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Hudson Jones
D.O.B.: January 17 2000
Apparent Age: About Twenty
Occupation: Student
Sphere: Werewolf
Deed Name: Irri Nal (Protects from high up)
Blood: Challenger
Bone: Hedonist
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Iron Masters
Pack: The Zombies

RP Hooks

* Local kid. All grown up: Hudson's mom is a local wolf and his dad isn't really in the picture. He grew up among wolves, and very much in the know. He is probably as familiar with werewolf culture as he is with human society. He changed about a year ago and if you're local, you may well have known him as a kid.

* Tech Head: Raised by a 'crazy' (according to Hudson) Ithaeur, Hudson ended up going in more or less completely the opposite direction and throwing himself into human culture and technology. Computers, guns, urban exploration and more are all things that he's into. He's currently enrolled at the University of New Orleans studying Computer Science.

* Hellion: Hudson has what might mildly be termed a 'casual disregard for the law' or human law, at least. He views compliance with human law as purely optional and is far more concerned with not getting caught than with actually complying. As a result, he's picked up a few 'less than entirely legal' talents over the years.

* Down for a good time: There isn't a lot of point in being tougher, stronger and hotter than anyone else around you if you're not going to enjoy it. Hudson is down for most anything, whether that be running through the woods, breaking into old buildings, or just a straight up party.

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* Marek: Urdumes. Wrestler from California. We got very close very fast, but I sure as hell don't regret it.
* Rain/River: Urdumes and sometimes also urdurmin. Pretty new to this world, but they've got mad skills.
* Ryan: Urdumes. I found him bleeding out from a gunshot in the supermarket. I'm glad we brouht him home.
* Sage aka Jewanna Kissmee: Urdumes. Marek's drag queen cousin from New York. Awesome at Karaoke.

* Dukes: I ran into this guy at Dead Johnny's. Another New Orleans local. Seems like a cool guy.
* Ramsey: Big scary rahu who is seriously good in a fight. Like seriously. Actually a pretty cool guy though.

* Your name here!


* Jeanie: Bug slayer extraordinaire and an expert with the homemade flamethrower. Plus she has guts.
* Seven: Cool pyrokinetic girl who helped us take out a rogue wolf pack. Running is sometimes pretty smart.

Stranger things besides...
* Buster: Vampire. The blood sorceror kind. Not terribly reliable, but always a lot of fun when he's around.
* Etienne: Fairy. He's pretty fun to go exploring with and not a bad dancer. His shadow fox motorbike is BADASS.
* Seraphine: Fairy. Crazy looking doll-like girl I met at a late night diner. She's got a wicked sense of humour.


Recent Logs

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