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Casamir Damas
Date of Birth March 18 1886
Apparent Age 24
Mask Masochist
Dirge Monster
Occupation Fight Night
Template Vampire
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Ordo Dracul


Born here, raised here, left here a few decades back when his home burned down in an assassination attempt gone wrong which killed his sire, or so the rumors say. Damas is now returning to town from elsewhere, having become a successful businessman.

RP Hooks

  • Ordo, Mekhet, and one of those shiftless Norvegi scum. Need a job done? Maybe, for a price.
  • Businessman. He doesn't flaunt his wealth, but Damas has it. Real estate and banks are his thing.
  • Fight Night. Damas is looking to open up a regular Accorded Fight Club. (No vampires. The frenzies are messy. Everyone else, though, is welcome. Vampires may, of course, stay and bet.)
  • Doctor: Damas has spent literal decades honing his skills in medicine in similar clubs like this one elsewhere in the country. Will treat anyone - for a price, and that price is not usually money. (Hey, a man's got to eat.)
  • Occultist, but isn't every Dragon?