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A Boogey Woogey Battle

Characters: Ink, Juniper, and Stasya
Date: 2020-07-16
Summary: Something Creepy has been lurking in the Hedge and these three set out to find (and fight!) what it is!


It's a dark and stormy night which isn't really surprising in this particular corner of the Hedge where the old growth forest twists and turns until the sky is barely even visible. The rain has at least stopped for the moment although the wind is still howling through the trees. A path winds through the forest and eventually forks. At the fork is where a small-ish cloaked figure stands. Stasya currently scowling down one path before turning and looking at the other one, expression not much happier.

For Ink, the weather in the hedge isn't much of a bother, nor is the mud or windy trails. Freedom is still a new thing for him and it feels great. Where most would be angry at the wet, clingy clothes and messy muddy roads he tilts his head to the sky to feel the rain on his face instead. True to his name he is all inky black with eyes that seem to glow in the darkness of his face. He's dressed in simple modern attire with a pack on his back and a smile on his face. One hand lifts in greeting as he calls out, "Hey! Stasya? That you?"

Now the rain's passed, Stasya's thrown back her cloak and even if the dim light of the evening forest, that cotton candy updo is quite unmistakeable and apparently doesn't actually melt in the rain, although it does stick rather unpleasantly to her head. The greeting is met with a bit of a surprised blink from the witch as she peers at the newcomer. "It is indeed. Uhhh... Ink?" Helpful that his eyes give a reminder to the name. "What brings you out to these woods?"

A small figure glows in the distance like a Will-O-Wisp, drifting along and lighting its own way. She comes into closer view, seeming to be completely unbothered by the rain drizzling down to drench ephemerally fluffy antennae, making her wring each of them out with a flick of her wrists. She is brilliant, her flesh pulsing a vivid gold that radiates into a sunset peach and stays there -- eyes darting up to find the Unmeltable Candy and the Indelible Ink here for a meet up in the rain. Her eyebrow furrows as she drifts toward them, her nosiness having led her out here in the first place and it's her nosiness that will bring her tumbling face-first into other Changelings. She smells like apple spice and and a brisk breeze, her Autumn Mantle is barely apparent. She watches them with dark, void like eyes -- bristling with earnest curiosity but all she manages to do is watch them, unsure of how to cut in.

"Yeah, I'm Ink." A polite bow is given by the inky black changeling just before he spots the bright light that is Juniper approaching. His own summer mantel is very apparent and it manifest in the mirage like shimmer of heat around his body along with faint curls of steam where the damp rain evaporates. When the other changeling stumbles into them she can feel the heat of his mantel as he Ink tries to keep her upright. With a laugh he looks back to Stasya and says, "I was out exploring, trying to see what I'd find and it looks like I'd find two other Freeholder's." Grinning he looks to make sure Juniper can keep her footing.

There's a few crisp leaves now clinging to the edge of Stasya's shoulders, a brief hint of autumn in her otherwise blazingly summer appearance. With how dark the woods have been, Juniper's soft glow certainly catches the Wizened's eye and she gives a wave of greeting from a distance before turning back to Ink and giving a very serious nod. "Getting a lay of the land is always good. This particular corner of the Hedge I'm fairly familiar with. My Hollow is not too far away." But she's not telling where cause secrets! And she might not want even more folks eating her gingerbread home! "While you both have been wandering, you wouldn't have happened to see anything... particular odd about have you?"

The rain hadn't bugged her and she'd been so unbothered that apparently she'd lost her footing and embarrassed the shit out of herself in front of two other Lost. She is kept upright thanks to Ink and the bright, vivid Elemental stands upright with a clearing of her throat -- glancing away from them with her whole mein flushing a hot, electric pink that visibly annoys Juniper and makes her concentrate. "I think most things in this place are odd, but what should we look out for?" She glances over at Ink from the corner of her eye with a sheepish look before she peers at Stasya. She's nosy, curious about the 'particularly odd' thing.

Ink gives his fellow elemental a reassuring smile and then turns his attention once more to Stasya. Shaking his head he says softly, "This time around I've just been alone until I saw you two. Though I don't think either of you are that strange, but I'm leaving room to change my mind." With a soft laugh he shakes his head to show he's teasing then asks like Juniper, "Was it something you needed to find or wanted to find that makes you ask?"

