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Hedda Bjornsdottir
Date of Birth August 27, 1865
Apparent Age 20
Mask Courtesan
Dirge Deviant
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Clan Daeva
Covenant Circle of the Crone


Old West Bounty Huntress from old Viking and Tejano stock. Ropes up bail jumpers for money. (Well duct tape and zipties them.) Beats shit up for the Circle, maybe hunts for the praxis


Farm life was actually pretty good to Hedda Carmen Bjornsdottir in the mid to late 1800s. Genetics helped too, when your father, a Norwegian immigrant who decided he wanted a warmer climate moved to the Texas/Mexico border, handed you some size and muscle aided by actually working on a cattle ranch and your Tejana mother would probably have won a few beauty pageants if they existed back then. Which meant between all that DNA and some good old fashioned work you got your self a big healthy gal.

Unfortunately it wasn't that much of a help. On a trip back from town at night she was taken by a pack of Belial's Brood, her and the farm hands that drove and rode shotgun for her. The men were killed and eaten and not necessarily in that order. Hedda was bled, and was in danger of bleeding out before she was saved by a coterie of vampires from the Circle of the Crone, a Dead Wolf Gangrel, a Galloi Nosferatu, and most importantly to Hedda, a Spanish Daeva that would become her Sire. After what was told was a spirited argument over who called dibs, Hedda was sired as a Daeva herself and was given the run down over un-life in the Old West. And bonding with the coterie as much as a daughter, as a sister, and more.

Naturally, she couldn't go back to her farm and mortal family and while she did miss it. Enjoyed life in the Circle, especially south of the border. She'd already learned to fight on the farm. And only got better over time being the muscle. Rooting out and clearing nests of Belial's brood became a favorite past time when she wasn't living it up with her new family. An income as a bounty hunter happened by accident. Rooting out a nest ended up landing her a bunch of wanted human criminals. Whom she then loaded onto a wagon and dropped off on the US side of the border for a nice reward. Which she kept doing. And the job really got easier. Bail Bondspeople became the primary employers and sources of targets instead of random wanted posters. Criminals always started hanging out in skeevy strip clubs and brothels on either side of the Mexico Texas border and Hedda was probably already there anyway for a bite to eat. And if they didn't show. Their favorite girl usually had no problem spilling the beans for a big strapping young lady with a pretty smile.

Even as the Coterie had to separate, which really wasn't fun when you love them but sometimes you gotta get distant to avoid bringing heat down, totally our Pretty sister's fault but at least there's no blood hunts. Bounties were still a good hunt. One even led her to New Orleans. Nice town, Mardi Gras is a thing. The Accords are weird but what gets you along in town.

RP Hooks

Old West: Totally a big ol' cowgirl at heart. Tejana originally so sometimes she lapses into a Texan accented rant in Spanish. She has the hat, and spurs, and the rope. But they're all mostly obsolete.

Vampire: Yep, drinks people for fun and sustenance.

Daeva: She can't figure out how to use her phone for advanced stuff. But somehow managed to learn how to rock a selfie.

Circle of the Crone: Been around enough to have earned a rep as a Valkyrja. And being of viking stock, Hedda finds that absolutely awesome. She's the muscle. And she had plenty before the Embrace, Now she adds Vigor.

Bounty Hunting: So much easier these days. With bail bonds as a business, they can pay better and are more reliable for getting work. And considering how often they end up in dives, strip joints, and brothels. I can grab a quick bite too.


The Circle:

Prosper: Ghoul, gentleman thief.
Felix: Nosferatu, gardener extraordinaire.

The Praxis:

Nikola: Ventrue, Sheriff. The Boss.
Muse: Mekhet, Harpy. Sharp! Fantastic boots!
Perperna: Ventrue, killed vikings. At least not my ancestors.


These are totally under stadium lights and not during the day.

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