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Kierra Tegge
Date of Birth Jun 14
Apparent Age Early 20s
Needle Provider
Thread Acceptance
Occupation Beer maker, baker
Template Changeling
Seeming Wizened
Kith Brewer
Court Spring


Kiki used to be someone. She had minor fame as a YouTuber, she had a "Women of Beer" type vlog. It was smart, funny, and growing more popular. Then she disappeared from the public eye for a bit, before she seemed to burst back onto the scene... but her vlog had changed, to interviews with bikini clad spokesmodels discussing beer, amongst other tasteless 'events'. She lost most of her devoted feminist followers, but that didn't mean her views went down. In fact, they soared higher than before, garnering her an audience of which she would not have approved. It's not like she's famous or anything, but might be recognized if one is into 'beer culture'. It's clear, even now, from the info on her YouTube channel, and the backgrounds, that the vlog is filmed in Texas, but here she is in NOLA. Something is not right.

RP Hooks

Changeling - Not totally fresh from the Hedge, but definitely freshly in NOLA
Freehold - She wants to join, and be accorded, but hasn't quite figured out how
Healer - She's focused much of her time to developing healing salves, ointments and draughts. Hit her up if you need a hand
Brewer - She makes beer, she likes beer. Beer might be the way to her heart.
Baker - In her spare time, Kiki loves to bake as well, but 'experimentally'. Unusual ingredients, think iron chef or mystery box style give her a big thrill!
Random meetings - I love sometimes just random meetings, some of the most fun interactions can be that!