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Colm MacNamara

Date of Birth: December 30 1991
Apparent Age:   30-Something
Virtue: Courageousness
Vice: Drunkenness

Race:   Mortal
Type:   Medium/Psychokinetic
Occupation: Fisherman/Haunted Boat Tour Guide
Boat: The Bayou Banshee

The Man and the Sea

It started when he came to America. The little Irish lad and his brother and sister were all brought over, to New Orleans, with their immigrant family. Fisherfolk. How and why the managed it a mystery no one's invesitigated. And not one that matters much to Colm now.

What does matter is that since the very first day he set foot in in the USA, the ghosts followed him. Talking, always talking. He followed them at first but soon, through tragedy, learned not to. And he grew up.

Boats are his love. He grew up around them. He's worked on them as long as he's been able to work. His sister joined the Coast Guard and is somewhere out on the west coast. His brother's up in Maine catching lobster. They all feel the call of the sea. He's the only one who's remained in New Orleans. Why? He can't explain it.

It probably has something to do with the damned ghosts.

Two years ago, he saved up enough to put a down payment on a fishing boat of his own. His dream. A year later, he was struck by bad weather and a poor catch, leaving him to struggle to make ends meet. Just months later, as if to add insult to injury, he was literally struck by lighting.

He's recovered, physically, but he can no longer afford a crew. He struggles to make his boat mortgage. He's been forced to get creative. And New Orleans Haunted Boat Tours has become a thing. Tours, on an authentic fishing boat around New Orleans, hitting all the haunted sights. Along with some creative planning (and a lot of fucking climbing), he's learned to 'sell' the ghostly experience he hates so much.

A man's got to pay for his boat.

RP Hooks
Mortal - He is, more or less, and he doesn't want anything to do with anyone else. He hasn't signed the Accords, he doesn't know what they are, and he'd love to keep it that way.
Ghosts - He's TRYING to embrace his mortal life. He'd like it if they just left him alone, but they seem to take pleasure in tormenting him. He does his best to ignore them, to stay out of it all, to put a up a big old DO NOT DISTURB sign out on his metaphorical front porch. Yet... he finds himself drawn into dealings with them every single time. Why, God, why?
Ghosts Part Two - He'd really rather them leave him alone, but he's been dealing with them for a long, long time. He knows a lot about them. Not only that, but he's gathered quite a collection of items that can be helpful when it comes to controlling or banishing them. And if that doesn't work, how about a protective amulet? Buy a ticket and make a good case and he might help you out.
New Orleans - He's been in the area since he was a kid. His family were immigrants from Ireland and long-time fisherfolk. He followed in their footsteps. His sister's Coast Guard out on the west coast and his brother's up catching lobster in Maine. He stuck around.
Bad Year - He finally bought his own boat and was immediately hit with a bad year. Struggling to pay the boat's mortgage, and keep the thing he values more than anything, he's taken up alternative methods of acquiring income. Namely, hosting "haunted" boat tours for tourists. It's mostly fake. Mostly. The man has a mortgage to pay.
A REALLY Bad Year - Most would have forgotten, but those with good memories might remember a fisherman struck by lightning a year or so back. It was a REALLY BIG blast and it's kind of amazing he's still alive and struggling with his boat mortgage. He just can't catch anything, not even a break.
NOHBT - New Orleans Haunted Boat Tours! It's ads can be found in expensive classifieds and occasionally posted around, offering an authentic haunted night at sea! Contact Colm for more info.
Bad Habits - He drinks. He drinks a lot. Drinking helps him forget about the ghosts. It also makes him very grumpy. Especially grumpy if he hasn't had a drink.

Friends and Enemies

Nia - Bayou girl. Good people.
Phoenix - She comes with a lot of baggage. And by baggage I mean ghosts.

Seth - Potentially dangerous. But he has money.


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