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Date of Birth Old
Apparent Age 35
Mask Courtesan
Dirge Penitent
Template Vampire
Clan Gangrel
Covenant None
Coterie Not yet



RP Hooks

  • Vampire - He is an old vampire but he's been in torpor since embrace so he needs help.
  • Gangrel - Yes he is one. Want to chat?
  • Very old - Want to experience things through someone's eyes who hasn't even seen electricity?
  • No English - Yeah... not yet. He has no English. He speaks Ancient Gaelic and Latin.
  • Wolfblood - He was one a very long time ago. It's what he knows.


  • Helle - The sister. She is kind and understanding of things.
  • Jacob - He speaks Latin. It's lovely to finally speak to people.
  • Pebbles - A kind man who sees more than I do. I will protect him.
  • Buster - A guide to this world. Cheeky.