met a real life Vampire?" He lets the joke hang there as he follows behind Ramsey since he seems to know where he is going. "The ol' swamp gas explanation."

"MIB, of course I've seen it. Even saw the new one," Jeanie can't help it if her dad has poor enough taste in movies to have dragged her to see Men in Black: International. As for Way's joke, she snorts. "Just keep it simple. Keep adding more details and that's where you'll trip yourself up. Only give enough to answer the question and move on. If there are questions." Would probably be pretty good advice if she was interested in being a criminal defense lawyer. As Way starts asking about real-life vampires, she gives a nudge to the Gremlin. "Ix-nay on the Ampire-vay. At least in front of the kid." The warning is hissed out even as she's jumping in the truck and squeezing over so anybody else can pile in. And making sure Justin's buckled in properly.

It would not surprise Fen to learn that clostemonsters are real, these days. Because why wouldn't they be. Will she tag along? Sure. She hasn't plans. Will she deny being a vampire? No, though she'll eye-roll at the accusation, because vampires aren't real and she's not going to dignify it with a response. No, of course not. Ignore the closetmonster thing. Nope, will just settle into the truck, jam her cap on her head and generally not think about what the kid might taste like.

Ramsey climbs into the driver's seat and lets everyone get situated in the old pickup, and then switches on his police band scanner and checks his phone to make sure there's not an Amber Alert out or anything that's going to be a problem for them, then he says "Alright, kid, got an address or directions?" before he follows those to relocate Action Team Fix-O to get into closet investigation proximity, and parks in an unobtrusive place. "Ignroe them. Alright. You guys check the closet, I'm gonna make the block, check the perimeter and see if I can find any suspicious leads, then I'll meet up."

Climbing in and finding a place to sit, or stand...whatever, Wayfarer rides along to whatever the destination. Once there, he hops out and heads for the door, but stops to wait on Jeanie and the kid. "So this is it, Justin?" he asks, standing in front of the house and looking up at it. He waits for the boy to answer, then steps forward to knock on the dooer.

Justin might not know directions, but he does at least know his address, a small apartment building a few streets over. Once They're unloading the car, Jeanie glances at the Fixer crew. "If it's just the sister, maybe we can convince her to take her brother to the 7-Eleven to grab a slurpee while we poke around if we give them some cash." So they can do their thing without those annoying unAccorded eyes around. "But otherwise, this should be a piece of cake. Not like we haven't investigated weirder things before." She gives one of her encouraging smiles to the crew before turning to where it is they're supposed to be going. A little bit of prodding and the kid is able to lead them (reluctantly) up to his unit, where an older (relative to her brother) girl opens the door. "Can I help... JUSTIN!"

Fen's out of the truck. And not only because if something goes wrong the truck's the bigger target, nope! Fen's an optimist. This is surely just a lost kid and not a real monster. Anyway, of all present, she's probably the least threatening. Outwardly. Short teenager with pink hair? Threatening? Nah. "This is yours then," she'll state. Because confirmation. Still not assigning the boy personhood, because she's still a bit hungry.

"I don't have any cash. Do you?" at the suggestion of giving them money to go get a slurpee. Then the door is opening and the other child yells at Justin. "Oh this one is loud." Way remarks with a wrinkle of his nose. "Hey we were sent by the landlord, yound ... person. Young lady." he goes on to say, "We need to check some things and it is best if you take your brother to a neighbor or family member's place."

"I have enough," Jeanie pulls out a couple fives from her wallet and folds them up in her hand on the path up to the 2nd floor unit. The teen is definitely confused as she grabs her brother by the shoulder. As she seems a little hesistant at first, Jeanie adds on. "We know it's horribly inconvenient, but it'll probably take about 30 minutes or so. Lots of alarms going off and stuff as we check the detectors and all. If you don't have any family around you could go to... why don't you take your brother down to the Sonic across the street? Get a cherry limeaid and some tater tots or something." She gives one of her big smiles towards the kids even as she's handing out the money to the older sister. That at least is convincing enough that Laurie hesitantly takes the money and scurries off. "There we go. Hopefully 30 minutes uninterrupted is enough time."

Jeanie's sheer depth of persuasion would be super duper suspicious if Fen wasn't already riding some Jeanie-inspired confidence about how well this was going to go. Even if potential breakfast has just wandered off to the convenience store. "Well okay then. So how many closets do you think they have?" She's already into the house. Perhaps making a note of anything she might want.

