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A Tiny Technicolor Trip

Full Name: Juniper King
Aparrent Age: Mid 20's?
Occupation: Dreams, you know?
Template: Changeling
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Bright One - Polychromatic
Court: Autumn (Mantle *)
Needle: ???
Thread: ???


Song Title —Definitely Not Rick Astley

Song Title —Maybe Not Rick Astley

Song Title —Definitely Rick Astley

Roleplay Hooks
  • Moth of Your Dreams ~ Juniper has been obsessed with understanding everything about dreams since she got out. It is pure magic and it would be a lie to say that she doesn’t dip into oneiropompery at every chance she gets. Beyond simple manipulation, she is a keen interpreter and nightmare soother.
  • Roots ~ A recent transplant from Tipp City, Ohio (pop. 9,700), New Orleans is practically magical to her. She has no job and lives for a small amount of rent in a spare bedroom in a bad side of town. She kind of just.. blew in one day.
  • The Leaden Mirror ~ Magic and bargains older than time. Relics with more magic in their handle than a wizard on meth. Intrigue, mystery, sorcery. She hates being scared more than anything and she’s leapt at the chance to harness that emotion.
  • Litebrite ~ She’s terrified of the dark, it’s a good thing she brings her own light with her.
  • Mingzhu - Maybe I ask her to dress me.
  • Jake - What in the world? We need to sit down with a dream journal and hash this out.
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