Stasya tilts her head upwards, to a particularly ominious, inspecting a particularly ominious looking branch looming above them before returning to explanation, completely ignoring any foot slippage that may have happened. "Nightmares, mostly. Lots of spiders. Some cockroaches too. A few scary clowns and no, none of them were Gert." She checked already. "A constant feeling of being watched when you know nobody should be there..." She gives a bit of a shrug. "Odd things. I know these Woods. And these are things I haven't seen in these parts before. So I'm thinking need or want might end up being the same thing, hmmm?"

Juniper looks over her shoulder, trying to be casual as nightmares are mentioned -- cockroaches and spiders and clowns get a frown to increase in size on her face. Being Autumn means having a healthy fear of horrible things sometimes and it's clear that Juniper isn't exactly in a race to go and see the horrors. "So uh, I felt like I was being watched the whole way but I thought maybe -- people watch me a lot, it's the whole being a light thing. Maybe I was wrong," Juniper says, her arms folding over her front. Juniper is wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, black Converse on her feet. She's drenched but apparently completely okay with it; colorless moths wings hanging behind her.

Ink listens to both of the changelings talk and while they do, he turns his gaze to their surroundings. The more the two say the more he gets the feeling that maybe things aren't as safe as they seem. With a quick shifting of his gaze to the side he breaths in deeply and then exhales softly, dark, inky black smoke slowly spilling from his parted lips to swirl and curl down over his body. Clothed in armor of smoke he looks back to the pair and then asks, "Is this something we should try to hunt down for you?"

"For me?" Stasya bristles a little at the implication, the Crimson Queen straightening up. "These are my Woods. If anything, you'll be hunting with me." There's a bit of smirk on her face as she considers their options, glancing at the glowing Juniper for a minute before apparently considering stealth out the window, throwing her hand up to the sky and touching the golden ring on it, pulling down a beam of pure light from beyond the horizon which forms into a sword in her grasp. "If you have any preparations you would need to make, now would be the time. And Juniper, perhaps stick close to me?"

Juniper glances at the smoky Ink with a curious expression before she looks at Stasya -- looking over her shoulder again. She had not had any sort of plan to get in a fist fight, but then people are throwing down with beams of asskicking light and interesting armor. "I can stick close to you, I'm totally fine with that in fact," the little Elemental says to Stasya as she prepares to shroud herself in her own armor. It's brilliant and white-hot looking, and she skirts close by the Crimson Queen. "I'm not super sure that I was planning on this but are we ever?"

Ink grabs some of the smoke that swirls about his body and tries to form it into the shape of a long spear. It appears to be working and just as he moves to smooth out the shape to pull it from the surrounding smoke it breaks, poofing out of sight as the dark elemental growls and curses in frustration. The smoke is pulled into his lungs and the trail of curses end to instead get replaced by a hacking and coughing fit that almost knocks him over.

Finally catching his breath, Ink stands up and shakes his head, "I will learn how to make an elemental weapon... MARK MY WOR--" unable to finish he starts coughing some more. A wave of his hand shows he thinks its time for the group to start moving before he pulls a karambit free from the sheath at his waist.

"Are you alright?" Accented as Stasya's voice might be, a hint of concern is clear as she watches the coughing fit of the other Summer. "And elemental weapons can be finicky things..." Says the woman that just pulled down the SUN at NIGHT. But she'll straighten up and give a nod towards Juniper. "I'm not sure we're ever really ready. I have a feeling I may know what this is... seen something similiar once before. A creature that feeds on fear... normally haunts the dream roads so not sure why it's here..." She gives a shrug. "But it tends to make a nest full of all sorts of horrors so the trail should be easy enough to find, dah?"

The small, bright Elemental glows as the antithesis of of stealth; the hue of her flesh draining of color and turning into something more vivid and argent. Frowning, she glances over at Ink -- looking alarmed as he starts his hacking and coughing fit. Juniper reaches over to grab him by his arm like she's trying to keep him upright while he starts coughing in the middle of his speech. She winces obviously, releasing him when he seems to think it's time to go. "A nest of horrors at the end of a trail. Nice," Juniper says, her tone more amused than complaining. "Anyone wanna bet we'll see 3 clowns because they scare me shitless?" She wonders, her voice hushed.

"I'm fine..." Ink clears his throat and then tries to laugh, which just leads to more coughing. Still he's on his feet, standing and ready to get moving. "Mmmmhmmm." He rumbles softly with a nod at the pair of changelings. Breathing deeply he starts to move, gaze sliding over their surroundings intently as he asks, "What if we go to where we believe it would naturally make a lair. If it were some haunt in this area. Some place that makes sense for something to hole up that wouldn't be easily found..."

