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I used to be a rockstar.

Well, the 18th Century version of one, at any rate.

If you think the fan reactions were something to behold during ‘Beatle Mania’, you should have seen the way the lords and ladies of Europe threw themselves at we castrati during the 1700’s. We were treated like deities. The irony was of course that we had been, often against our will, robbed of an integral piece of our humanity.

We were both gods and monsters. Basking a bit too much in the vanity of the former is what eventually turned me literally into the latter; the creature I am today.

RP Hooks
  • Music - …is his succor. He plays piano, harpsichord, and violin. He rarely sings anymore.
  • Sanctified - His relationship with God is… complicated, but he’s a member of the Church.
  • Haunt - The Lonely Curse is his cross to bear. He may sing like an angel, but he’s unnerving to be close to.
  • The Others - He’s signed The Accords, but he knows very little about other supernatural creatures in the city. Care to enlighten him?
  • Famous -...but during the Baroque Period, and only for seven short years before a Countess he spurned turned out to be a Nosferatu and decided to punish his vanity in a particularly nasty way. Were you alive back then, too?
  • Philanthropic - He’s invested well over the years, is wealthy, and is outrageously charitable. Need something? Food? A couch? An ear?

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Full Name: Ambrogio di Usignolo
Played By: Seth Atwell
Date of Birth: August 20th, 1705
Apparent Age: Early-twenties
Race: Vampire
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum