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Lambert Petropolous
Date of Birth 04-04-2000
Apparent Age 20
Needle Bon Vivant
Thread Friendship
Occupation Incrediably Awesome Chef
Seeming Fairest
Kith Playmate
Court Spring
Motley On the hunt!


Lambert the Changeling rocked up recently, having been living out of his car for a while. Apparently he screwed up in New York - story is that he had a romantic entanglement with the Queen's lover and the resulting fallout when the two ladies split up took out half the court.

He's got a big, friendly smile and a lot of curiosity about other people. He flirts like his life depends on it, and he puts a lot of effort into looking like a harmless sybarite who happens to be a Michelin grade chef.

He'll correct other preternaturals who call him a goat, sheep, or horse. He's a satyr, with everything that goes with it.

RP Hooks

Fairest of them All Lambert is very clearly a Changeling unless Satyrs are running around downtown. He's not the typical fairest - he's portly and on the short side. But when he smiles, all the sky lights up and when he wants something, people scrabble to give it to him. He's just just wanna...

Spring Court: Wine, Food. Song. More food. Also more wine. And drugs. And maybe eating someone who REALLY deserves it. A little ultraviolence, maybe, just for fun.

Addictive Personality: He never can tell when he's had too much of a good thing.

Playmate: Lambert is, by design, easy to enjoy. He wants to help others, to work with them, to support them. And as long as he likes his fellow friends, everything is great. Just as long as everyone plays nice. Because if they play mean? He likes that too, maybe a little too much.

GIANT HORNS - Lambert is vain about his big ram's horns, and he likes headbutting things.

Cooking Lambert really is a Michelin grade chef, and justifiably proud of it. He loves cooking for people, and his food is practically ambrosia. Butter him up the right way, and it might heal you too. He also has some special steak knives that are good for stabbing.

Big Fun - If 'party' were a Changeling Court...wait. It IS.

Cute Dude - If Lambert could describe himself, he would be 'fluffy' rather than 'fat', and really, he has a surprising amount of muscle. But he's not ashamed of his pudginess and he's a poster boy for accepting yourself.


Ashton - Seems like an okay guy.
Buster - Hey there, freak show. Let's get into trouble and snog cute boys.
Kai - Nubbs Galore! My bestie.