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Fawn Granger
Date of Birth July 6, 1999
Apparent Age Early 20s
Virtue Fortitude
Vice Wrath
Occupation Wandering Busker
Pack The_Fixers


Fawn rolled into town some time in January 2020, moving in from who knows where exactly. The plate on her bus pins its location from Nevada, however, assuming she didn't nab the bus along the way to her stop in Louisiana. It wasn't long after her arrival that she ran into Ramsey and Way, and ever since that night she's been hanging around a certain group of friends when she's not around town on her own. When she's in town she's usually easy to find in any location such as a book store or occult shop, or any cafe/bar that has karaoke or open mic night. She plays guitar often, and if asked she'd say it's her main source of income. Fawn plays a mix of cover songs as well as original and has a pretty good voice to match her skills on the guitar. She's a bit of a softie--well, a lot of a softie, and she's a quick one to smile. She may not be the strongest or most athletic girl out there, but she'll do what she can to help anyone who needs it.


RP Hooks

  • Wild one: She's more at home in nature than with a group of people, but she's trying to adjust to living with a bunch of others! They're pretty awesome so far.
  • Medicine: Fawn is interested in herbology and mycology.
  • Music: She can play guitar pretty well, and her singing voice isn't too bad, either.
  • Bus: She lives in a modified bus. It's kinda magical. And yes, she can still take a bath!
  • Party Medium!: She doesn't know how to. It's all or nothing, and has lead to her crawling her way back onto her bus many a nights.
  • Cryptids: Fawn's interested in strange things and spooky tales even though they scare her.
  • Tell: Horse: Spirits welcome!
  • Untouchable: As long as her bus isn't the getaway car..
  • Family: Fawn is searching for her birth parents and any family she may have. If you'd like to be related, let me know!


Ramsey - He's pretty cool. Like the older brother I never had, who also happens to have lots of great weed.

Axle - She's one of the coolest people I know. Always making me laugh.

Gretchen - My little nightmare shadow. So curious and terrifyingly adorable! But really, please stop scaring me ;_;

Fen - I love the passion she has for playing music. Curious about that eyepatch, though.

Seraphine - Seriously thankful for her. She's got a gift both with and without those cards.

Way - I like his style. Pretty sneaky, that one!

Marek - My Ace of Pentacles. <3

Lance - What do I do with you? Oy

Kiera - My Three of Cups. :D!

Jeanie - Always fun. Scared of her dad.

MacKenzie - A little metal friend. So stinkin' cute.


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