With her hand not holding the giant sunbeam, Stasya reaches into her clock and draws out carefully crafted rapier, passing it hilt first towards Ink. "Here, just in case. I'm not sure what particular type of weapon you might have been summoning, but at least this should serve if needed." It's not magic, but the rapier can do in a pinch which might be why she was carrying it in the first place. She nods slowly towards Junipers mention of clowns. "It's pretty likely. As for me... I'm not particularly fond of caves. Or spiders. Definintely not caves with spiders in them..." She gives a little shudder. "Ran into a hob once... tried wrapping up a friend. She got away before I could fully smite her. But, if combined horrors is what we're looking for, I'd say this way." She points her shining sword to the left trail. "There was already a cave down this path a few months ago. Why spin up something brand new when it could reuse what was already there?"

Juniper looks very, very concerned as the athletic Ink suddenly develops what seems like a serious case of asthma. When he rumbles without coughing and then breathes without coughing, Juniper leaves him alone and glows quietly along with no weapons -- she's kind of banking on the lightwielder and Ink. She furrows her eyebrow, looking for tracks and clues -- for anything untoward. The spiders and caves get a little shake of her head, "Alright, left we go," Juniper says in a hushed voice, creeping along quietly even if she is shining like a nightlight.

Ink slips the karambit back into its sheath to instead take the offered rapier. The dark elemental tests the weight of the blade in his hand then makes a few testing stabs and slashes with it. Nodding he grins at Stasya and says, "Thanks! This feels a bit better going into the unknown with instead of that knife." Smiling at Juniper then Stasya, he nods and says, "To the scary ass cave we go!"

"One should always be prepared," The Russian Wizened might not be aware that the Boy Scouts are even a thing, but Stasya can certainly get behind that motto. Since she's the one that knows the way, she turns and starts off at a brisk trot. The Summer's got a scent of a fight and the excitement really is building even as the shadows lengthen in the forest despite her sunny sword and Juniper's glowing armor. In the distance, there's the tinny sound of what might be some circus music echoing in the darkness. "This seems almost too easy. Be on guard!"

Juniper has never looked at her surroundings more than she has now. Juniper's dark eyes dart around -- raking those big, dark eyes over the landscape. The tinny circus music makes the tiny Elemental's skin crawl and she catches sight of the Boogeyman just standing there like he isn't being hunted by a people with swords. Juniper yelps and points with a flaily slender arm to motion to Stasya because she's not looking that way, trying to turn her attention toward the Boogeyjerk -- not being able to really form words or bark out tactical instructions.

Ink sees the shadowy form at the same time as Juniper. Pointing his rapier at it he yells out, "We see you! YOU CREEPY F-!" Another fit of coughing overtakes the changing but this time its much less of a distraction. Dark black smoke spews from his mouth with the coughs and he catches it in his hand to run along the blade. Standing he rushes forward and attacks, stabbing the shadowy form square in the chest and pushing the blade in as deep as he can. There is the sound of his exhaled breath on the strike before he yanks the blade free.

It's usually pretty hard to hit a shadow but the Bloodbrute manages to land a pretty solid hit to the insubstantial form of the hobgobling, causing him to sputter and spurt and eyes grow an angry red as he tries to manipulate the mists in the woods, solidifying them into looming shapes waiting just off the edge of the path, seemingly ready to reach and and grab one. These particular Lost are not as easily scared as the overactive dreams of mortal children. They've all seen horros in various shapes and sizes so what are a few more shadows?

Stasya turns her head at Juniper yelps, following the flailing limbs until she spots the shadowy figure that she had been completely unaware of. The Witchy Wizened raises her sword and mutters something in Russian, which sounds even more unpleasant than usual and the Boogey-hob flinches back slightly.

Ink isn't phased by the hob's tricks and doesn't seem to worry about the shadowy shapes it conjures up. Holding back as Stasya curses the boogey-hob, he waits until it flinches before attacking. Dashing in closer he stabs it once more. The blade sinks deep, bending a bit at as it hits resistance before being pulled free.

Juniper is a huge fan of the study of monsters and perhaps poking at them after they've been captured, but the vanquishing and the tracking wasn't something she really got up to much. She watches Ink and Stasya go at it -- frowning a touch, thoughtful and feeling a little bad for not knowing how to act. And then, she shuts her eyes and the brilliant light flares from within her seemingly. An incandescent, almost fiberoptic light shines up even through the dark trees and blares even to glow into the sky before dimming to a more manageable, blinding shine.

