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Christian Blake
Date of Birth October 31st, 1990
Apparent Age 20s-30s
Needle Composer
Thread Revenge
Occupation Host of the CCC
Template Changeling
Seeming Elemental
Kith Draconic/Nightsinger
Court Spring


Theme song: Panic! At the Disco: Emperor's New Clothes

RP Hooks

  • Fame 3 - Christian Soft Rock. Yeah. He used to sing. All that ended one night in November of 2019 when he shoved up on stage and cursed out his fans in the most graphic and obscene ways he could think of. Now they think he's possessed.
  • Local - as in, his Fetch has lived here for years and years. Ian only popped out of the Hedge in Nov 2019.
  • Rich - one of those awful rich people.
  • Likes cats - yep, weirdly enough.
  • Runs the Changeling Community Center - think of it as a shelter/resource for the freshly returned Lost.

NPC Contacts

  • Abel - Ian's twin brother. Not exactly a fan of the Jesus-freaks his brother's Fetch embraced - the black sheep of the family. Their parents have given him up as a lost cause.
  • Bill - Ian's driver and friend. Big round guy with a Santa beard and a preference for funny tee shirts.
  • Julie - a member of the CCC staff, all around helpful but perfectly capable of helping others face the hard problems.
  • David - another CCC staffer, big gentle giant. Because he's big, he gets called in for security issues sometimes, but he's intensely awkward about that and would much rather not fight.
  • Hill Jill - hobgoblin contact
  • Lord Zachary Sting - Summer courtier who serves as the Voice of Summer in the Spring Court, and has agreed to mentor Ian in the ways of the Summer Court.

PC Contacts

Too many to count, honestly. I decided rather than list all I could remember and risk missing someone I'd just say "eeeeeeverybody". <3 you all!