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Common   Thread
A photojournalism blog by Kayid Al-Saleek.
#integrity #skeptic #pisces


Far From Home
Home lies in the shared memories of friends and family, leaving my homes many and scattered across the globe. Pressed to choose, there's nothing quite like a London pub and my mum's shawarma.


One Thousand Words
The world has more stories than grains of sand in the desert, far more than one lifetime can tell. I gather these small tales of peril and humanity and lives lived here in picture and word alike. Perhaps one day they'll reach further.


21st Century Nomad
One story has always lead to another, taking me across five continents and through countless lives. Most recently, they've brought me back to New Orleans. The city has seen fit to ensure I have reason to stay.


Mostly-Clueless Mortal
There are more things in heaven and earth, gentle reader, than dreamt of in my reality.
Or so I've been told.


A stranger in one's pool should not lead to so many newly opened doors.
But here we are.

#enigma #complicated #smells so good


Repartee in a star strewn mask took her place under the moon for a game.
A winner may never be decided.

#fascinating #direct #philanthropist

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