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Ghandara Sinclair


Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Mask Guru
Dirge Provocateur
Occupation Spa Owner, Healer

  • Victorian Vampire: Embraced in the 1850s, in a time of innovation and reform.
  • Recently Revived: Spent the last fifty years in torpor, and the last few months readjusting.
  • Homeopathic Healer: A long-time student of similia similibus curentur.
  • Sinclair's Botanicals: In the Garden District, providing spa services and remedies.
  • Advice for Days: Enjoys helping others with their problems.
  • Unsettling Presence: Even if most find her company uncomfortable.
  • Inevitable Ascension: Pursuing perfection of both mind and body.
  • Nosferatu Primogen: Representing the Haunts of New Orleans to the Triumverate.

  • Felix Reed: Long-time loyal assistant, watching over her interests. NPC.
  • Aristide: Old friend. Familiar mischief. Perpetually rough around the edges. Valued.
  • Musca: Chivalrous & pretty. Insightful & intriguing. Lace-winged, not quite caught.
  • Ambrogio: Exquisitely interesting. Like a flower with too many petals slowly unfolding.
  • Conquista del Pan: Instigator. Potentially worth watching.
  • Baak Mingzhu: Clever & well-mannered. Willing to endure the unpalatable for principles.