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Name: Dustin "Dukes" Osorio
Date of Birth: 31 October 1999
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Blood: Monster
Bone: Wallflower
Occupation: Gangster, Criminal, Hoodlum

Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Storm Lords
Pack: Killer Instinct

Roleplaying Hooks

  • Sex Money Murder

Dukes Osorio is the OG, the Shotcaller, leader of a street gang that runs most of the Florida Area neighborhood, although his influence is known to extend further more than just that single neighborhood. The gang controls its streets with an iron fist, infamous for its criminal activities such as racketeering, extortion, and drug trafficking being their main sources of revenue. The gang's name is inspired by its own motto, 'Sex Money Murder'.

  • Respect Our Legacy

The Killer Instinct is a pack of Werewolves known for their ruthless efficiency and brutal methods; if the street gang guards the neighborhood from the Mortal side, then this crew of half-flesh half-spirit creatures guards the neighborhood from the Supernatural side of things, although the term 'guard' here can be quite misleading. The pack has actually been around for more than several years, long before Dustin even went through his First Change, though there's a new face in management now obviously. Rumor has it that the pack's previous Alpha and the packmates died in a terrible accident, and the young Dukes has stepped up to take on the mantle ever since.

  • Morbid Curiosity

Dustin has a thing for the darkness; it intrigues him greatly, the deafening silence and the outlandish tranquility that it promises, being freed from his burdens as protector of the worlds of Flesh and Spirit. He finds serenity in those brief moments where neither the cool moonlight of Luna nor the heating rays of Helios are gazing down upon him.

  • Lords & Kings

This Iminir has a deep-seated hatred for the Ninna Farakh in particular out of all of the Pure Tribes. The causes for this are mostly unknown, but word is that it has something to do with his predecessors, the original Killer Instinct pack. Hence, the Storm Lord will not hesitate to slit a Predator King's throat if there's ever a chance.

  • Always Improving

A strong believer of the Storm Lords' creed, Dustin is always on the quest to better himself, be it physically or otherwise, and he encourages his packmates to do the same. Hunting, shooting, fighting, negotiating, boxing, and mastering fear itself, which is a known method that he and his associates tend to employ. Do you think that this unapologetic killer is above using terror tactics?

The Pack
  • Lola: I know you shouldn't be out here, dipping your hands in all sorts of danger like your brother, but I'm grateful to have someone I can rely on. Packmate, and little sister.
  • Mason: Snatch up a chunk of pure muscle, slap a beard on it, then send it to the Marines for training, and you'll get Mason Renner. Packmate.
  • Ivy: A childhood friend who found her way back home. Always been one hell of a tomboy. No surprise that she turned up smelling like fur and copper, and eager to spill Anshega blood. Packmate.
  • Adrienne: You're either very lucky, or very dead, if you ever catch a glint of that wicked smile. Pretty fuckin' sure she's kill-fucked someone before, though. Packmate.
Everyone Else...

The People & Uragarum

  • Axle: Good girl with a genuine heart. Never had any bad impressions of her so far. Good friend.

The Herd & Others