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Julien Lavalle
Auspice Cahalith
Tribe Eshmaki



Overview will go here. Eventually.

  • Voodoo .. Hailing from old blood that has stained the swamp itself, Julien has ties into voodoo. He does not hide the fact that he is a believer in the spirits but there are greater practitioners than he in his family that still cling to old tradition. Julien is far more modern and a little liberal in his paradigm.
  • Yogi .. Years of traveling after his Change, balance was found in the form of meditation. Tranquility was achieved through yoga. He spent weeks at a time training under different faces to achieve what zen he has now. In fact, he is the investing hand in a local business that enables and teaches people yoga.
  • Artist .. Creativity runs deep in his blood, from his grandmother's talismans to his father's crafting of tribal masks. There is nothing more soothing to Julien than painting, sculpting, or even writing. A few short stories and novels have been published under an alias but the money leads back to his accounts.
  • Werewolf .. Will add.
  • Shadow Accords .. With his return to the South, Julien did not hesitate to join the Accords. He understands the need for such. Do you?
Notable Stats

Intelligence Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.png
Wits Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.png
Dexterity Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.png
Crafts Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.png
Expression Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.png

Professional Training (Artist) Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.pngDot Julien.png
Language (Haitian Creole) Dot Julien.png
Language (French) Dot Julien.png
Multilingual (Hindi & Spanish) Dot Julien.png
Striking Looks (Irresistible) Dot Julien.pngDot Julien.png

Inner Circle
  • Destiny .. You grew up while I was away. That neighbor down the street with her awkward, gangly limbs has become this... stunning woman. My travels have given perspective, so know I'll make anyone who tries to hurt you disappear in the bayou, Banana.
  • You? .. Quote here.

Julien02.jpg  Julien03.jpg  Julien05.png  Julien04.JPG 

Full Name: Julien Guidry
Played By: Jesse Williams
Date of Birth: April 7th, 1989
Apparent Age: mid-late 20s
Occupation: Artist (re: crafter)
Race: Werewolf
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Cahalith
Pack: None

I Can Hold A Grudge Like Nobody's Business - Adam Jensen

You got me actin' like the old me
But you don't even know me
Can I get a witness?
'Cause I can hold a grudge like nobody's business

Become The Beast - Karliene

Do you feel the hunter?
Does it howl inside?
Does it terrify you?
Or do you feel alive?

In The Woods Somewhere - Hozier

When I awoke
The moon still hung
The night so black that the darkness hummed

Acid Rain - Lorn

( Reference video for expression and Death themes for your viewing pleasure. )


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