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Fenway Park Leigh
Date of Birth October 30, 2001
Apparent Age 18ish
Mask Child
Dirge Jester
Occupation Part-time Retail Clerk
Organization All Saints & Sounds
Clan Gangrel
Covenant None
Pack The Fixers


One-eyed, tiny little teenager. Hair is typically pink, long and straight. She's small and her build is gawky and diminutive, not a lot of girl, she could be between fifteen and twenty. Often wears a John Deere green meshback cap. Sometimes wears mirrored sunglasses to hide that she's half-blind.

Common Knowledge

  • From Boston. Born and raised, her last year there was lived on the street.
  • Hates Boston. Ran from the place at the first opportunity. Tries to hide her accent, with varying success.

RP Hooks

  • Retail worker: Works part time at All Saints & Sounds (Hot-Topic knockoff/geek lifestyle/music shop)
  • Guitar: Pretty good guitar player for her age. Might be found busking around town.
  • Dead Noob: She's not been a vampire for very long, she's new at all this and she doesn't have an active Sire.