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James Labat
Date of Birth 14 Feb 1988
Virtue Tenacious
Vice Hedonist
Occupation Mortician


James is new to the city, though her family ties here are old and run deep here. At first glance, the heavily tattooed blonde looks like trouble, but that's probably just the tattoos and eyeliner. She rarely sits still for long, and can often be found in bars, clubs, vintage shops, coffee shops, bars (did I already say bars?). She tends to give the cemeteries a pretty wide berth. Maybe she's superstitious.

RP Hooks

Labat Funeral Home - a respected, longstanding business the the community, this mortuary offers a variety of services from cremations to jazz funerals, and no clients are ever turned away. The place has fallen on hard times recently, and when a fire broke out over a month ago, Jimmy Labat (James' uncle and namesake), nearly died in it. The building is being repaired slowly, though James, now in charge while her uncle's sidelined by illness and injury, is seeking fix-it types to rebuild one of the back parlors and part of the residential area on the second floor. One of the parlors is still operational, and funeral services are ongoing, should any of the families in town find themselves in need, and be willing to take a chance on a new-to-town mortician at the reins of an established NOLA business. Surely Jimmy has given James the lowdown on additional services offered.

Good Times - Well yes, she does like a drink and a good club outing, dancing half the night. Live music? Yes, please. Have some drugs? Selling? Let's discuss. Know of a really great club? Do tell. A friendly neighborhood bar? Address, please.

Haunting - Though she doesn't advertise this fact, she can see and hear the dead. Are you haunted? She's probably gonna notice. If a building she's in is haunted, she's probably gonna notice.

Collector - Always in the market for antique jewelry, particularly Victorian mourning jewelry, vintage entomological jewelry, 18th Century rings, and poison rings. She'll check out weird little back alley shops and flea markets exhaustively.


  • Eerie Wright is just helpful enough to lead me to ruin or save my life a hundred times before the month is out. PI. Necromancer. And not shy about it.
  • Rafael Castillo is a brown-eyed vintage lunchbox collector with good taste in cocktails. Too observant for my good.
  • Baak Mingzhu is Lost with some srs bsnss fashion sense & excellent hair. I now own a pair of her earrings, and they're pretty amazing.

Labat House:

  • Saviero Sanz is a charming mortician who once worked for Jimmy and now works for me. He has a way with a smile and good taste in wine and cigarettes.


  • Jimmy Labat - you're a stubborn old man and I don't think you're ever gonna die, which suits me just fine, because this paperwork a labyrinthine nightmare... (NPC)
  • Jericho Labat - you bailed me out & never told mom and dad. You've been gone seven years, but I'll never stop looking for you. (NPC)


James2.jpg James3.jpg James4.jpg

A Strange Little Playlist

Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning

Ballad for Dead Friends - Dashboard Prophets

The Hanging Tree - Peter Hollens

Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus

Changes - Charles Bradley


Wanted OOC

Seeking player for James' Brother: Jericho Labat (35, vampire) disappeared in 2013ish in New Orleans as he apprenticed with his uncle, Jimmy Labat, at the Labat Funeral Home. He went out one evening and simply never returned. The family is looking for him to this day. He is presumed dead (by those he knew before), though James still holds out hope she might find him one day. Jericho was a funeral director by trade, heavily into the club scene, and a great lover of music. James and Jericho were best friends since the younger was old enough to talk, and the two of them got into all kinds of trouble when they were kids. It's a miracle they don't have matching mugshots from their teenage years. (Page in game for more!)

Seeking employees for the Labat Funeral Home. Are you a Funeral Director, a mortician, a laborer with a strong stomach? Driver wanted to do body transport.

Seeking a contractor or handyman to help repair some water and fire damage to the residential side of the building.