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Jules Landry
Date of Birth August 30, 1941
Apparent Age Early 40s
Needle Counselor
Thread Family
Seeming Ogre
Kith Maker
Court Winter


A young Jules Landry left New Orleans in 1959 to go work as a car mechanic for his uncle in Nebraska. Kennedy was still alive and the US not yet in Vietnam when, a few years later, he got drafted into a nightmare war without end. There, they said, we only want you to build the machines, the machines will fight, you'll be safe as long as you keep up. If it maybe wasn't just steel that got soldered into the machines, maybe you could manage not to think about that, even as the wreckage piled up on the battlefields. Maybe the less talented of your fellows become the materials for the next production run, but you're keeping up. When you ruin your body trying to keep up, you fix yourself the way you fix everything else, and you keep going. Except then they start bringing in young men who know about electronics, about computers, about making things that are faster, smarter, more destructive...

Jules came back to a world where fifty years had passed. Another Jules Landry--the real Jules Landry?--had long since moved back to Louisiana, but the folks Jules found in Omaha told him: You don't go to New Orleans, nobody goes to New Orleans. He hunkered down where he was, did work his freehold needed doing, kept out of trouble. Waited for... what? Something.

Another Jules Landry--the real Jules Landry?--died in his family home, without heirs. Word came, around the same time--another Winter knew a Winter knew a Winter who'd gone to live with her beloved in Baton Rouge--that one could, in fact, now go to New Orleans.

A younger man showed up with a convincing-looking birth certificate to establish himself as the sole child of the real Jules Landry, moved into his dilapidated house, and started over.

RP Hooks

  • Hell Froze Over: Jules wears the new freehold's Winter crown, which comes with a lot of responsibilities.
  • Coming In From The Cold: Lost who've just gotten to town, whether from Arcadia or more mundane points distant, who are lacking the resources for a place to stay or temporarily need the stability for company can often find a room at Jules' place. He's been fixing it up, but one might still need to be tolerant of shared bathrooms, poor water pressure, and constant renovation work in progress.
  • Odd Jobs: If you've got cash and something that needs fixing, Jules is handy, as long as you aren't the sort to fuss about stuff like "bonding" or "permits" or "the slightest documentation of being a qualified electrician, plumber, or anything else". On the up side, he's cheap.


Found Family

  • Miles: "Here's to putting down roots."
  • Tris: "...on the other hand, now we're up to twelve kinds of disaster waiting to happen."

Useful People (Friends?)

  • Ian: "Hopefully not fragile."
  • Louis: "Might actually be the devil, but better the devil you know."
  • Natalya: "A surprisingly good bet, so far."
  • Odile: "As all wealthy and fashionable women, terrifying."
  • Robin: "Handle with care, but sometimes you need an explosion."
  • Molly: "Odd bird, but looks like she's getting settled in."