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Date of Birth May 23, 1990
Apparent Age Mid twenties
Needle Composer
Thread Love
Occupation Fashion Designer
Template Changeling
Seeming Wizened
Kith Artist/Poisonpetal (Datura)
Court Spring


xxxxx New to the area, Eva has already started setting up a clothing shop - part couture, part regular clothing, all interesting enough that even New Orleans seems to have taken notice. Rumor has it she takes commissions for anyone from drag queens to Mardi Gras performers to the rich elite. As to where she’s from, that’s a bit foggy. Florida, Georgia...somewhere else in the southeast, for all that she seems to have embraced a somewhat Victorian-touched aesthetic.


xxxxxPetite, with dark hair that falls in waves to her shoulders and large, oddly-colored eyes of vibrant purple shot through with thin, white traceries, this young woman appears doll-like and almost frail, save for the warm humor present in her gaze. Her pale skin has an oddly greenish cast, depending on the light, and she moves with a subdued grace, every motion thoughtful and precise; her hands are those of an artist, fine-boned and articulate - even if something about her fingers suggests that they are somehow slightly too long.

xxxxxShe tends to dress simply, if fashionably, in jewel-toned, pencil-skirt style dresses and modest heels. Her makeup is tastefully done with dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to compliment her dresses; her lips are usually painted pink.

xxxxxTo mortal sight, those odd eyes are shaded to a dark, if unusual, hazel, her skin is simply pale, and her fingers seem perfectly normal, if delicate

RP Hooks

  • Accessories: Hats, gloves, parasols, shoes...she seems to have a fondness for them all - specifically, indulging in them whenever she's out and about. Who /does/ carry a parasol anymore? Feel free to ask!
  • Animals: You'd think someone who likes clothing so much would hate the idea of dirt and fur getting everywhere, but Eva is a pushover and truly adores animals of all kinds. There are always lint rollers, after all.
  • Couture: Fashion Designer and proprietor of "Deadly Threads," Eva is currently working to build a business locally. Interested in one-of-a-kind clothing?
  • Keeper: The Green Fairy. Did you also have a stay in the domain of this temperamental Gentry?
  • Spring: While she may appear more reserved than most at first, Eva has a bit of a wild streak. What /do/ you want?
  • Thanks, It Has Pockets: Because of course she has them in nearly all of her dresses - wouldn't you, if you made most of your clothing?
  • Tinkerer: Fashion may be her primary love, but she's not above a little creative tinkering.
  • Twin: She has a no-longer-quite-identical twin - a mortal - who works as a local ER physician. Have you met Dr. Anna Morgan? Hello, awkward.


  • Charity - So much fun! An excellent friend.
  • Darcy - Werewolves are not puppies. But maybe they still like skritches?
  • Gert - Quintessential Autumn.
  • Hawthorne - Thoughtful seer.
  • Lucas - Werewolves are not puppies. But they definitely still like skritches.
  • Nicolas - You are not what I expected.
  • Simin - Smart, wary, clever. I'm glad I know you.
  • Slip - A savvy friend; I need more of your street-smarts.
  • Stasya - Unsurprisingly amazing baker, perhaps surprisingly temperate Summer
  • Tristesse - Quiet. Smart. Likes black licorice!


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