Just like that the kids are bribed and gone. "Okay that was easy." he notes glancing up at Jeanie a moment. As they step inside he notes, "Well it's Justin's closet. That is the portal to the Hedge...or hell maybe." He begins to look for the boy's room, using clues to find it. Like kid posters or toys... "Just shout if you find his room." he informs the other two.

It's not a big apartment, only two bedrooms, one bath, so it's not hard at all to figure out which one is Justin's. Like Way guessed, there were toys. A lotta legos, some more action figures, and a kid's scooter are on the floor and looks like they were tossed in front of the closet door along with piles of clothes and anything else the boy could move as a make-shift barricade. "Well... think we found it. Does it look like a Hedge portal to you, Way? Don't see anything spirit-y. Or hear any ghosts."

Fen is pretty confident that hide & seek isn't something she can play anymore. Blood is everything to her senses and it's often more effort to tune it out than it is to find it. So she's also brought to the kid's bedroom, sucking a tooth. Looking at the closet. Because /really?/. A monster. In the closet. This is a thing. "Well, shit," she mutters in low tone. Just because. "So is this like a friendly monster or an unfriendly monster?" As a monster, the Gangrel is a little more prepared to be open minded about this sort of thing. Don't want to rush to judgement. Because she's still absently thinking about breaking fast on the boy.

When asked if it is a Hedge portal, the Gremlin gives it a long careful look. Shaking his head, Wayfarer hmmms softly. "No. I don't think so...I mean it sure does look like magic of some sort, but it sure isn't Fae. It must be something else." he declares as he grabs the backpack to dig around inside. "Lets see, I think I have a thing in here..." He searches around and pulls out a small sphere. "How do we get it out?"

"Well... the kid was convinced it was gonna eat him. And that it's tail was all teeth and so was one of its heads and it sent giant spiders to crawl over him all night..." Jeanie doesn't seemed convinced about the monster's potential goodness, but maybe that's her human showing. "But I'm always open for some negotiation. If it can be negotiated. Someone's gonna have to open the door though... but first," She concentrates for a second and sparks form a little shield around her, fitting like a second jacket. Just in case.

"Well," Fen muses. Looking at the other two. Who are squishy. And the Wolves aren't here. Goddamnit. She has to be responsible and shit. "I could. Uh. Open it." Does she? Not especially. "Or knock. Like is there a protocol here?" Does one knock before opening an occupied closet. Is that polite?

Glancing between the two of them, he thinks maaaaaaybe Fen is going to do it since she is already dead. Right? But she hesitates, so with a snort, Wayfarer steps up right to the closet and grabs the knob, flinging it open. "Come out! Come on our before I drag you out!" he shouts at the closer, holding that sphere in hand still. Sure, he might be bluffing about dragging it out, but IT doesn't know that! "Don't make me come in there after you or you will be sorry!"

Jeanie doesn't really know the correct protocol for trying to negotiate with a closet monster and is halfway through shrugging when Way flings the door open. Inside, there definitely IS the glowing red eyes that the kid had talked about, and another eye blinking at them from closer near belly level as a toothy tail flicks back and forth. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem happy about the intrusion as it tries to eminate out a wave of the overpowering horror that seems to work so well on children. Turns out it doesn't work so well on Vampires. Or Changelings. Or Psychics. They've all seen a lot worse. So Jeanie's a lot of help at the moment just pointing to said monster that everybody can CLEARLY SEE.

When the door opens and they are staring at the monster on the other side of the door inside the closet, all Wayfarer can think of is to yell, "CATCH!" Then he presses the button on the stun granade and tosses it at the monster in the closer before running for safety on the other side of the room. There may be collateral damage here...

Or Way could do that. That works. Presumably he knows more about monsters than she does. And then there's the waaaave of horror that washes over her. Fen didn't like that. And then Way is lobbing grenades. Fen doesn't like that either. Angry Gangrel is Angry and she swipes at the nearest Bad with a snarl, missing, but driving deep gauges through the closet door, slamming it off the wall and half off its hinges. Because apparently little Fen has claws. And can do that to doors when she's upset. Mental note.

Like a glitch in the matrix, the monster in the closet flickers out about as soon as Way tosses the grenade in. One minute it was there in the closet, the next it's standing between Way and the door, also not as happy although for the moment both of his mouths just let out a furious hiss at the intruders as its tail twitches.

The shock grenade probably doesn't do great things for any electronics the Chambers might have had in the house, but Jeanie just shrugs it off. Electricity is her jam after all, she's already wreathed herself in it and so as the monster flickers away, she turns to the door and spots it and hurls a static charge towards the creature, hitting right in the chest and seemingly stunning it.

