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Full Name: Eden Lopez
Played By: Jordana Brewster
Appears As: Eden
Date of Birth: 15 Feb, 1995
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Sphere: Wolfblooded
Occupation: Artist
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Wrath
Mystery Cult: Lodge of the Briarwolves

Colors Know No Words

Bob Ross Remix - Happy Little Clouds
This is your world
You're the creator
Find freedom on this canvas
Believe that you can do it
Cause you can do it

A wolfblooded from Sante Fe, New Mexico, Eden is a newcomer to The Big Easy. An artist, and something of a (former?) racer, she hopes to get settled in and with the People.

RP Hooks
  • Wolfblooded ~ One of the support people for the Uratha.
  • Artist ~ Is something of an accomplished sketch artist and has even sold a few pieces at art shows back home.
  • Speech Impediment ~ Has a bit of a stutter. Often worsens when she is stressed or somehow made to become emotional.
  • Racing ~ Used to race back home and was pretty good at it. Too bad it wasn't legal. Rumor has it that she left home and came to New Orleans to try and get a race club started.
The Art of Words

“A picture is a poem without words” ~ Horace

The People
  • NAME ~ About them.
  • NAME ~ About them.
  • NAME ~ About them.
  • NAME ~ About them.
  • NAME ~ About them.



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