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Nicholas "Eerie" Wright

Date of Birth: October 9, 2001
Apparent Age: 19
Virtue: Courage
Vice: Doubt

Race: Human
But Actually: Psychic Vampire
Occupation: Private Investigator
Organization: The Black Constables

Nicholas "Eerie" Wright is young for a private investigator - and for a Black Constable.

They've been a part of the organization for years, mentoring under a Constable known as Navi - older, wiser, also a necromancer.

Their mentor has been missing for the past five months, and Eerie has taken over their joint operation, Ouroboros Investigations.

RP Hooks

Ghosts!: All things ghost and dead interest Eerie, and if you're having problems with the dead (or need to talk to someone inconveniently deceased), Eerie's your best bet.
Supernatural Problems: Eerie will investigate them, monitor, and report back. Some problems they could even "remove", for a fee.
Magic: Psychic powers? Psychic vampirism? Psychokinesis, telekinesis, whatever? Eerie does not describe themself in this way and does not believe that "psychic" describes them. They're a magician, a necromancer, and everything they do is either a magical ability they've learned or were born with.
Black Constable: These can be hired for LOTS of things. They have a code, of a sort, and are frequently trusted as much as anyone trusts anyone in the supernatural community.
Life and Death: Eerie is capable of moving and manipulating the fundamental life energy of themself and others. This means they can kill, yes, but they can also heal. All power, even magical power, has to come from somewhere, though...
Point Of Contact: Eerie is very aware of the various mortal cults and in-the-know human organizations in the city. They also know at least one person in every major supernatural group at this point. If one wanted a lot of folks to know about something important quickly, Eerie (and people with contact entries in their phone) could probably make sure that happened.


Fawn: Good at manual labor. Easily startled.
Slip: Why are things always awkward and complex but so good.
Gast: For right now, just mutual entries in each others' phones. Possibilities. Comes well recommended.
Raimon: You know I'm still looking for that fucker in the hoodie, it's exhausting.
Marie-Claire: Madame Lacroix. Some kind of kindred spirit, maybe.
James: Kin of Jimmy Labat, working out of the Labat house, potentially this is a good thing.
Tay: Steadying, reassuring, good at kisses. Even better at listening. Susceptible to being lured into vans by candy.
Rafael: Welcome to the shitshow, here is a shovel. Going to do great.
Seven: Evaluation: Powerful, interesting, needs the job for a lot of very important reasons. Stability Assessment: Questionable. Further observation, possible support required.
Sam: Gruff Butch Dad Hug. Glad you're back.


Pictured above: Eerie, after discovering they've correctly shapeshifted into an owl.


Hiatus Kaiyote - Fingerprints

Frank Ocean - Pink + White

Prophets of Rage - Hail to the Chief

Solange - Where Do We Go

Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die

That's not what that word means, Changelings.