Trying to get out of the blast area of the shock grenade, Way doesn't quite make it. There just isn't enough room in the small bedroom. He makes it to the wall and realizes there is nowhere else to go when the wave of electricity washes over them all. Jeanie is, of course, protected. Fen is just a badass. Way may have peed himself again as he gets shocked all to hell and squeals when the electricity courses through his body. He just stands there against the wall for now trying to shake it off.

Missing the Bad just pisses Fen off even more, so as it stands there stunned from Jeanie's attack, the Gangrel rips open its chest cavity with her bare (if clawed) hands. Where it collapses. As one might. Leaving tiny Fen standing there looking particularly feral and annoyed as if to say 'that's it?' It's barely stopped falling before the pink-haired teen is pointing at Way with a gore-covered hand and shouting at him, "What the FUCKING grenades?!"

Jeanie blinks as the monster falls under the ferocious fury of Fen's fists (or claws). "Uhh... guys? Let's not fight. And figure out what we're gonna do with the body? And hopefully make it not look like a crime scene in a child's bedroom? Think we can like... drag this to Ramsey's truck?" She seems a little dubious of the fact given the Rahu is off interogating the local spirits for more information, leaving the less muscley folks now with a puzzle of what to do.

Way is still groaning and mutters, "Ouch..." as he comes around and starts to move again. Turning to peer at the dead monster, he snorts and shakes his head. "Well it worked didn't it?" he replies, but then kicks it to make sure the thing isn't getting back up. "So we need to get rid of the evidence now, right? Fen, eat it." Cause he thinkgs Vampire can just eat everything, right?" That seems to be HIS answer to getting rid of the body.

Fen's fangs are out. Has anyone here seen them before? Perhaps at the Boar Incident. She looks feral, her blood hot, the one eye wide. Ooh, she's annoyed. But... but.. Jeanie's right. Of course. She can yell at Way later. Muttering, she /rips/ the damaged door off its remaining hinges, letting it drop to the floor with a thump, then shoves the body on to it. A missing door is perhaps less a mystery than a remaining one with supernatural claw marks dragged across it. "I am fucking irritated with you," Fen growls, glaring at Way, apparently going to drag the dead thing out herself like the door were a sled.

"It worked... on you," Jeanie points out. "The monster jumped in front of you and seemed to miss the blast." Luckily enough, Fen's final takedown of the monster happened right on a pile of dirty clothes, so no carpet that's damaged. Jeanie grabs a couple handfuls of clothing and tosses the rest to Way. "Stick that in your backpack. And let's help Fen." Or just catch up with her. Seems like she's got a handle on door-sled-carcass-pulling.

Of course Jeanie is right. She is the smarts here, not Way. Well not in this area. But ask him to make a hot tub out of spare parts and he can! He catches the clothes and looks at them, "There is ... blood? I don't know what this is on them." Yet even with his protesting he shoves them in his backpack, but he is grumbling. "I thought she was going to eat it. I wanted to see that." he complains but follows after the corpse-sled-wielding Vampire. "You got it, Fen?"

Yes it appears little Fen has been holding out on the strength front. She is small, but she is mighty. Though she does need a little help getting the door and/or monster out of the house, not because she is mighty, but because she is small and sometimes can't reach/leverage problems. So Way is grunted at. It's a nonresponse, but she does need help, is annoyed, an no she doesn't want to drink whatever this has in it. Also she hasn't seemed to figure out how to make her claws retract on demand, perhaps that's a new thing she's not used to, and doesn't want to admit to it right now BECAUSE ANNOYED.

Eventually, they manage to get the unwieldy door-corpse burden down the stairs and into the truck. Hopefully the cover of darkness helps with folks not actually seeing them carrying it out to the parking lot. Once in the truck, Jeanie sends a quick text before starting it up once everybody's in and tarp draped over their unfortunate luggage in the back. "Think we need to head back before the kids return... or anybody asks questions. I let Ramsey know to meet us at the warehouse." Good thing it's only a few streets over. Then they can figure out what to do with monster body with a little less time constraints.

Once he gets that look, Way helps with the door holding the corpse to get it outside. Just as they are leaving he ohs and stops. Going back inside, he looks for something to write on and write with. He ends up finding a coloring book and crayons, so he writes a note: Monster is gone, kid. Sleep well. Fixers. Then he runs back out to join them.

Sleep well note.jpg

Fen does not linger. One, she's annoyed and needs to cool off. But mostly two: She hasn't eaten yet tonight, and has, uh, burned some calories. So once things are cleaned up and the Fixers back home, she disappears into the night. Actually she washes her hands and calls an Uber. But the first is more dramatic sounding.