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Gabriel Magnussen
Date of Birth June 1st, 1989
Apparent Age 31
Virtue Conviction
Vice Callousness
Occupation Fixer
Organization The Black Constables
Template Lost Boy


Gabriel Magnussen is, well, he's a drug dealer. And a scientist. He just moved into town, ostensibly, as the owner of the recently completed Aubergine Apartments. Apparently, he was born in the Seattle area and worked for a while as a chemical engineer. Now? Now he's apparently independently wealthy -- a bit of a playboy by persona. Except his eyes. Something in them is cold. Chilling.

As if just a little dead inside.

RP Hooks

  • Drug Dealer: Drugs, man. Drugs are good.
    • (Lost Boys Network): He can get you Serum. (He can make Serum).
  • Black Constable: He's there to help fix problems.
  • Powerhungry: You got an offer? He's willing to listen.
  • Aubergine Apartments: He owns them.
  • Money: He's got it.


Seven: Boom boom to boom boom town.

Rafael: The muscle is muscly with this one!

Jeanie: Hella smart. We gotta compare our ganja one of these days.

Prism: Always room for a good B&E. Easy on the eyes doesn't hurt.