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Jeanette (Jeanie) Fontaine
Date of Birth August 25, 1995
Apparent Age 24
Virtue Generosity
Vice Wrath
Occupation 2nd year Law Student
Organization Tulane Univeristy
Pack The Fixers


Average height and average build, Jeanie's looks aren't anything spectacular unless you mean spectacularly average. Long blonde hair frames her round face that is probably going to have her looking young enough to get her carded for years to come. Any makeup she's wearing is kept fairly understated. And despite the overall girl next door vibes, there's an unusual heat or focus within her hazel eyes.

Common Knowledge

  • From a small parish not too far from Baton Rouge. Easy to be valedictorian when you graduate with less than 50 people, but she kept her grades up at LSU.
  • Dad's a sheriff. She calls him at least weekly.
  • Vegetarian, firmly. Has been for nearly 15 years.
  • Will help almost anybody, very few questions asked. She can't help it.

RP Hooks

  • Student: Formerly at LSU (Class of 2018, BS in Coastal Environmental Science) and currently Tulane (2nd year Law))
  • Heart of Gold: If there's a good cause, she's there for it. Whether it's cleaning up Lake Ponchtchartrain, helping rebuild hurricane damaged homes or trying to protest against BP, she's there for it.
  • Watch That Tongue: Because she certainly doesn't and she's more than willing to debate any topic with anyone, stranger or not.
  • Daddy's Little Girl: Despite the whole vegetarian thing and wanting to save the planet, she's very close with her father, a Sheriff from a tiny parish near Baton Rouge
  • Money Problems: Mostly... she doesn't have any. #brokecollegestudent. At least she's found a new scholarship.
  • Wolf-blooded: It's new. Still taking some adjustments.



  • Axle: The craftiest girl I know and karaoke savior!
  • Fawn: Free spirit and a good friend
  • MacKenzie: She's got a lot to catch up on, but I'll be sure to help!
  • Seraphine: Can be bribed with copious amounts of bourbon.
  • Ramsey: Always down for a laugh or a party. And glad to know he's got my back if there's trouble
  • Way: He might create a terminator some day. Powered by Pizza.


  • Fen: Sweet enough kid, but she really needs to eat something
  • Hudson: Owe this dude like a million favors for the bug-monster squashing
  • Marek: Friend of Fawn's and pillow fort tactician
  • Rafael: Dude really needs to see a dermatologist.
  • Tris: Benefactor, I guess?


  • Jacob-:Psychopathic Frog Murderer