The overwhelming light from Juniper's Flare causes the boogey-hob to his and shrink back. Those terrifying shadows? Illuminated for all the world to see (or at least these three which is close enough) as harmless little twigs and vines. But there's an anger and a hunger simmering in the shadowy creature and since Ink keeps swining at him, he tries to reach out with the misty tendrils to grapple the rapier swinging Elemental but all he catches is smoke and leaves himself very exposed.

Stasya's experienced enough as a skirmisher that she'd be a fool to leave such an opportunity unsiezed and the Summer Queen is no fool. At least not today. She darts in, light on her feet and makes a very solid hit to the insubstantial form, knocking him down. The boogeyman appears to be on the very last thread but still hasn't given up just yet.

Ink is able to cover his eyes, lucky that Juniper blinds the hob before it can attack. He knows the creature was blinded by the sudden burst of light which made it impossible for it to defend itself after missing its attack on him. When Stasya lays the booeyman out with the strength of her blow, the dark elemental follows up with an attack of his own. The sharp tip of the rapier presses into the eye of the downed creature and deep into its brain. With a grunt, Ink pulls the blade free to push it straight down into the creatures black heart. Pulling the blade free once more he looks around then nods. "I think... That's that..."

Glowmoth watches the Summers do their Summer thing; that light within her blaring as she rushes forward to the already dead Boogeyman and kicks it in the dead body over and over now that its unsubstantial corpse doesn't even feel that satisfying to kick, "How dare you play circus music in the Hedge!" Juniper says to the thing which is already deader than a doornail, "Who. even. does. that?!" It's Summer time and the little Elemental is embracing her fury, her armor receding. She smooths her wet hair like nothing happened, and retreats back to them. She sighs, relief.

Stasya was about to give a nod of agreement to Ink when Juniper catches her offguard by leaping towards the fading corpse and begin kicking it quite thoroughly. The Elemental Moth's rage was a little unexpected and all Stasya can do is step back and blink as she releases her sunbolt sword back to the sky, it's purpose served. Her mouth does twitch up into a hint of a smile at the possibly rhetorical question. "Monsters, dear. But he's a dead one. You did well. You both did." She gives an approving nod over towards Ink as well. "And he is what I expected... and what I had hoped we wouldn't find. These shadow things of fear... I heard tales of a Fae once that liked to use them to scoop up the unsuspecting mortals. Said it knew the perfect flavoring. That was far away from here however. And they never travelled alone." She coughs as she straightens up. "I'll add that to the long list of what the militia is already looking out for."

Ink takes a moment to use the clothing of the hob to clean the rapier. Handing it back to Stasya he gives a smile to Juniper and a softly spoken, "Good job." Searching the body he says to his fellow Summer, "Well if you need anyone to assist ever with... anything like this. Let me know."

"I didn't do anything but flail and glow," Juniper looks all sheepish at Ink from the corner of her eye. "Thanks anyway," Juniper says, rubbing her neck -- clearly thinking the Summers are the heroes, grateful and wondering what would have happened if she'd have kept going alone. Yikes. "I think I'm going to brush up a little on my stabbing skills," she adds, clearly in no hurry to leave the other two Lost since there are apparently Boogeymen afoot.

"You didn't run away screaming in terror?" Stasya tilts her head slightly and apparently considers that a win for the non-Summer present. Not everybody is cut out to be a fighter and it wasn't like Juniper was exactly expecting a boogey-battle on her evening stroll. "If you need practice, I can probably whittle out some time. Or someone on the militia." And speaking of the militia, she takes her sword back from Ink, inspecting the thin blade before tucking it back in its scabbard. "And for you... I think we need to get you a weapon of your own. Just in case your contracts fail you. Something a bit broader than this, more fitting for your stature. And Hawthorne and Odette would love to have you in the militia."

"The militia... I could do that." Ink grins and then nods his head. "I'd enjoy that actually and a good sword. My thanks!" Turning to Juniper he offers a wide smile. "I can walk you back to where ever you're headed. If you want to train sometime too, I can help with that. It could be fun."

Juniper beams at the Summer Queen then, considering that -- relaxing a little bit. "You're right. You guys do this stuff for a living, you're like.. Wonder Woman with that sword." She looks over at Ink, considering him with a little smile from the corner of her eye. "I would love if you walked me home because I don't think I'll be walking in these woods alone for a while. Plus we can maybe plan you teaching me to stab. Maybe I need a sword," Juniper shrugs like 'who knows'.