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Name Figgy, Fig, Figs, Figtoria, Figaro
Birthday November 10th
Apparent Age Early 30s
Occupation Cashier and janitorial technician
Virtue Need a little help?
Vice YIKES! Run away! RUN AWAY!!












Who? When? Why?


Figgy is from ... somewhere -- probably not the South since she doesn't have an accent. She doesn't really talk about it. Like soooo many others, the young woman showed up for Mardi Gras to drink and party herself into a stupor and then just .. stayed. She's friendly enough and has an impish sparkle in her eye but there is part of her that is very decidedly walled off.

Does it matter though? Plenty of people come here to lose themselves and escape the life that came before. Because here? She's not who she used to be, she's Figgy. She's the woman with an easy smile and an even easier laugh. She's the person at the bar who becomes your best friend for the night. She's the co-conspirator for every bad idea and poorly thought-through impulse that initially results in DISASTER but eventually morphs into that great story you tell people about years from now. And it's only when she is alone that she has to reconcile who she is with what happened.

She's messy AF and seems directionless at the moment but everything will fall into place eventually. Right?


Devil is in the details

Figgy wide02.jpg

New in town
She showed up in New Orleans not too long ago, a stranger looking to get lost in a city. She's still feeling her way around, getting the lay of the land.

What's in a name?
She introduces herself as 'Figgy'. Just Figgy. Is that a nickname for something? Yup! Will she tell you what it's short for? Nope! If pressed for a surname, she will supply some kind of punny, bullshit answer: Stardust. Newton. Puddding.

Messy AF
Sure, making the right choice is sensible but opting for the bad one? So much more interesting!

Always looking for work
She currently has a career in retail merchandising -- as in, she's a shopkeeper at a rinky-dink little store called Emporium and Convenience Mart (it's basically a dollar store with a deli counter). Seeing how that barely covers, well, anything, Figgy is always game to make a few bucks. Legal bucks, under the table bucks: she's really not that picky.

Jobs acquired thus far:
xxxxxEmporium and Convenience Mart: Cashier and janitorial technician

Functional addict
Booze. Yup. Weed. Sure. Pills. If they're the right kind, down. She tends to roll with things but has, thus far, kept it from spiraling out of control.

Basically good and decent
She's kind of a chicken so it's unlikely that she will stick her neck out if there is danger involved. But if you're just down on your luck? Hungry? Need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on? She's there for you.

The ties that bind

Figgy wide01.jpg

There are people you know...

Much too fancy and upscale for the Emporium. Has an inclination for whales and nursery rhymes.

Definitely too sexy for their shirt, too sexy for their shirt, so sexy it huuuurts...

Friends & Fam
..and then there are people you know.

Stuff! Things! They will go here.

Stuff! Things! They will go here.



Here is a running list of things that are for sale at Emporium and Convenience Mart. This is not an all-inclusive list:

  • Sany® electronics (off-brand Sony)
  • Twankies™ snack cakes (off-brand Twinkies, eat at your own risk)
  • Trojan Horse™ condoms (off-brand Trojans, not responsible for the 78% pregnancy rate due to proper use)
  • Fingers Crossed® brand home pregnancy tests
  • T-shirts (tuxedo print, muscled chest, bikini chest, etc.)
  • Sparkly booty shorts
  • Flip-flops
  • Disposable cell phones
  • 'Tobakko' products
  • CDs and cassette tapes

Historical records